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  • Lively Armenian/Turkish Debate By Mesrob
    1 day 9 hours ago

    Reply to Mary.
    Because of the enormity of the Armenian loss and because of lack of knowledge, Armenians have, for decades, concentrated on the world's--and particularly Turkey's--acknowledgment of the Genocide of Armenians. In recent years Armenian organizations and individuals, upon learning what Turkey did to the Assyrians and the Pontian Greeks, have not only acknowledged their tragedies but also promoted their just cause. For example, Armenians of Australia, have worked closely in the past year with Assyrians and Greeks in that country.

  • Lively Armenian/Turkish Debate By Mary
    1 day 15 hours ago

    The Armenians were not the only ones massacred. Close to 1,000,000 Assyrians were slaughtered in the process in addition to Pontic Greeks, but the Armenians do not want to admit that as if they were the only ones living in what is today South-East Turkey.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Kalcazar
    1 week 48 min ago

    While we're at this silly discussion about reclaiming land and kicking out the current occupants, maybe we should move on to the American Indians. They have a perfectly legitimate claim on the Western Hemisphere, don't they? If the Jews can reclaim their homeland then maybe the indigenous people of the Americas should be allowed to deport all of us non-Indians back to wherever we came from.

    Really, the point is that oppression is not okay no matter who's doing it. The world has become mixed and densely populated. The issues are emotional and complicated but we need to grow up, make the necessary compromises, and learn to live together.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Kalcazar
    1 week 1 hour ago

    I think you misread the above post. It was an argument against the the justification of an Israeli state.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Ahmad
    1 week 3 days ago

    Lol. If you read the Torah you see that God forbade the Jewish people having their own state 

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Editor
    1 week 3 days ago

    Although Brantford was home to one of the earliest Canadian-Armenian communities, there are very few Armenians in the city.--Editor.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Outsider
    1 week 3 days ago

    Just to get some historical facts right: Jews never left the geographical area called Palestine where borders have shifted, including areas of Syria and Jordan. They've been a minority during Arab empires, as well as during British rule.

    Regarding archeological evidence, Jews did not mysteriously appear from Egypt. They have been in Palestine always. There is evidence that Judaism evolved slowly on the grounds of other area religions. There has not been a sudden massive influx of people, but pretty much the same groups thousands of years ago. There is not a single archeological evidence to back up the Biblical story, but there is evidence of Jewish kingdoms.

    There has never been an independent state called Palestine. No one has talked of a group of people as Palestinians before the 20th century. The name is derived from Philistine, preceding Judaism and Islam. During the first half of the 20th century, there was Mandate of Palestine under British rule in which both Arabs and Jews lived.

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Michael Mirakian
    1 week 4 days ago

    Yes, ANCC should have done more and more aggressively, but shouldn't you be pointing your daggers at the Mayor and the council members who supported this obvious sham? Time to vote him out, no?

  • Azerbaijan shoots Armenian civilians in border areas; should Armenia attack Azerbaijan before it gets stronger? By Laz
    1 week 5 days ago

    Enough with calling Diasporans "armchair patriots" who supposedly believe and say what Artsakhtsis and Hayastanstiner residing in both territories would never utter!

    Nothing could be farther from the truth. The great majority of Armenians in both territories with whom I've met and worked maintain a hard line when it comes to our national aspirations. 

    Interestingly, these folks are NOT the ones who get quoted in articles published in Voice of America, RFE, ArmeniaNOW or a host of other Western, hostile and/or soft-power media outlets. Gee...I wonder why?

  • Azerbaijan shoots Armenian civilians in border areas; should Armenia attack Azerbaijan before it gets stronger? By Kashi Augustine
    1 week 6 days ago

    What is Azerbaijan to Armenia? You claim that Karabagh WAS part of your county but you forget that before the 1915 Genocide, most of that area (including Turkey and Azerbaijan) were part of Armenia. If anything, Armenians should take back ALL of what is rightfully theirs.


  • Հայերէն գրենք հայկական տառեր օգտագործելով By Ardenis
    2 weeks 2 days ago

    Մեծ հաճույքով կարդացի վերոհիշյալ գրությունը, սիրտս հպարտությամբ լեցվեցավ, որ դեռ ամեն ինչ կորած չէ,և կան, երիտասարդներ որոնք մտահոգված են, Արեվմտահայերենի ճակատագրով, կեցցեք Դուք, այս վարկյանին եթե Ձեր քովը ըլլայի Ձեր ճակատեն կը համբուրէի;

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By A. N.
    2 weeks 2 days ago

    Thanks to Keghart  for bringing up our national issues in such detail. We have to support this reliable source. Also it's obvious that the A.N.C.C. [Armenian National Committee of Canada] has to explain it's strategy regarding our national issues and justify the related consequences. 


  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Hayorti
    2 weeks 2 days ago

    As the article points out, Ankara's aim in honoring the "Turks" buried in Brantford was to have a weapon with which to vilify the Canadian government for recognizing the Genocide and putting Ottawa on the defensive. So it had to be fought. Their media has, for months, been calling those buried "slaves of Canada" and that Canada committed genocide of the Turks. 

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By sam
    2 weeks 2 days ago

    Much ado about nothing. Had we ignored it there would have been no hoopla. For every action there is a reaction. Ignore them and there is no free ride.

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Vahakn
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    As someone who has followed this scandal for a couple of years, I would like to add the following to your article:

    There is no relation between the people buried at Brantford's Mount Hope Cemetery and the 100 people arrested and interned during WWI as enemy aliens. There is no single match between the names of those interned and those buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery. As well, the dates alone pretty much prove that there is no connection: The war started in 1914, but the first burial was in 1912. Only a few buried there overlap the war years, but the names don't match with the list of people interned as enemy aliens.



  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Laz
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    There are several lessons to be learned from the Brantford example:

    1) Mendacity is alive and well in Turkish governmental and even civil circles. Note to those advocating dialogue and reconciliation: Wake up.

    2) Armenian advocacy and lobbying groups have their own partisan interests that do not necessarily dovetail with what is in the Armenian national interest. This is not the first time in history that independent activists have been told that they are interfering with finely-tuned behind-the-scenes activity or even demonized for daring to enter the arena. Note to our lobbying groups: your monopoly days are over.

    3) Non-aligned but highly-informed activism should be encouraged, as should coalition-building with sympathetic groups. Note to individual activists: when your campaigns achieve a measure of success, be prepared to see the absentee established organizations take unearned credit.

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Darwin Jamgochian
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    What better place to hold a memorial service than at the Brantford cemetery? 

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Aline dedeyan
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    For years now, I  have tried hopelessly to enhance awareness to the ravages of  the modern/subtle style Turkish negationism in the democratic West where Armenian communities are struggling with their identity and their historical rights and truths. 

    The Turkish strategy is to attack frontally and circumvent the minutest event/proof of the Armenian Genocide, even within UN forums. It's like a sinking boat. As I said in my last article, if the Armenian Diaspora, organized as an accredited NGO, does not speak up and act at all human rights meetings, the downfall will be achieved. The interference of independent judges and/or the creation of a special tribunal is impending. There is some hope that international lawyers and judges in a trial carried out under the auspices and surveillance of UN will not yield to Turkish/Azeri political pressure made of wild misinformation and lies to smother Armenian destiny, identity and political future. 

    Aline D.

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Hratch
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    All recent studies on the subject have shown that those Alevis were Armenians going back to the 16th and 18th centuries when Armenians were pressured to become Alevis and Kurds. The Alevis who came to Canada and the United States are Armenian, not Kurd. The Kurds were too busy pillaging and destroying Armenian villages; they had no reason to escape. Ask which clan they came from. There are 300-400 Alevi clans who are Armenian. They are our brothers and sisters. 

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Perouz
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    I agree with this article that this monument was erected by Turkey with the intent to silence Canada's acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. 

    It is the responsibility of each of us to document, as completely as possible, the names and stories of our own families who were Ottoman citizens and were murdered by the Turkish government on their own historical homeland. Each of us has the responsibility of going to our Member of Parliament and thanking the Government of Canada for welcoming and sheltering the few who escaped the Armenian Genocide and arrived in this benevolent country.

    We need a monument to be erected in 2015 that would express our gratitude to Canada. It would have the names of those who somehow escaped from Turkey and died in this country, still grieving for the horrendous loss of their murdered clans. Two places to consider for the monument would be Pier 21 or the port of St. John, New Brunswick, where the French ship Le Havre landed with many of the Armenians who escaped to Canada.

    We don't need the support of any Johnny-come-lately mayor. We have historians throughout the world who support our claims; some of them Turkish.

  • Identity Theft Grand Slam By Armen
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    I protest. Turks have no right to make a fraudulent monument. What they have built illegally has to be removed.

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Nadietta
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Harry,
    Do you know where is student Arshavir (Arsho) Aznavourian now? 
    Thank you.

  • Open Markets Not the Answer By Garabed
    2 weeks 4 days ago

    First and foremost thank you for responding and not coloring your response with unwarranted patriotism. Any Armenian who advocates talking with Turkey and opening up trade with Turkey is no less knowledgeable of our tragic recent history and about the precarious state of Armenia.

    See, if I were a father in Armenia, especially living in rural Armenia and am of modest means, not to say poor, I will deal with anybody to find legal avenues that would make feeding my family more affordable. If Armenia lacks product X and is not getting that product from Turkey, assuming at more affordable price, then someone is procuring the same from somewhere else and selling it at a higher price because of lack of competing markets. It would not surprise me that such things are happening in Armenia and enriching a very small segment of the society further because they have the means to deal with far away markets than those of modest means who can drive to Turkey and import goods presumably cheaply. Let us face it only few in Armenia have the means to import or export milk or its related products to far away countries.

    Let us be mindful also that Armenia will become more competitive as a result of competition and in completion and not in preparation of an eventual competition.

    What I am suggesting is that to know the benefits and the perils of trade with Turkey we got to have bilateral talks and even experience the real outcome of trade with Turkey. I said bilateral and not imposed talks. Charters for trade relations are not like biblical commands. They can be altered or abolished if they do not serve the good of the country.  We should react to the outcome of such talks and not predispose ourselves  against having such talks for reasons that may look on paper but may be meaningless to those of us who are poor citizens of Armenia.

  • Open Markets Not the Answer By Mesrob
    2 weeks 4 days ago
    I will try to explain one more time: while trade is good, even between Armenia and Turkey, this is not the time for open trade. It would be premature to do so now. Armenia has little to export other than brandy and mining. Other industries are in their infancy. They need to grow and become stronger, and other industries should be created and strengthened before we have open trade with Turkey. Our industries should be strengthened so that they may compete with Turkish products and prices. One such industry is information technology. Software is an area where we can be competitive. Once we have competitive (attractive products and services and attractive prices) then we can enter the "fray". If we often our doors now, we would be flooded by cheap Turkish products. They might even buy our budding industries.
    I know that countries have various barriers to control trade/imports. In this instance, we have no leg to stand on. How can we start trading with Turkey when we have little to trade and what we have is not competitive. Remember...last year when Armenia was contemplating getting into the EU we were told that Armenia doesn't have much to sell Europe because it has no competitive industry. Here in Canada, you see very few Armenia products (jam comes to mind.) Compared to other Middle Eastern jams, it's more expensive...and a sign that the product doesn't fit this market, it's far too sweet. Because jam exporting is in its infancy in Armenia, there's no knowledge of the needs for different markets. Had the Armenia jam makers been aware of market taste differences, they would have checked their prodigious use of sugar. For example, the cognac exported from France isn't always identical. Under the same brand name, French cognac manufacturers make adjustments to the taste and color to appeal to different markets.
    Bottom line: Let's develop products which can be competitive before opening the doors wide open, especially to Turkey which has designs on us.
  • Open Markets Not the Answer By Garabed
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    In spite and because of all the perceived perils of trade between Turkey and Armenia there is one indisputable fact: either there is trade between Armenia and Turkey or there is not. We all understand that trade is a legal term for regulated exchange of goods and services between countries and it does not mean laissez faire--open border allowing free flow of the same.

    You claim that "nobody is disputing that trade between nations is good" yet apparently not between Armenia and Turkey you conclude.

    Am I wrong in my summary and conclusion of your thoughts?


  • Open Markets Not the Answer By Laz
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    Thank you, Gary, for taking the time to formulate and express facts and sentiments that highly resonate with this Keghart reader. 

  • Open Markets Not the Answer By Mesrob
    2 weeks 6 days ago

    To Garabed,
    Nobody is disputing that trade between nations is good. Here are some of the dangers of Armenia/Turkey trade:
    1. Turkey is a much bigger country (80 million versus 2 million pop.) and has a much bigger economy. It already trades with many countries. The little it would sell to tiny Armenia can be sold at super reduced prices because Turkey has long ago covered its costs.
    2. Turkish industry is one of the most subsidized economies around. The government gives all kinds of breaks to industry to fuel exports. How can Armenian goods compete with those prices?
    3. As our long-time nemesis which doesn't hide its ambitions for a contiguous Turkic nation (Armenia is an obstacle), it has every reason to undermine Armenia by any means, including the economy.
    I'm sure others can cite other reasons for Turkey to insinuate into Armenia's economy so as to indirectly control it.

    P.S. Turkey can also establish factories in Armenia and thus become an important part of the employment scene. It would thus win allies among the employed.

  • Open Markets Not the Answer By Garabed
    2 weeks 6 days ago

    It would have shed more light to a reader had Gary L been more specific of model nations he has in mind for us to emulate when he notes that "Throughout history, many nations have been subjected of a far more vicious and longer lasting economic sanctions and blockade than Armenia. But none of them has given up and sacrificed its dignity, self-respect, and pride for 30 pieces of silver or “open market” economy. At the end, these nations came out of these inhuman and unethical practices of their antagonists much stronger. Meanwhile, these nations have also gained the respect of their enemies for their principled steadfastness and refusal to capitulate under pressure, intimidation, and blackmail. These nations preferred the short term-pain over loss of its independence."

    Of modern time nations that have exhibited "principled steadfastness" as they see it,  Iran, North Korea, Cuba come to my mind. Even they do not want to live in a perpetual splendid isolation and I am not being sarcastic.

    I am no economist, but I believe it's the natural order of things that sooner or later Armenia will come to terms with its neighbor, Turkey, and that will entail opening up trade along their shared borders. I believe that is what KYB has made clear to the readers: that he is for open and not secret talks with Turks--rather than refusing to talk.

  • Genocide of Turks in Canada - Redux By Perouz
    3 weeks 7 min ago

    Why were the Turks willing to go to any length to place markers on Alevi Ottoman citizens in Brantford cemetery and refuse to do the same for Armenian Ottoman citizens?

    The following excerpt (page 20) of "Rebel Land" by Christopher de Bellaigue (Penguin, 2009). "As every good Sunni knows, Alevis are renegades and heretics. They are not Muslims at all. Insulting them, beating them up, even killing them; these activities, it has been said, are pleasing to God."

    The book goes on to say: "That, at any rate, was the situation until two or three decades ago, Muslus still despise Vartolus but now, since the Kurdish insurgency that started in the 1980s, the sectarian enmity has eased."

    The "Muslus", he writes, are Turks living in Mus (Mush) and the "Varolus" are the Alevis now living in Varto, a village in Mush province. My father had family members in Varto. I am willing to tell Turkey about them and have them properly marked. Free of charge. I'll pay all my expenses.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Alex
    3 weeks 16 hours ago

    Mandela's letter seems to be relatively in line with what he always advocated. However the responses to it range from amusing to the outright stupid.

    Let me clear something up first, Zionism was and still is a nationalist ideology. Jewish Nationalism is belief that the Jews constitute a "nation", because of Jewish history it was a rather far-fetched idea that the Jews could act on that nationalism and create a nation. This is because the Jews historically were stateless.

    History is fairly consistent; peoples without land tend to vanish from history rather quickly and while Jews preserved their identity for two thousand years it became increasingly clear these past two centuries that the ethnic nationalists and religious bigots of Europe were not going to tolerate minorities.

    Zionism is the belief that grew out of Jewish nationalism which addresses this problem by moving Jews into Palestine. Zionism is essentially the idea that the Jews must have an independent homeland in Palestine. The reason it came to pass after the Holocaust specifically is because it finally dawned on the surviving Ashkenazi Jews in Europe that the only possible way to guarantee the survival of Jews as a nation was to create an independent Jewish state.

    I view demands for a two state solution and the Palestinian right of return as being fundamentally dishonest since the Palestinians who return will subsequently vote a one state solution into existence. So what is wrong with a one state solutions? A Palestinian-American Journalist Ray Hanania wrote a piece for the right wing Israeli news website Ynet (despite the fact that he is by no means a right wing Zionist) titled "One State Solution a Pipe Dream: Despite Peace process failure, two state solution still the only viable answer" basically outlining why a One State solution advocated by many Palestinians and left wing westerners is flawed not just because Israelis would never let it happen (they would go all "hermit kingdom" on the west if it ever changed its mind) but because Palestinians would not practice it.

    The theory of a one state solution is for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to live together in harmony in a democratic Palestinian State. As Ray Hanania points out, there is hardly anywhere in the Arab world where this is actually a reality, he doesn't mention it but the only place I can think of that comes even close to that wildly utopian (and in my view completely crazy) ideal is Lebanon, an Ethnocracy and hardly a shining beacon of peace and stability.

    The Pew Research forum in this poll titled The World Muslims Religion Politics Society beliefs about sharia date April 30, 2013 finds that 89 percent of Muslims in the Palestinian Territories favor making Sharia the "law of the land" as it were. Almost half of those who believed that want it to be applied to non-Muslims as well. This is just one reason why a one state solution is crazy, it was invented to appeal to westerners.

    When you look at the logistics of how it would come about you realize that the one state solution ends up looking less like a multi-ethnic utopia and more like Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq, or worse: Rwanda. I'll put my trust into statistics (though maybe that's just because I am an American) and if those statistics reflect the actual feelings of the Palestinian population then a one state solution made into a reality here and now is madness and its advocates are either evil, naive, or apathetic.   

  • Genocide of Turks in Canada - Redux By Dave
    3 weeks 17 hours ago

    I have long been very disappointed with the relative lack of political activism by ANCA in the US, and I can see that there are similar problems with the Hye Tahd organization in Canada.

    Abris to Keghart for staying on top of this issue. 

    Please keep us informed of developments on the Brantford issue. Clearly, no one else will.

  • Genocide of Turks in Canada - Redux By Perouz
    3 weeks 1 day ago

    Turkey is engaging in discrimination against its own citizens. They have spent two years making sure that Alevi [in the Brantford cemetery] have a marker identifying them as citizens of Turkey. My father's family of 32 women and children were also Turkish citizens in 1915, and unlike the Alevis, are Genocide martyrs. They lie unmarked on mountain roads. Why is Turkey discriminating against their own citizens by placing markers on Alevi graves but not on Armenian graves?

    I had a cartographer, who specializes in mountains, draw a map showing every jog in the mountains and desert my father wrote that their caravan took. My repeated offer to help Turkey show equal concern for its unmarked citizens still stands. This would be a good start in putting up markers in Turkey for their Armenian citizens, who reputable historians agree were Genocide martyrs.

    Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book "Resistance: a Diary of the Armenian Genocide 1915-1922". It was written by my father, Misak Seferian, who wrote the entry on the day it occurred in June 1915.

    "We heard from the replacement gendarmes that an official telegram sent to Chavlig from Oghnut reported that a caravan comprised of 970 women and children was coming toward Chavlig. These gendarmes said that there were only 890 people turned over to them. Eighty people in our caravan had either died or been killed during a journey of two-and-a-half days."

    There is no need for Turks to roam the world looking for unmarked Turkish citizens. They can use my maps for the rest of this caravan route, or just look in their own archives for official telegrams.

  • Genocide of Turks in Canada - Redux By Tsolak Abdalian, Architect-Town Planner
    3 weeks 1 day ago

    This is very disappointing, but unfortunately money talks....

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By I call bull
    3 weeks 1 day ago

    So how come Israel gets to have a Jewish nation and the Arabs can't? And why is it that Israelis go around yelling "Death to the Arabs" and blow them up? You have double standards. Also, I'm very curious as to why Jews living in Arab countries were not expelled in the early 1900s when Jews showed up in Palestine out of nowhere. 

  • Viken L. Attarian Seeks Liberal Nomination By Viken
    3 weeks 1 day ago

    Sireli Hovig,

    Thank you for the wishes, but success is not guaranteed unless the whole of the Armenian community rallies around my candidacy, believes in the ideas I am putting forth, and supports me.

    I will work hard to earn the trust of everyone.



  • Viken L. Attarian Seeks Liberal Nomination By Hovig Nersissian
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    Sireli Viken,

    "Vorbes endanegan modig" (as a family intimate), I would like to send my early congratulations for your forthcoming success....You deserve it, my dear Viken.

    Please extend my best regards to your family.

    Salutations and the best future to you.

    Hovig Nersessian

    Saudi Arabia

  • Viken L. Attarian Seeks Liberal Nomination By Art Hagopian
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    It is a positive and welcome decision that another Armenian is running for political office in the Liberal Party. For over thirty years the Liberal Party refused to recognize the Genocide despite all our efforts. Prime Minister Paul Martin allowed a free vote to his Liberals but ordered his ministers to vote against the Genocide motion.

    I hope that Mr. Attarian can influence the federal Liberal Party to join the Conservative Party in this recognition.

  • Viken L. Attarian Seeks Liberal Nomination By Viken L. Attarian
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    Dear Zareh,

    I thank you for your sincere comments.

    It is indeed a very difficult decision that I had to make.  I am meeting with all Armenian organizations without distinction explaining to them the vision and the issues.

    I am also meeting with other community organizations.

    There are many many things at stake for Canadians and Canadian-Armenians in this election.  I am explaining the issues to all who care to listen.

    It is of course not enough to win the nomination which is a difficult task in itself; the selected candidate has to work tirelessly to build capacity in the riding to win the next election against formidable adversaries who have represented the riding since 2006 (which would make it almost a decade in 2015).

    Visions may belong to one person, but success is always the result of teamwork.  Anyone who truly cares about the real issues, can join my team and support me.


    Viken L. Attarian

  • Viken L. Attarian Seeks Liberal Nomination By Zareh Ouzounian
    3 weeks 3 days ago

    Mr. Attarian brings with him a deep understanding of Canadian fundamental values as well as an appreciation of everyday pragmatic issues. Likewise, he brings to the table an intense understanding of Armenian issues with all their their nuances and complexities. His lifelong record is proof of his vastly encompassing knowledge and his active engagement at all levels.

    Running for office has life-changing implications, including a vast amount of sacrifice for him and his family. Our community leaders and leading bodies should spare no effort and take all practical measures to actively support and rally around his candidacy.

    Mr. Attarian's decision to run for office is welcome news for all Canadians and Canadian-Armenians in particular.

    Thank you.

    Zareh Ouzounian

  • Viken L. Attarian Seeks Liberal Nomination By Mesrob
    3 weeks 3 days ago

    I understand from a Montreal friend that after Mr. Attarian threw his hat in the nomination as the Liberal Party candidate another Armenian joined the race to be the party's nominee. From what I read above, Mr. Attarian sounds eminently qualified to represent his riding and our national interests. I hope the second candidate doesn't ruin Mr. Attarian's chances. We have had cases of vote splitting in Montreal, in Glendale and elsewhere. Let's give consideration to the common good.

  • Յիսնամեակէն Մինչեւ Նախահարիւրամեակ By Vardan Grigoryan
    3 weeks 4 days ago

    Ցեղասպանություն-եղեռնի հետևանքները դեռ երկար տարիներ կխարանվեն հայերիս ճակատին՝ հիշեցնելով յուրաքանչյուր աշխարհասփյուռ հայերին իրենց մեծագույն կսկիծը: Ցավն ու տառապանքը հավերժ կլինի, եթե միայն լացն ուղեկցի բոլորիս ու պայքար չլինի. համախմբումն ու միասնականությունը մեզ ավելի զորեղ կդարձնի: Հոդվածի համար երախտապարտ ենք, գործողություններով համեմենք մեր պայքարը...

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By KYB
    3 weeks 6 days ago

    Let's make one point clear and agree upon: I am in no shape or form advocating secret talks [with Turkey]. I am neither interested nor qualify to be invited to such talks. But talking to Turks--rather than refusing to talk--I am all for it, regardless how liberal or conservative their views may be.

    Therefore, stop senseless and baseless accusations and instead reply to ideas, if you can. Is it "My way or you are a bad person" the only approach you know? If that is the case, that ends this conversation. To persuade, to convince and to succeed, we first need to be able to engage in a conversation of ideas among ourselves, rather than indulge in calling and baseless accusations.

    Let me give you little taste of your medicine: How can you prove that you are not a Davutoglu crony, trying to create divisions and tensions among Armenians with your baseless accusations towards anyone who disagrees with you? Nothing serves better the Davutoglu doctrine than divisions among the Armenian Diaspora. Turks have always managed "divide and conquer" in dealing with Armenians.

    I am glad your side stopped discussing economic principles, since it is very difficult to argue against open borders and open marketplace while fully benefiting from the same freedom in your own life.

    To Keghart editors: It is ironic that it takes you two days to post my reply to Gary, while a third party's answer is posted along with my reply?

    Editors' reply: Keghart editors don't check comments 24/7. Weekends, holidays, and vacations also impact comment posting times.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Mesrob
    3 weeks 6 days ago

    To KYB,

    It would take too much space to address the many inaccuracies in your letter. For that reason, I will bring up only one point. 

    The editorial mentioned that Mr. Davutoglu and the Turkish foreign affairs people have frequently cited that they are in secret talks with Diaspora Armenians and that these Ankara statements are intended to lull Europeans and the Americans that progress is being made in Armenian/Turkish relations. This is Ankara's strategy to avoid pressure from Western countries, said the editorial. It would be useful to read what you and others, who secretly talk to Turkish representatives, say to the allegation. In other words, you're being depicted as patsies (at best) and as traitors (at worst) for your clandestine association with Ankara. I would have thought the accusation would have been the first one you would have addressed, rather than wander in incoherent manner about Eastern Europe, Arab countries, China....

    Gary said you've achieved nothing through your secret talks. I believe that observation is another topic you should have addressed.

  • The Treaty of Sèvres By Vazken
    3 weeks 6 days ago

    I would suggest that you remind your readers of the Treaty of Sèvres, with a related article and then ask them this question. Unfortunately, the new generation does not know much about this treaty and its impact on Armenians.

  • Perincek vs. Switzerland By Vahe
    3 weeks 6 days ago

    I am never sold on criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust or Darwin’s theory of evolution or the denial of man's having set foot on the moon.

    There always will be ignorant and uninformed people. It's a waste of time and resources to prosecute them.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By KYB
    4 weeks 5 hours ago

    Reply to Gary.

    Supporting the 'status quo', a 'do nothing approach', not being open, 'what else can be done?' is the biggest danger our nation faces. More than 20% population shrinkage since independence? Why? Economy, economy, economy. What is going to be done about it? What can Armenia do to reverse the course? It must open itself for business.

    Suggesting to talk to Turks does neither mean advocating secrecy nor does it mean speaking with Turkish government agents. That is certainly not being promoted. Therefore, dramatization and/or incorrect characterization of the opposite point of view demonstrate the weakness of ones argument.

    Please refrain from using adjectives about opposing points of view. The other side can easily return the compliment. Your argument only supports the oligarchs in Armenia because you do not support 'open markets' and do not like to see borders open up and new ARMENIAN-owned businesses flourish. If we care, and if we are not working/collaborating with the so-called Turkish agents, let's not become the tool of the 'divide and conquer' approach and attack fellow Armenians just because they think differently.

    No one is suggesting trusting 'odars' in any form or shape when the borders open up one day. What happened to the Syrian and Lebanese economies, after open trade with Turkey, is a different matter: they are Muslim counties and may have had a different approach in the name of 'Muslim brotherhood'. Weaker economies can't benefit when integrating/working with much larger economies. It absolutely contradicts the realities of today's China, as well as the economic realities of many Eastern European states post the dismantling of the Soviet Union. No one is advocating blind trust. If and when borders open, well-researched economic policies/laws must be implemented to defend Armenia's economy.

    That said, two things should be kept in mind:

    1. Closed borders are not stopping Turkish merchandise from entering Armenia. Armenia's markets are full of Turkish goods (via Georgia and Iran). That is, despite the closed borders, we are letting businessmen in these two countries profit, rather than the Armenian businessmen.

    2. 'Open border' does not necessarily mean ONLY trading with the Turks, but instead opening up trade routes to the rest of world as well. An open border will enable Armenia to conduct business with the rest of the world. It will facilitate the flow of goods in and out of Armenia. It will help 'Made in Armenia' products to flow into world markets.

    Finally, it is vivid in my mind how critical of Hrant Dink this "unhypocrite crowd" was a decade ago when Dink was advocating talking rather than screaming at each other. Dink advocated talking to all Turks to find a way out for "our trauma and their paranoia". Dink was for "open borders". This is well documented. Let's try to be factual when we are quoting others to defend our position.

  • Steps to End Armenia Corruption By Herepta
    4 weeks 15 hours ago

    This is well-meaning and well written good analysis. Just a teeny weeny problem though: it's impossible to apply to our beloved Armenia. Serzhik and his cohorts (including the wolf-in-sheep's clothing at Echmiadzin) consider, what we refer to as "corruption", to be the most effective method to feather their nests. To their way of thinking and to stay at the top, the people have to be disempowered, disenfranchised, and as far as possible kept dependent on the meager handout called "nbasd". Keep the people "hatsi garod" and your throne is assured. For how long? Who cares about the future?

    Some time back I read (possibly in HETQ newspaper) that the amount of money the government launders and sends overseas, to offshore accounts, is greater than Armenia's external debt. If this is true, then at some point in the future, some in the government anticipate to throw the nation under the bus, and flee to join their accounts in safe havens. Preaching honesty to crooks of this caliber is as meaningful as talking to the wall.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Gary
    4 weeks 18 hours ago

    Your editorial is an accurate and astute reflection of a taboo in the Diaspora and in the homeland. This taboo is dangerous to our homeland's security and to Diaspora’s well-being. The taboo I am referring to is the silence about the secret work certain Armenians are doing with the government of Turkey. I commend your boldness and frank approach to this vital issue.

    Collaborating with the agents and representative of the Turkish government to undermine the interests of the Armenian nation is not a personal “opinion” issue to agree or disagree with. It is a matter of survival for our nation. For the last hundred years, our small nation has been under consistent threat of annihilation. We have survived because of our resilience and the will to live. It is not permissible for certain individuals, who do not represent anyone other than themselves, to jeopardize what we have achieved, admittedly with a heavy price.  

    Today our nation is facing another do-or-die battle. The Turco–Azeri alliance, with its petro-dollar resources and allies, is blockading our homeland. Turkey and Azerbaijan are not content with targeting our homeland; the Diaspora is their target, too. Today the Armenian Diaspora is subject of unprecedented attacks by the same forces. The targeting of our communities in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq is not accidental. Thus the survival of our nation is not an issue of  “differences in our approach,” as the mysterious KYB wrote in this section. These gullible Armenians are doing a great disservice to our nation by collaborating with the Turkish government and its agenda of finishing what they couldn't in 1915.

