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Facing a New Imperative


Mr. George Manookians article was received through RAG Mamoul email distribution and the author's permission was requested to publish it in Keghart. It is posted with some hesitation that's not related to the mission and performance of Hayastan All - Armenian Fund, but rather on a general observation pertaining to various charitable activities. Reality is that many people who previously made donations and other types of contributions to projects in Armenia and Karabagh, have lost their enthusiasm because of corruption in general.


Having said so, Armenia and Artsakh need our undivided attention and help. Its time that we face our doubts and address them rather than stay on the sidelines.


Hagop Angaladian, who is an expert in matters of corruption, suggests:


-       Get active in your organization

-       Demand Public Financial Statements

-       Impose Expenditure Regulations

-       Participate in Internal Audits

-       Improve Transparency

-       Demand Accountability


Click here to see Angaladians presentation.


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