    I would like to tell KYB to stop singing to us lullabies of the promised land of milk and honey once the Turkish government opens its border. Furthermore, it is naïve to think that  "implementing smart, well-studied laws many of the negative economic impacts of the open boarder can easily be controlled.” Turkish business/industry is the heaviest subsidized economy in the world. Many of Turkey's neighboring countries, which had the above KYB philosophy and trusted the Turkish government promise of economic salvation, have paid heavily for this misguided approach. Consider Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon whose economies were destroyed because they trusted in Turkish "promised land". The destruction took place way before the "Arab Spring". Our business compatriots in Aleppo, Syria, and the rest of the Syrian business elites attest to this blind trust in Turkey and its hollow promises.  

    It is obvious that these “visionary” Armenians are less informed and have less “grasp of the subject matter” about the “economic principals work” of the Turkish government and its business establishment's hidden agenda than the Keghart’s editor.

    In addition, what has the homeland depopulation got to do with the Turkish government's recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Turkey's repentance, and opening of its border with Armenia? Stop scaring us with the depopulation scarecrow. Instead of wasting their money on make-project for their friends in Armenia and to restate what everyone knows, I wish these “prophets” invested their money in job-creating projects in Armenia and provide our young people with employment opportunities so that they wouldn't leave it. Providing financial support for such “benevolent” projects to do “public good” doesn’t give them the right to circumvent the government of Armenia and Diaspora institutions and create a parallel track of diplomacy with the government of Turkey.

    It is the height of hypocrisy for these Armenian individuals to put themselves on the same pedestal with Hrant Dink. Dink was transparent and did not have a personal agenda. I wish these people had the same courage and honesty: to speak publicly about Turkish crimes against humanity and the Armenian people. Furthermore, Dink did not hold secret meetings with the Turkish government and its agents. Dink advocated reaching out to righteous Turks and working with them and the Turkish civil society to acknowledge what their predecessors have done to Armenians and doing so by sidestepping the Turkish government, its agencies, and hired guns.

    Since the failure of the Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission (TARC), our “enlightened thinkers” have pursued a misguided track and undermined our national interest. I would like to find out what are the achievements these individuals on behalf of the Armenian people since they began to hold covert meetings with Turkish government agents.  

    Who gave these individuals the right to roll the dice on the future and security of the Armenian nation? Who do they represent other than themselves and their friends? With whom do these people consult and coordinate their activities?

    Kudos to Keghart.com for exposing these charlatans. It is time for the Armenian nation to call a spade a spade and put an end to influence peddling.


  • New Evidence of German Guilt By Herepta
    4 weeks 1 day ago

    Reading about the past is interesting and informative. The study of history is meaningful if lessons are learned, repeat mistakes are avoided, a positive and constructive approach is put to work with a view for progress, improvement and the enrichment of lives. Sad to say, I see none of it in today's Armenia.

    Having been enslaved for generations, decimated several times, Armenia, one would expect, would have a government that would at least care for the welfare of its couple of million citizens. Instead, we have thieves, criminals and murderers, supposedly governing, while in reality oppressing a mentally- and emotionally-tortured nation, squeezing the lifeblood out of it, with unbridled greed, raping the country every way possible, and devoid of any sense or care for tomorrow. It would take a miracle of God for Armenia to exist ten years from today. Our history is of no benefit to us as a nation. It might be of some use to others. 

  • Breathtaking Lies: Mythinformation--Ankara Style By Mesrob
    4 weeks 1 day ago

    I just learned that the so called Muslim community (actually a beard for Turkish diplomats) of Brantford installed a Muslim/Turkish gravestone where Alevis are buried. The fact that the gravestone was installed a few days after the Brantford mayor pushed his agenda (he is a good friend of Turkish diplomats and enjoys the attention he gets from "international diplomats") and gave the green light to the "Muslim" monument suggests that the May city hall hearings where Alevi editor Suleyman Guven and the imam spoke were a pretense.

    One of the mayor's games was how the Muslim/Turkish monument was approved. After announcing that an early June city hall meeting would decide a late June date when the monument proposal would get final decision, the monument was approved at the early June meeting, catching people who oppose it by surprise.

    One wonder how the small Brantford Muslim community managed to raise the $4,500 for the monument so fast? The monument has the Turkish star and crescent carved at the top. Apparently, on June 22 a busload (s) of Toronto Turks journeyed to the Brantford cemetery and celebrated their victory over the Alevis and the Armenians.

    A large portion of the blame for the Alevi defeat should be placed at the door of our short-sighted Hye Tad which dismissed the affair as strictly of Alevi concern. In denying to support the Alevis, Hye Tad and Armenians lost an ally in the struggle against Ankara. Hye Tad also gave a gift-wrapped present to Ankara to disseminate its lies and accuse the Canadian government of committing genocide of Turks a century ago.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By KYB
    4 weeks 1 day ago

    Can you imagine your doctor giving you legal advice? Or do you see your plumber as an authority when you need to finance a new home? Same should be the case about   journalists. A journalist's duty is to "inform" the news not to "make" the news. Editors can "offer" opinion but should refrain from insulting others who do not share their opinion. Although op-ed economical realities work in poor nations once they open up. Worst yet, insulting all of those who do not share their opinion by freely adding adjectives in front of their names such as "naive", "deluded", 'duped". Insult should never be part of a well intended op-ed.

    Firstly, it is obvious that editor is not well informed about how economic principals work when he makes comments like 'Turkey can de facto own Armenia" if boarders are opene.d. Rather than sharing statistical data, I will ask simple questions to rebuttal this baseless statement: Does the editor know how China's economic  miracle took place last 25 years? Did China have anything to sell to the world 25 years ago except its inexpensive labor force? Do the world economic powers own China today- after this poor nation back in 80's finally opened up its borders to the world and now represents world's second largest economy? Does the editor know anything about tariffs, duty(import taxes), import quotas,  foreign citizens investment limitations etc? Does he know that including USA -one of the world's most free nations to conduct business- almost all nations impose quotas in importing some goods to protect its local producers ? Such as textile products , glassware etc?  Does he know that in many countries as a foreign company if you want to open up a business, by law, you need to have a local partner? You can not even purchase land in most poor nations as a citizen of another country and/or face strict limitations.To make a long story short , in my humble opinion it is better most of the time not to comment  and make economic predictions, if you truly do not have grasp of the subject matter. Yes, this simple standard should apply to journalists, editors as well. Lets be clear here, I am neither advocating nor predicting all will be easy for Armenia if boarders open up one day, but what I am clearly stating is that, by implementing  smart, well studied laws many of the negative economic  impacts of the open boarder can easily be controlled and benefits for nations growth can be achived. Lets not forget Armenia has skilled labor which it can sell to many multi nationals who like to expend to the region and make their base in Armenia because of this reason. But can not consider Armenia with today's status quo, since there is no easy way to transport the goods "Made in Armenia" to the region let alone to the rest of the world!

    Secondly, it is ironic that editor fails to share with the reader a great service rendered by one of the men he criticizes because of this man's relationship with some Turkish individuals or diplomats. Mr. Editor, have you read the study or attended a lecture called "Depopulation crisis of Armenia"? Do you know about the findings of this study, conducted by independent researchers from several universities based in Armenia? Among many eye-opening findings, according to this research, Armenia is the only country of all the Soviet republics which witnessed a shrinkage in its population since independence. The depopulation of Armenia is more than 20%  since independence. In spite of this publicly known reality, are you still suggesting continuation of the "status quo"? I am sure you are as concerned with this sad reality as any caring Armenian individual should be. In any case, I find it unfair that just because you do not appreciate a relationship an individual has with some Turks you criticize them freely add adjectives in front of their names, but side-step all the public good they do to promote the cause (not only philanthropy), especially when you do just the opposite for others, in the same op-ed, and ignore those who attended the Anatolia Festival sponsored by the Gulen group in 2014 in Los Angeles.

    Last but not least, if we Armenians want to see the Armenian Cause defended at all expense and Armenia to flourish, we need to accept that, as Armenians, we have differences in our approach to accomplish the same goal. Above all, to assure success, we must respect and believe in each other's love and dedication to the same cause and stop calling others "naive, deluded, duped" just because they have a different approach than ours. After all, does anyone have any doubt what Hrant Dink accomplished while he was alive, and how much more has been accomplished since his passing by following his footsteps through his foundation? He certainly accomplished all that by talking to Turks rather than ignoring them, as is being advocated in this op-ed.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Herepta
    4 weeks 3 days ago

    Down through history there have been not a few cases of treason among Armenians. Lack of national cohesion, coupled with monetary incentives certainly do lead some to act in their own perceived "best interest", often at the expense of others around. The best example of this phenomenon is the current Armenian governing bodies. It is an undeniable fact that the government is made up of people who care little for the welfare of their subjects. They are  there to line up their pockets, as much as, and as fast as possible. Even some high-ranking religious persons have proven themselves to be unethical (putting it gently), only too happy wheeling and dealing to get rich. HETQ has reported on several instances of Armenian officials enjoying meteoric acquisition of riches, while many in Armenia are barely surviving/existing. I believe many such Armenian money worshipping corrupt businessmen and officials would have no compunction to do money deals with Turks on Turkish terms. Let's not kid ourselves; "deluded", "duped", "disingenuous" are nothing but meaningless words to them.      

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Sam
    4 weeks 3 days ago

    Armenians got duped the moment King Drtad accepted Christianity as state religion. It has never worked for the small nation and has caused untold hardship and massacres. Imagine what our numbers and  borders would be today if we chose to be anything but? What fellow Christian country has extended a helping hand? Another sad point is that of our church leaders only two stick out as heroes: Khrimian Hyrig and Gomidas.

    To quote Raffi, instead of incense, gunpowder would have worked real miracles. Our land is covered by  ruined  churches. Had we invested in arms manufacturing, we would be rulers today and earned the respect of all our neighbors.

    "Sahman katchatz, zenen yuriantz". The boundaries of your borders is the extant of your sword.


  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Mihran
    4 weeks 3 days ago

    Sadly, we have a lot of naive Armenians and Armenian NGOs who get grants from Western sources and peddle this fake reconciliation rubbish. Armenians don't need such thrash. They should be all ignored and shamed.

  • Armeno-Kurdish Panel Discussion - Videos By Thomas Siraki
    4 weeks 3 days ago

    A most successful production...wonderful speakers. My wife and I watched and listened and have only words of praise to offer Keghart.com. Kudos to Keghart.com for organizing such a high level event that brings to light real Armenian issues and is bold enough to inspire the new generation to chart a practical course to fight for the Armenian Cause and transform itself into a strong Armenian Nation.  


  • Bilingualism: A Key to Success By Laz
    4 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for this gratifying article. "Use it or lose it!"

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Garabed
    4 weeks 3 days ago

    For centuries the Armenian subjects of the sultans pursued a stand of appeasement lest they further anger and raise the rage of the beast. It failed big time in 1915. 

    Having said this I do not advocate not engaging with the Turks. Eventually, both the Turks and us will have to sit face to face, but that should not be at the expense of ignoring or belittling what happened in 1915, morally and materially.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Dave
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    The Armenian reconciliation crowd want to "start over" by forgetting history and regarding Turkey as benign. If you tell them that it is dangerous to forget history, they will tell you that the Turks are dangerous only if Armenians get them angry. That is, if Armenians make nice to the Turks, and don't cause them any problems, they will be nice to you back.That's the reasoning even if they won't say it publicly or don't know it themselves.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Hayorti
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    Re your comment about Davutoglu's pretense that the Turkish government and Armenians are holding talks, just today (June 27) I saw the following headline: "Davutoglu says Armenian-Turkish relations could enter 'new-era.'"

    Davutoglu comes up with his "new eras" every time he wants to mislead people who follow the Armenian/Turkish conflict. There will be many new eras between now and the end of 2015. 

  • New Evidence of German Guilt By sam
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    That was one hundred years ago. Now the USA needs Turkey, so does Russia. In 25 years Europe, with its declining birthrate, will wide open its doors to Turkey. In 25 years--when many of us will be gone--will there be an Armenia?

  • Winds of Change II By Sam
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    Hand in hand? That's not in our genes. Maybe some basic training needed?

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Laz
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    Brilliant editorial, Keghart. Thank you for leading the way among Armenian media outlets.

    Many today who claim to be "pioneers" who "boldly pursue new initiatives that may cause controversy within the Armenian community" in the realms of  "Turkish-Armenian Dialogue" are, as you say, knowingly or unknowingly participating in the Turkish narrative on Turkish terms. One of many things these folks don't mention is that they are receiving grant money from NATO-aligned NGOs and other entities to pursue their "Dolma Initiatives."

    What would truly be "bold" and "controversial" would be if some of these people pressed for reparations and restorative justice in the face of centuries of co-optation, rape, confiscation /theft, and sheer destruction. 

    A state apology or an acknowledgment will not satisfy us. What we want appears above. As for the concept that "the Armenian Genocide occurred in Turkey and must be resolved in Turkey," is that how the Holocaust was dealt with? No -- outside powers applied their pressures upon Germany.

  • Deluded, Duped, Disingenuous Armenians By Dave
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    In the end, the Turks will have naive Armenians such as Prof. Arslanian for dinner. I don't mean have them "over" for dinner. I mean eat them for dinner.

  • Armeno-Kurdish Panel Discussion - Videos By GT
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    Dan Williams of Reuters writes (June 26,2014), “Israel told the United States on Thursday Kurdish independence in northern Iraq was a "foregone conclusion" and Israeli experts predicted the Jewish state would be quick to recognise a Kurdish state, should it emerge.

    Israel has maintained discreet military, intelligence and business ties with the Kurds since the 1960s, seeing in the minority ethnic group a buffer against shared Arab adversaries.” Read More

  • Remembering Simon Simonian By Assadour Guzelian
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    Simon Simonian was my teacher at the seminary in Antelias and a close friend for life. Simonian's letter to me and my letters to him, as well as those of Vahram Mavian, will be published soon in Beirut. Kindly send me your postal address so that I may post you a copy.

    I enjoyed reading your article.

    Assadour Guzelian

  • Remembering Simon Simonian By Gabriel Giraco
    4 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you for your kind words about my first cousin.
    Today, because of you, I learned more about our voghormadz Baron Simon.
    He was/is my Aunt Manush's (Manushag) son. His other two brothers: Krikor & Artine (Haroutioun) also passed. Asdvadz mer polor nentchetsialneroun hokinere loussavore. Amen.
    Gabriel Giraco

  • Breathtaking Lies: Mythinformation--Ankara Style By Serj
    5 weeks 3 hours ago

    Jan, how can you say that genocide was not committed by the Ottomans? In what history book did you read it? It is true that the main organizers were not Turks (Talaat was  Pomak; the other two were donmehs). However, they were all officials of the Ottoman Empire. I ask you if they were not Ottomans and Turks, who were they? Men on the moon?

  • Armeno-Kurdish Panel Discussion - Videos By Vahe
    5 weeks 6 hours ago

    I watched and listened the panel with interest. It was a pleasure to hear Dr. Astarjian "loud and clear" for the very first time. Reading his columns, I knew of him way before Keghart.com came to being.

    My perception of Kurds is shaped by two sources. In my youth I came to know Levon Pasha who, I was told, had lead the Vanetsi Armenians in 1915 and had them settled in a village (Hafrez?) in northern Iraq. It was said that he was a friend of Kurdish leader Barazani senior who had assisted him in resettling the surviving Vanestsis in Iraq.

    It's the Armenian novelist Raffi who fired my imagination and galvanized my impressions of Kurds.

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Viken L. Attarian
    5 weeks 8 hours ago

    Dear Onno,

    Thank you for your sincere feelings. I would like to add that there is no one person who can make things happen in any field.

    If I serve, it is because of the things I believe in. I believe that most people want to do the right thing.
    Whatever was a success for me, has been due to the support and teamwork of all those who believed in the same vision and who rallied around a specific idea. I owe them a lot. It was really their success.
    This has been true for me in all fields, in community work, in political work, and even professionally.
    I owe to the thousands of these men and women who have collaborated with me over the years, a huge debt of gratitude. Because they allowed me to earn their trust. That is a rare thing, indeed.

    I will be sharing my vision with everyone and work tirelessly to convince them that I deserve their trust one more time.

    Leadership is not about doing things right, that would be management. Leadership is about doing the right things.

    My campaign is dedicated to the leader in every single person.


    Viken L. Attarian

  • Breathtaking Lies: Mythinformation--Ankara Style By Sirapian
    5 weeks 16 hours ago

    Dear editor,

    Thanks for This article. However please stop writing that the Genocide of Armenians was committed by Ottomans. The individuals who organized this genocide were neither Turks nor Ottomans. On the other side could you add a twitter button on pages (it's free and very easy) which will permit diffuse your articles in an easy and fast way.

    Good day.

    Jan Varoujan

  • Breathtaking Lies: Mythinformation--Ankara Style By Perouz
    5 weeks 20 hours ago

    Don't be too hard on Carleton University. It's not clear that they gave him tenure. According to Wikipedia: "He has taught at various Canadian universities including: the University of Windsor, York University, the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University." Sounds like no one kept him for very long. Wikipedia also says that he is retired and has started writing historical fiction.

  • Breathtaking Lies: Mythinformation--Ankara Style By Vahakn
    5 weeks 1 day ago

    Although innocent bystander Alevis have witnessed the usurpation of their rights at the Brantford Mount Hope Cemetery, it is obvious that the conflict has nothing with the continued oppression of Alevis by Turkey--Ottoman or the republic.
    It's clear that the Turkish campaign was aimed at forcibly change the identity of the Alevis to Sunni Turks and then falsely claim that Canada committed genocide of "Turks" around the same time Turkey slew 1.5 million Armenians. As your article points out, the Turkish fandango is intended to put Canada on the defensive and make Ottawa more cautious about what it says next year about the Genocide.
    That said, it's astonishing that Hye Tadd didn't support the Alevis. Was it case of short-sightedness, incompetence, or carelessness? According to hearsay, Hye Tadd decided the conflict was of no interest to Armenians. If that view accurately reflects Hye Tadd's thinking then Hye Tadd is guilty on two counts: not supporting an ally (the Alevis) in its hour of need; allowing the Turkish lobby to get away with murder re Ankara's demented attempt to tag Canada a genocidal country. They must be opening a couple of bottles of raki at the Turkish embassy.

    Today (Sunday, June 22) the Turkish lobby bused fellow denialists to Brantford to celebrate the unveiling of the "Muslim" monument, aka Turkish monument.

    "Shame" not only to the Carleton University but also to Hye Tadd.

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Onno Alixanian
    5 weeks 1 day ago

    We are all 110% behind Viken to get the nomination and get elected. Nobody can represent the Armenian community, defend and promote the true values of the Liberal Party better than him.

    His record  of many years of hard work in our community and with the Liberal Party speaks for itself.

    Good luck and lots of success.


  • ADL's Dubious Survey By Herepta
    5 weeks 1 day ago

    To Abe Foxman and the ADL truth is of no importance; politics is. Foxman is prepared to toy around with facts the same way he manipulates (more correctly, makes up) statistics. His attitude towards the Armenian Genocide, which has been supported by many Jewish scholars, his longtime siding with the Turkish claims, his playing with words like "tantamount" for a non-Jewish suffering, all point to the fact that the man and his organization are obsessed with their own agenda, and damned any truth that crosses their way. It's all about politics, with not a single grain of veracity in it. Such a person and/or organization needs to be accepted for what it is, a political lobby with a singular agenda, ready to make any outrageous claim to achieve its aim. Their unmentioned motto is "the end justifies any means. As for truth, it be damned". 

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Viken L. Attarian
    5 weeks 1 day ago

    Thank you, Garbis. I appreciate your kind words, because I know how sincere they are.

    I can also tell you that I know many young men and women in the Armenian community who would be excellent parliamentarians. It is just that a career in politics does not attract them. Many citizens are cynical about politics and politicians.

    I believe that societies that neglect to send their best and brightest into public service careers do so at their own peril.

    I want to do politics differently; to do it in such a way that everyone feels that their ideas matter, are listened to and are important. I want to act as a role model for others to follow. I want to make sure that at some point in their lives, true citizens decide that they too can represent others with dignity, respect and a vision for a better country.

    I have been "accused" of being an idealist. I wear that designation as a badge of honor.

    Thank you for your support.


    Viken L. Attarian

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Garbis Korajian
    5 weeks 2 days ago

    Viken is a seasoned politician and an astute person. If he is nominated, the party will benefit from his contribution to the Liberal Party. If nominated and elected, his constituency will gain a person who truly cares and represents their interests in Ottawa. I therefore wish Viken all the best and success in his political life. Rest assure, my friends and I will be supportive of his endeavor in every respect.

    Best Regards,

    Garbis Korajian

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Viken L. Attarian
    5 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you Maro for your kind words,

    I sincerely hope to be up to the challenge.


    Viken L. Attarian

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Viken L. Attarian
    5 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Ms. Atikian,

    You are absolutely correct.  We need more Armenian involvement in Canadian politics.

    My hats off to Anoush, although I do not know her personally.  The fact that she chose to run for the Liberals in Calgary says one thing about her already, that she must be a Liberal of conviction.

    And that is the second thing we need.  We want people to get involved, but we want that involvement to be authentic and driven by a will to serve a Canadian political perspective, regardless of which one is chosen.

    Only when we are authentic will we be able to make a difference and convince others to support us. As well, only then we shall be able to convince others to support issues of concern to Armenians.

    And thank you for caring enough to comment


    Viken L. Attarian

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Maro Shirvanian-Badiguian
    5 weeks 3 days ago

    Bravo Mr. Attarian! I'm so happy to hear about your nomination! I wish you all the best in your political career!

  • Viken L. Attarian to Run for Liberal Party Nomination By Vrejouhy Atikian
    5 weeks 3 days ago

    Bravo Mr. Attarian. We need more Canadian Armenians to get involved in Canadian politics. Here, in Calgary, during the last election we had Anoush run for the Liberal party. She did not make it but we were proud of her. To be a Liberal in Alberta is not an easy task.

  • Khojali "Genocide" Baku Fabrication By Laz
    5 weeks 4 days ago

    Lawrence, the likely response you'd get would be "which fire would you like us to put out first?"  There is no shortage of injustices and persecutions against the Armenians -- past or present. 

  • Khojali "Genocide" Baku Fabrication By Laurence Kueffer
    5 weeks 4 days ago

    What surprises me is that some Armenians show little interest or concern here, in California, when I try to point out that Turkish and Azeri propaganda lies have flooded the Internet.

  • Azerbaijan shoots Armenian civilians in border areas; should Armenia attack Azerbaijan before it gets stronger? By Armen
    5 weeks 5 days ago

    [...]oglu, learn your history... migrators' [...]!

  • Armenian Candidate in Ontario Elections By Viken L. Attarian
    6 weeks 1 day ago

    Ontario has already spoken. However, kudos to Edward for standing behind his ideas and consistently coming across in favor of them.

    Ideas are not worth much, unless you express them, rally people around them, and are willing to defend them in a democratic forum.

    I had the opportunity to meet Edward and speak on the same panel about Armenians in politics. He is a very impressive and authentic individual.

    I cannot agree with him more in terms of what it would mean to have an elected Armenian in office.  Harout Chitilian is playing that role in Montreal at the municipal level. Many others must follow.

    In spite of being one of the oldest immigrant communities in Canada, Armenians are arguably the least active in Canadian politics. The missed opportunities are obvious and  too many to enumerate.

    I wish Edward success in his political initiatives. I know that they will come. He is definitely a trailblazer and deserves everyone's support.


    Viken L. Attarian
    President-Chair, Policy Commission
    Liberal Party of Canada - Quebec Branch
    Member of the National Policy and Electoral Platform Committee

  • Armenian Candidate in Ontario Elections By Nareg Nalbandian
    6 weeks 4 days ago

    During the past thirty years I have voted for the New Democratic Party (NDP) on every single occasion. Not this time. It seems Andrea Horwath, the leader of the party is trying to outperform Tony Blair of UK.

    A vote is not necessarily to attain power and grab the levers of government, but to send a message, shape public opinion and over time gain traction.

    On June 12th Ontarians will send their verdict to Horwath.

  • Armenians and Kurds: Working Together By Carol Truesdell
    6 weeks 6 days ago
    Can you give me guidance on helping an Armenia family immigrate to US. ASAP
    Just tell me who to contact.
  • Armenians and Kurds: Working Together By Vahakn
    6 weeks 6 days ago

    I would like to ask the three panelists what can Armenian leaders bring to to the table when they sit down with Kurdish leaders regarding working together for their mutual benefit.

  • Armenians and Kurds: Working Together By Bedros Zerdelian
    7 weeks 19 hours ago
    The Treaty of Kars and Sevres are important recognized documents to start our human rights issues.
  • Brave Voice of Elif Şafak By Art Napetian
    7 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Elif,

    I think Shafak is the same Shafagh in Farsi, meaning the first reflections of the morning sun on the horizon. In other words, dawn. That deeply meaningful name is harmoniously integrated into your writing style and sensitivity of your views. You're shining in the horizon of world literature and are new blood in soft communication between groups so sunken in their fanaticism. I extremely enjoyed reading the above article. Thank you.       

    Art Napetian

  • Western Armenian National Congress By Hratch
    7 weeks 2 days ago

    Zenk, tshnamiyin hamar. 
    Kavazan,  nerkin gark ou ganon hasdadelou hamar.
    Ays e orva hramayagane.

  • Accusing Israel of Indifference to Xenophobia By Kenell Touryan
    7 weeks 2 days ago

    There are many Armenians who are biased towards Israel and even towards Jews. On the other hand, Israel has not accepted the Armenian Genocide. There are a few scholars in Israel who do recognize and speak openly about the Armenian Genocide but not the government. For example, Simon Peres denies the Armenian Genocide. Jews in Israel who belong to extremist religious sects, such as the Hassidic Jews, hate all Christians.

    Israel selling weapons to Azerbaijan angers the Armenian government for obvious reasons.

    Finally, Arabs are Semites also. Ergo, it is wrong to call someone who dislikes Jews, anti-Semite, unless their hate extends to all Arabs as well.

  • ADL's Dubious Survey By Nicolai Romashuk
    7 weeks 3 days ago

    The ADL and Mr. .....must be ashamed of acccusing Armenians and many people around the world of anti-Semitism. The truth is exactly the opposite. The ADL is losing its mind calling Arabs anti-Semites. How can they say that when Arabs are Semites?

    As you can see from the comments of Farid Jubran, no one on this Earth hates the Christians as much as the Jewish Semites, starting with the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ who cured the sick and brought the dead to life.

    Jews call non-Jews "Goy". It is like the Turkish word "Gyavur" for Christians.

    During the Second World War, my grand mother Dikranouhi Hairaebedian saved the lives of many Jews by giving them safe passage from the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem through the Armenian Quarter
    and then to the Zion Gate and Israel. I am sure if she had known that in the future instead of of thanking us on their knees they were going to mistreat us, she would not have helped them.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • King Faisal and the Armenians By Oshin Elagoz
    7 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you Jirayr for this interesting article.

  • Armenians and Kurds: Working Together By Hrair Keleshian
    7 weeks 4 days ago

    After a century of broken "promises of friendly countries", is there any Armenian who believes that salvation will come from outside? 

  • ADL's Dubious Survey By Sam
    7 weeks 5 days ago

    The elected Armenian Patriarch is not recognized by the Israeli government because he appealed to the the Knesset to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

    Even a survey is used as political weapon by desperate people using desperate means.

  • Armenians and Kurds: Working Together By Sam
    7 weeks 5 days ago

    This was a start; please don't stop. A glimmer of hope is better than  all the promises of friendly countries.

  • King Faisal and the Armenians By Laz
    7 weeks 5 days ago

    Based on this illuminating survey by Jirair Tutunjian, we Armenians should erect a statue of Faisal in gratitude for his good works on behalf of our people. Thank you, Jirair.

  • King Faisal and the Armenians By Jirair Tutunjian
    7 weeks 5 days ago

    In "The Struggle for Kirkuk" (2007), Dr. Henry Astarjian (originally from Kirkuk) writes:

    "He [King Faisal] was keenly aware of the plight of the Armenian people and their suffering in the hands of their common oppressor, the Ottoman Turk. His father, Shereef Hussein Ibn Ali, had fought side by side the British, against the Ottoman Empire, seeking independence for his people and the Arab nation at large. At one point in his struggle the "Red Sultan," Sultan Abdul Hamid II, exiled him to Istanbul and kept him there for a long time.

    "Shereef Hussein admired Armenians who had planted a bomb to assassinate the Red Sultan...He sympathized with the Armenian cause, and considered them comrades in arms: On the eve of the Genocide and massive deportation of Armenians, he issued a directive to all Arabs asking them to help the Armenian refugees, settle them on their land, and treat them kindly, "as if they were on of our own." That signed document still hangs in the rectory of the Armenian Church in Baghdad.

    His son King Faisal I had the same kind of sentiments toward the Armenians. He trusted them unequivocally: his car mechanics, his personal chauffeur, and a battery of other technicians were all Armenians. In his memoirs, Dr. Sanderson, his personal physician and the founder of my school, the Royal College of Medicine, Baghdad, mentions that, "His majesty decided to stay overnight at the farm of an Armenian family in Fallujah and attend a banquet in his honor, rather than stay in the mayor's house, very much to the mayor's disappointment."

    Jirair Tutunjian

  • Kurdish Website Interviews Armenian Writer By Ghazaros
    7 weeks 6 days ago

    CK Garabed's comment to Infowelat that we develop an Armenian census is essential and overdue. A great interview.

  • ADL's Dubious Survey By Paul Manoukian
    7 weeks 6 days ago

    There is imprecision about the word "anti-Semitic", as Semites also include Phoenicians (the ancestors of the Maronites), the Assyrians, the Chaldeans, the Syriacs, the Melkites and also the Copts. These people deserve more sympathy than the Hebrew branch as their persecutions sees no end, their land stolen and no way to remedy. As for Armenians being, I take it from the survey as anti-Jews, rather than anti-Semitic in the real sense, because the ADL is hijacking the term Semites as if only the Jews should be called Semites and bugger the rest. That percentage is probably too low. Yes, most Armenians suspect Israel as being a friend of Turkey. It does not recognize the Genocide and supplies arms to Azerbaijan to kill Armenians and steal Armenian lands. Is there a surprise, then, if Armenians register only 58% in that survey? A lot of hogwash to justify the non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the ADL. After all, the Genocide did happen, and who needs their blessings and recognition? If this is a game, two can play at it. But Armenians have always recognized the Jewish Genocide, to our credit as gentlemen and persons of honor.

  • "Collapse" And How It Relates To Things Armenian By Emin Baghramyan
    8 weeks 17 hours ago

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to thank you for this great analysis.

    As I have been reading Diamond's books, I was also constantly making parallels with Armenia and its history, on how we misallocate resources to grand churches like Greenland Norse, or how we cut down all trees around Ani, like Anasazi in North America and etc. I am glad to see that people like you see and warn what is being done wrongly. 

    With best regards,

    Emin Baghramyan
    Montreal, 2014


  • Who Alevis Are And What Alevism Is By Stephen T. Dulgarian
    8 weeks 6 days ago

    As a three-time visitor to Historic Armenia (now under Turkish rule), in numerous provinces we came across the Alevi people, who we were told are related to the Armenian people. Armenians are European/Caucasian and are not related to the Seljuk, Mongol or Ottoman Turks who came from Mongolia starting in the 10th century and created a huge empire as they massacred Christians or forced Christians and others to become Moslem. John Shindelkecker does not mention the tie-in of the Alevis to the Armenian people which must be brought out as a historic truth.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Norman
    9 weeks 1 day ago

    Assuming you are actually of Anglo Saxon ancestry, you would then be doing to the Germans exactly what your ancestors did to the native inhabitants of the British Isles.

  • Who Alevis Are And What Alevism Is By Hovig Nersissian
    9 weeks 2 days ago

    Well dear, this might be a "great" subject for the world out of the Middle East but we may need such info just for educational reasons but never 'practical' because in the area such religious nominations are considered as "political assignments" and not sects....

    Myself an honest and strictly loyal National, I suppose we do never require discussions on any sects because our present "hard" experiences with almost all, will never encourage us to go back to their origins for educational purpose...

    Religion is from your heart and your mind directly to Heavens...

    It can never be a matter of discussions or political directives....

    Sorry for the interruption dear Mr. Dikran but we are almost fed up of listening or reading  "religious nominations" but never religions as should be...

    Thanks dear. 

  • The Creation of Armenia By Jirair Tutunjian
    9 weeks 2 days ago

    Tsarist Russia had no intention to create an Armenia, let alone an independent Armenia. Tsar Nicholas I was one of the most nationalistic, despotic, and reactionary rulers of the time. But by wresting the territory from the Persians, Russia created a province (Yerevan Province), a province identified as one populated largely by Armenians. And because the Russians created the province, Armenians from Persia, the Ottoman Empire and Crimea emigrated to the province, hoping to live in an Armenian society. In doing so, they helped create the necessary demographic mass which would later be able to withstand the Turkish invasion, after the WWI, and establish the First Republic.

  • The Creation of Armenia By Hagop
    9 weeks 3 days ago

    I don't doubt what you say and the history is accurate. I was merely pointing out that today's Armenia came to fruition as a result of Armenian patriotism and not Russian benevolence like some Armenians believe. Not trying to stick "Tashnags" in anyone's face, as I believe all the parties contributed in their own right.

    After the war between Russia and Iran, today's Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan were simply part of the "Russian Empire". A century later, after the Armenian Genocide, Turkish nationalists created Azerbaijan for the purposes of pan-Turkism, and in their vision and plans, Armenia would never exist.

    Had Armenians remained idle and been observers, no one else, including ethnic Russians, would have ever bothered declaring a country for Armenians, and what is today Armenia would either be a province around lake Sevan, or a semi-autonomous territory in the offical country named "Azerbaijan", like Karabakh was, that is, assuming Armenians would have survived the subseqent genocidal activities of the Turkish-Azeris. The USSR could not purge Armenia because it was a recognized country, declared the same time the Turks declared their "Azerbaijan"  - however, they did mange to mutilate Armenia for the benefit of Turks and Azeris.

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Serj
    9 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you Harry for your information. Do you know where he is now?

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Harry Malkasian
    9 weeks 3 days ago


    This may be a belated news for you, nevertheless the young student you're referring to is Arshavir (Arsho) Aznavorian who was also a judo student with the late Armen Mardikian of Dire-Dawa.

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Vahe H. Apelian
    9 weeks 4 days ago

    It saddens me greatly to hear of the passing away of Vahe Arukian. I remain with the recollection of bygone and happier times with my parents, Vahe, Hrach Arukian and their  parents in Beirut, and later on for just a few visits to the United States.

    It is through them that I learned with fascination about the Armenian-Ethiopian  community whose "rise and fall" I associate with the Arukian family.

    My condolences to his and his brother Hrach's family. May he rest in peace.


  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Harry Malkasian
    9 weeks 4 days ago


    You will be as sorry to learn that Vahe Arukian passed away four days ago in New York, at the age of 84, after a long illness. He's survived by his wife and three children. His father was my teacher at the Armenian Kevorkoff school in Addis. Should you wish more info, I am prepared to extend it to you. Kind regards, 

    Harry Malkasian


  • The Creation of Armenia By Jirair Tutunjian
    9 weeks 6 days ago

    The article narrated events which preceded the the establishment of the Republic of Armenia after WWI by 80 years. It described how the geographic boundaries of the republic were secured during the Russian move deeper into the Caucasus. Before the arrival of the Russian armies, the area, which is now the Republic of Armenia, was occupied by the Persians. It was the Russians who liberated it. Had the Russians not moved and delineated the boundaries of the area they called 'Armenia Province' and later 'Yerevan Province' one could speculate whether there would have been a Republic of Armenia after the Genocide.
    ---Jirair Tutunjian

  • Առաջնորդական Ընտրութեան Թնճուկը By Աղթամար
    10 weeks 21 hours ago

    Վայ քեզ քաղաք որ թագաւորդ մանուկ է...: Ի՛նչ օրերու մնացիր Հա՛յ Ժողովուրդ:

    Երբ Վեհափառդ ալ մանուկ է: Երբ ան գիտակցութիւնը, ուշիմութիւնը  եւ կարողութիւնը չունի այսպիսի հսկայ կազմակերպութիւն մը գլխաւորելու, կարող, մաքուր գիտակից անցիք զետեղելու, երբ «բիզնէս» եւ դրամ հոգեբանութիւնը կը տիրէ իր քով, երբ սրբութեան նշոյլը գոյութիւն չունի իր մէջ, երբ հազիւ «Հայր Մերը» կ'աղօթէ, այդ ալ դիմացը գիրքը բացուած, կրնաք դիտել եւ տեսնել զինք «Արեւագալի Ժամերգութիւն» 2013 ին Էջմիածինի մէջ You Tube-ի վրայ, վստահ որ որեւէ պարզ կղերական մը իրմէ  աւելի գիտէ Եկեղեցական արարողութէնէ, կրնաք տեսնել ֆիլմին մէջ:

    «Ձուկը գլուխէն հոտած է» դժբախտաբար, եւ այս երբեք լաւ չէ մեր ազգին, հաւատքին, եկեղեցուն, ժողովուրդին եւ պատիւ չի բերեր մեզի համար: Հայերս սփիւրքի մէջ լաւ անուն ունեցան վասն իրենց աշխատասիրութեան, գործունէութեան, նկարագիրին, հաւատքին որու համար ալ մեր նախնիները զոհուեցան որոնց սերունդը թափարեցաւ մինչեւ տեղ մը հասաւ, միշտ եկեղեցու շուրջ եւ հաւատքով լեցուած, որպէսզի այս վիճակի հասնէր մեր եկեղեցին իր գլուխը գտնուող անարժանի կղերականի մը պատճառով, որուն հետեւանքները մեր ազգին եւ անոր հաւատքին համար շատ դառն պիտի ըլլան անկասկած: 
    Արդ մեր աղօթքն ու աղաջանքն է առ Աստուած որ նայի մեր ազգին եւ հայրենիքին երեսին եւ ազատէ մեզ այս չարիքէն որ կը գլխաւորէ մեր սուրբ եկեղեցին եւ բարին կատարէ որ Աստուծոյ կամքով ան փոխարինուի աւելի սրբալոյս եւ արժանի անձի մը ի շահ մեր ազգին, ժողովուրդին եւ հայրենիքին: 


  • The Creation of Armenia By Hagop
    10 weeks 1 day ago

    I disagree with this article's implications and conclusions. Today's Armenia is not a "mostly Russian creation"--far from it. But no doubt, the presence of Russia did enable patriotic Armenians to lay the foundations of the re-emergence of the state, primarily the Tashnagsutiun. It does not mean that "Russia created Armenia". In fact, if not for these WWI-era patriotic Armenians, today's Armenia would be part of Azerbaijan, as the Soviet Union could care less about an Armenian state. In fact the Soviet Union, after chopping up Armenia into little pieces and giving its territories to Turkey and Azerbaijan as gifts, had even a plan to give all of southern Armenia to Azerbaijan as well--the lifelong dream of pan-Turkism.

    But thanks again to the Tashnagstagan Karekin Njdeh's resistance, this was prevented from materializing. That's why the Soviet Union hated "nationalists" and for 70 years of its existence, Tashnagsutiun and the Soviet Union were at odds. And this hatred trickled into today's Russia as well, although not as antagonistic as before. Russians don't like "Armenian nationalists" because a strong Armenia would encroach into its interests of dominating the region and its energy routes.

  • Erdogan's Message: Where Do We Go from Here? By Raffi Bedrosyan
    10 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Dr. Torossian,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We are all doing our best toward the same goal.

  • Support the Sultan…and Damn the Armenians By Telo
    10 weeks 3 days ago

    It sounds as if the fluid morality of propagandist and spy Burnaby ascribed the most undesirable traits of the Turks to the Armenians. Thank you for this.

  • Support the Sultan…and Damn the Armenians By Vartan Matiossian
    10 weeks 4 days ago

    Very interesting article. The Treaty of San Stefano was nullified by the Congress of Berlin (and the homonymous treaty) in 1878 and not by the Congress of Vienna (1815).

    Mr. Matiossian is correct.--Editor


  • The Creation of Armenia By Sam
    10 weeks 5 days ago

    What a story! And here I thought all along that we were descendants of Noah, and the Russians and Iranians were our servants.

  • Cemetery to Honour "Muslim" Dead By Sam
    10 weeks 5 days ago

    Why make a big fuss? Why not ask the corpses buried in the Brantford Cemetery? After all, they care less, as long as they are not buried in Turkey ,

    There is a reason they wanted to be where they are, instead of dying in Turkey. It's like a bird escaping its cage and dying in freedom. The political [Turkish] overtones are a disgrace to their memory.

  • Cemetery to Honour "Muslim" Dead By Dave
    10 weeks 5 days ago

    Most Alevis do not self-identify as Muslim at all. Alevism is a separate religion. Alevis do not worship in mosques. They worship in Cem houses, which are places of prayer and gathering. Turkey represses Alevis and has often massacred them down to the present day.

    The attempt by Turkey to make the Brantford plots a Muslim cemetery is an affront to Alevis and historical and religious fact. I suggest that the Alevi who will testify ought to also give the mayor and councilors a written explanation of the history of Turkish repression of Alevis and Alevism. It is not enough to testify. I also *strongly* suggest the following: Create a flyer as to why the mayor and council are about to do the wrong thing. Spread it around the neighborhoods where the mayor and councilors live and tell the neighbors how wrong their officials are and say how disrespectful to religion they are. Then also give the flyer to local church congregations and Jewish temples on Sunday and Saturday. This is the only way. Do not take this lying down. Fight back against Turkish viciousness.


  • Open Letter to Senator Edward Markey By Gomidas Jibelian
    10 weeks 6 days ago

    While I am in concert with Messrs. Jeknavorian and Jololian in principle, I think their request will unfortunately fall on deaf ears for one obvious reason. Suffolk University President James McCarthy  cannot withdraw the Foxman invitation whatever the underlying reason for the invitation in the first place, because next year he will be on the street looking for a position. Ditto for Senator Markey: at the conclusion of the next senatorial elections he will be bidding his farewell to his seat in the senate.

    This is an unfortunate but proven fact. Opposing any Zionist lobby initiative by an academic, or a politician is considered a political faux pas leading to the guaranteed demise of their carrier. However, what might impact far more profoundly Suffolk University president's reluctance to withdraw his invitation, and might serve as a display of far superior and laudable ethics, is the abstention of the National Lawyers Guild of graduating lawyers from participating in the commencement ceremonies.

    After all, they had the mettle to ask the president to rescind his decision; they are in the limelight of the day all the while being free of any negative consequences of their decision. In this situation they are the "force majeure", and I hope they stand firm as a rock on the matter of principle rather than swim with the current. 

  • Erdogan's Message: Where Do We Go from Here? By Hosep Torossian
    10 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear Raffi,

    I wanted to get in touch with you to thank you for the fantastic talk you gave at the AGBU Manoogian School on the occasion of the 99th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Your presentation was refreshing as you made it so interesting and so relevant. My best wishes to you in your relentless endeavors towards achieving justice. 

    Dr. Hosep Torossian
    High School Principal
    AGBU Alex & Marie Manoogian School
    Southfield, MI 48331

  • Էրտողանի 23 Ապրիլի ուղերձը By Harout
    10 weeks 6 days ago

    Էտողանի  ծանօթ յայտարարութւնը հիմնապէս  երկու  ձեւով կ՝ընկալուի:

    Ա- խումբը որ շարունակորդն է Օսմանեան դարաշրջանէն թրքական քաղաքացիութեան:

    Բ- խումբը անոնք են որոնք Ցեղասպանութեան համը 1ՕՕ տարիներէ իրենց մորթին վրայ կը զգան, վճառած են գին մը որուն հետեւանքով պահանջատէր են իրենց կորուստի իրաւունքներուն եւ կարծր կը մնան իրենց դիրքին վրայ:

    Ա-ը մինջ այդ՝ 1ՕՕ տարի է մնացած է Պատանդ,  յոգնած է եւ ուժասպառ: Պատրաստ է որեւիցէ ձթենիի անճիւղ տերեւի մը տալ բարի կամքի մեկնութիւն: Օժտած է ինքզինք չափազանց ճկուն քաղաքականութեամբ կարենալ նախ իր կեանքը  ապա ինչքը ապահովելու:

    Սպասելի էր որ այս երկփեղկումը անշարժ մնար: Սակայն Հայաստանի անկախութեամբ նոր հարդակ մը ծնաւ որուն միջոցով  անցեալի անել բեւերացումը կրնայ հիմնապէս փոխուիլ եթէ Հայրենի իշխանաւորները գիտակցին տէր կանգնիլ այս պահանջատիրութեան Մաքսայինէն եւ Եւրախորհուրդէն առաջ ուրոյն Սփիւռքին մերձեցումով եւ միացուլելով: Ասոր արդիւնքը միայն դրական կրնայ ըլլալ մինչեւ ճանաչում եւ լիիրաւ հատուցում: Այլապէս նման բաղդագուշակային յայտարարութիւններով մեզ հարիւր տարի մը եւս պիտի թմրեցնեն:


  • Open Letter to Senator Edward Markey By Hovsep
    10 weeks 6 days ago

    When are we going to learn to EDUCATE the uneducated about the coinage and meaning of the word GENOCIDE? It is being thrown around describing murders of individuals and relatively small number of innocent people and NOT what Raphael Lemkin intended and the UN passed a resolution on, half a century ago.

    Let us also not forget that Churchill and the "NY Times" used the word 'holocaust' to describe what befell on the Armenian nation, long before Hitler committed his genocide and the word was appropriated by our Jewish brothers and sisters...

  • Open Letter to Senator Edward Markey By Nicolai Romashuk
    10 weeks 6 days ago

    Thank you, Mr. Ara A. Jeknavorian. Well done. Abraham Foxman's name says everything. He is foxy.

    Remember the Armenian saying: "The fruit doesn't fall too far from its tree"? Shame on foxy Foxman; shame on his background and on all his supporters.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Open Letter to Senator Edward Markey By Berge Jololian
    10 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear Editor of Keghart,
    Letter to the Editor:

    Is U.S. Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts truly a friend of the Armenian American community?

    Suffolk Law School in Boston has invited Markey to speak and receive an award at its commencement on May 17.

    The problem is that Senator Markey will sit alongside Abraham Foxman, director of the Armenian Genocide-denying Anti-Defamation League.  Foxman will address the law school’s graduates and receive an honorary law degree, even though his statement of August 21, 2007 twisted the facts of the Armenian Genocide so that the latter could not legally qualify as genocide under the official United Nations Genocide law of 1948.

    Honoring Foxman makes a mockery of the principles for which a law school should stand.  One wonders if Suffolk has invited Foxman as revenge against Armenian Americans and others because the Massachusetts Governor’s Council recently rejected attorney Joseph Berman – an ADL National Commissioner – to be a judge.

    The National Lawyers Guild student chapter at Suffolk University and a thousand others have demanded that Suffolk President James McCarthy withdraw his invitation to Foxman.  Their reasons include Foxman’s anti-Armenian bias and his hypocritical opposition to the U.S. Congress’s Armenian Genocide Resolution.

    Markey’s sharing the stage with Foxman would be an insult to international law.   Then again, Markey has never criticized Foxman and the ADL’s genocide denials.   Markey’s commitment to genocide recognition and prevention is in serious doubt.

    Senator Markey should tell Suffolk’s president that he will not attend the commencement unless the invitation to Foxman is withdrawn.  I suggest readers call Markey’s office in Boston (617-565-8519) or Washington, DC (202-224-2742), or email him at http://www.markey.senate.gov/contact.  Please say that sharing the stage with Abe Foxman is unacceptable.


    Berge Jololian
    Watertown, MA 02472

  • Armenians & Kurds By Sam
    11 weeks 4 hours ago

    Don't be misled. Kurds are showing sympathy now when it serves their purpose. They want us back because they want the money we bring to build our old neighborhoods, not because they like us,
    Maybe if they embraced European values and got educated there might be a chance. They may get along with the oligarchs of Armenia since their thinking is of the same level..

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By Sam
    11 weeks 4 hours ago

    The question was: "Could the Kurds and Armenians live side by side in harmony?"
    The answer? If we have no more to show off than them and live as backward and  mean tempered.
    One group is forward-looking; the other is backward.
    One believes in vengeance; the other in forgiveness.
    The pride of any Armenian is to have his/her children better educated and well off than they or their fathers. I can't say that of any Islamic group, and I have lived among them for a long time.

  • Sorry, No Apology from Turkey to Armenians By Sam
    11 weeks 1 day ago

    Erdogan is no ones fool, he is  preparing the citizens of Turkey for the apology that's coming next year.

    Diaspora Armenians will be offered Turkish citizenship, Ararat and Ani will be given to its rightful owners in return of peace with the Azeris.

    My concern is if the border is opened, there will be a big WHOOSH sound of Armenians moving to Turkey.

    I have been wrong before, so don't hold your breath.

  • Sorry, No Apology from Turkey to Armenians By Jirair Tutunjian
    11 weeks 1 day ago
    Turkey's PM Recep Tayep Erdogan's expression that the "events" of the First World War were "shared pain" is a carefully-crafted expression to yet again deny Turkish government's genocide of its Armenian citizens and to mislead people unfamiliar with Turkey's horrific crime. The "events" Mr. Erdogan is trying to mitigate was genocide. Among many authorities, historians, organizations which recognize it as such is the International Association of Genocide Scholars, the leading authority on genocides.

    The "pain" Mr. Erdogan mentions was inflicted by Turkey on its Armenian citizens. Unarmed Armenian civilians did not inflict pain on the Turkish army, Turks or Turkey. It was not a mutually inflicted pain. The Turkish pain was self-inflicted. Hoping that Germany and Austria-Hungary would win the First World War, the Turkish leadership joined them against Britain, France, and Russia. Turkey was defeated. It suffered casualties and lost lands it had occupied for 500 years. There's no "shared pain".

    Jirair Tutunjian

  • Էրտողանի 23 Ապրիլի ուղերձը By Vahe
    11 weeks 3 days ago

    Համասփիւռքահայ մամուլին մէջ Թուրքիոյ Վարչապետ Էրտողանի Ապրիլ 23-ի  յայտարարութեան կապակցութեամբ առաջին հաւասարակշռուած յօդուածն է որ կը կարդամ:

    Կը գնահատեմ keghart.com Օշին Էլակէօզի, Մարմարա, Պոլսոյ մէջ, 28 Ապրիլ 2014-ին հրատարակուած այս յօդուածը արտատպուած ըլլալուն համար:


  • Leave Our Dead Alone! By Sam
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    Turks are so desperate to make positive news they go to such lengths, but ask yourself why would a happy Turk leave his country for a foreign and a Christian one at that?

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By Sam
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    I believe the Armenian messeleh was more about properties and hidden gold than religious  jihad. The hungry and lazy Turks could not bear to see prosperous class of people well fed and housed. They could barely make a living to feed their extended clans; and of course the foreign missionaries gave them  more reason to associate us with foreigners.

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By Hrair Keleshian
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    When I was a young high school student in Lebanon I used to go to my father's shop to help out. One of his customers was an exiled Kurdish man who used to be the head of the Iraqi Intelligence in the Kingdom. He was in Beirut to recruit Armenian Medical doctors for Iraqi Kurdistan. I remember his comments to my father. He said, " Kevork, we the Kurds were jackasses, we believed the Turks because they were Muslims and we participated in the slaughter of Armenians. What a big mistake we did".

    I believe the current generation of Kurds knows where their interest lies.   

  • For the Benefit of the Turkish Ambassador By Kevser Taymaz
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    People who comment on so called Armenian genocide first should know when the term was defined and its meaning.  Armenians were called as "nobel millet" under Ottoman rule and were promoted to highest levels in the government. The trouble started when they listened to western powers by the end of  the nineteenth century.   Then they joined forces with invading Russian armies, cut off Ottoman supply lines and terrorized the villages.  I want to know which country gave a red carpet treatment to rioting groups during a war.   Armenians have the backing of Russia and invaded Nagorno Karabagh.  This was the same situation to  what is happening in Ukraine today.   

    Losses were huge from all sides until 1915 due to relocation, harsh climate, famine and intercommunal war.  Since the description of events were not accepted as genocide by historians and by courts (December 17, 2013 decision of European Court of Human Rights also did not find enough evidence for genocide), Armenians first tried terrorism.  Now they keep on trying to persuade politicians.  

    Right now Armenia is landlocked, there are over 40,000 illegal Armenian workers in Turkey.   I suggest that we leave history to politicians and genocide determination to courts and move on.  

  • Open Letter to PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan By Laz
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    Too bad Zoryan is falling for this concept of "shared pain."

    The Turkish "losses and humiliation" following WWI were a result of their own aggressive, expansionist, genocidal policies.

  • Armenians & Kurds By Sam
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    Both nations can learn from the past and move on; if ignorance is left to poison minds then stay clear.

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By Sam
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    Many Kurds are coming forward and re-discovering their Armenian roots. I agree with the author that the first nation to adopt Christianity has no bearing on being an Armenian.

    The oligarchs running Armenia today are no better than the Beria or Himmler and their gangs.

  • Open Letter to PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan By VTiger
    11 weeks 4 days ago

    "If the Turkish Government acknowledges the responsibility of its predecessor, the Ottoman Empire, in the planned annihilation of its Armenian citizens, expresses a sincere apology, and makes appropriate efforts at atonement."
    The above is not enough at all.
    Turkey should officially declare that it will never ever declare war, threaten & interfere in the internal/external affairs of Armenia & Armenians in general with UN/major powers' guarantee....
    It should stop Armenophobia...

  • Արեւմտահայության Հայրենադարձության Խնդիրը By John Keusseyan
    12 weeks 1 day ago

    This is a great article about Armenian rights. Every Armenian must read this. Thank you, Mr. Artsrouni.

  • Turkey Must Accept the Truth About the Genocide By Perouz
    12 weeks 3 days ago

    Jonathan Kay is one of the top journalists in the country.  I thank him for his ongoing support of Armenian Genocide recognition.

  • The Magnum State Terror - Genocide By Hovig Nersissian
    12 weeks 4 days ago

    Hearty appreciation to Prof. Pilikian's great knowledge of our past and his honest defense of our rights. After all, I am one of the loyalists of Prof. Pilikian, whether professional or family. He can never be out of the minds of hundreds of Armenians in Lebanon as he can never be away from my heart.

    All the best dear Professor and hoping to hear more from you.

    Hovig Nersissian

    Saudi Arabia

  • Informing, Influencing ‘Odar’ Media By Patlamish
    12 weeks 5 days ago

    This important and timely editorial -- along with the previous one titled "Letter to the Editor" -- should be required, pre-2015 reading for every member of our global Armenian nation.  In fact, both pieces should be republished in every Armenian church newsletter around the world. Thank you, Keghart.

  • Historic Angeghakot and its Poet By Laz
    12 weeks 5 days ago

    Armenian patriot, activist and history devotee Joe Dagdigian does us all a service through his ongoing reportage about the regions of Armenia he visits and assists. It is a comfort to know that Mayolis and compatriots everywhere will have a record of Mayolis' literary contributions. I hope that Mayolis' descendants come forward to memorize all that he can pass down to them, a hallmark of our ancient oral tradition.

    Thinking of it recalls to mind the ending of the film, Fahrenheit 451, when an elder from "the book people" teaches his grandson to memorize a book that exists only in memory, as by then, all books had been burned in the films' despotic futuristic society. Today's world may not be so far off from that concept  -- in which case, the people of Armenia may find themselves ahead of the game.

  • The Anne Frank of the Armenian Genocide By Biaini
    12 weeks 6 days ago

    Thank you for this informative article, which we should all circulate to our Jewish friends and colleagues.

    In the unlikely event that Atom Egoyan and scholars have not already combed through the massive archives of the Hearst Corporation, I suggest they visit this site, which carries more than just materials relating to Hearst Castle.

  • Genocide Survivor Continues to Inspire By Voghnahar
    12 weeks 6 days ago
    May God continue to bless you and your family, Sirvard jan.

    You are beautiful, inside and out!
  • Genocide vs Great Calamity (Մեծ Եղեռն) By Vahe
    13 weeks 21 hours ago

    I believe there is a sentimental perception about the Genocide (Tseghasbanutyun) that has to do with the number of the Armenians killed. Let us bear in mind that from legal standpoint the sheer number of people killed has no relevance to qualify the killing as Genocide.  The intent of the killing is what makes the killing A Genocide. Much less number of Armenians could have  been killed and the perpetrators would have been no less accountable as long as they would have been found to resort to the killing with the intent of wiping the Armenians. Naturally the body count – the choice of words are deliberate -  make the intent ever so more obvious. 

    The term Մեծ Եղեռն (Medz Yehgern) is what the Armenian word Ցեղասպանութիւն (Tseghasbanutyun) is not, although both refer to the same happening. The former embodies all the sentiments of loss, of dispossession, of grief, of mourning etc. that the latter does not and is not intended and meant to.

    In our formative years in Armenian schools we were told about Եղեռամայրեր (Yegheramayrer). These were women who chanted to stir emotions during funerals. The Armenian word Եղեռն (Yeghern), although it means crime, it has an inherent sadness embedded in the word. Մեծ Եղեռն (Medz Yehgern), the Great Crime magnifies this sadness. It's hard to explain the nuances of the feelings that emanate from the term Մեծ Եղեռն (Medz Yehgern) vs. Ցեղասպանութիւն (Tseghasbanutyun)  simply by trying to explain in English. It becomes even harder due to lack of reading in Armenian through no fault of those who do not. It’s one of those things that cannot be adequately translated to convey its deeper meaning. We may be the victim of the richness of our own language and its vocabulary.

    When the President of the United States commemorates Man’s Inhumanity Against Man, it's fitting of him, when it comes to Armenians, to use the word Մեծ Եղեռն (Medz Yehgern) rather than  Ցեղասպանութիւն (Tseghasbanutyun).

    As to why he should or should have used the legal term Genocide instead, that’s an issue for the legal minds to elaborate.

  • Genocide vs Great Calamity (Մեծ Եղեռն) By Vahe
    13 weeks 1 day ago

    I am not sure whether in the deliberations during the Nuremberg trials the defendant/s and the plaitiff/s used strictly the word Genocide and not its equivalent in any other language. It would be interesting to know.  Save the need to use the word Genocide in court proceedings, I believe we should unabashedly stand by the term that survivors of the Armenian Genocide coined, Medz Yeghern and not belittle it.


  • Genocide vs Great Calamity (Մեծ Եղեռն) By Vahe
    13 weeks 1 day ago

    I invite the readers of Keghart.com interested in debate about the merit of our term for Genocide, Medz Yeghern, to search for the articles by Dr. Vartan Matiossian about the subject in the on-line "Armenian Weekly" archives. I quote the following from one of the series of articles he published (“The ‘Exact Translation’: How ‘Medz Yeghern’ Means Genocide”) on May 15, 2013.

    The quote below is from that article and is of particular significance because the Canada-based editorial board of Keghart.com has called the term "Medz Yeghern" that embodied all that the survivors of the Armenian Genocide felt “archaic” and “at least 60 years out of date”. In my view the editorial board needs to offer an apology for belittling our term for Genocide.

    The quote:

    “The Canadian precedent of ‘Medz Yeghern’

    “Ironically, Armenian-Americans have never bothered to look across the border and notice that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had already recognized the genocide with the name Medz Yeghern on April 19, 2006: “I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all of those marking this somber anniversary of the Medz Yeghern. Ninety-one years ago the Armenian people experienced terrible suffering and loss of life. In recent years the Senate of Canada adopted a motion acknowledging this period as ‘the first genocide of the 20th century,’ while the House of Commons adopted a motion that ‘acknowledges the Armenian genocide of 1915 and condemns this act as a crime against humanity.’ My party and I supported those resolutions and continue to recognize them today.”

    He repeated his statement almost literally in 2011. However, we did not find any protest against Harper’s use of Medz Yeghern (without translation) and his reluctance to call it “genocide” as a label of his own. “

  • President Obama's Statement on April 24, 2014 By Vahe
    13 weeks 2 days ago

    I attribute  to ignorance the assertion of the Editor of keghart.com that “The descriptive "Medz Yeghern", used by President Barack Obama this year and in the recent past to describe the Genocide of Armenians is archaic, at least 60 years out of date”.

    The term is neither archaic nor 60 years out of date.

    Just a reminder that eminent novelist Antranig Zarougian used the term in the tile of a book he published in 1987, the late Pope John Paul used the term in the prayer he offered for the victims in Tzizernagaberd in 2001, the the President of the Republic of Armenia used the term last year. Is it not the memorial in Tzizernagaberd referred in Armenia as Մեծ Եղեռնի (medz yeghern) Յուշարձանը and not Ցեղասպանութեան (Tseghasbanutyun) Յուշարձանը?

    We may take issue with President George W. Bush who for the first time used the term Medz Yeghern and with President Obama for doing the same. We might have taken issue with them should they have sounded the Armenian word Tseghasbanutyun in their proclamation instead. That is fine and well, but we belittle the term Medz Yeghern only to our literary and cultural peril.

  • Letter to the Editor By Ara Apelian
    13 weeks 3 days ago

    Vahe Apelian's response is so much more dignified and effective. We have to understand that winning friends is not achieved by attacking them. We have to tone down our rhetoric if we want to be heard.

    I am humbled that the president, who occupies the highest office of the most powerful nation on Earth, has taken the time to honor the memory of our ancestors. We have to acknowledge it and express our appreciation. This is not the moment to politicize it. Indeed, we do call it Meds Yeghern. Let us reserve the more legal term for the political process. One doesn't criticize a guest who has come to honor your loved one's funeral by publicly attacking him.

    Let us continue to pursue to set the record straight in a scholarly and civilized way. But today let us pause and in solemn remembrance acknowledge the goodwill of all people.

    Ara Apelian, MD

  • Important Turkish Voice By Elias Katudjian
    13 weeks 4 days ago

    Extraordinary coincidence! The editorial comes just in time as a comment to the statement made by the Turkish PM Erdogan on the Armenian issues. It's in line with what your editorial said about the position of Hasan Cemal. It's all the same. So we can now use your editorial's final words this way: ""Share pain and 50 cents will not get you a cup of coffee."           

  • Letter to the Editor By Vahe H. Apelian
    13 weeks 4 days ago

    I would be interested to know how readers would rate my response to President Obama’s declaration on this April 24, versus ANCA’s, in terms of public effectiveness.

    Aram Hamparian, Dirctor of ANCA

    It’s a sad spectacle to see our President, who came into office having promised to recognize the Armenian Genocide, reduced to enforcing a foreign government’s gag-rule on what our country can say about a genocide so very thoroughly documented in our own nation’s archives.”

    “The fact remains that any durable improvement in Armenian-Turkish relations will require that Ankara end its denials, accept its moral and material responsibilities, and agree to a truthful and just international resolution of this still unpunished crime against all humanity.”

    “While we do note that the President chose to join in today’s national remembrance, we remain profoundly disappointed that he has, once again, retreated from his own promises and fallen short of the principled stand taken by previous presidents. For our part, we remain committed to aligning U.S. policy on the Armenian Genocide—and all genocides—with the core values and humanitarian spirit of the American people.”

    Here is my response:

    “President Obama,

    On this 99th anniversary commemoration of the Armenian Genocide I would like to thank you for keeping the promise you made to us that you would recognize the Armenian Genocide. You did it, Mr. President you have recognized the Armenian Genocide to us.

    However, we take issue with you Mr. President, for using a term that is only understood by Armenians. Medz Yeghern is a strictly an Armenian term that was coined by the survivors of the Armenian Genocide. We as Armenians use the term to this day but the world at large remains oblivious of the term, although they may infer it to mean Genocide.

    We urge you Mr. President to take a bolder move next year, at the centennial of the Armenian Genocide and use your own word –Genocide – because it would be understood by the members of your own family and untold number of people worldwide and would send a clear message to the world as to where the President of  the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Braves” stands.

    Thank you"

  • Prelude to the Genocide By Perouz
    13 weeks 4 days ago

    On this sacred day of April 24, it is not enough that we only mourn with each other. We must each reach out to the broader community and ask our neighbours to also join us in our sorrow. We should not assume that everyone knows about the Armenian Genocide. By informing those who may not know of our suffering and loss, we will gain support for our Cause. We can each send an email to every level of Government and either thank or ask for their support in acknowledging the Armenian Genocide.

    I have also sent the following email to all the major Christian Church denominations in my city, in hopes that they will ask their congregations to also join us in remembrance.

    "Today is the ninety-ninth year of Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. I ask for your prayers in remembrance of the loss of over 1.5 million Armenian Christians, who died holding fast to their faith in the promise of the Cross."

  • The Armenian Genocide: Not for Just Once a Year By Sonia Thomas Miskjian
    13 weeks 4 days ago

    While I fully appreciate the hard work being carried out by Armenian professionals around the world in promoting the education and awareness of the Armenian Genocide, I have one comment to share. I am from the post-Genocide second generation; my parents were orphans who settled in Alexandria, Egypt.

    My knowledge of the Genocide is through continuous stories related by my grandmother, parents, and strengthened by the Armenian Club where they organized events, spoke and invited guest speakers,  projecting videos and films, in addition to church commemoration once per year, and learning Armenian songs.

    My concern is whether we include in our history text books, from primary to secondary, the Genocide or are they limited to teaching about Queen Shamiram and Ara Keghetzig. For continuity in educating our future generations, it is more important and effective to have the issue included in our history books, as evidence and sustainability.

  • Letter to the Editor By Berge Jololian
    13 weeks 6 days ago
    Dear Editor,

    Is U.S. Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts truly a friend of the Armenian-American community?
    Suffolk Law School in Boston has invited Markey to speak and receive an award at its commencement on May 17. The problem is that Senator Markey will sit alongside Abraham Foxman, director of the Armenian Genocide-denying Anti-Defamation League. Foxman will address the law school’s graduates and receive an honorary law degree, even though his statement of August 21, 2007 twisted the facts of the Armenian Genocide so that the latter could not legally qualify as genocide under the official United Nations Genocide law of 1948.
    Honoring Foxman makes a mockery of the principles for which a law school should stand. One wonders if Suffolk has invited Foxman as revenge against Armenian-Americans and others because the Massachusetts Governor’s Council recently rejected attorney Joseph Berman–an ADL national commissioner–to be a judge.

    The National Lawyers Guild student chapter at Suffolk University and a thousand others have demanded that Suffolk President James McCarthy withdraw his invitation to Foxman. Their reasons include Foxman’s anti-Armenian bias and his hypocritical opposition to the U.S. Congress’s Armenian Genocide Resolution. Markey’s sharing the stage with Foxman would be an insult to international law. Then again, Markey has never criticized Foxman and the ADL’s genocide denials. Markey’s commitment to genocide recognition and prevention is in serious doubt.

    Senator Markey should tell the Suffolk’s president that he will not attend the commencement unless the invitation to Foxman is withdrawn. I suggest readers call Markey’s office in Boston (617-565-8519) or Washington, DC (202-224-2742) or email him at http://www.markey.senate.gov/contact.  Pleasesay that sharing the stage with Abe Foxman is unacceptable.
    Berge Jololian
    Watertown, MA
  • Kurdish Website Interviews Armenian Writer By Dano
    13 weeks 6 days ago

    I enjoyed the insights into life in western Armenia and the fact that Armenian families are preserving their history.

  • Armenians of Central America By Pablo Bedrossian
    14 weeks 5 hours ago

    Hello, Mr. Palandjian. I didn´t see your comment until now. Thank you! Your information about the Armenian community in Spain is very interesting. I'm in touch, by Facebook, with Glenda Adjemiantz, an Armenian born in Argentina now in Spain. I read "La Bomba" many years ago, but not "Armenios".

    Sometime ago a number of Armenians decided to research their roots in Latin America, just as Carlos Antaramian has done in Mexico (he wrote a book about it) or Nelly Boulgourdjian in Argentina. My research was not as professional as theirs, but I tried to inform readers about Armenians in this region. Cuba isn't part of Central America, and we have very few relations with it (I visited the country in 2005), but your information is very interesting and maybe I will do further research in this field.

    Best regards.

    My mail is [email protected] 

  • Masara By Vahe
    14 weeks 6 hours ago

    Sireli Nshan, thank you for your comments.

    Please allow me reply in English for our English-reading generation (for the same reason I pen my articles about Kessab and Kessabtsis in Keghart.com. in English).

    Grneib in kessabtsi dialect means gourd. The thought of interjecting such words in the text occurred to me. In fairness I thought I should then use the many other authentic words that go along with the preparation of masara such as havoura for the clay-like earthen material sprinkled on the grapes when ripping, takna where the grapes were juiced by stepping on it, boughentz the deep pot where the juice was first collect, lagan where the grape juice was cooked and foamed, erroub the final product, the grape molasses, tanaka, the tin containers where grape molasses was collected.

    I am sure I am missing or do not remember the authentic kessabtsi words for all the implements that go along with the preparation of masara,. That is why I shied away from interjecting the authentic words in the text, other than masara. Unfortunately that’s what happens when one lives far from our lands where the native culture evolved through countless generations.

    I would like to make another point. Nshan, what you will be doing is historic. Never has masara been prepared in April before! It’s another fact of our dispersed lives. I wish you a successful event. I am not sure if gasli trees are found in Australia. You know it as  well as I do, Nshan, that propoor is best tasted with gasli leaves, especially from the trees that grow tall among the rocky crevices at the foot of Gassios Ler.

    When we get back to Kessab, we will make another historic masara when Kessabtsis from America to Australia will come together celebrating our return.

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Vahakn
    14 weeks 10 hours ago

    Dear Perouz,
    Thank you for you unflinching commitment to the Armenian Cause. If there were several thousand Armenian activists like you, I would feel more confident about the impact of our campaign next year for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Genocide.

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Perouz
    14 weeks 18 hours ago

    I have contacted the office of my Member of Parliament regarding this article and the comment made by Andrew Scheer.
    I was assured that the Government of Canada remained absolutely firm in its recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
    I was told that Minister Scheer stated that he did not intend to appear in disagreement with the official position of the Government of Canada in its recognition of the Armenian Genocide. His comment was intended to convey to Turkey that they should reconsider their own position on the Genocide.

  • Masara By Nishan Basmajian
    14 weeks 18 hours ago

    Սիրելի Վահէ,
    Ուրախութեամբ կարդացի գրութիւնդ: Կը ձայնակցիմ Պատուելի Սերոբին:
    Ինչպէս մի քանի օր առաջ գրեցի քեզի, պիտի խնդրէի որ աւելցնէիր «Գրնիէպ»ը յօդուածիդ մէջ : Կարեւոր առարկայ մըն է , անունը յիշատակի արժանի:
    Այսօր Սիտնիի Սարտարապատ հայկական ռատիոժամէն հարցազրոյց պիտի ունենանք Վիգէն Քորթեանն ու ես Մասարայի մասին , որովհետեւ Կիրակի, 27 Ապրիլին Համազգային Գօլստըն Ճեմարանի նախաձեռնութեամբ եւ գործնական մասնակցութեամբը Սիտնիաբնակ քեսապցիներու Մասարա պիտի պատրաստենք , որմէ գոյացած հասոյթը պիտի յատկացուի Քեսապի վերականգնումի աշխատանքին: Այս հարցազրոյցին պիտի օգտագործեմ յօդուածդ:
    Զատկական Բարեմաղթութիւններով՝
    Նշան Պասմաճեան

  • Մակերեսային Ու Ծանծաղ Մօտեցումներ By Կարապէտ
    14 weeks 23 hours ago

    Ոսկան Մխիթարեանը այս յօդուածին մէջն ալ կրկին անգամ օրինակ բերած է Պարթեւ Վրդ. Կիւլիւմեանի պարագան որպէս օրինակ անօրինականութեան:

    Ճշմարտութիւնը այն է որ Պարթեւ Վրդ. Կիւլիւմեանը ինք էր որ իր կարգաթող ըլլալու որոշումը յաղորդեց պատարագէն ետք, երբ իրեն վստահուած էր օրուայ պատարագը աւարտել աւանդականօրէն ընդունուած սովորութեանբ, այսինքն եկեղիցիին խորանը չգործածել եւ զայն թատերավայր չընէր քաղաքական մեկնաբանութիւններու եւ անձնական  ընդվզումներու: Սակայն Պարթեւ Վրդ. Կիւլիւմեանը երկուքն ալ ըրաւ, քաղաքականացուց օրուան խորանը եւ թատրերգութեան վերածեց իր կուսակրօնութեան կարգաթող ըլլալու որոշումը: Աստուած հետը:

    Երեւոյթները ցոյց կու տան որ Պարթեւ Կիւլիւմեանը դարձած է աշխարհական քարոզիչ եւ ըստ երեւոյթին կը վարէ իր քարոզչական բէմը Կէնտէյլի մէջ - հապա ու՞ր - եւ շատ հաւանաբար օգտակար ալ կըլլայ իր ունկնդիրներուն: Պատահեցաւ որ իր քարոզներէն մէկը տեսայ համացանցին վրայ, ուր ներկայացուց իր նշանածը: Կը մաղթենք իրենց սիրալիր ընտանիք մը:

    Եթէ Ոսկան Մխիթարեանը Պարթեւ Վրդ. Կիւլիւմեանի պարագան կը ներկայացնէ որպէս օրինակ որ Հայ Առաքելական եւկեղեցին վարդապետած դասին արտօնութիւն տայ որ նշանուին, ապա ամուսնանան, եւ իրենց ընտանեկան պահանջքները եւ հարցերը բարդեն իրենց վրայ բերձուած կրօնական եւ ազգային պարտականութիւններուն, պարզապէս որպէսզի Առաքելական եկեղեցին կարենայ պահել Պարթեւ Վրդ. Կիւլիւմեանի նմանները որպէս ամուսնացած միաբաններ, կրնամ վստահօրէն ըսել որ ո՛չ Հայ Առաքելական եկեղեցին եւ ո՛չ ալ հայ ժողովուրդը պատրաստ է նման արմատական փոփոխութիւններ յառաջ բերել:

    Իսկ ինչ կը վերաբերի Ոսկան Մխիթարեանին ընդհանրացուցած տրամաբանութիւնը թէ ամուսնացեալ միաբաններ սեռային փորձութիւններ չեն ունենար, երեւոյթները այդ տրամաբանութիւնը չեն վաւերացներ ինչպէս բազնաթիւ ոչ-հայ ամուսնացեալ քարոզիչները ցոյց կու տան իրենց կենցաղով, տակաւին չենք խօսիր իրենց կողակիցներուն ընկերային ընթացքներուն մասին, որոնք նմանապէս օրինակելի կրնան չըլլալ:

  • Քեսապցիները Ինչպէս Երէկ, Նոյնպէս Այսօր By Զարեհ Թօփալեան
    14 weeks 1 day ago

    Արդեօք մինչեւ այս օր ի՞նչ օգնութիւն եղած է Քէսապահայերուն։

    Կարելի՞ է հաշուեյարդար կատարել հայ հասարակութեան ներկայացնելու հաւաքուած նիւթական օգնութեան գումարը։

    Մարդկային բարոյական գործնական ձեռնառութիւններու չափանիշը, մակարդակը։

    Համացանցի շնորհիւ, հետեւեցանք գործուած գազանութիւններուն։ Ինչպէս հարիւր տարի առաջ, բարեկիրթ կարծուած Արեւմուտքի անտարբերութեան եւ անհեռատես քաղաքականութեան զոհը դարձան բնաջնջուող փոքրամասնութիւններ, նոյն ահաւորութեան կը բախին այսօր յատկապէս քրիտոնեայ զանգուածը, տառապողներուն թողելով նախընտրութիւնը անձնասպանութեան կամ դաւանափոխութեան միչեւ, իրենց կեանքը փրկելու համար։

    Ցայսօր, հոգեցունց ոչ մէկ ձեռնարկ կատարուածի ստիպողականութեան համապատասխանող՝ կատարուած չէ։

    Ստորահաւաք աղերսելու համար,  որեւէ նպատակի չի ծառայեր։

    Որքան ՔԷՍԱՊԸ  երկրորդական նկատենք, այնքան անվերականգնելի պիտի ըլլայ անոր ճակատագիրը։ Ազգային հաւաքական խղճմտանքի հարց է։ Ու՞ր են եկեղեցաշէն բարերարները։ Կը սպասեն որ հաւատացեալները ոջնջացուի՞ն, որ իրենց աղօթավայր կառոյցները սգատօներու ծառայեն։

    1915ը պէտք չէ մոռնալ արթուն պահելու հաւաքական խղճմտանքը։

  • Armenians of Central America By Diran Avedian
    14 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Frank Diaz Donikian,

    I am writing to you from Buenos Aires where I am on a short visit. I live in Montreal. The reason I am writing is because today I was talking with Dr. Carlos Antaramian of Mexico who is researching the life of Jacobo Haroutiounian. In the 1920s Mr. Haroutiounian found the biggest gold mine in Mexico. He was also famous/notorious because he was involved with Pancho Villa at the end of the Mexican Revolution. He eventually fled to Cuba where he died.

    Mr. Antaramian is a passionate anthropologist and a professor. He is planning to go to Cuba to search through archival documents for information about Mr. Haroutiounian and the Armenian community in Cuba--or what's left of it. I strongly suggest that you contact Mr. Antaramian on my behalf at [email protected]. I am sure he would very much like to meet you.

    By the way, did you know the late Gaspar Gasparian, an accountant in Havana? For years he worked at the Comercio Exterior de Cuba"?

    Best regards,
    Diran Avedian

  • Յիշատակելի 50ամեակին Առիթով By Գէորգ Եազըճեան
    14 weeks 2 days ago

    Երեւան, Ապրիլ 1-լոյս 2 2014-ի կէսգիշեր

    Keghart.com-ի վերջին թիւին մէջ գոհունակութեամբ կարդացի շատ յարգելի Պր. Պարոյր Աղպաշեանի «Յիշատակելի 50-ամեակին Առիթով» վերնագրուած գրութիւնը` նուիրուած Սփիւռքահայութեան Հետ Մշակութային Կապի Կոմիտէի հիմնադրութեան 50-ամեակին: Ամբողջութեամբ կը բաժնեմ հեղինակին մտորումներն ու գնահատումները յիշեալ կառոյցի մօտաւորապէս քառասնամեայ բեղմնաւոր գործունէութեան մասին:

    Այդուհանդերձ, Պ. Աղպաշեանն իր գրութեան մէջ թոյլ տուած է շատ կոպիտ սխալ մը, զոր վրիպած է նաեւ կայքէջի խմբագրութեան ուշադրութենէն, եւ հարկ է անյապաղ կերպով զայն ուղղել` ի պահպանումն Ձեր կայքէջի եւ հեղինակի դրական վարկին: Արդարեւ, յօդուածին մէջ կը կարդանք, թէ Կոմիտէի ստեղծման գաղափարին ու այդ կառոյցի առաջին նախագահի` Վարդգէս Համապասպեանին ընտրութեան «գիւտարար»ը (բնութագրումը Պր. Աղպաշեանինն է) եղած է «յատենի Կենտկոմի Ա. քարտուղար» Կարէն Դեմիրճեանը:

    Սա ժամանակագրական սխալ է: Կոմիտէն հիմնուեցաւ 1964-ի կէսին, իսկ 1960-1966 թուականներուն, Հայաստանի Կոմկուսի Կենտկոմի առաջին քարտուղարն էր ազգային նկարագրի տէր Եաքով (Յակոբ) Զարոպեանը, որուն յաջորդեց Անտոն Քոչինեանը, մինչդեռ Կարէն Դեմիրճեանն այդ պաշտօնին պիտի կոչուէր միայն 1974-ին, երբ քառասուն տարեկան էր (1964-ին ան 30 տարեկան էր, եւ հրաշք պէտք է ըլլար այդ տարիքին Կենտկոմի Ա. Քարտուղարութեան կոչուիլը որեւէ մէկուն): Հետեւաբար, ճիշդ չէ Կարէն Դեմիրճեանին վերագրել աւելորդ բարենիշ մը, որ իրաւամբ պէտք է շնորհել հեռատես Եաքով Զարոպեանին:

    Կը յուսամ, որ, յանուն պատմական ճշմարտութեան, շուտափոյթ կերպով կը կատարէք ուղղումը, ինչպէս նաեւ հեղինակ Պր. Աղպաշեանը տեղեակ կը պահէք այս սխալին մասին:
    Լաւագոյն մաղթանքներով` Գէորգ Եազըճեան

  • Armenians of Central America By Artyom Sahakyan
    14 weeks 2 days ago

    Hi, I am Artyom Sahakyan, recently moved to Panama City from New York. I enjoy Central America, but miss my relatives, friends  and church.  I was really happy to find this link and would like to be part of Armenia Union in Central America. 
    Best Regards 

  • Zaza Artist Addresses His People re the Genocide By Armin
    14 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks a lot for the article and your positive intentions. I would like to know more about the genocide of Armenians in Istanbul in 1955 and about the Dersim Genocide of Armenians, Zazas, and Kurds.

  • Kurdish Website Interviews Armenian Writer By Hrair Keleshian
    14 weeks 4 days ago

    Some time ago I learned that at one time the only official Kurdish studies and the only Kurdish news publication was in Soviet Armenia. Is this true? If yes, does it still exist?

  • Kurdish Website Interviews Armenian Writer By Keith Garebian
    14 weeks 4 days ago

    Charles Garabed Kasbarian is a great Armenian who proves to be an invaluable custodian of Dikranagertsi history and culture. All Armenians are greatly indebted to his pioneer work, and I can truthfully say that I have learned more of my deceased father's background from this interview than from many other sources. It is a privilege of mine to know his daughter, that most talented writer, Lucine, whom I met in Armenia last July during a writers' conference, and who, like her father, does invaluable work in promulgating Armenian history and culture.

  • Letter to the Editor By Artoun Hamalian
    14 weeks 5 days ago

    Excellent guidelines.
    Would be a great exercise if every Armenian reflected on the possibility of writing a 'letter to the editor' and examined himself/herself to find out how clear his thoughts and knowledge of historical facts and current affairs of the world are for doing so. Being prepared to write that convincing letter would make us a more conscious entity as a whole. Individually, it will help us become better educated, inclined to be involved, and well equipped agents for propagating awareness on human rights each  in our own circles.

  • Յիշատակելի 50ամեակին Առիթով By Hamazaspian Zara
    14 weeks 6 days ago

    Շնորհալություն հեղինակին հոյակապ հոդվածի համար: Դուք անչափ հաճելի և հուզական պահեր պարգևեցիք մեր ամբողջ ընտանիքին:  Իրավ երբ ամենասիրելի և հարազատ մարդու կատարած աշխատանքը հիշվում է նման խոսքերով և գիտակցում ես, որ իր գործը այսքան տարի անց դեռ վառ է մարդկանց հիշողության մեջ, կարող ես միայն երջանիկ լինել: Կրկին անգամ ուզում եմ հայտնել շնորհակալություն այսպիսի բարձր արժեվորման համար:

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Marta
    15 weeks 5 days ago

    I don't know if someone has answered your question, but I have just finished a book in Italian about Babitcheff's nephew, Martha Nasibu ("Memorie di una Principessa Etiope"--Memories of an Ethiopian Princess). He was Russian and remained in Ethiopia after the Russian Revolution to escape the massacre of the aristocracy. In the book it does not say that he was Armenian. Babitcheff became Fitawrari before the Italian occupation because he had proved his loyalty to the emperor. His daughter married Nasibu Emmanual, army commander and mayor of Addis Ababa. He died because of Italian illegal gas weapons.

    Hope this helped.

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Gaytzag Palandjian
    16 weeks 4 days ago

    But you forget, Voghnahar, that there are those among us who feel elated if the president.of the vicious ex-Ottoman-Kemalists stained  grandson of the above inwardly laughs at these "paremid¨, not to say "barzamid¨ people. May be I´m wrong and they're there for the above reason only. Next Erdogan will ask such people to interview him re reconcilliation or to open another church, say, in Kars or the like.

  • Protest Against Turkey's Attack on Kessab By Elias Katudjian
    16 weeks 5 days ago

    From here--São Paulo, Brazil--I want to confirme that I will be present, in spirit, by your side at the demonstration.     

  • Յիշատակելի 50ամեակին Առիթով By Hovsep Artinian
    16 weeks 5 days ago

    Սփիւռքահայութեան Կոմիտէն երբ հիմնուած է, այդ ժամանակ Հայաստանի Կենտկոմի Ա. քարտուղարը Կարէն Տեմիրճեանը չէր,  այլ Եաքով Զարուպեանը, որմէ ետք Անտոն Քոչինեանը եկաւ այդ պաշտօնին, անկէ յետոյ եկաւ Տեմիրճեանը, այս կէտը պէտք է ուղղել յօդուածին մէջ:

  • Հիմնաւորուա՞ծ Են Արտագաղթին Դրդապատճառները By Anonymous
    16 weeks 5 days ago

    I'm eyewitness to what is going in Armenia. I have also a lot of contacts with people who are in business there. The authorities or their relatives have occupied all crucial positions of transportation of basic materials and goods in and out of country. Because of this, the market is not honest and the businesses of ordinary people are collapsing or are getting swallowed by the businesses of corrupt people. I'm talking about the monopolistic, protected- or owned-by-government businesses.

    Now fish producers can not sell their fish and have to give it to the monopolist for half the price of their cost. Why? Because they have to pay bribes, plus their living costs, transport, banks, taxes. For example, the fish food for all of Armenia is imported by the brother of a man in high position in parliament. Because of bribes and other obstacles, it's impossible for someone else to import the same products. Finally, corrupt government agents are attacking "unfriendly" businesses by illegal taxation and fines. Consider the case of  "Parizian Surj" on Abovian Street.
    P.S. I would like to stay anonymous.

  • Year-End Musing By Hagop
    16 weeks 6 days ago

    I think the slogan came during the 55th anniversary. I was his student at the time at Hovagimian and Jack Chelebian was my classmate. We cracked jokes about it with Kersam. He explained to us how the Jews repeated "Next year in Jerusalem" for two thousand years and he said that was his inspiration. It wasn't only Van, but Moush and many other cities.

    At the time, 'Yerdasart Hye''s humor section was planning to send Kersam 1kg fish from Lake Van.

    I remember so many other discussions with him that would not be appropriate to post in public. I always cherished his knowledge, sincerity, although I never became a member of RAG, but because of him RAG had its glorious days.

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Voghnahar
    16 weeks 6 days ago

    Even the most trusting, forgiving or uninformed Armenian should be able to see that Turkey's overtures are not genuine.

  • Protest Against Turkey's Attack on Kessab By Manouk Djoukhadjian
    16 weeks 6 days ago

    How long can you remain inactive and condone the ugly and  inhumane conditions with Turkey....is self-interest all that counts in our lives?

  • Destination 2015 By Gaytzag Palandjian
    17 weeks 8 min ago

    What? Did you think they had changed?
    You are "paremid,  not to say "barzamid"... not  you, of course, but those who think Turkey has   changed.

  • Destination 2015 By Gaytzag Palandjian
    17 weeks 10 min ago

    Հիրաւի  տարօրինակ  ժողովուրդ  ենք: Անդին Արցախ ունինք ազատագրուած, չենք երթար ամրանալու  այնտեղ կամ առնուազն  ամառները անցնելու  այնտեղ...ելեր ենք Քեսապ կու լանք-կ՚ողբանք: Արդեօք չէի՞նք գիտեր  վտանգաւոր սահմանագլուխ է...գէթ  զինուէինք  ծածուկ...։ Նոյնպէս Ասատ պապային քառասուն հազար «ճափոնացիներու  թէ ֆինլանդացիներու գլուխ կերած մարդուն» մասին չէինք գիտեր... Ասիկա  ինծի պատմող նոյն ինք քեսապցի եւ  սիրիահայեր  են  եւ  կը խորհին  որդին աւելի բարի պիտի ըլլայ: Ասոնք զիրար ջարդողներ  են, ցաւոք...բայց  այս իրենց  ձգենք, ինչ կ՚ուզեն ընեն։

    Հարկ  էր երեք չորս տնուորներէն մէկը  զէնք ունենար  տանը....երբ այդ մոլեռանդները ներս փորձել  ուզէին...ըսենք հայուն  խելքը  կ՚ըսեն  միշտ  ուշ  կու գայ....Ցաւալի. ԲԱՒ Է  ԵՐԱԶԵԼ։ ԱՄՕԹ Է,  ԻՐԱՏԵՍ ԸԼԼԱՆՔ:
    Հայտէ  պատրաստւինք  Կիլիկիա  պիտի ազատենք...այն ալ եօթանասուն տարի լաւ  կերած խմած զինուած թուրք  ույժերու  դէմ ...: Մէյ մը  սա  Արցախը  պահենք...
  • Destination 2015 By Լուսին
    17 weeks 38 min ago

    Ճիշդ ես, Նշան:
    Մենք մեզի պէտք է փրկենք:

  • Protest Against Turkey's Attack on Kessab By Vahakn
    17 weeks 1 hour ago

    I hope Southern Ontario Armenians don't sit in their living rooms on April 3 to watch fellow Armenians demonstrate in front of the Turkish Consulate in Toronto. I hope they get off their comfortable armchairs and take part in the public outcry. No excuses. We all work. We all are busy... Kessab Armenians need us to be there at the demonstration.

  • Destination 2015 By Dano
    17 weeks 5 hours ago
    Same old Turkey. 
  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Perouz
    17 weeks 5 hours ago

    In a March 31, 2014 article in the National Post titled; "Concern over drug industry influence," it states that "Canada’s largest medical regulator would bar doctors from accepting almost any gift from a pharmaceutical company under a proposed new ethics policy, part of a growing movement to reform the intimate and controversial relationship between industry and physicians."

    We need similar action in regards to politicians at every level of government. No politician should be able to accept free gifts, most certainly not free trips. I will be sending this to my MP along with the link for this Keghart article.

  • Crimea Russia’s Artsakh By Meguerditch H. Bouldoukian
    17 weeks 6 hours ago

    Congratulations for this cartésian article on the above subject.
    When Crimea was offered in 1954 by Nikita Khruschev to Ukraine, there was no such hullabaloo in the international political arena. When Nakhichevan was offered, by Joseph Stalin, to the Azeris, Armenians did not raise the same noise or make similar threats and no international political action was taken. Furthermore, Cilician independent Armenia was sold by the French to the new republic of Turkey and the Diaspora of Armenians was created, nobody cared for the Syrian Desert driven Armenian orphans, mostly from the former Cilician Roupinian Kingdom.

  • Destination 2015 By Nishan Basmajian
    17 weeks 8 hours ago

    Սիրելի Լուսին,
    Սբ. Ստեփանոս եկեղեցւոյ առաջին արարողութեան ներկայ էի , հաւանաբար դուն ալ այնտեղ էիր:  Բախտն ունեցայ 2011ի աւարտին այնտեղ պատարագի մասնակցիլ որպէս սարկաւագ եւ դասախօսել սարկաւագի կոչումին մասին: Յուսով եմ, որ օր մը քու զաւակներուդ դուն նուէր կ'ընես Քեսապ երթալ ՝ եկեղեցիներ նորոգելու համար: Իրագործելի բազմաթիւ ծրագիրներ պիտի ըլլան երբ եւ եթէ ազատագրուի Քեսապը:

  • Կղերապետական, Մենատիրական Ախորժակներ ... By Ոսկան Մխիթարեան
    17 weeks 14 hours ago

    Կրկին անգամ հաստատելու համար վերեւ արձանագրուածները, կը մէջբերեմ Ամենայն Հայոց Հայրապետութեան կայքէջէն կարեւոր պարբերութիւն մը, փաստելու համար որ նման կանոնական խախտումներ  արդիւնքն են մենատիրական եւ կղերապետական անկաշկանդ ախորժակներու:

    Ամենայն Հայոց Կաթողիկոսի ընտրութիւնները
    «Հայտնի է, որ Հայ Եկեղեցու կաթողիկոսական ընտրություններին մասնակցել են թե՛ հոգեւորականները, թե՛ աշխարհականները: Կաթողիկոսը միշտ համարվել է «ազգընտիր», ուստի 1925թ., անհանգստացած Գեւորգ Ե. Կաթողիկոսի առողջական վիճակով, Գերագույն Հոգեւոր Խորհուրդը փորձում է սովետ-միության կարգավորումից առաջ գործող եւ նույն սովետ-միության կողմից անվավեր ճանաչած «Պոլոժենիան» փոխարինել կաթողիկոսական ընտրությունների նոր կանոնակարգով: 1925թ.-ի հոկտեմբերի 22-ին Գեւորգ Ե. Կաթողիկոսի կողմից հաստատված առաջիկա կաթողիկոսական ընտրությունների համար կազմված նոր կանոնակարգը պատմության մեջ առաջին անգամ կոչվում է Ազգային եկեղեցական ժողով: Այս կանոնադրությունը վերանայվել ու վերահաստատվել է 1945 թվականին գումարված Ազգային Եկեղեցական Ժողովի երրորդ նիստում: Ազգային Եկեղեցական Ժողովի իրավասություններն են`

    1. Ընտրել Ամենայն Հայոց Կաթողիկոսին,
    2. Ընտրել Մայր Աթոռ Սուրբ Էջմիածնի Գերագույն Հոգեւոր Խորհրդի անդամներին,
    3. Հաստատել Ազգային Եկեղեցական սահմանադրությունը,
    4. Քննարկել եւ որոշումներ կայացնել այլ կանոնական եւ ընդհանուր հարցերի վերաբերյալ,
    5. Կարգավորել եկեղեցական տնտեսությունը»:

  • Year-End Musing By Antranik Boghossian
    17 weeks 16 hours ago

    I was searching the web for information on Kersam Aharonian and came across this article on Keghart by Vahe Apelian. I really enjoyed reading it. I never had a chance to meet Vahe even thought I had heard about him while I was studying pharmacy at American University of Beirut.

    Back to Kersam Aharonian; he was a great historian,  he was my teacher at Hovagimian-Manougian (1971-72). I still remember his remarks re USSR and how fortunate we were as Armenians to be part of this union. [He opined that] two republics in the union, Armenia  and Siberia were benefiting the  most; both regions would greatly suffer upon the breakdown of  USSR.

    I deeply believe that he was right.

  • "The Antiochians" By Vahe H. Apelian
    17 weeks 20 hours ago

    The Armenian media is inundated with reports, write-ups and articles about Kessab and Kessabtsis for understandable reasons.

    It should be noted that it was Keghart.com, more than any other medium, that made room for articles about Kessab. For the past at least six years articles about Kessabtsis, their history, language, customs and events along with Kessab landmarks have appeared on the pages of Keghart.com, enabling readers to read and learn about this cherished remnant of the historic Armenian Cilicia.

    As I glance over some of these articles, I see that they have had readers numbering in the thousands. Undoubtedly, Keghart.com’s unique feature of archiving its articles and making their search easy contributed to this large number of readers--by the standards of Armenian readership.

    Dr. Dikran Abrahamian, as the founder and thrust of the site, and Vako Nicolian whose brainchild Keghart.com  is as we see and experience it, merit a well-deserved kudos.

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Perouz
    17 weeks 21 hours ago

    You are, of course, absolutely correct that  "...our executive and legislative leaders should not participate in propaganda trips organized by a government which is renowned as the prime abuser of the civil and human rights of its citizens and minorities."

    I am not clear if Andrew Scheer was on Turkey's free frequent-flyer lokhum and shish kebab flight or on the Canadian taxpayers' dime. I think we all need to write a letter to our MPs and to Mr. Scheer for clarification. If the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons thinks that "Turkey’s call for a 'Joint History Commission' with Armenia to address the 1915 events is positive", I think we should ask him if he has ever heard of the International Association of Genocide Scholars? It might be a good idea to forward him a copy of their Nov 3, 2009 open letter. We need to make certain that Mr. Scheer is aware that the Government of Canada and 21 other countries have acknowledged the Genocide. Somehow, he has been left out of the conversation.

  • Crimea Russia’s Artsakh By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    17 weeks 21 hours ago

    Dear Editor,

    Re your article ("Crimea Russia's Artsakh")... it is a topic that we hear and worry about daily.

    Thinking person understands that these dangerous games, which are organized by the same imperialist and criminal gangsters of the United States and the Western countries, must stop. The world population is becoming nervous and scared and can do nothing to stop the push, knowing the bloody history of the Indians by the American imperialists, the colonization of the Malvinas by England, the NATO bombardments to create a "Western puppet" in Kosovo, encouraging the "pussy riots" to disgrace the Christian Church, using gay organizations to spoil the Olympic Games, leading the world population to atheism and satanic principles, bribing the Greek, Spanish, Portuguese governments not to leave the European Union, supporting criminals like Tymeshenko, denying the Genocide of Armenians for nine-nine years... shall I continue? Thanks to our strong President Serj Sarkisian we can sleep, knowing that Artsakh is safe.

    Crimea was given to Ukraine by Khruschev, a Ukrainian. His grandaughter is living in the United States. The Russian people accepted giving away Crimea because they looked to Ukraine as their younger brother. The Russian people also accepted, at  the end of the Cold War, that the political leaders of the United States and the West had become more civilized. Unfortunately, they learned that it was the opposite, that they were being cheated, day by day.

    It's up to the people of Artsakh to decide their future: an independent Artsakh or joining  Armenia. An independent Artsakh means two free Armenian republics, which the Turks will never recognize. But how come world political leaders and Armenian political leaders recognize two independent Turkish republics? Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    I want to assure you that from now on the games are over. The  "New World Order" will be shaped according to justice and not according to the wishes of the United States and the Western powers or we must prepare to face World War III.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian


  • Crimea Russia’s Artsakh By Darwin Jamgochian
    17 weeks 1 day ago

    The word is Russian threatened countries at the UN re Crimea status. According to diplomats, the Russian threats were not specific. But diplomats have said that it was clear to the recipients of the warnings not to support the resolution and that retaliatory measures could include steps such as expelling migrant workers from Russia, halting natural gas supplies or banning certain imports to Russia so as to cause economic harm.

    Isn't that a description of Armenia?

  • Crimea Russia’s Artsakh By Urardatsy
    17 weeks 1 day ago

    Congratulations for your extremely well-written article and profound analysis. However, I would like to bring the following to your attention. In 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia and declared the independence of Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia, it could have easily done the same thing and declared the independence of Javakh, too. But Russia did not do so in despite the fact that she was extremely angry with Georgia for "going to bed with the West". So now the scenario that Russia would recognize the independence of Artsakh if Azerbaijan "goes to bed with the West" begs the following question: "What makes us sure that Russia would react in this manner if under exactly similar conditions did not do so back in 2008?"

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Mesrob
    17 weeks 1 day ago

    In recent years Ankara has increased its pressure on the Canadian government to reverse its recognition of the Genocide or at least soft-peddle it on the occasion of the Genocide's 100th commemoration next year.

    As the article says, one of the ways Turkey is attempting to make the Canadian government change its mind is by "buying" venal politicians and sending them on familiarization (read all-expense paid junkets) trips to Turkey. Among the gifts politicians receive on these trips are "scholarly" books which not only deny the Genocide but also blame Armenians for attempting to split apart the Ottoman Empire. As expected, upon their return from their exotic trip, some or many politicians would know only the Turkish version of their trip sponsors.

    What is the Canadian-Armenian lobby doing? It seems to be sleeping on the job. Rather than support PM Harper's government for recognizing the Genocide, it inexplicably courts the rival Liberal Party which is led by Turcophile Justin Trudeau. 

    "Our" lobby takes Canada's Parliament for granted and doesn't seem to know that almost 90% of the current MPs were not in Parliament in 2004 when Canada recognized the Genocide.

    We all expect Turkey to come up with an unpleasant surprise next year. Is our Canadian lobby ready for such an eventuality? The past doesn't inspire confidence.


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Freedom
    17 weeks 3 days ago

    In response to what you said ("If you are religious you believe that God gave this land to the Jews"), the Zionist slogan: "A land without a people for a people without a land" states that they view Palestine as a land without people and identified themselves as people without a land. Therefore, according to the Zionist movement quote, you cannot say that Palestine belongs to the Jews because they don't have a land. 

  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Թօփալեան Զարեհ
    17 weeks 3 days ago

    Զարմանալի եւ մանաւանդ անհասկնալի է Գանատական պետական ներկայացուցչութեան բացակայութիւնը Հայաստանէն։

  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Stephen T. Dulgarian
    17 weeks 5 days ago

    I can't believe that the Canadian government does not have a representative in Armenia. We hope this will change since there are hundreds of thousands of Armenians living in Canada. A Canadian diplomatic representative will understand the hardships and threats from neighboring countries to the Armenian nation down the centuries. We hope a Canadian representative will be sent to Armenia shortly.

  • Veradarz ("Return to Armenia") TV Program By Vigen Ohannian
    18 weeks 17 hours ago

    I appreciate your interview with Stepan Topchyan regarding Zori Balayan's letter to Putin. The subject is very important to every Armenian. Thank you very much. I was particularly impressed by the intellectual outlook of Topchyan regarding Armenian issues. I am very interested in knowing more about Topchyan's work. Would you be kind enough to provide me with his email address so that I may contact him? Thanks again for the informative TV program,

    Vigen Ohanian

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Oretta
    18 weeks 18 hours ago

    Thanks for this article.

    I'm interested in meeting up with Armenians who used to live in Ethiopia. I live in Toronto, Canada.

  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Gaytzag Palandjian
    18 weeks 23 hours ago

    Surprising Ms.Aline Dedeyan, but bravo. Coming from an Armenian lady this call for an Armenian Diaspora spokesman at that august institution. Kudos to Mr. Nazarian who really "gave" it to the adversary´s envoy (Turkey) at the U.N. Your observation is very much in place.

    I may be one--hopefully not the only one--who has been advocating for a representative body. Rather my version or a Supreme Council of the Armenian Diaspora. And how do you that? Through PCA´s (professional Colleagues Associations) which I have advocated for a number of years. Our Armenian and English language weeklies they never publish  them.

    We need a Supreme Council with central bodies in townships, plus through a chrystalization. In five  departments where we have five main communities: North and.South America, the European Union, the Russian Federation, and the Middle East. The legal-political body would be in Strasbourg, France; the executive in NY (near UN bodies and the RoA representatives; the economic in Geneva; the social services and future repatriation organizing in Moscow, and the spiritual in St. Echmiadzin, in conjunction with the Great House of Cilicia. All in constant contact with the central councils of all countries.

    The "Sahmanatrutyun"/Constitution, drawn up under the harsh Ottoman rule (managed by the clergy and the amiras) is not compatible with the dynamic new Diaspora of today.

  • Of Insulting Junkets and Brazen Denialism By Vahe
    18 weeks 2 days ago
    On March 18 the Kessabtsis celebrated Syrian Teachers’ Day and were preparing to celebrate Mothers’ Day, which falls on the first day of spring, when their villages were attacked by extremists from Turkey. As a consequence, within hours the inhabitants of the 12 villages of Kessab abandoned their houses and fled to safety to Lattakia. This is the first time that Kessabtsis have been forced to abandon their homes since the Genocide in 1915.
    Please write to the U.S. State Department and or forward your comment to the White House and request them to ask Turkey to stop giving safe passage to extremists determined to harm the peaceful inhabitants of Kessab.


  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Aline Dedeyan
    18 weeks 3 days ago

    Most important is the representation of all Diaspora Armenians--Canadian and other--to United Nations meetings along with the official Armenian delegation in the form of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), with a consultative status, entitled to take the floor, submit reports and documents and expose the Armenian Cause at all  important meetings of the international community. In particular, Council of Human rights and related institutions and bodies, including the high-level  General Assembly and Security Council (on 29 January Ambassador Nazarian did it). The entire geopolitics of Turkey and Azerbaijan are clearly stated within the international community, which is the only legal resort to express and resolve conflicts. Hateful language and false accusations are recurrent from the adversarial parties. Diaspora Armenian must participate to these military but very serious confrontations. Armenia is in a downfall situation.

    Aline Dedeyan


  • No More Games By Voghnahar
    18 weeks 5 days ago

    Thank you for your thoughtful and incisive analysis, Keghart.

    Yes, in terms of instability, "Turkey is changing." That is to say, not in the evolutionary way that is implied when the statement is parroted by the Turkish diplomatic and media elite.  

    What about "changing" the inherently two-faced nature of official "Turkishness," best evidenced by the campaign to force freedom of speech about Genocide denial when abroad but punish freedom of speech about the factuality of the Genocide at home?

  • Zartir Vortyag (Զարթիր Որդեակ) By GaroK
    18 weeks 5 days ago

    Vahe, from your experience of "Asdouds sheneferi", I conclude that 'Zartir Vortyag' is somehow embedded in all Kessabtsis and that the song is a 'stamp' without which a Kessabtsi will  not be commissioned to be married.

    So after  37 years.....once again..."Asdouds sheneferi".

  • Christian-Right--a Rising Power in Canada By Perouz
    18 weeks 6 days ago

    Of course, non-Armenians are always welcome to Armenian sites. Of course, we want them to read about Armenian life and Armenian issues throughout the world. However, if Armenians or non-Armenians want to read up to date, reliable, general, Canadian news, I suggest they try the Globe and Mail or the National Post. This article is proof that Keghart is not able to deliver in that sphere.

  • Is Putin Crazy? Is He Hitler By GT
    18 weeks 6 days ago

    Whether Putin's Russia may have its justified reasons to push into Ukraine or not does not matter, but it is done in a very wrong manner and is pregnant with bad consequences. However, my comment is not about Putin or his push. Armenians actually play an important role in Putin's politics. S. Kurginyan in ideology is a less famous Dzhirinovksi and A. Gabrelyanov with M. Simonian are mouthpieces of Putin's propaganda machine.

    That reminds me of eagerness with which Armenians embraced the Young Turks party. Their service to the tsar looks ridiculous and of NO benefit to Armenian state or nation. Russia probably will not massacre Armenians in gratitude, as Turks did, but they will absorb and dissolve the country. This time it would be final, because in communist Russia there was at least this false premise of  "дружба народов" (friendship of peoples) and the fever of nation building. They created states which did not exist and after Soviet Union crumbled they discovered with surprise that these countries have aspirations for independence and sovereignty. Putin certainly is not going to commit the same error. 

  • Christian-Right--a Rising Power in Canada By Varant
    19 weeks 18 hours ago
    Hello Perouz, I've been reading Keghart for several years and I don't find it specifically dedicated to Armenians only.  I enjoy reading human rights related articles in keghart from foreign sources.
    As the slogan says: "...non-partisan website devoted to community activities, human rights and democracy".
    It doesn't have to be only Armenian, which is a good thing and I have seen a lot of comments by foreigners as well.  We need to open-up to non-Armenians so they will know our cause and history.
    Even our telethons should be targeting non-Armenians...
  • Aleppo Students in Wartime By Kevork Parseghian
    19 weeks 22 hours ago
    My heart and prayers go out to our Armenian students in Aleppo. I attendant Sahakian Primary School and am very familiar with Karen Jeppe Armenian Secondary School. I have fond memories of my Aleppo school days.

    Kevork Parseghian, Portland, U.S.
  • Christian-Right--a Rising Power in Canada By Perouz
    19 weeks 1 day ago

    Mesrob, this vitriolic attack on the Government of Canada and its Prime Minister did not warrant an initial publication in Keghart.com, let alone reprint. It has absolutely nothing to do with issues that relate to Armenians anywhere. Keghart.com goes into mailboxes internationally, and much of what this woman has written is personal opinion disguised as fact, which may be trusted by readers outside of Canada because of its publication in a respected site like Keghart.com.

    To the nonsense quote "...evangelicals want to see Canada declared a Christian nation,’’ she responds by saying, "Don’t think it can’t happen." What is the purpose of publishing this ridiculous statement and her equally nonsensical response in an Armenian news site? Canada, of course, has long held separation of religion and state. 

    April 24 is approaching, and this Prime Minister, whom she so fiercely denigrates, will again stand up and voluntarily use the Genocide word. When Turks have attempted to block Armenian Genocide acknowledgment, Genocide studies in schools, false burials, etc., both Liberal and Conservative Members of Parliament have listened to me with respect and documented my concerns. Over many years, I have spoken with politicians in every political party, and  in municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government. Not only have they always spoken and written the Genocide word without any hesitation, not one of them has ever said one word to me about their religious beliefs or asked me about mine.

    Citizenship in this country, which allows everyone to believe, or to not believe, with equal rights, is desired by hundreds of thousands of people of many differing faiths, and by those of no religious faith, who have applied for entry. This country gave my parents shelter when our people were being butchered.  It did not ask them what they believed. It asked them what they feared.

  • Christian-Right--a Rising Power in Canada By Vahe
    19 weeks 1 day ago

    It's worth to note that Keghart.com, for all I know, is the first and only Armenian site that archives its articles and enables one for easy search. It is a unique feature indeed and a tribute to the foresightedness of its founders.

  • Christian-Right--a Rising Power in Canada By Mesrob
    19 weeks 1 day ago

    Take it easy, Perouz. The article you mention appeared in Keghart FOUR years ago. Perhaps your comment indicates that even Keghart's old issues are read years later.

  • Is Putin Crazy? Is He Hitler By Vazken
    19 weeks 1 day ago
    Hi Kenell, so what you are saying - it's ok if US invades countries in remote regions of the world, just for its own financial interests, but it's not OK if any other country does the same for lesser reasons.  Like Armenia takes back Karabagh and Russia takes back Crimea.  Those two regions belonged to the respective countries throughout history.  Did Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. belong to the US in any specific time?  of course not!
    What's next for US invasions, Iran, Pakistan, Armenia???  of course you will be ok with all these illegal and criminal invasion of the 'west', perhaps it aligns with your ideology, but god forgive if any other nation protects its sovereignty!!
    People have to look at the issues with common sense and open mind, putting aside their political party affiliations...


  • Christian-Right--a Rising Power in Canada By Perouz
    19 weeks 1 day ago

    Why was this article published in Keghart? What does it have to do with Armenian news? If Keghart is going to reprint irrelevant articles from Canadian newspapers, I suggest they at least go up-scale and reprint from the National Post or the Globe and Mail.

  • Is Putin Crazy? Is He Hitler By Kenell Touryan
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    This is another article from an author who is ready and willing to blame the US for any and all of its foreign policies. It has little to do with the title he proposes.

    Putin is a stealth Stalin who is now the god of the Big Brother Russia. His aim, from the very first day he became the leader of Russia, was to re-create the Soviet Union under the rubric of a new Union to counter EU. His next 'occupation' will be Eastern Ukraine, then Moldova and then the Caucasus?

    The US and the West are powerless to stop Putin's escapades.

  • West's Betrayal of Ukraine Like Armenia's By Nader Rastegar
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    I am a fan of Robert Fisk!  He is the sort of hard-hitting investigative journalist who is beholden to nothing but the facts - i.e. the simple truth. Mr. Fisk is in the pay of an honest day's work. I have no doubt the Azerbaijani Republic's deluded dictator would lavish untold millions on Mr. Fisk if only he would sell his conscience. Conscience. That allows us to live and let others live as well. Prosper and let others prosper too.


  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Menzildjian
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    Demande pleinement justifiée au regard de l'engagement de la communauté arménienne du Canada.

  • No More Games By GT
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    ”Of course there was a Genocide, but let us not forget that, indeed, the Russians wanted to dismantle  the Ottoman Empire and Armenians were on Russians side," says Turkey.

    Russians wanted to dismantle the Ottoman Empire, and the Armenians sided with the Russians. But that does not justify, by any means, the massacring of the old, the young, and women. But we, Armenians have to realize that Russians had their own interest: they were not there to protect Armenians, and they betrayed their allies--the Armenians. Those people today who like to think that the world is black and white and that Russians are guarantors of our safety should think twice. The Russians are certainly not guarantors of our freedom and independence. As for safety, they will betray again when it's in their  interest.

  • Armenia's Silence re Crimean Crisis By Paul Manoukian
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    The Armenian silence is 100 % correct. The West and Zionism having not succeeded to divert and ruin Russia through the Syrian route is now having a go at Ukraine. Whenever you see Bernard Henri Levy, you have the hand of Zionism. In France his job is to numb the Armenians into believing that Jewish intellectuals including himself are on their side. The Armenians have swallowed that ruse. Russia, albeit corrupt (like the West anyway), is still on the right side of morality.

  • British Response to the Genocide of Armenians By Perouz
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    The book, "Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire" is available at university libraries. It is also available on line on Scholars Portal.


  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Antoine S. Terjanian
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    This comment is to supplement the one by my colleague, Mr. Serge Markar - ov, a young and patriotic Canadian-Armenian.

    One can't help notice that a large proportion of  those who signed this petition are Canadians of various ethnic origins.  We are particularly proud of this. These signatures represent Canadians who know about Armenia, its history and the Armenian culture, and who care about helping  Armenia develop and become stable, to achieve its potential in peace, democracy and social justice. 

    These Canadians are joining their fellow Canadians of Armenian origin in urging our Federal Government to take action.

    Please note that we (the small coordinating group) have not asked Change.org to collect money on our behalf nor have we authorized them to collect money from our sympathizers “to promote this petition”. While we are happy to have support in promoting the petition, we are not requesting financial support.

    In closing, this is a common/shared unaffiliated petition 'owned' by all of you who joined it by signing/ promoting it.  Thank you very much! Your support makes a difference!

  • Is Putin Crazy? Is He Hitler By Serj
    19 weeks 2 days ago

    Why Putin is pushing into Crimea? The answer is so simple but the West does not mention it. Crimea has been Russian since the day Catherine the Great took it from Turks more 200 years ago. It stayed Russian until the fat slob Khruschev gave it, as a good will gesture (?) to Ukraine, just like Stalin gave Karabagh to Azerbaijan as a good will gesture to the Turks.

  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Serge Markar-ov
    19 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for promoting this petition on Keghart.com

    Canadians concerned for Armenia is a small group of dedicated individuals, both non-partisan and non-denominational. Not that we are against any party or religious groupings: to the contrary, we are with them and we are eager to collaborate with everyone to help build our homeland and encourage it to continue on a stable democratic and economic path.

    We think this is an opportune time to reach out to our Federal Government, before a federal election in 2015.

    As a small, non-partisan group, we are eager to move in a spirit of collaboration with every individual and organization that wishes to help Armenia. We think that the objective of this petition is a good way to start. By asking our government to foster a more formal Canada-Armenia relations, Armenia will become part of the 'lingo' in our foreign service bureaucracy. It is about time the Canadian Government recognized the 100,000+ Canadian Armenians who pay taxes in this country. We recognize this is only a start but we think that in the long run a more formal link will help us move forward for more substantive objectives.

    We encourage all Canadians to sign this petition and to ensure that all their Canadian family members and friends who have an email address sign it as well. It only takes 30 seconds.

    On behalf of Canadians Concerned For Armenia
    [email protected]

  • British Response to the Genocide of Armenians By Vahakn
    19 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for this enlightening article. There are great many lessons in it about how international politics operates. I look forward to reading the unabridged version. I encourage all Armenians--especially political and party leaders--to read it, too.

  • Petition for Canadian Representation in Armenia By Heros Ghookassian
    19 weeks 3 days ago

    It would be a relief to know, while traveling to Armenia, that as a Canadian citizen we have a representative in time of need.

  • Genocide-Denying Judge-to-be Defeated By Pat
    19 weeks 5 days ago

    Such powerful statements, Boyajian! The ADL and Berman have been exposed. We express gratitude to Councilors Devaney, Jubinville, Caissie and Cipollini and all citizens who spoke out and persisted. Bravo!

  • Is Putin Crazy? Is He Hitler By Vazken
    20 weeks 14 hours ago
    I think Putin is one of the smartest politicians of the century.  His recent acts were planned with a weapon in-hand - Syria.
    Sooner or later Putin will invade Crimea and if the west will give him too much trouble, he will trade Syria for their silence.  i.e.: he will let US get into Syria in return for Russia getting into Crimea.
    We have to wait and see.
  • Over-the-Top Ambitions By Gaytzag Palandjian
    20 weeks 17 hours ago

    Hold it there, mister Vahakn. The pizza delivery at the Oscars that has caught your attention was in the "California Courier". You did not turn the page in the same issue to read what the real accomplishments of Armenians: Ukraine's new minister of interior, by a majority vote, is Armenian Arsen Avakov, and about British-Armenian actor Andy Serkes (Gollum). 

    Your efforts to downgrade Armenians and stir up disagreement among us was met with the proper  response in the "Armenian Weekly" where you also write.

    We feel proud in being informed of  the achievements of our countrymen.

    Gaydzag Palandjian

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Sam Terian
    20 weeks 2 days ago

    I changed my Turkish given name into Terian which is all-Armenian. Your comment shows how petty and shallow some people are,

  • Is Putin Crazy? Is He Hitler By Vahe
    20 weeks 2 days ago

    The unfolding of events indicate that Kiev’s interest is and has always been in the real estate that is Crimea and not the welfare of ethnic Russian-Ukrainian nationals. From all indications, Kiev would be content if the ethnic Russian-Ukrainian nationals are banished to the farthest corners of Siberia or Africa as long as the Crimea is part of the greater real estate that ethnic Ukrainians consider Ukraine.

    Post Soviet Ukraine had over 20 years to initiate its own version of “civil rights” movement to contain or moderate the ethnic mistrust if not outright hostility prevalent in the region. Instead the ethnic Ukrainian officials chose to drumbeat the antiquated and unproductive slogans of Ukraine for  (ethnic) Ukrainians.

    Kiev has pushed ethnic Russian-Ukrainian nationals to Mother Russia. It’s a done deal and would have been so with or without Putin at the helm.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 2 days ago

    Dear Mr. Sam,

    Please take a look in the mirror. You have even renounced your name under which you were baptized. What follows next?

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 3 days ago

    Յարգելի պարոն Պողոս Միքաելեան,

    Շատ շատ շնորհակալութիւն ձեր գրած օրինակին համար, ապա թէ ոչ, ամբողջ կեանքիս ընթացքին պիտի հաւատայի թէ, մարդը կապիկից է առաջացեր:

    Նիքօլա Րօմաշուք Հայրապետեան

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Sam,

    According to the Holy Bible, you are the one who is committing a sin by slandering our spiritual leader, without having any proof. I am ashamed for you and for people like you who call themselves Armenians.
    When they were crucifying our Lord Jesus Christ, He said, "Father forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing".

    Do you know Mr. Sam that when I decided to write comments to defend our president or our spiritual leader, I never expected that the Armenian Diaspora consisted of so many neo-Nazis and gangsters.
    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian


  • Over-the-Top Ambitions By Vahakn
    20 weeks 3 days ago

    I am appalled by the ridiculous publicity that Armenian media gave to the guy who delivered pizzas to some of the Oscar attendees. One report was 20 paragraphs.

    Why the servile and cringe-making coverage? Because the pizza guy  happens to be Armenian! WOW! Stop the presses. An Armenian hits the big time; we have made it to the top: an Armenian puts cheese and  tomato paste on dough and becomes an Armenian hero when he delivers his humble pie to the Hollywood "elite".

    Why the wall-to-wall coverage in Armenian media outlets for such an insignificant occurrence? Are we so insignificant and desperate for recognition? What's next? Goldie Hawn's seamstress is half-Armenian?  

  • Khojali "Genocide" Baku Fabrication By Pedro
    20 weeks 3 days ago

    That's fascinating, Samir. While we are on the subject of deportations, please tell me what you make of the number of Armenians, from Azerbaijan and its enclave in Nakhichevan, who had to flee Azerbaijan after the Sumgayit, Maragha, Kirovabad and Baku progroms?

    While we're on the subject, Samir, please tell me about the territorial demands of Azerbaijan, such as the desire to annex Iranian Azarbaijan, Iraq and other areas as postulated by the top members of the Azerbaijan government? Or perhaps the pan-Turkism spread by prominent parties in Azerbaijan.

    Please answer me. Is your criticism directed only at Armenians and your fairness selectively, favoring Turks? 

  • For Russia, Criticism is Hypocrisy By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 3 days ago

    I agree with the analysis of Thomas Walkom about the crisis in Crimea. Like many other people I hope, of course, that the present situation will not escalate any further.

    A pessimist will also try to look to the darker side of the problem. That is, if a war breaks out and the United States and NATO military forces interfere. That will not come as a surprise, of course. With their aggressive and dangerous war games, the United States and its allies have been trying to force World War III for many years and have been looking for problems with Russia or its allies such as Syria, Venezuella, Iran, North Korea, etc.

    The United States and its allies have only one unanswered question: on which part of the world are they going to fight World War III?  The Middle East? South America? The former Soviet Union + Iran?

    Now that the United States and its allies have the mentioned parts of the world on fire, it will not take long to arrive to a final decision. 

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Sam
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    Nicolai writes like a lawyer hired to protect the Al Capones of the Church. Are you, sir, being compensated and, like them, have no scruples? It's obvious that you had no Christian upbringing and never read the Bible. What makes it worse is that you were born in Jerusalem.

  • Over-the-Top Ambitions By Sam
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    My observations between this two groups is this: Jews are liberal in their thinking and lifestyle;  Armenians are conservative. Maybe we should use the word "amot" less frequently and not chastise our liberal youth.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Sam
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    After reading Nikolai's comments, I would say that he lacks religious or moral values. Too bad he was born in Jerusalem. He finds nothing wrong with the lifestyle of the corrupt groups who take advantage of  honest and decent citizens.

    You, sir, are not part of the solution but part of the problem.

  • For Russia, Criticism is Hypocrisy By Sam
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    The end of the Cold War did not agree with American industrial concerns. It was not to their benefit to have a weaker enemy to throw darts at. 

  • For Russia, Criticism is Hypocrisy By Vahe
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    It is not hard for any party who is cursorily interested in the Ukrainian crisis to know that there is a deep-seated anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine, whether justifiable or not.

    Ukraine’s popular outreach to the West, with whom it has not had sustentative trade and cultural ties since the Soviets took over the country, and the outright rejection of their neighbor in the East was a reflection of a misguided policy by Ukrainian leaders. They played on the anti-Russian sentiments of the populace for short-term popular gains at the election booths instead of containing and moderating it for the long term welfare of the country.

    There is no justification for the Ukraine president’s extraordinarily lavish lifestyle. That would have been contained sooner or later, but the genie that the Ukrainian leadership set forth will take much to contain, if ever.

    The blame for the Ukraine crisis squarely lies on the short-sighted Ukrainian leadership

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Garabed,

    The Church is not a charity organization. The first task of the Church is to prepare seminarians, priests, and bishops to preach Christianity and explain to their flocks about the saints, holidays, about the traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church, to bless baptism, marriages, funerals, etc. To do all this, the Church needs good transport, good cars... to serve the flock and travel zig-zag from one village to the other.

    If you know Armenia, you should know that Armenia is a mountainous country and is poor. At the moment it has no oil fields, no diamond mines; imports are higher than exports. It's near bankrupt. Thanks to Russia and Iran the inhabitants are surviving the winter months. Please let's look around and see what's going on in Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, etc.

    When I was young, I read in the Bible: "Increase, multiply and fill the world". Please take a good look at the "Last Supper" and analyse who is sitting on His right.

    It's certain that the sectarians are doing their utmost to ruin our Church, language, and homeland. Take a look, for example at the Jehovah's Witnesses. Do you think they are publishing and spreading  their message in all the languages of the world for free? Who is financing them? Big Brother, of course, a great number of visible and invisible professionals and trained sectarians, are struggling 24 hours a day on payroll to ruin our Church and  steal and brainwash our flock, our political leaders. They have a thirst for power are on a black mission.

    It's not fair to blame the spiritual leader of Armenians. We must search deeper into the Diaspora political leaders, brother murderers and gangsters. They are the only people who must be blamed and sentenced for their catastrophic mistakes.

    Yours faithfully,

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court By Voghnahar
    20 weeks 4 days ago

    Governor Patrick called a vote today on the Berman nomination, and councilors were deadlocked in a 4-4 vote. Thus, Berman did not get elected. Congratulations to all conscientious citizen activists, Armenian and otherwise, who brought to light the unsuitability of the Governor's chosen nominee.

  • Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court By Berje melkonian
    20 weeks 5 days ago

    I think Dagdigian 's analysis is fully correct. I totally agree.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Garabed
    20 weeks 5 days ago


    At least I am not moralizing Karekin II's conduct, should it be true, whether he has one or many progenies from one or multiple women but simply holding him accountable for the contract he took out of his free will and without duress,  that of poverty and celibacy to best attend to the needs of the flock entrusted to him without being burdened by personal responsibilities and distractions . He seems to have broken his contract and it's natural that those who forfeit their contract bear the responsibility of their act and its consequences.  That is normal course of business conduct.  Would you not agree?


  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, you are totally right about Nzhdeh's anti-Soviet activities. Armenia was a member of the Soviet Union. So I am very sorry to inform you that his anti-Soviet activities were also aimed against...

    If you hate information which comes from Soviet Armenia sources, of course you are free to examine the sources which please you. But please never insist on that yogurt is black.

    I agree with you 100%.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court By Mike D
    20 weeks 5 days ago

    Joseph Berman does not deserve to be a Superior court judge in Massachusetts or in any other state.  He does not and did not show good judgment when as a leader in the Anti Defamation League, just a few years ago, he advocated and supported "not to recognize" the genocide that happened against the Armenian people, a population in Turkey where more that 1 ½ million Armenian people were killed in many brutal ways. I listened to many of those ways in stories told of relatives by relatives and older Armenians in church and cultural gatherings. My father, even in his memoirs, written about 30 years ago mentions life, and the exodus, as seen by a 10 year old.  The torture, the marches across the desert, and the cruel torture and rivers running of red “Red” should be recognized by the ADL. Least we forget again and again that it was Hitler who followed suite by his learning’s from Turkey. “After all, who remembers the extermination of the Armenians” a quote similar to this. Armenians first came to Massachusetts early in the 20th century, building its first church in Worcester. Berman and the ADL should formally recognize the Armenian Genocide. Govornor Patrick should also recognize this.  

    Thank you (A Mass Viet Nam era veteran) 

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear Mr. Hagop Tarian,

    "Only the sun shines for free". Just for your general knowledge, please try to take a look at the Church that the so called oligarch Gagig Dzaroogian has built in Abovian last year. I am very jealous of him. Please help me to disgrace him so that he will never dare build another church, because we do not deserve it.
    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, Mr. Mihran, If you are appointed judge and replace God, you will have the right to sentence. 


    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    20 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear Perouz,

    Who Knows? Maybe they have the same daddy. What's wrong with that?

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Zartir Vortyag (Զարթիր Որդեակ) By Jack Chelebian
    20 weeks 6 days ago

    Very interesting article and the pictures grace it well, they bring back memories. Thanks for sharing.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By TToudjian
    20 weeks 6 days ago

    100% factual? You're stating everything already. Are you kidding?

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Perouz
    20 weeks 6 days ago

    I am grateful to Keghart for the publication of this article. Like you, I singled out the wonderful line: "Traditional family values are in retreat…" Do his two daughters have the same mommy? Somehow, I thought "traditional" Armenian "family values" meant you got married, had babies, and slept in the same bed every night.

  • Over-the-Top Ambitions By Mesrob
    21 weeks 1 hour ago

    Thank you for the article. I agree with it and would like to add another example of the vast gap between Armenian and Jewish influence, power, wealth. Every year billions of dollars are donated by Diaspora Jews to Israel. What does the Armenian Diaspora send to Armenia per annum? A measly $22 million, almost half from the Russian Diaspora.
    These Armenian "frogs" should think before they talk.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Boghos Michaelian
    21 weeks 1 hour ago

    To Mr. Romashuk Hairabedian:

    Ագռաւը որքայն ալ լոգնայ կարապ չի դառնար։

  • Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court By AA
    21 weeks 7 hours ago

    I agree with Mr Dagdigian's insightful analysis. 

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Hagop Tarian
    21 weeks 15 hours ago

    You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.
    Leave them; (Mr. Hairabedian) they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit."
    This is what we have been told by the man only he who claimed that has seen God His father alone.
    I left them alone in their pit with their girlfriends with their Bentleys with their offshore accounts with their custom made homes and gifts in envelopes demanded by them every service they perform (marriage, death and baptism).
    But I am not alone Baron Nicolai Romashuk. The one who had no pillow to put his head on it in this earth, with me. Four thousand and five hundred earthquake survivors are with me while your rich person who is on the list of the Wealthiest 500 was busy to build a cathedral for them in Moscow.
    And here is a last warning for them by who they use his name in vain every day.
    "If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
    Time is approaching fast.
    Շնորհավոր Բարեկենդան

    Hagop Tarian

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    21 weeks 18 hours ago

    Եթէ այդքան վստահ էք ձեր ըրած զրպարտութիւններուն համար ինչ՞ու դատարան չէք դիմեր:

    Ոչխարամիտ Վեհափառներու շրջանին, բազմաթիվ Էջմիածնական թեմեր յափշտակուեցան. ո՞ր աւազակապետներուն մասին է ձեր խօսքը:

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Perouz
    21 weeks 22 hours ago

    Tak Toudjian's sage comment regarding publication of this article is well said, particularly in view of Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian's continuing hysterical and unbalanced ranting. Who reads Soviet encyclopedias if they are looking for factual information? As for Nzhdeh, he was arrested in Bulgaria for his anti-Soviet activities and was exiled to Siberia where he died. Nicolai should take off her army boots, toss out the Bolshevik encyclopedias, and have a little chat with Gaydzag. 

  • Armenian Scholarship Gets Short Shrift By Rouben Galichian
    21 weeks 23 hours ago

    I feel that Dr Nersessian's comments on my claims that Georgia, as it stands today, came into being almost 2,000 years after Armenia and Iran (Persia), needs an explanatory reply. I confirm that my claim is a valid one, for which I have the following reasoning.

    When reading the texts of my book, Dr Nersessian has not paid enough attention to the details of my comments, where I always state that "Georgia as a conglomeration of the countries of Colchis, Iberia, Mengrelia, Iimeretia and Kakhetia appeared on the maps only during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries". I have said this and stand by it.

    This is proven even by the sample map offered as evidence by Dr. Nersessian. This map shows Colchis (Abkhazia) as a separate country from Iberia (Virq-Վիրք), from which the Armenian name Vrastan-Վրաստան derives. However, the Georgia-Վրաստան of today includes all the territories of Colchis, Imeretia, Mengrelia, Kakhetia and Iberia and the name is not applied to the historic Iberia only.

    When referring to the maps of Ptolemy, Dr. Nersessian conveniently forgets to mention that in all of these maps depicting the South Caucasus, presented as Asiae tabula tertia (The third map of Asia), Ptolemy, in addition to Iberia and Albania, always includes the name of the country of Colchis as one separate from Iberia.

    Early medieval maps do show Iberia as a country, but this refers to only a small part of present-day Georgia. The first maps where the name Georgia is given to the territory of the modern country is after Queen Tamar's reign, when she managed to unify the different regional kingdoms under the name of Georgia. First European maps that show this name date from the thirteenth and fourteen centuries only. That is, almost 2,000 years after Armenia and Persia.

    Rouben Galichian

    Addendum by Keghart.com

    The map appearing in the article was provided as an illustration by Keghart.com editors and not Rev. Doc. Nersessian, unbeknownst to both parties to this discussion.- Edit.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Mihran
    21 weeks 1 day ago

    Even if a tiny percentage of the accusations/allegations are justified, Catholicos Karekin II should do the right thing and resign. He has accumulated enough wealth to keep him and his offspring in the clover for a long time.

    Armenians expect nothing less than a clearing of the temple, just like 12-year-old Jesus who tossed the usurers and other vermin from the temple.

    In the Middle Ages there was the acronym "saligia" which represented the Seven Deadly Sins: Superbia (pride), Avaritia (greed), Luxuria (lust), Invidia (envy), Gula (gluttony), Ira (wrath), and Acedia (sloth). It seems, if the allegations are accurate, Catholicos K II has committed all the sins found in saligia, except perhaps gula. It's hard to tell what's behind the black robe.

  • Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court By Don
    21 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks for informing me and others about this issue. I did not know about this. Why have Armenian-American organizations not told us about this issue?

    I want to help. I have just emailed all four councilors to ask them to please NOT confirm this person, Joe Berman.

    The man should not be a judge. Not only is he NOT qualified, but we also don't need a judge who will make decisions in favor of Turks.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    21 weeks 1 day ago

    Your article "The Stonewalling Catholicos" is disgusting and very shameful. You also criticized our president and the oligarchs. You don't know them; you never talked to them; you don't know how they think, how they behave, why they act and behave the way they do. Your accusations are based on untruths and hatred. You are not the only one. I wonder who gave you the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Echmiadzin. Who gave you the right to decide what kind of cars they drive, what do they eat, what do they drink, that's none of your business.
    If our clergymen have decided to study theology, does that mean that they have to drive the cheapest cars, eat rubbish, have no girlfriends? They could have studied business and become billionaires and led a luxurious life but thy chose to study theology. The choice is theirs. Why are you jealous of our clergymen and oligarchs? Our clergymen are made of flesh and blood, just like you.

    Remember that to make good money or become a rich man, you must have talent, and that talent is a gift from God. In other places they describe an oligarch as a rich person who is on the list of the Wealthiest 500, etc. When I hear baseless accusations toward our leaders, I feel sorry for Armenians who think in such a primitive manner. From the beginning of history people have been divided into different classes... working class, nobles, the clergy, etc.

    I am shocked that my people are on their way to the abyss because of the miserable way they think. I can only pray and cry because this is so hopeless, I am afraid that even God will have a tough time to put my people on the right path and grant them their wisdom of the 5th century back.

    Yours faithfully,
    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Zartir Vortyag (Զարթիր Որդեակ) By Vahe Apelian
    21 weeks 1 day ago

    Garo, your interpretation has merit, as well.

    I got married in New Jersey in 1977. I was new to the country and by myself, having left behind a way of life I knew. Henry and Virginia Apelian were my godparents. They came to pick me. Right before we left my apartment, Henry suddenly stopped, took off my jacket, hovered it three times over my head and congratulated me in Kessabi dialect, saying "Asdouds sheneferi" and off we drove to church. Whenever I think of my wedding, it’s that watershed moment that stands out the most, ushering me from being single to a married man with new responsibilities.

  • The Stonewalling Catholicos By Արմենակ
    21 weeks 1 day ago

    Մե՜ղք Հայաստաեայց առաքելական եկեղեցիին, որ այսպիսի ապականած հոգիով ու մտքով աւազակապետ մը բերած  Լուսաւորիչի գահին բազմեցուցած են:

  • Zartir Vortyag (Զարթիր Որդեակ) By GaroK
    21 weeks 1 day ago

    The patriotic song "Zartir Vortyag"   was and is very well known and popular...but Vahe gave it a new color and a new dimension; besides its rhythmic tempo, the author painted it with history, giving the song a new meaning...not only of preparation for a wedding, but preparation for sacrifice.

    The song tune and words maybe melancholic for a wedding...but it can be envisaged as leaving the comfort of the "father's house" and  preparing to go and defend and hold the "new territory", the bride and a new family!

    I  cannot imagine any Kessabtsi wedding without this ceremonial song....I still remember it sung 36 years ago at my pre-wedding celebration.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Ara
    21 weeks 2 days ago

    Isn't the identity and very survival of Armenia fundamentally based on the sum total of its intimate relations with a morass of regional and global interests? In the words of "Arevagal":  "Turks, Persians, Azeris, Georgians, Islamists, Western energy interests and Russians"?  Perhaps Armenia never could be Armenia if it were located remotely on the North Pole or a South Pacific island.

    Armenia has always been surrounded by benevolent tyrants, monsters and wolves in sheep's clothing, but there is none worse than the enemy within.

    The day when Armenia makes peace with this existential truth and learns the absurd art of making friends carefully in high places, is the day of victory when it has an invaluable lesson for all of humanity.

  • Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court By Voghnahar
    21 weeks 2 days ago

    A vote may take place as soon as this Wednesday, March 5. To express your concerns to the Governor's Councilors, you may send your emails to:         

    Ms. Marilyn Devaney = [email protected]

    Mr. Robert Jubinville = [email protected]

    Ms. Jennie Caissie = [email protected]

    Mr. Oliver Cipollini = [email protected]

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    21 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Gaytzag,

    I am sorry to tell you that Melineh's comment is based on 100% facts. It's very sad to see that some of our compatriots who are writing comments on the topic "Russia, Our Best friend" signed by Nerses are [.......] in need of urgent help.  

    Of course by writing a comment I have no intention to hurt anybody. Unfortunately I tried in vain to wake up some of these people above to be careful with their comments, because it's in English and non-Armenians can read it them too...

    Please, if you want to know the absolute truth, just keep in touch with any Armenian political leader; they all will tell you the truth, they will admit that at the time of world war II, some of the above mentioned heroes were fighting against the Soviet Union while Armenia was part of it. Please, for God's sake, read about Njteh in the Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia volume 8, for your own knowledge, only then you will fully agree with me that some of these people above, they are not only ... and in need of urgent help, they are also extremely dangerous.

    I am proud to declare that I don't belong to any political party, I am Charentsagan, "Armenian People, Your ONLY Salvation Is In Your National Unity".

    "Voghpam Zkez Hay Joghovoort Vor Takavort Manoog E".
    Yours Faithfully,

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    21 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear Mr. Toudjian,

    Do you mean you are against articles like the one signed by Nerses Amirian which are based 100% on facts or are you against people who, because of their wrong political ideologies, write comments which are full of lies and blame others for twisting the facts because of their poor knowledge?  I am a supporter of articles and comments which are based on documented truths, for the benefit of our nation.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Gaytzag Palandjian
    21 weeks 5 days ago


    You are wasting your breath here. People like Melineh have been brainwashed or have no knowledge of  history. And people like X are grinding their very old and rusty axe to make you believe that Russia is our savior. They don´t have any idea of our heroes such as Dro, Antranik, amd Njdeh, to name a few. Freedom is not free. We have to thank the lst Republic and then the 2nd and now this one. After 250,000 Armenian casualties in the Hairenagan  Baderazm (Fatherland War) we should  remember that our fatherland is A R M E N I A, not the ex- Soviet Union. What did we get from them?

    This new neighbor, reborn as Russia, is rich and is competing with the West to show off that Russia can surpass in the game of capitalism and lavishly build what she likes while muzhiks-farmers, who live 60-70 kms from Moscow, lead a life of abject poverty. Russia is also striking deals with Turkey at $7 billion a year and promising to give Turkey a loan of $20 billion and technical aid to erect nuclear power plants there...and is not renewing our Medzamor.

    When the Azeris were slaughtering Armenians in Sumgait and in Baku instead of dispatching a few  Antonov-carrying soldiers to stop the killings, Garbachev took seven days to do so.

    All ex -Soviet factories in Armenia remain idle, waiting for Russians to restart them. Instead, Moscow bestow medals to the few WWII veterans.

    I wrote here a few weeks ago that a family of American benefactors (not of Armenian origin but Mormons from Utah) gave $20 million to Armenia. I made an error. The exact donation is $53  million. The USA has, in 22 years given, the RoA non-returnable aid of over $2 billion. How much has  Russia given to us?

    War will not break out in the southern Caucasus until the Baku oil wells dry up. Then the oil companies will pack up and go home.

    There are plenty of Turkish agents, including among Armenians, who spread propaganda just as Mr. X and others are doing because they want Uncle Sam to go on being their ally, not tiny Armenia or Iran, the noble country and our good old neighbor.

    Shad  parev  hasgtsoghin

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    22 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Vahe,
    When the whole world was in war against Hitler, on whose side was Dro//Tro? Read history and learn; if Hitler had won the war, Armenia wouldn't have existed now. Hitler and Turkey were allies for decades.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    22 weeks 1 day ago

    Turkish agents have started to undulate.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Tak Toudjian
    22 weeks 1 day ago

    This article reminds me of the TV program "Pari Louys" (host Stepan Partamian). Just irritate people to write comments. I'm irritated by the shortcomings and wishful thoughts in this article, to say the least.

  • Let’s Not Don Hair Shirts By Avram
    22 weeks 1 day ago

    Armenia is the homeland of the Ashkenazim, the smartest people in the world. As the old saying goes... it takes four Greeks to outwit a Jew and two Jews to outwit an Armenian in business.

  • Announcing Formation of "The Armenian Observatory" By Tex
    22 weeks 1 day ago

    An outstanding share. I just forwarded this to a co-worker who had been conducting a homework on it. Thanks for spending time to discuss this matter on your web page. Please stop by my web page.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Perouz
    22 weeks 3 days ago


    Thank you for your rational reply. It helps to counter the paranoid, hysterical words of Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian who does not seem to know that the Republic of Armenia is an independent country and not a satellite of Russia.

  • Armenian Evangelical Schools in Lebanon By Հրայր Տաղլեան
    22 weeks 3 days ago


    Իմ անունս Հրայր Տաղլեան է

    Նախնական կրթութիւնս ստացած եմ Մ. Եւ Հ. Արսլանեան Ճեմարանէն ներս որմէ ետք ընդունուած եմ Մեծի Տանն Կիլիկիոյ Կաթողիկոսութեան Դպրեվանքը, ուր ուսանած եմ 10 տարի, ստանալով Աստուածաբանական եւ Հայագիտական ուսում, սակայն տարիներ ետք չուզելով շարունակել կուսակրօն եւ կամ ամուսնացեալ քահանայական կեանքը, դուրս եկայ դպրեվանքէն նետուելու համար աշխարհային կեանքի փոթորիկներուն:

    Այժմ որպէս նորավարտ աշակերտ հայ Մշակութային կեդրոններէ ներս կը փորձեմ գործի դիմում մը կատարել, նկատի ունենալով որ ունիմ լաւապէս Հայերէնի, կրօնի, ու համակարգչային կարողութիւններ: Ես աշխատակցած եմ զանազան թերթերու մէջ որպէս գրող սակայն միշտ ալ գրած եմ գրչանունով, մասնակցած եմ շատ մը շարադրական ու գրական մրցանքներու եւ տիրացած առաջին դիրքին ինչպէս նաեւ շատ անգամներ երկրորդ կամ երրորդ դիրքերը: Ունիմ լաւապէս Հայերէն մեքենագրելու կարողութիւն, համակարգիչով նկարներ ու յայտարարութիւններ պատրաստելու կարողութիւններ եւ այլ զանազան գիտութիւններ: Առ այդ, այս նամակս ընդունեցէք որպէս դիմումնագիր՝ որպէս գրաշար, գարտուղար եւ կամ այլ բաժնի գործիչ եւ կը խնդրեմ երկու պարագաներուն ալ՝ մերժուիլ եւ կամ ընդունիլ տեղեակ պահէք զիս զանգելով 76 113 107, եւ ինչու չէ եթէ կ'ուզէք անձամբ տեսնուինք խօսելու եւ իրար աւելի լաւ հասկնալու համար:


  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By Edward A. Kazanjian
    22 weeks 4 days ago

    This supposed quote from Saroyan is an adaptation of his words on the last page of his book entitled "Inhale Exhale".

    I would like to know who created the poster and has profited from  the supposed quote.

    The quote never mentions "a new Armenia"


  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Paul
    22 weeks 4 days ago

    He taught my family the goldsmith trade. My family includes Teklu Desta, Paulos Baraki, Asfaw Ghiwot. He also had a big impact on the industry. As you can see, the names mentioned are very popular in Ethiopia. I want to say 'thank you' on behalf of the Ethiopian goldsmith association.

  • Important Turkish Voice By Mihran
    22 weeks 5 days ago

    Never trust a Turk. I am in full agreement with Tsakoug, Gerard, and Gaytzag. Not much left for me to say.

  • Important Turkish Voice By Vahe
    22 weeks 6 days ago

    Cemal, Akcam, Zarakolu, Cetin, Gunaysu, all Turks, are revelations I would have never dreamt would be a reality in my lifetime.

    It is also evident that they challenge us, not by design nor by intent but by their realities as Turks, to a new and more pragmatic paradigm. We will need to meet the Turks if not half the way but some of the way, in any event more of the way than we were ever prepared to do.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    23 weeks 15 min ago

    Dear GT,

    Of course Russia is a superpower and a defender of human rights. Russia created, defended and recognized homelands for weak nations such as Abkhazia and Ossetia, while the Americans encouraged Georgia's Saakashvilli to attack these territories and expand its imperialism.

    You are correct when you say that "Russian territory is full of natural resources". That is exactly the reason for American imperialism. How can America become the owner of these natural resources? Never forget that the Russians saved the world from the imperialist Nazis by offering more than 20 million victims. That's the reason why they can't produce much: they lost generations during the Second World War. Why do you think today more Armenians live in Russia? To produce for America and Europe. The imperialists want it all. How can they achieve that? By spreading false propaganda about human rights in Russia. When Jimmy Carter was the President of the United States, the Soviet Union offered gas to the United States. Jimmy Carter's answer was: "We don't need Red gas". 

    Of course, gays must have all the rights to live and practice love as they prefer, but one goes too far when one puts strong pressure on every human being to become gay.

    When you compare Russia to a third world country, you commit an error. If you just knew the debt America owes China, you wouldn't have tried to insult Russia.
    America wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein so it even banned the export of baby milk to Iraq. Just to get rid of one person, millions lost their lives and it continues: the same mess with Bin Laden. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in Afghanistan because people of Afghanistan must live like the Americans want them to.

    It's really surprising to hear you compare Armenia with Israel. "Unfriendly and tough neighborhood"?
    Please take a look at the map of Israel and see who are these friendly neighbors of Israel. Armenia has at least good neighbors such as Iran and Georgia.

    Russia will only fall due to the imperialist powers and betrayers.

    May God Bless Russia for ever and ever and give Russians more Olympic medals, because they deserve it.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian


  • Important Turkish Voice By Tsakoug
    23 weeks 1 day ago

    Thank you, Keghart, for this editorial. It would be incomplete for an Armenian to look at the overtures made by Jemal Pasha's grandson and not see that there are vested interests at stake. Fixtures like him, Akcam and others may be willing to talk about what happened to the "giavours" in Western Armenia, but there is also a fair amount of stonewalling and gate-keeping going on, especially when it comes to the return of a confiscated country--homes, properties, stolen wealth and all.

    By far the most effective form of transformation in Turkish society will be led by informed Turkish individuals who can better influence and liberate Turks from the false narrative and bigoted values advanced by their state and educational system. It is not up to a victimized group to play psychiatrist or social worker with the unrepentant, and especially with those who are violence-prone.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Vahe
    23 weeks 1 day ago


    I found your earnest prayer request to God uncalled for.

    I would rather you pray that may God keep Russian interests in Armenia to the benefit of both. Let us be mindful that there was no Armenian Diaspora in the West of any significance when it was the Armenians in the Caucasus who referred to the Russian policy as having 'Armenia without Armenians'. They pitted themselves against the policy and had a Russian governor of Caucasus assassinated by Dro/Tro, first minister of defense.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By gaytzag palandjian
    23 weeks 2 days ago

    Why one-sided Armenian thinking of only one Messiah? We shall be friends with Mother Russia, but also with Iran, the U.S., China, et al. Why friendship and business with only one partner?

    We are not against doing business with Russia or Japan or any other country. Only Turkish agents among us would instigate us to side with one or the other. We are to be  like Switzerland, if you ask me.We  welcome all foreign capital to the RoA.


  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Gaytzag Palandjian
    23 weeks 2 days ago

    "Ojala" means "Inshallah". God willing, dear Harutik.

    Pray tell me how come:

    1. After de-Bolshevikation (the demise of the Soviet Union) you and others talk of  the Russian Empire?

    2. Since reverting into a free market economy (a wild one like that of the RoA), Russia has not reopened or helped the RoA to reopen more than a dozen ex-Soviet factories in Armenia.

    3. Russia will not write off the $120 million debt that Armenia owed it for Nairit and another factory (don´t recall which) instead taking over same.

    4. Russia never aided Armenia in the latter's hour of  fear and distress. When in Sumgait and in Baku the Azeris were slaughtering peaceful Armenians...Armenians who had helped the Axe Killer people start the Baku oil industry. Five Armenian families  commenced oil prospecting and mining in Baku.

    5.What Russians endowed the breasts of the very few of our surviving WWII veterans was scrap worth (not even gold) medals. Russia should open those factories and bestow the shares to the heirs of those who gave their lives during WWII (some 200,000 Armenian soldiers, officers and generals marshals).

    So who are your kidding?

    Far away Uncle Sam has in 22 years pumped over $2 billion into Armenia as aid, plus technical know-how through Armenian-American or American-American individuals, such as the Huntsman Family of  Utah. That family gave $20 million.

    Shall I go  on?

    While they profess to be our allies, whether during tsarist time or now, they are often the bosom bodies of the country that threatens to swarm into Yerevan. Oh, yes, some 10,000  or so Russian soldiers will save Armenia from a 500,000-strong  Turkish army.

    Again, who do you kid?

    In Kars (1920) instead of handing over a huge cache of arms and ammunitions to Armenia, one bribed Russian officer gave it all to the Kemalist  army. Then Lenin thought Kemal would be his Bolshevik-Communist ally and gave him plenty of gold.

    After four years of negotiations to help Armenia join the EU, Armenia was forcued to make a U-turn. Please try to grasp the importance of  EU  partnership for Armenia.

    One more  thing: the U.S. is also there for the taking, as Turkey´s position is weakening in the area and U.S. needs better  allies such as Iran. 

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Arevagal
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    The geo-strategic equation is simple: no Russia in the south Caucasus means no Armenia in the south Caucasus. To put it in other words: the Caucasus is like a table where Turks, Persians, Azeris, Georgians, Islamists, Western energy interests, Russians and Armenians sit. Imagine this table without its Russian occupant. In other words, imagine the plight of Armenia in a Turkic-Islamic dominated political landscape without having the Russian bear to rely on.

    We have an Armenia largely thanks to the presence of the Russians in the Caucasus. Had the tsar not come down to the south Caucasus some two-hundred-years ago, Armenians would still be living much like Kurds in eastern Turkey and in northern Iran. For better or worse, Armenia is wed to Russia for the foreseeable future.

    Armenia has an ally which is one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful nations. Now and for the foreseeable future, Russia's and Armenia's national interests will converge because for Moscow, Islamists, Turks, Azeris and Western oil interests pose an existential threat. Let's put an end to our corrosive worship of the Anglo-American-Jewish order and wake up and see Russia as a historic opportunity for Armenia. God bless Russia. God bless Armenia. And may God help us preserve Russo-Armenian alliance from all enemies foreign and domestic.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By LG
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Great article. Thanks!

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Melineh
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    I agree 100% with Mr. Amirian. Armenia will not survive without Russia's protection. So far, Armenia has been far from the reach of the U.S. because of Putin. God, please keep the U.S. away from our homeland. 


  • Russia, Our Best Friend By GT
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Nikolai,

    Russia is an Empire, but not a superpower. Its only power is the immense territory full of natural resources. They produce nothing. Their economy is weak and is on the verge of collapse. A small decrease in oil prices will crush Russia and wreak havoc. During the Soviet period they were dedicating wealth acquired from the sale of natural resources to the production of weapons and maintaining a menacing army and thus were a superpower. Now that wealth is being stolen by Putin and a handful of oligarchs who keep their wealth in the banks of the "imperialists, who threaten their borders" or invest in companies which do produce other things than weapons. The educational system built by the Communists crumbled and no money is invested in research and development. Today Russia is a third-world country, lagging behind China, Brazil and India. 

    As for Armenia's future, there are two scenarios for a small country like Armenia to survive in such unfriendly and tough neighborhood. First is the Israeli model, but Russia is not the U.S. and Armenia is not Israel. The support provided by Russia is different. Russians will never let Armenia grow strong. The corruption, autocracy, oligarchy, mismanagement in Russia is automatically exported, adopted and maintained in Armenia. Armenia can not conduct any foreign policy while Russians are out masters. We have no say in what happens in Syria; we are not allowed to cooperate with Iran, we will sit under Russian umbrella and watch as Kurds gain independence and build a state on territories which you like to call Armenian. If the U.S. fails, Israel will have other supporter; it might be even Russia. But if Russia fails, as it does every now and then, Armenia will not have any protection. The Genocide was provoked by Russians and their inability to "protect" us.

    The alternative is to establish peace with neighbors and get rid of Russian corrupt dominance. But till people like you keep dogmas alive (that Turks are our eternal enemies and Russians are our eternal friends) that would not happen. 

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By T.K.
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you, Nerses. I agree with your assessment and hope Diaspora Armenians will read and start thinking about all you have said. It is important to keep brotherly relations with Russians. We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past and trust wrong causes. 


  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Harutik
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Bravo Nerses. Finally, a Diasporan Armenian with honest intellect, genuine patriotism and a deep understanding of geopolitics. Excluding the non-Russian Bolshevik period in the region, Russian-Armenian relations have always been based on converging interests and brotherly relations. For the past two-hundred years Russia's factor in the Caucasus has been the number one reason why we have an Armenia today.

    As long as Turks, Azeris, Persians, Islamists and Western interests threaten the south Caucasus, Russia will continue protecting Armenia as if it's part of Russia. With its strategic alliance, invincible military, vast landmass, immense natural wealth and an emerging middle class, Russia is a historic opportunity Armenia has not had in well over one-thousand years.

    It's time to wake up from our Diasporan illusions, EUrotic fantasies and American dreams, and recognize this opportunity and exploit it to its fullest potential.

    Thank you for your wonderful article, but be ready to be ridiculed and attacked by a multitude of hysterical russophobes, intellectual midgets and self-hating peasantry.

  • Ժամանակն է Ձերբազատուելու By Ominac
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Դեռ ես մէկը պիտի տեսնեմ որ Հրանդ Տինգի քաղաքականութիւնը կամ հոգեբանութիւնը հասկնայ։  Քիչ մը երթաս Արձախ եւ մնաս իրենց մէջ, քիչ մը յաղթող ժողովուրդի հոգեբանութիւնը վայլես, կրնայ ըլլալ Արեւմտեան Հայաստանի անկախութիւն երբ լսես այլեւս չէս ժպտիր։

    Ո՞ր ժողովուրդը ժպտալով, մշակոյթային յարաբերութիւններ մշակելով ոճրագործին հետ, արդարութիւն առած է։ Աւելի շուտ արդարութիւն առնելը ո՞րն է։  Ինչպէս առինք Արձախը այնպէս ալ կառնենք Արեւմտեան Հայաստանը։ Կրնայ ըլլալ հիմա երազ կերեւի, բայց արձախի անկախութիւնն ալ երազ էր։ Պատմութիւնը  երկար է։

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Garo,

    It's not that Russia that needs "a foothold on Armenian territory". It's the expansion of the imperialism near to the Russian borders, which is endangering the security of Russia and it's allies, creating instability and undermining peace in the region.

    I am almost sure that Russia is the only superpower which will defend Armenia's independence and security for any price. Can you imagine Armenia's future without the support of Russia?

    This is not a game of words. This means playing with fire. Just imagine if we surrendered to the allies of the Turks (the Americans and the western Europeans) how our future would look like. I will pray that this will never happen.

    "The friend of our enemy is our enemy". Haven't you heard that saying?

    May God bless Russia and the Armenian people.

    Yours faithfully,
    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

  • Important Turkish Voice By Marie
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    I do not think that it is fair to put Hasan Cemal, Ayse Gunaysu, and Taner Akcam in the same basket. Gunaysu has never said or written anything that Armenians could criticize. She is often more radical, rigorous and demanding, more ethical than many Armenians. Akçam does not advise Armenians to share the suffering of Turks during WWI and does not support the "mutual suffering" tune. Neither of them has called Cemal Pasha's murderers a "gang". And they DO preach--or rather, teach--in Turkey. They write in Turkish for a Turkish public. Let us not not forget Ragip Zarakolu who is a Turk and who publishes Turkish translations of English, German or French books about the Genocide in order to educate Turks, and who has dearly paid for his work and courage. 

  • In Praise of the Gasli Tree By Stepan Apelian (LaurApel)
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Vahe, I enjoyed reading the article. You did a great job. What I missed to do about the Gasli you did.

    All the given explanations are authentic and fulfilling.

    Onbashi (Stepan Panossian ) has written a poem, carved on flat stone under the Gasli tree of his parents' house yard. It praises that same tree with moving words. I am not sure if it is written in that book.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By Nicolai Romashuk
    23 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Mr. Amirian,

    I am very glad to see that there are still Armenians, like you, who care about our homeland and our people, are honest and far from sectarian communities.

    I would like to thank you for your intelligent and wise analysis of Armenia and our real friend Russia. Even a child knows that without Russia Armenia will be swallowed by our enemies and the imperialists.

    Thank you, Mr. Amirian. Armenian sectarians do nothing more than nod "yes" against Armenian rights. Remember the people of the Soviet Union? After offering more than 20 million victims during the Second World War, they began to win the most Olympic medals. Yuri Gagarin was the first astronaut in orbit. In folk dance, chess championships, classical music, ballet and orchestras, the most popular authors came from the Soviet Union. The United States and the West couldn't take it anymore. They had to bribe many of these Soviet musicians and chess players not to return to the Soviet Union after triumphal performances in the United States or in other Western countries. It's a chain with no end. The United States and the Western countries did everything in their power to destroy the Soviet Union.

    Look now at the poverty in the United States and in Southern Europe. If, for example, tomorrow the Greek people start to demonstrate against their impoverished condition, Europe will lend Greece billions of Euros knowing that Greece can never pay these billions back. These same imperialists destroyed the Soviet Union to create the European Union, which at the end will be a big failure. The United States and the Western countries also successfully bribed the Armenian leaders to destroy the Soviet Union, the capital of civilization. And even after 99 long years they refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Nowadays we need strong political leaders with the courage of politicians such as Angela Merkel to crucify these so-called leaders of justice, freedom of speech, and human rights.

    If the survivors of the Armenian Genocide couldn't witness justice, their children and grandchildren will not either because of the above betrayers. Let the United States and the Western countries GO TO HELL.

    The Armenian people are badly in need of  intellectuals like you, Mr. Amirian. People who know the difference between friend and enemy, what's good and what's bad, and how to appreciate our Russia friends.

    Thank you Russian people. Thank you Jesus that we still have Armenians like Mr. Nerses Amirian.

    Yours faithfully,

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian   

  • Historic Reception in Romania By Meguerditch H. Bouldoukian
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    Congratulations, Hamo. I hope to see you meet other prominent personalities of Kurdistan, after our first visit to Ambassador Omer Birzinji. His stay in Lebanon was too short.

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Serj
    23 weeks 4 days ago


    You are right on the dot. According to the Turkish  "SUN "  theory, everything and everybody has a Turkish origin.

  • What the Turks Can Do for 2015 By Dedeyan Aline
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Raffi Bedrossian,

    Your article and thoughts are wonderfully embedded in optimism and hope concerning the Genocide of Armenians. However, present-day reality is as far as it could be from your anticipations. The Erdogan government, with its Azeri ally, will in no way recognize the Genocide and the status of Nagorno-Karabakh.  Instead, you will see negationist propaganda all over the international community and parts of the world where Diaspora Armenians are strong and institutionalized. The goodwill of some innocent parliamentarians cannot turn into the official political stand of states. I wish Toronto would keep abreast of the Council of Human Rights and General Assembly meetings, reports and resolutions of the UN and finally consider taking steps to appeal to the International lawyers and courts.

    Alin Dedeyan


  • Important Turkish Voice By Garabedian Marcel Krikor
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    C'est courageux de la Part de Mr Cemal de reconnaitre les crimes qui sont dus sur ordres de son geniteur mais connaissant les fouberies a la Turque de son pays je me demande si cela n'est pas fait pour faire dispersion dans le milieu Armenien ? Et pourquoi avoir attendu presque 1 siecle pour denoncer les crimes de son pays envers les Armeniens?

    Moi pour etre convaincu j'aimerais qu'il y est beaucoup de gens comme Mr Cemal qui proclameraient que la justice soit faite sur ce genocide et de dedommager  les descendants des rescapes du genocide et que leurs territoires leurs soient restitués ; Cette evalution resterait a l'appreciation d'experts Armeniens pour chiffrer les montants des dedommageants de chaque Armenien du monde entier ayant etes victimes du genocide ; Deja il faudrait que la Turquie reconnaisse son genocide elle ne peut pas trainer derriere elle pendant des siecles les cadavres de 1 500 000 victimes.

    Je pense qu'acctuellement en Turquie la nouvelle genération qui a poursuivis de longues etudes sur le passé de leurs pays, doivent aussi vouloir se defaire de ce boulet qui traine leurs pays dans la boue vis a vis des pays civilisés ; Moi pour mon compte personnel j'ouvre mes bras aux ames de bonnes volontés Turques pour retrouver l'amitié et l'enttente de nos 2 pays comme elle se trouvé avant 1915;ma bouteille est jeté a la mer voyons voir si elle echouera vers le bosphore entre des mains de justice et de paix.

  • Important Turkish Voice By Gaytzag Palandjian
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    Of course Cemal (Jemal Pasha´s grandson) would not pronounce "Western Armenia". He mentions Anadolu or East Turkey. Understand this, please. While he pities us and expresses solace, etc., he cannot give up his being a Turk. That's what he is. You should understand that.

    Before anything and all the rhetoric, he, Taner Akcam or Ayse Gunaysu should preach in Turkey about what Turkey did to us, since we  know better than them what their countrymen did do us. Tell them very politely. Like Hrant Dink did, sacrificing his life for the unrelenting countrymen of theirs.

    Hasgtsoghin shad parev.

  • Ժամանակն է Ձերբազատուելու By Gaytzag Palandjian
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    I wish I had the time to write back to him in Armenian. English is quick; Armenian is the language, according to a friend, now for poetry, alas.

    So here it goes. You plus a dozen or more publications and writers always write about our shortcomings and that we should get rid of these. You do not  tell us what  to do. I do. Yet this site and other Armenian newspapers or sites do not publish my words, except perhaps the "Armenian Weekly" but with reservations.

    Time to show us what to do. Like I do.

    Ask Mr. Abrahamian, owner/editor of this site, who does not publish my guidelines, in which I write as WE. Meaning including me. I am ready to sacrifice myself for the objective; not just show what to do.  

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Max Galstaun
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    People take to the net with fake names (for example Dr. Debnat?) to write rubbish about real people. What a sad world we live in when lunatics are able to write a few sentences!

    Since the whole world knows my names, what is the problem? And, of course, "Debnat" the blackmailer (he has tried to blackmail me with false statements to make me shut up) has no evidence about this "making false cases" assertion. 

    C'mon Susan, Sunil, and the cohort of priests: stop using the net to show the world you are a bunch of cowards.  

  • Important Turkish Voice By Gerard Paraghamian
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    Never trust a Turk or his words. I have been to Turkey. I'll never forget the diabolic look in their eyes.

  • Russia, Our Best Friend By GT
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Nerses,

    I am sorry to tell you that your article is full of emotional statements which are far from being politically accurate. There is no such thing as friendship of nations or Christian solidarity or whatever you want to see in Russia and Armenia relations. As long as our interests coincide, Armenia is "protected". In fact, Russia need a foothold on Armenian territory to advance its geopolitical agenda. When it fails, Moscow will abandon Armenia, as it did at the beginning of the 20th century. 

  • Changing RoA's Name By Samuel Amadouni
    23 weeks 4 days ago
    It's unacceptable that almost 1,000 people have viewed this poll, yet only a few of them actually voted. Is it an Armenian thing to 'hide behind a curtain' and just watch others or are you scared to express your opinion?  
    Voting is anonymous, nobody will know who you are or what you voted for.
    Have your say people!!
  • Changing RoA's Name By Gaytzag Palandjian
    23 weeks 4 days ago

    Saro, it is another matter if the movement already begun in Paris (Western Armenian Parliament or National Parliament) considers  the name "Western Armenian Supreme Council", as I suggested to its founding members. They later changed it to Western Armenian  National Council. Much better indeed.

    We do have  a  parliament in the Republic  of Armenia. However, those who are remnants of the Genocide  are  the children and grandchildren of those who survived.

    I am all for it since  it is certainly more representative of its nature and the heirs of those who survived can now join and have their say in an important mission, which we all know is DEMAND  OF JUSTICE.

    I trust  many will by and by adhere to it. It certainly behooves all of our establishments to consider the said suggestion . The WANC  ought to review this.  I ¨suggest¨ its admissibility  of dual  membership in its  rank and file, thus  gaining  momentum to forge  ahead.

  • Changing RoA's Name By Saro
    23 weeks 4 days ago
    Changing the name of the Republic of Armenia to Eastern Armenia would be ridiculous because if there is an Eastern Armenian then where is Western Armenia? You and I know where it is, but internationally it will look weird and perhaps unacceptable.
    It's not professional and politically correct to send subliminal messages like that.
  • Հայաստանեաց Եկեղեցին Պատանդ Է - 9 By Vosgan Mekhitarian
    23 weeks 5 days ago

    The Anglican Church passed a motion favoring women's ordination in 1975, but it was till 1992 that the vote to permit the ordination of women was passed. On March12, 1994, the first 32 women were ordained as Church of England priests. However, to pass the measure, a compromise was struck with those members of the Church opposed to the ministry of women. Parishes opposed could choose to be ministered by a male alternative.

    Today women make up a third of the Anglican clergy in England. To many of the defeated lobbyists, the latest vote on women bishops leaves the Church open to ridicule, as they claim it puts the Church at odds with wider society in terms of equal opportunity for women.

    Ireland and Scotland both allow female bishops, though none have been elected yet. Wales, like England, allows women to be deacons and priests but not bishops.The first female bishop ordained in the Anglican Communion was Barbara Harris in 1989. Her ordination as Suffragan Bishop for Massachusetts, in the U.S, caused outrage among conservative Episcopalians (another name for Anglicans) but since then over a dozen women have been elected to the episcopate in America.

    In 2006 the Episcopalian Church in the United States became the first province of the Anglican Communion to elect a woman in the role of Primate, the Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori. The Church's position on female ordination has seen as both a religious matter and a wider statement on the rights of women in society.

  • Khojali "Genocide" Baku Fabrication By Armen
    23 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear Samir,

    Obviously, you are not very good at math. I understand that you have bitter feelings, but please try to use simple logic which will help you see clearly how the "truth" which you know is distorted and which disseminates ONLY hatred.

    Who is going to benefit from this hatred, you might ask? and since you are asking questions "why would anyone want to kill his own people?". 

    I have another question, but let's start from clarifying a simple one. You claim that NKR's 20-25% of population was expelled. You say "the obvious fact is that 500,000 to one-million people were expelled" and it's juxtaposed in such a way with the next sentence that it gives the impression of people expelled from Nagorno-Karabagh. If this 500,000 to one million people were 20-25% of the population then what was the total population of NKR before the war? I leave the answer to this question to you to find out from your sources. In the age of Internet it's not hard to find unbiased information, unless you have a hidden agenda.

    In all cases, I assure you that the numbers are not important for us. Each Azeri, Armenian, Turk, Kurd or Talish is a human being and equally valued. Each person killed on the basis of nationality is equally tragic for us. Please keep in mind that we are mourning for the loss of each life because each casualty is pushing us further apart from understanding one other.   

    At any rate the population of NKR, with its neighboring regions, did not exceed 200,000. More than 75% were Armenian.  



  • Festival of Falsehoods By Aharon Shekerdemian
    23 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear  Colleague, 

    Allow  me to introduce myself. My  name is Aharon Shekerdemian. My father was a survivor of the Genocide of the Armenians. For many years I was editor-in-chief of the "Ararad" Armenian-language daily in Beirut. After my resignation from that newspaper last August, I established the trilingual "yerepouni-news.com" website.

    As a journalist I follow the news from Turkey. Yesterday, on «Hurriyet»  daily,  I read your "Armenian Diaspora and the Memory of 205 Ottoman Turks in Canada".  There is nothing wrong with commemorating the memory of  people. The problem is Turkey's denial of the Genocide of Armenians. As long as the Turkish government denies the culpability of its predecessor government (the  Ottoman Empire) and refuses to compensate to the heirs of the victims, the Armenians and their friends will continue their commemorations and seek global public support for their just cause. One must not forget the past: to  forget the past is to invite the repetition of past wrongs.

    Dear Colleague, the evidence for the reality of the Genocide is too extensive to compress in a short statement. The vast evidence is overwhelming. Needless to say, we have the testimony of the survivors and the evidence provided by non-Armenian missionaries who witnessed the Genocide in historic Armenia. American diplomats scattered throughout the area where the  Genocide was committed and German consular officials and military attaches (advisors to the Turkish army and  navy) provided documentary evidence [of the Ottoman crime], as well as the archives of Austrian and German governments (allies of the Ottoman  Empire), documents in the Russian, British, French government archives and US State Department.

    Finally, we have the records of the Turkish War Crime Trials, published recently. These records include the court-martial of the leading perpetrators of the Genocide, the evidence and verdicts, as well as a plethora of documentary proof in Turkish government archives and the memoirs of the leading executioners of the Genocide.

    To cap it, consider the "Black Book of Talaat Pasha". The pasha was the Ottoman minister of interior and one of the chief perpatrators of the Genocide. In his diary he kept a minute record of  the progress of the Genocide and the expulsion of the Armenians. What more evidence could you possibly ask? All credible scholars recognize the Genocide. The International  Association of Genocide Scholars passed a resolution a few  years ago reaffirming the reality of the Genocide and called on the governments of the world to acknowledge it. It would be very interesting to hear why Mr. Davutoglu calls Diaspora Armenians "Anatolian diaspora".

    Is it Turkish pride that motivates Turks to continue to deny the Genocide? To admit the  Genocide is to admit that their ancestors committed a wicked deed. It's to concede that the state and the people profited from the vast wealth taken from the Armenian victims and that the mythology maintained by the Turkish government, since 1923, is false. The present-day government in Ankara is the successor government to the Ottoman state and accordingly bears responsibility.

    Dear  Colleague, the real problem is whether Turkey is ready to come to terms with its past. It  would also wake up world opinion which is interested in justice for the victims of injustice and their progeny. There is no question that when a genocide  goes unpunished, it  makes future   perpetrators discount the possibility of being punished for their crimes. Thus genocides will be repeated. I wonder whether post-Genocide perpetrators of such crimes would have occurred if  the executors of the 20th century's first genocide had received their just punishment. Besides, many Turks believe that there was a Genocide of Armenians, and many are very sorry for it. Many Turks are demanding recognition as a first step toward bringing real democracy to  Turkey. Many Turks believe that Armenian Genocide recognition is the first step for an open, multicultural, free and democratic society in Turkey.


    Aharon  Shekerdemian

  • Vasily Grossman's Memoirs of Armenia By Phaedra Behrent, London
    23 weeks 6 days ago

    An enticing book-review which inspired me to order the said book instantly. Professor Pilikian expertly quotes parts of the book that hook the reader and make you want to read more. I wanted to know how Mr Grossman discovered himself as well as the ordinary Armenians. I wanted to get to know Arutyun and what had happened to him to make him appear so full of sadness. Professor Pilikian informs the reader that this book may inspire one to contemplate how it feels to be a person, a human being, and how reading Grossman's book will help one to connect with the first people on earth, the Armenians. How can anybody resist reading the book-in-review, after that overwhelming statement.

    I look forward to reading my own copy now of An Armenian Sketchbook.

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Perouz
    24 weeks 5 hours ago

    The Genocide of Armenians is recognized by twenty-one one countries, and a consensus by the International Association of Genocide Scholars was available long ago. The Turkish archives have been searched and documented by courageous writers like Taner Akcam. Information is available in university libraries and lectures around the world. My family history has been published by an M.A. student in Israel. Marsha Skrypuch and many others have written children's story books about the Genocide. So we can accurately say that one-hundred-years of Armenian Genocide research and documentation is easily available to everyone at any age or educational level.

    Please, let us stop talking about "dialogue" with the perpetrators. It is highly offensive to all of us whose butchered families were discarded like garbage on mountain roads or in deserts. There is nothing left to talk about. The talking is long done. Vahakn's clever response  to this article shows how ridiculous Turkish claims have become. The chatter for more chatter is a delay tactic used by the perpetrator. There is now a need for a stronger demand for justice.

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Dikran
    24 weeks 13 hours ago

    Dear Ms. Barçın Yinanç,

    Allow me to say that the content of your article is way off the truth. I think a good way to initiate "this dialogue" that you mention at the end of your article between Turkey and Armenians is to examine history in an objective way and not be carried by falsehoods that The Ittihad ve Terakki (CUP) leaders and subsequently Kemalist administrations perpetuated.

    Please check the response to your article of the author Marsha Skrypuch who is not an Armenian. Listen to the enlightened Turkish intellectuals including Cemal Pasha's grandson who recently was in Toronto participating in the commemoration of Hrant Dink's assassination's 7th anniversary.

    You may find many articles related to the subjects that you might be interested in  on www.keghart.com website.

    Dikran Abrahamian MD

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Allen Seager
    24 weeks 16 hours ago

    Don't know exactly where you are coming from on this issue but thanks for your interest in the legend (maybe-??-- cultivated by the present-day Turkish state) that significant numbers of travellers or immigrants from the old Ottoman Empire had found their way to Western Canada by 1914, so became snared into the Canadian government's wartime internment operations, and so played a role in building the National Parks under wartime labour regimes. 

    The ethnic diversity (and also differential treatment) of individuals classed as "Austrians" is by now well-known--my own PHd research, among other sources--has established that literally no Austrians were actually embroiled in Canada's internment operations in Western Canada. Same seems to have been true (in spades) of the "Turks"--wholly imagined participants in, let alone victims of, Western Canada's early development saga.  That said, it is important to note that a slender thread of immigration to Eastern Canada had been established, and that anyone living or travelling under Ottoman documents--for eg,  Armenians--was closely scrutinized. What (if any) security-related criteria were used in managing this group?

    Please send us relevant links.


  • Festival of Falsehoods By Vahakn
    24 weeks 1 day ago

    I am glad to see someone has finally revealed that the Turkish internees of WWI built Canada's Banff National Park. 

    When, oh, when will someone reveal that Niagara Falls was dug up by Turkish internees and that the Bay of Fundy was dug up by Turkish explorers who "discovered" Canada long before the arrival of the Vikings?

    For all I know, "Canada" might be an ancient Turkish word for fantasy.

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Serj
    24 weeks 3 days ago

    Hayorti, you are sooooo right. What did this research accomplish? Did it give us a new insight? Did it teach us something that we did not know?

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Perouz
    24 weeks 3 days ago

    Reply to Barcin Yinanc:

    "The response of the local municipality to the wish to mark the place with a plaque was positive at first, yet local authorities appear to be hesitating in backing this purely humanitarian initiative."

    My family of 32 women and children were butchered in a caravan of 970 that ended in Diyarbakir. I have a map drawn by a man whose area of expertise is mountain cartography. This map clearly shows the mountain roads, the desert areas, and wild forest this caravan of small children, women, and elderly were forced to travel on. I know which villages were exiled together in this one caravan. I know the names of many of the murdered. I know where women were held all night and gang-raped and then butchered in the morning; their bodies thrown on the side of mountain roads like used toilet paper.

    Since Turkey is so interested in putting up plaques, let's first start with at least a plaque marking this one caravan route, and then move on to the others. I challenge Turkey to engage in "this purely humanitarian initiative," that you are whining about for the Alevis. Don't run around the world looking for places to put up plaques. I can help you. I have a standing offer—I'll show Turkey the road where the bodies from this one caravan of 970 of their own helpless citizens were left. I'll give Turkey a list of names to put on the plaque. No lokum, no dolma, free of charge, anytime.

    Reply to Marsha Skrypuch's comment:                                                                                               

    People who are alive today did not commit it [the Genocide of Armenians], but because of their continual denial there can never be healing between Turks and Armenians.

    Volumes of research are available on the continuing effects of genocide. Consensus was reached long ago by eminent scholars that denial perpetuates the genocide. The summation of research is too lengthy to go into here, but is readily available, and Turkish scholars are well aware of it. Some, like Taner Akcam have contributed to the massive research. The young woman writing this article is just a wanna-be journalist mouthing the official party line. If she says anything differently, she loses her entry-level job. She has no supportive evidence, so is not able to formulate a cohesive argument in defense of the party line.

    Acknowledgment is just a start. The Genocide does not begin to end until we have justice. And justice is much more than a whimpered "sorry."

    Are Turks who are alive today complicit? Yes. Because they continue to eat the proceeds of the confiscated wealth of the Armenians; because they continue to live on confiscated lands; because a civilized world does not accept the denial of the brutal murder of almost two million of your own subjects.

    I remain ready to help with the installation of as many plaques on mountain roads and in deserts as the Turks are willing to put up.

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Nicolai Romashuk
    24 weeks 3 days ago

    I can only say to Marsha Skrypuch that I am very grateful for her perfect, correct and complete explanation.


    Thank you and God bless you.

    Regarding the word "Genocide", I see it as a synonym to "the murder of a nation".
    Before Rafael Lemkin coined the word "genocide" in 1943, authorities used synonyms such as the "murder of the Armenian Nation" or the "murder of the Armenian Race", etc. instead of Armenian Genocide.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian

    The Netherlands

  • Festival of Falsehoods By Harry Mardirossian
    24 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Marsha,

    I am impressed with the degree of detail you have provided for the rebuttal 
    of Barcin Yinanc's article.

    As a son of Genocide survivors, the minimum I expect after a period of almost two lifetimes of denial is humane sincerity.

    All members of the Turkish government are rigorously trained to take advantage of any opportunity available to them, in particular in the media, repeating the ridiculous lies in this revolutionized  information age.

    Thus, at this juncture, as a minimum gesture, the Turkish government must stop its traditional stance and impose a moratorium on its denial machine during the 440 days and 16 hours to the Centennial countdown before any trust is developed between them and the world of truth.

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Nicolai Romashuk
    24 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear Varujan,

    It's a tragedy to see how Armenians wait for a chance to throw mud on their president, spiritual leaders or other national leaders. When the fox can't reach the grape, it says the grape is sour. Most people know it is a big lie that our president paid $180,000 for health spa treatment in South Korea. It is not the only slander addressed toward our president. There are many people who are jealous of him. Thus you can see the resulting back-biting.

    One of the Ten Commandments says, "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor." Another commandment says, "You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor."
    Please keep silent: "speech is silver; silence is golden," says the proverb.

    Let's say that the parrots are repeating the truth. In that case, it would mean that every inhabitant of Armenia paid one dollar for the healthcare of our strong president. If you think that a good and a strong president does not deserve that, the choice is yours. Incidentally, what happened in South Korea is not our business.

    Yours faithfully,

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian 

  • The First Volley By Mesrob
    25 weeks 4 hours ago

    Thank you for the editorial. Turkey has already tossed the second volley: Osman Mayatebek, the grandson of Enver Pasha, recently repeated Akyol's words in the "Hurriyet" newspaper.

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Varujan
    25 weeks 4 hours ago

    Looks like our "strong president" will now be even stronger after the $180,000 health spa treatment he received in South Korea. Starving Armenians who one way or another paid for this trip are actually extremely proud. I suggest, we in the Diaspora, should create a special fund. Our presidents (apparently Arkadi was there, too) and all high-ranking officials who have contributed so much to Armenia over the last 20 years, should be able to go to South Korea every year to become stronger. And for Volodya Avetisyan, who is in jail with cooked-up charges for trying to fight for the rights of homeless azatamartiks, tough luck. 

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Nicolai Romashuk
    25 weeks 2 days ago

    I would like to thank the Kololian Foundation of Toronto for sponsoring the research about the "Depopulation Crisis in Armenia". It's done professionally and gives a clear explanation about the reasons for the depopulation of our homeland.

    If we look into the mirror we will realize that we are all immigrants or the children and grandchildren of immigrants. If we ask the mirror, "Why did our ancestors or we emigrate, the answer will be "for a bright future" for ourselves and for our children, to give them a better future.

    Our homeland, Armenia, is economically not strong enough to support its population and provide all its citizens with well-paying jobs. The people are aware of the problems; so it's normal that they try to find a way out of the difficult situation and emigrate. The result of emigration is depopulation, right?

    Let's accept that today we have too many enemies, next to the Turkish and Azeri authorities our major enemies are the Christian superpowers who have sold their soul to the devil. The countries which are supporting us are our Communist friends (China for example) and our Christian friends (Russia for example).

    Corruption and oligarchs are present in every country, under different names. Take a look at the fall of the banks in the U.S, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, The Netherlands, etc. Billions and trillions disappeared like vapor. Various Black Mondays have bankrupted countless businesses; businessmen have lost everything. God Bless them.

    My dear Armenian compatriots, I give up. I don't trust these so-called Christian superpower imperialists. I am very upset, demoralized, and hurt. Let's wake up; let's leave everything behind because all belongs to our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


    Before it's too late... as long as we have a strong president such as Serge Sargsyan, and true friends such as China and Russia.





    Yours faithfully,

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    The Netherlands


  • Think Tanks and Septic Tanks By Keghart
    25 weeks 3 days ago

    Erratum: The Zoryan Institute is the brain-child of Jirair Libaridian, who realized it with co-founders Garbis Kortian and Greg Sarkissian. Mr. Sarkissian has been a staunch financial supporter from the beginning, and has served for many years as the institute's president.--Editor

  • Ցեղասպանության Զոհերու Սրբացման Հարցը By Vahe
    25 weeks 3 days ago

    I find it very odd that the Armenian Apostolic Church entertains the notion of sanctifying the Armenian Genocide victims; in short, declaring them saints, instead of the Church outright calling the perpetrators of their killing as evil.

    I believe their sanctification will demean the reality that these ordinary men and women were outright victims of a state's heinous crime--unprecedented in its brutality and intent--not only to kill a segment of its law-abiding citizens but also usurp all they owned by the sweat of their labors.

  • Ցեղասպանության Զոհերու Սրբացման Հարցը By Վահէ
    25 weeks 3 days ago

    Հայոց ցեղասպանութեան ցոհերը սրբացնելու մտայնութիւնը ոչ թէ միայն կը զարմացնէ զիս, այլ կը մտահոգէ քանի որ անոնց «սրբւթիւնը» իրենց անմեղ զոհեր ըլլալու իրողութիւնը պիտի նուացեգնէ, որքան որ ալ տարօրինակ է վայրաքաբար սպաննուած սովորական մարդոց ջանալ սրբացնել փոխանակ անոնց սպաննողները եկեղեցին ոճրագործներ հռչակելու:


  • Genius With Words By Daniel Sagherian
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    The Pangalti Armenian Cemetery is on the European side too (so is Taksim, Gezi Park...)! The Iskudar Cemetery is on the Asian side of Istanbul!

  • Famous Armenians…Insufficiently Verified By Armin
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank YOU very much for this information; it has been very useful .

  • The First Volley By Stepan
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    The commentary is an excellent message for all Armenians. It is our responsibility, as the inheritors of the Armenian nation, to remain informed and to use this knowledge for the interests of the Armenian people. We must counter lies with energy, intelligence and long term commitment. The truth will prevail if each of us does our part. None of,us can contribute with emotion.... Educate yourself and be active.

  • Խառնիճաղանճ՝ Խօսակցական Լեզուին Մէջ By Յարութ Մարտիրոսեան
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    Այս ակնարկը տեղին է, սակայն ժամանակի տեսակէտով նահանջի այս տեղատուութեան մէջ արդէն վնասները անվերադառնալի  կը մնան: Արեւմտահայերէնի պարագային ափսոս, որ անոր ապահովումը ու աճը պայմանաւորուած է մեր գաղութերու քաղաքական կայունութենէն՝ ուր որ ալ ըլլան անոնք:

    Ինծի համար առաւել մտահոգիչը արեւելահայերէնն է, որ ԻԲՐԵՒ ԹԷ ապահովուած է պետականութեամբ եւ սահմանադրական օրէնքով, սակայն առանց բացառութեան մեր Ոսկեղնիկը այնքան խառնուած է օտարութեամբ որ ահազանգային վիճակին ի տես անտարբերութեան քունը համակած է մեր լրատուական տպագրական եւ խօսակցական բոլոր արտայայտութիւնները:

    Նախագահ, վարչապետ, նախարարներ՝ յատկապէս Գիտութեան եւ Մշակոյթի մարզպետներ, քաղաքապետներ, բանակայիններ, արուեստագէտներ, գրագէտներ, լրատուներ, հարցազրոյց  վարողներ, համալսարանի դասախօսներ, վարակուած են յունալատին  ռուսացած  բառապաշարով այն աստիճան՝ որ նոյնիսկ անգլերէնի եւ ֆրանսերէնի գիտութիւնը հասկնալի չի դարձներ այս տարօրինակուած լեզուն ունկնդրողին:

    Որքան որ մեր պետականութեան սահմանային վտանգները պէտք ունին մեր Հայոց Բանակին պաշտպանութեան, մեր Ոսկեղնիկը  նոյնքան կարիքը ունի պետական լեզուական բանակին Զինուած Ուժերուն:

    Յարութ Մարտիրոսեան,  [email protected]


  • The First Volley By Hayorti
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    These are effective counter-punches to Turkish government lies regarding the Genocide. I hope Armenians take these facts into heart and use them, especially in the media, when Turkey leashes across the globe this and next year its denialist falsehoods.

  • Ցեղասպանության Զոհերու Սրբացման Հարցը By VTiger
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    Father Khrimian's birth date is 1820 and not 1892.
    Father Mouratpekian's birth date does not make sense.

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Hagop Nalbandian
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    Armenians are among the brightest people on the planet and do have answers to their problems.

    Technology is the perfect solution to Armenia's problems. It is not surprising that I have heard the proposal to "Singaporize Armenia" repeatedly, from professional economists and lay folk alike. As I said, Armenians tend to be bright.

    The "problem" is that the IT industry in Armenia is making double digits growth gains. That is a "problem" for whom exactly? Well, the ones who panic, the Jrrr Meliks who do not yet know how to milk such an industry and monopolize that as well. Hence the "surcharge" on IT companies of late.

    Who are these people exactly?  Zangi or Zrangi?

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Hagop Nalbandian
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    Let's face it: the fish smells from the top. Armenians also have a tendency to self-flagellate. 

    Let President Sargsyan look into the mirror and see the grim in himself. How well has he carried himself so far? How bright and sprite has he been in trying to enforce at least a semblance of civic order? The fact is that we keep on hearing the same tired song of "oligarch, corruption, protection rackets" and so on.

    The groundwork of domestic treason and civic suicide--laid down by Ter Petrossyan--is something that Sargsyan and entourage have felt very comfortable in, like good leather shoes with holes in the sole. 

    Let Sargsyan keep on uttering the words he does, and perhaps he can start living by those words once he sees what a sham his administration is and those of his predecessors have been.

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Hagop Nalbandian
    25 weeks 4 days ago

    Serzh Sargsyan is absolutely correct. However, he also displays the same attitude. A leader should attempt to build something for posterity. If he is capable of making such an astute and observant comment, perhaps he can stop seeing the Armenian state and nation as sinking ships to be sold, plundered and abandoned at the first sign of a water leak. He and his two predecessors, and their respective entourages of "Jrr Meliks" (refer to Mkhitar Sparapet) have been nothing but utter disappointments! 

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Vahakn
    25 weeks 5 days ago

    Thank you for your eloquent letter and for your passion for Armenia.

    However, an attitude doesn't come out of nowhere. The citizens of Armenia didn't one day all drink some water which overnight made them grim

    Despite what the president says, the grim attitude is a result of a bad economic situation, corruption (private and public), and government bureaucracy. Most people wouldn't be too eager to leave their homeland if there was the prospect of a decent life.

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Hagop Nalbandian
    25 weeks 5 days ago

    This posting caught my attention and especially the top quotes in the Report in question.  The most poignant one was uttered by the Republic of Armenia's President Sargssyan himself:

    "The greatest problem of our country is not with the people, is not with the corruption, and nor with the criminals; our country’s greatest problem is the grim attitude. This grim attitude must go. Help us to get rid of that attitude. It’s not the sole responsibility of the authorities. Emigration is predominantly the authorities’ problem but not solely, because people leave Armenia not, as it is often said, because of the shortage of justice or jobs. The core reason for emigration is this grim
    atmosphere, people don’t see light in the end of the tunnel, they have no hopes... What can I do, if there is no civil activity? Please help, I urge you all, let’s change this atmosphere..."

    Serzh Sargsyan, President of Armenia, March 2013"

    The President is absolutely on the mark with this comment, absolutely.  99% of the problem is the deafening loud defeatism and fatalism among ARmenians, and I would love to exterminate its source with whatever ideological memetic pesticide is available.

    It is precisely the attitude that is the problem.  I have heard time and again the reluctance, the actual reluctance to participate in commerce due to the charity being there, for example.  Indeed, I can imagine a small economy with monopolism can be stifling to entrepreneurship, but, truly, I have heard of situations where labor shortages were the case due to the reluctance to work! 

    Armenia has become a country where the interior decor of an individual unit in apartment building is simply impeccable and fresh, but the exterior of the building is reminiscent of an 1800 dilapidated Ottoman village.

  • Hrant Dink--Rational, Far-sighted Thinker By Mesrob
    26 weeks 5 hours ago

    To capitalize on Hrant Dink's assassination for political gain is naive and weak political and tactical strategy. Once again we are diverted from the real issues and once again we are given mental and psychological purgatory.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Joseph
    26 weeks 8 hours ago


    First of all God does not 'give' land. You are born into it. Secondly, the Jewish Kingdoms that ruled for thousand years took the land by force after wandering in the desert for 40 years (Exodus). It is sad but the truth is that the Israelites are a Homeless people due to their enslavement in Egypt where their whole Nation was born after Joseph invited his father and his brothers to come and live with him in Egypt. They multiplied exponentially, but when a cruel Pharaoh enslaved them, they eventually broke free with the guidance of Moses. They were promised a land, a land which was already inhabited. George how would it feel if God promised another family your house? I do not take sides in this matter, I am from Africa and we have a mountain of problems of our own. But facts are just facts. The Israelis have a right to Palestine just as the Palestinians, it just so happens that the Israelis left after the split (Abraham's two sons Ishmael and Isaac). Jacob who later became Israel after wrestling an angel  is from the line of Isaac. But any how all I am saying is that it is wrong how Isaac is treating Ishmael. They can coexist, but sadly, one brother wants to dominate.

  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Nicolai Romashuk
    26 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Mr. Gaytzag Palandjian,

    On the first place I deeply regret that you have decided not to write to me any more. I thought may be you could learn something as a result of our two way correspondence. I feel very sorry for you.

    For your information, I want to tell you three last things: a Dutchman, named Henk Sleebos--sorry for the dictation--lived somewhere in The Netherlands called Sint Pakras; in English it means Saint Pakras. He had a lot of influence on the atomic industry in The Netherlands, he was also the 15% share holder of the Turkish atomic industry "Gunuz Sire". Because of the logistic help of this Turkish atomic industry and the Dutch industrial of the Urenco and the share holder of "Gunuz Sire" Henk Sleebos, Pakistan completed its atomic bomb dreams..

    On the second place, I was glad to hear that you have seen the film "Dr. Zhivago". If you have not yet been in Hollywood, I will pray for you, that one day you will have the chance to pay a visit to the Hollywood film industries and that all your dreams will become true and you will come to know that Stalin was not from a Russian origin. The Russian people are much too much civilized to commit big crimes, the Indians tell you more about history.

    By this occasion, the last thing that I want to tell you is, if you are insisting that I mentioned a book about 109 Armenian heroes, my advice to you is that you are in need of urgent help, Dr. Phil?

    God Bless You.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian


  • «Նահանջը Առանց Երգի» Վէպի Թարգմանութեան Առիթով By Astrid Arsenian
    26 weeks 1 day ago

    Look at ancient maps and you will see there was no Azerbaijan; no other lands other than Great Armenia in that region.

    In 1915 my two huge Ehramjian families and other near-families were violently killed. All their lives they had dreamt of living free of Turkish slavery.

    Turks committed genocide against my people because they saw the dawning of freedom all over the world.  Turks believed Armenians should stay slaves or be killed.

    Because of the Genocide of 1915 to this day I and my family are suffering. We are being "genocided" every second of our lives.

    Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) and Western Armenia are not Turkish. They belong to Armenians.

    We are going to get our lands back through peace. Remember my Words. They are the words of Jesus.

    But first of all it is respect which every massacred, raped, beaten, burned Christian Armenian is entitled to.

    Remember the Treaty of Lausanne? Unfortunately, my uncle Haykaz Ehramjian was killed in 1941 and is an unknown soldier, but Jews of today deny my pain and don't recognize the Genocide of Armenians.

    The Lord will take His revenge. This is what I pray for.

  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Gaytzag Palandjian
    26 weeks 3 days ago

    Me siding with the Nazis? Are you joking?

    Yes, indeed the Soviet Union lost 20 million people in WWII. Part of it was by Stalin who banished many millions to work and die in the goulags--remember "Dr. Zhivago"?

    It is a myth that Russia has helped Armenia. Pray tell as to my first post...when in Kars, they abandoned  us. In Nagorno-Karapagh they sided with the Omon forces of Axerbeijan. Recently they were arming the latter more than did Armenia. To Armenia a few hundred million dollars in arms, to Axerbeijan billions worth of military hardware. For what? To fight back Russia?

    You mentioned a book re the 109 Armenian heroes who fought in the Soviet army. I was assigned by the president of the French Resistance of Armenian origin to have the book translated into  Armenian, which I partially did through the French Lycee in Yerevan. I was invited to assist at Mont Valerien on the 40th Anniversary of  Fusilation of Misak Manouchian and his famous group ¨L´afiche Rouge¨.

    This will be my last post to you since you twist everything and then near dub me a Nazi or a sympathizer.


  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By Vahe
    26 weeks 3 days ago


    In fairness to William Saroyan, he has never advocated creating a new Armenia, at least not in his actual poster relevant quote.

    His has been enjoyment in the company of an Armenian friend as the two mock the big ideas of the world in a beer parlor, surely as they sip a cold beer.

  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Nicolai Romashuk
    26 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Mr. Gaytzag Palandjian,

    1. Most of the foreign fighters who fought against our army were getting paid for it.
    2.  Urenco and Stork companies have joint venture uranium-enrichment factories in Turkey. Turkey has delivered to Pakistan such nuclear technology as aluminum castings, dynamos, etc. The name of the Turkish company is E.T.I. The major Pakistani figure responsible for the development of Pakistan's atomic bomb is A.Q. Khan.
    3. "Business as usual". Yes, the Azeris will never be able to use these weapons because they don't have the know-how. The Russians have repeatedly said that the Artsakh problem must be solved through peaceful means.
    4. I hope you will also cherish Armenia's Medzamor nuclear power plant, the National Library and many other valuable  constructions such as the Yerevan Square.
    5. With a lot of respect to Vartan Oskanian, politics is politics. When a woman loves two men and says to both that she loves them, you can call it politics, betrayal or anything you like. We were raised with the saying "a good neighbor is much desirable to a friend who lives far away".
    6. Armenia's mines. Allow me to remind you of the blood diamonds, slavery, etc.
    7. I said that very few foreign presidents have laid wreaths at Dzidzernagapert. We do respect Hillary Clinton for laying a wreath and for showing  respect to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.  Let's not forget that it a was personal gesture and not an official decision on behalf of the American government. Besides, she was not a US president. I hope that one day she will become president. Vladimir Putin was and is the president of the Russian Federation.

    Of course, we are very thankful to the American government for its financial support of our country, but by not recognizing the Armenian  Genocide it is also responsible for the poverty in Armenia. I disagree with you strongly for not being thankful to the Russians and the Soviet Union for their granting many years of peace to us .

    The Soviet Union lost more than 20 million of its citizens in WWII when Armenia was part of the Soviet Union. Upon my request and with the permission of our President Serzh Sarkissian, Suzanne Shahinian directed a documentary about WWII Armenian military casualties. Unfortunately,  may be you are siding with the Nazis.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Dave Makkar
    26 weeks 4 days ago

    India, which used to be called Bharat according to Biblical times, used to comprise Afghanistan, Burma (Mynmar) Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Tibet (China). So according to butcher Zionists occupying Palestine, Hindus of India around the world must reclaim these countries to make one Bharat. Hindus must butcher all those who do not agree with them.

    Shame on America and all those brain paralyzed racists around the world who call Jews the Chosen People of God. How come the enemy of humanity can be the chosen people of world? These so-called chosen people of God have converted America into a Zionist colony which is much bigger than Palestine. What more do they need now?

    Mahatma Gandhi (Nov. 1938) rejected the claims of Zionist for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Gandhi asserted: "My sympathy does not blind me to the requirements of justice. The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much appeal to me. The sanction for it is sought in the Bible and in the tenacity with which the Jews have hankered after their return to Palestine. Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?"

    Gandhi thus questioned the very foundational logic of political Zionism. He  rejected the idea of a Jewish State in the Promised Land by pointing out that the "Palestine of the Biblical conception is not a geographical tract."

  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By Harut Der-Tavitian
    26 weeks 5 days ago

    For many years I have displayed Saroyan's quote in my office, along with photos of Ararat, David of Sassoun, the St. Cross Church of Aghtamar, Sardarabad and a few others. I don't intend to tuck it away, despite having some reservations. First of all, we should not forget that the quote dates back to 1936, when we were still coming out of misery. So, from that background, we have come a long way and that's one point I bring to the attention of those who inquire about the plaque. The major reservation I have, however, is with the last sentence, "For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a new Armenia". Until a few years ago, I took it as a complement, an expression of nationalism. However, in view of Armenia's depopulation, I realized that we have been deceiving ourselves. We have been creating so many illusionary Armenias around the world that we are on the verge of losing the real one. Saroyan's quote should be reinterpreted as a call for action to strengthen age-old Armenia, in the spirit of David of Sassoun and Sardarabad.

  • Hrant Dink--Rational, Far-sighted Thinker By Garabed
    26 weeks 5 days ago

    It’s time that we see more such articles analyzing in depth what Hrant Dink stood for along with eulogizing him. Undoubtedly he was a unique, charismatic and genuinely likeable individual. He reached unimaginable social heights for someone who came from an Armenian orphanage where he met the love of his life. He may be the only Armenian “orphan” whom Armenians and many Turks revered as a grown-up person.

    His views about Armenian-Turkish relations are not publically known well, nor seriously discussed. Admitting that I don't know him well, the following are my views of the man: I remain under the impression that he advocated outright and unconditional dialogue with Turks. He was someone who did not see any contradiction between being a good Armenian by birth and upbringing and a good Turk by citizenship. Past Turkish atrocities did not cloud his views of present-day Turkish society. He advocated coming to terms with Turkish history as a good Turkish citizen as much as an Armenian. He positioned himself against the infamous Turkish article 301 as a Turk as much as an Armenian. He appreciated the good in both.

    In upholding his memory, I remain under the impression that we are more content to perpetuate the memory of the horrid reality of his assassination as the modern-day 1,500,001th Genocide Victim more than analyzing the merits of what he stood for.

  • State Governance By Ted
    27 weeks 1 hour ago

    Maybe the question posed should be whether civic groups "should" make a difference rather than "can" civic groups make a difference. Some groups like Armenian Technological Group have been very positive. Others, through their own agendas, have been extremely divisive. Self-restraint needs to be exercised by certain groups.

  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By Vahe
    27 weeks 1 day ago

    I purchased the plaque inscribed with the Saroyan quote well over a decade ago, but the merit of that inscription remains a lingering thought. I take the liberty of sharing it with Keghart readers.

    I read Saroyan’s original text for the very first time thanks to C.K. Garabed’s comment. It is obvious that the inscription on the plaque is not only sanitized but also altered. I also read Zaven Khanjian’s article for the very first time.

    It is hard to accept that Saroyan alleges “the productive meeting of two Armenians did not hinge on the chronological proximity of an event like the Genocide”. His quote is dated twenty years (1935) after the Genocide and on the eve of what would be another catastrophic event--the Second World War. Saroyan references Genocide outright and hypothesizes “Let us say that it is again 1915. There is war in the world”.

  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Gaytzag Palandjian
    27 weeks 3 days ago

    Mr. Romashuk,
    I will reply one by one to your  queries and/or defensive utterances.
    1.Your reference to my Russian soldiers fighting alongside Omon Turk-Tatar forces is absurd. Russian soldiers (Soviet then) were not mercenaries.The latter were Afghan Mujaheeds, Chechens and some such.
    2. I quote your ¨Turkey helps other countries with nuclear technology¨. You must be either dreaming or sending best wishes to Turkey. Turkey has  nuclear technology?
    3.¨Business as usual¨ (your words for Russia). If so, you are confirming what I wrote.
    4. Arpa Sevan and Dzidzernakapert neglected by me plus a dozen intellectuals, you said. I cherish them all.
    5.As to former Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian, he initiated the complementarian (so to speak) diplomacy to steer Armenia away from siding with one or the other powers.

    6.The Minerals  that Armenia ,in extension the Armenian people posess ,will be  mined and made use  of by more competent leaders,soon,hopefully.
    7.As to laying wreaths at the Tzitzernakapert  Monument to our martyrs mutilated and butchered by genocide state,many Western leaders and Eastern ones  have also done so. Some do it without pomp(like FM-read,secretary  of state Hillary Clinton-and many others.Time is nearing when both U.K. and USA will officially recognize  the Armenian Genocide ,do  not worry about  that. BTW. America,i.e.,USA, has so far  given as  aid to RA  over TWO billion dollars,what  has the ex-soviet  union  country  Russia given,other than taking over  huge factory in Armenia , because latter  owed a paltry  120 million dollars to Russia.
    Near forgot  ,the Ten or I hear it may exceed to become   TWENTY  billion dollars  CREDIT  that pres.Putin  has decided to extend to Turkey is money  in equipment(same  thing)plus  technology and trained  technicians to set that  up.Turks familiar  with nuclear Technology??? this indeed  is very QUESTIONALBE.I let  others explain to you  how  far advanced  Turks are  in technologies....
    The Rug (orphans) to be  displayed and/or Soghanalian affair.
    These are  small change.Think of over 200,000 Armenian  soldiers who gave their lives in defense of the Hairenakan(patriotic) WWII,plus  some more in other allied  forces.

  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By Sam
    27 weeks 3 days ago
    In the Armenian Reporter link mentioned above, there is the following paragraph that says a lot:

    "....Was the poster wording not quite a faithful reproduction of the original? Yes. But was the spirit of Saroyan's idea compromised by the poster version? Not at all. It is clear to me that whereas it was indisputably wrong to tweak Saroyan's original text, it was done only with the intention of making it even more powerful by the inclusion of the word "Armenia," and also securing non-time-specific resonance to the author's image. Within this context, Nakashian had thought that mention of the beer parlor was not a critical component of the image, and that the productive meeting of two Armenians did not hinge on the chronological proximity of an event like the Genocide."
  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    27 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Sir,

    I read your comment with a lot of tears in my eyes. The mines you mentioned will not make our country independent. In Africa they also have diamond mines but many call them "blood diamonds". Some Arab countries have huge oil fields but not the technology to become free and independent. We don't have the technology either. It's baseless to say that Russia helped the Tatar-Azeris to fight our freedom fighters. These troops were fighting our freedom fighters for money. It's true that Russia sold arms for billions of dollars to Azerbaijan. That's business as usual.

    The Azeris will never be able to use these weapons because of their lack of know-how. Regarding Turkey, please take into consideration that Turkey is helping other countries with nuclear technology. Pakistan is one example. Besides, if the Russians do not build it, the French or other powers will be glad to build a nuclear power plant for Turkey. The Russians can't afford to let other powers steal the cheese from their bread.

    I felt also very sorry seeing you compare the Bolsheviks with the Soviet Union. Why are you trying to neglect the Dsidsernagapert, Arpa Sevan and all our intellectuals like Mikoyans, Lazarians, Viktor Hampartsumian, Aram Khachaturian, Tatoul Altunian etc. Can't you see that a century after the Armenian Genocide, the United States and the other "Christian" super-powers not only do not recognize the Armenian Genocide but they are not even allowing the display of the rugs knitted by our orphans of the Genocide.

    You also mentioned also Vartan Oskanian. I respect all our politicians, but the first Armenian refugees who fled Armenia and whom I welcomed in Europe fled Armenia at the time of Ter Petrossian, Raffi Hovhannisian, Vartan Oskanian, etc. One person who possibly could have stopped the immigration from Armenia, Vazken Sarksian, we killed him with our hands. We can´t blame the Turks or the Azeris for that.

    I agree with you that Gorbachev was late to reach the Armenians in need in Sumgait and Baku. If it was miscalculation or purposely done, it´s up to God to judge him.

    If you have the chance to read Melkon Gurjian´s "Bantookhdi Gyanken", grab it with both hands. You will then come to know more about Armenia before the Soviet Union.

    When the Armenian-American arms dealer--the late Soghanalian--sold tanks to Saddam Hussein to confront the Americans, the US asked Soghanalian why did he sell the tanks. His answer was: "If I hadn´t done it, then someone else would have done it."

    How many foreign presidents have you seen placing a wreath the Dzidzernagapert Monument in memoriam of the Armenian Genocide cictims? President Putin DID IT. He has the guts.

    Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian 

  • European Court of Human Rights' Rogue Decision By Vahe
    27 weeks 4 days ago

    As a matter of principle, I am opposed to holding individuals who deny the Armenian Genocide or the Holocaust or those who believe in creationism as criminals. The crime is not in their utterances but in the tolerance of the public.  

    People who should be held at bay are those who oppose educating students or the public about historical facts. Laws should safeguard freedom of education and no legislation should be passed that entails wasting precious resources by persecuting misguided individuals.

  • Two Solitudes, Two Narratives By Garabed
    27 weeks 4 days ago

    If we were to take Newton’s third law that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, then it is the Turkish reaction that is the measure of the Armenian effectiveness. The former is substantial given the tremendous amount of monies and efforts the Turks spend supporting revision, if not outright denial of the Armenian Genocide.

  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Gaytzag Palandjian
    27 weeks 5 days ago

    You err Mr.Nicolai Rumashuk. Firstly, Armenia is rich in minerals: gold, bronze, molibdenum, etc.     
    Armenia does not have to be dependent on Mother Russia, to whom, you believe, we should bend over. Russia has betrayed Armenia a number of times.

    1. At Kars in 1917. They may say it was because of the Red Revolution etc. which has nothing to do with leaving the huge arms/munitions cache to Turks via an incompetent Russian officer, whom the Turks bribed. Also when Lenin thought/imagined that he could bribe the Turks with  gold and arms turning Mustafa Kemal's Turkey into a Soviet republic. He forgot ally Armenia.
    2. When Azeri Tatar-Turks butchered Armenians in Sumgait and Baku, Garbachov could have sent over huge Antonovs with Russian troops within 24  hours. But he delayed it intentionally for a whole week.
    3. Russia lent its troops to the OMON Tatar-Azeris to fight our freedom fighters.
    4. Russia recently sold $2 to $3 billion worth of modern armament to Axerbaijan.
    5. Russia recently promised to lend to Turkey $10 billion and technicians to build nuclear power stations in Turkey. It could have advanced the money to us to re-open dozen factories that were abandoned when the Soviet Union collapsed. Instead it pompously bestowed medals (not even gold) on the chests of a few Armenian veterans who fought in the Hairenakan War. That was the appreciation we got ... medals  only.
    Armenia can obtain gas from Iran. It was announced by an Iranian delegation which was in Armenia when Serge Sarksyan signed the deal with Putin.
    Armenia can copy the governance style of Switzerland. One of the Swiss laws orders that citizens who undergo training  in the army return home with their weapon ... just  in case some Hitler invades the country.
    One more thing. After four years of hard negotiations with the EU, the U-turn of  Sarksyan will not be easily swallowed. Armenia should follow the "complementarian" diplomacy that former minister  Vartan Oskanian set forth so as to be a sovereign  country.
    By the way, Zori Balayan should consider that whenever our kings have allied with a protagonist in the duel of empires, we  have  lost. We must be well-armed and depend on our own human and material resources. We need to re-organize in Diaspora and through our magnates form the nucleus of a national investment trust fund and start repatriation to the RoA and Artsakh NOW.

  • Canadian Turks Should Condemn, Not Condone, Genocide Denial By Gary
    27 weeks 6 days ago

    Despite overwhelming documentation by international scholars, the Turkish denial machine continues to deploy falsehoods, innuendo, unsubstantiated accusations and revisionist historical discourse to promote its unique version of history. It has borrowed the methods of the old tobacco lobby which claimed there was lack of scientific consensus on smoking, and has even hired some of the same American lobbying firms. 

    Genocide denial plays upon our innate sense of fairness. It manipulates the lofty premise that every story has two sides that deserve equal hearing. Genocide denial succeeds by casting just enough confusion in the minds of well-intentioned third parties to cause some doubt about the reality of the Genocide. The deniers do not have to prove their allegations, only plant doubt, and then leave it to others to prove or disprove the facts, which most third parties do not have the expertise, time or patience to pursue.

    The importance of not succumbing to genocide denial is not only to preserve the memory of historical events, but also because truth is a way of paying our respects to the victims. Denial robs us of a portion of our humanity. Moreover, if genocides can be perpetrated and successfully denied, tyrants of the world will draw their own conclusions, as the notorious statement by Adolf Hitler in 1939 proves. Trying to justify his plans to invade Poland and annihilate the Polish people, the Nazi dictator said: “Who today remembers the annihilation of the Armenians?” Finally, genocides that are denied tend to be forgotten, thus cutting us from knowledge that might help prevent future atrocities. For this reason, denial of the Armenian Genocide is not just an Armenian issue. It is an issue for all of humanity. It is an attack on all history and on the way we transmit the past to the future.

    Kudos to Mr. Sassounian for exposing another Turkish denial scheme. 

  • «...Մեղսակից Ենք Մենք Բոլորս...» By Nicolai Romashuk Hairabedian
    27 weeks 6 days ago

    Ինձ թվում է թէ մենք չենք հասկանում ոչ մեր պատվարժան Նախագահ պարոն Սերժ Սարգսյանին եւ ոչ ալ մեր մտավորական եւ հարգարժան պարոն Զօրի Բալայանին::

    Անկախ պետություն, նշանակում է, ըլլալ անկախ տնտեսապես, եւ ըլլալ անկախ ռազմական ուժով:

    Ինչպես տեսնում էք մեր ներկա Հայրենիքին վիճակը, եթէ կույր չեք, պետք է որ ի վիճակի լինեք տեսնելու որ, մեր երկիրը, մեր Հայրենիքը, դժբախտաբար ի վիճակի չէ իր բնակիչներուն,
    կերակրելու եւ ոչ ալ գործով ապահովելու, այս մէկը նշանակում է որ մեր Հայրենիքը տնտեսապես մեղմ ասած կախյալ է անկախ երկիրներու նյութական եւ տնտեսական օգնությունից:

    Պատերազմի ընթացքին, մեր Հայրենիքը, կախյալ է անկախ պետություններու ռազմամթերքի հայթաթումից որ անվճառ չէ, եւ ոչ ալ նվեր, այս ալ նշանակում է թէ, անկախ պետությունները կարող են մերժել մեզի զենք վաճառելը, այդ պարագային պէտք է որ անձնատւր լինենք թշնամուն, մեր կնոջ եւ երեխեքի հետ միասին եւ կամ ալ հավիտյանս հավիտենից պարտքերու տակ չոքինք:

    Ին՞չ մեղք ունի հոս մեր պատվարժան Նախագահ պարոն Սերժ Սարգսյանը, մեր հարգելի մտավորական պարոն Զօրի Բալայանը եւ կամ Ծիծեռնակաբերդում մեր անմեղ զոհերուն
    հիշատակը հարգող հզօր եւ պատվարժան պարոն Փութինը:

    «Ողբամ զքեզ Հայ ժողովուրդ որ տակավին դավաճաններու ես ծնունդ տալիս»:

    Նիքօլա Րօմաշուք Հայրապետեան

  • Գառզու՝ Կյանքն Ու Ստեղծագործությունը By Անի
    28 weeks 6 hours ago

    Բավականաչափ տեղեկություն  ստացա, սակայն կ'ուզենայի ճշդել մատուռ-թանգարանի քաղաքը, դա Մանոսկում է այլ ոչ թե Մասոնքում:

  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By D. Krikorian
    28 weeks 7 hours ago

    Interesting points, Vahe. Well done. I believe your interpretation has merit.

  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By Nareg Seferian
    28 weeks 11 hours ago

    See "How I came to know Saroyan: The story of a poster", by Zaven Khanjian in The Armenian Reporter, Nov. 1, 2008.

  • Canadian Turks Should Condemn, Not Condone, Genocide Denial By Hayorti
    28 weeks 23 hours ago

    There's no shred of evidence from any authority that Turkish-Canadian high school students have been bullied or have become objects of hate or ridicule in Canada because of the Toronto District School Board's Genocide curriculum. Raising fear that mentioning the Genocide of Armenians would result in the persecution of Turkish students is a red-herring intended to instill fear among Canadians. 

    To follow the Turkish Federation's logic, Western history books should not mention that the Ottoman armies twice threatened to conquer Austria and eventually Western Europe. And perhaps while they are at it, French, British, American history books should not mention that the Turks fought against them during the First World War.

    The Turkish-Canadian Federation's fabrication of fears is an old ruse. Realizing how important multiculturalism to the fabric of Canada, the Turkish lobby never fails to raise false fears that this or that, including the Genocide curriculum, would be threat to Canadian multiculturalism. The Turkish strategy underestimates the knowledge and intelligence of Canadians.

  • Canadian Turks Should Condemn, Not Condone, Genocide Denial By Mesrob
    28 weeks 23 hours ago

    Instead of condemning the curriculum, the Turkish Federation in Canada should pressure the Turkish Government to revise its racist educational system which incites hatred against Armenian in Turkey. Turkish school curriculum uses hostile language against Armenians to deny the Genocide and sow further seeds of hatred in a society where it's an insult to be called Armenian.

    How can Turkey be accepted in civilized society when for more than a century it has filled the hearts and minds of Turkish students with falsehood and hatred?

  • Canadian Turks Should Condemn, Not Condone, Genocide Denial By Vahakn
    28 weeks 23 hours ago

    My understanding is that the curriculum is creating a healthy dialogue between Armenian and Turkish students to discuss the issue and create friendships in contrast to what the Turkish Federation is claiming. The curriculum is healing the long-held wounds rather than aggravating them.

  • Saroyan’s Popular But Nonsensical Quote By C.K. Garabed
    28 weeks 1 day ago

    For a comprehensive review of the poster (s), see:commentary in "The Armenian Weekly", Aug. 8, 2009, Mincing Words by C. K. Garabed.

  • The Bird's Nest in Byblos (Video clip) By Krikor Ajemian
    28 weeks 2 days ago

    My mother, Shnorhig/Grace Satamian Ajemian, was raised at Birds Nest in Byblos, Lebanon. I have  family photos of "Mama" Mary Jacobson.

  • Ամանորեայ Մեր Խօսքը By Վահէ
    28 weeks 4 days ago

    Արմենակին աշակերտը եղած եմ տասնեակ մը տարիներ առաջ, բայց ոչ հայագիտութեան այլ քիմիագիտութեան: Այդ օրերէն ի վեր անյագ ընթերցող մը մնացած եմ Արեւմտահայերէնով եւ Արեւելահայերէնով: Մայրս իմ տկար ուղղագրութիւնս կը վերագրէր այդ իրողութեանը, ինչպէս այս քանի մը տողերը շատ հաւանաբար ցոյց տան:

    Լեզուագէտ չեմ, բայց հետեւեալը նկատողութեան կը յանձնեմ նախկին ուսուցչիս:

    Վերնագիրերը նախադասութիւններ չեն: Հոն չկան բայեր եւ ոչ ալ կը վերջանան վերջակէտով մը: Հետեւաբար վերնագիրերը զուրկ են քերականական օրէնքներէն որոշ չափով:

    Վերնագիրերը բառերու շարան մըն են, ինչպէս է պարագան այս նկատողութեանը: Վերնագիրերը ընթերցողը կը կարդայ հետեւողութեամբ: Հետեւաբար իւրաքանչիւր բառ պատշաճ է որ գլխագիրով մը սկսի, ինպէս է պարագան բառարանի մը բառերու սկզբնատառ վերնագրին:

    Այսպէս, չեմ բաժներ Արմենակին այս նկատողութիւնը, ոչ ալ կը ժխտեմ քերականական հիմքերու վրայ: Իմ նախընտրութիւնս է տեսնել վերնագրին սկսբնատառերը գլխագիրով ներկայացուած: Եթէ Հայաստանցի մեր հայրենակիցները այդ սովորութիւնը չեն որդեգրած, այդպէս թող ըլլայ իրենց համար այնքան ատեն որ «հայացուցած» օտար բառեր չեն անոնք:

    Գալով Արմենակին Պարոյր Աղպաշանեանին  նկատողութեանը, այդ Կը բաժնեմ ամբողջութեամբ:

  • Together Against Genocide Denial By Mardehros
    28 weeks 5 days ago

    I strongly believe that the Holocaust needs to be included in the discussion of denial. It will change the entire approach for the better. No one can fight the issue better than Jewish people. It will improve the perspective for the issue.

  • Բոլո՛րը Ուշացած Են, Բայց, Մինչեւ Ե՞րբ... By Արմենակ
    29 weeks 20 min ago

    Պարոյր Աղպաշեան կը նմանի այն ուղևորին, որ գիշեր ատեն փապուղի կը մտնէ և  զարմացած կը դժգոհի, թէ ոչինչ կ'երևի, և  ոչինչ կը տեսնէ, բայց և այնպէս մոմ մը վառելու մասին չի մտածեր: Յիշեալ բոլոր ախտաճանաչումները օրը-օրին եղած են, անիւի գիւտը կատարողի հովեր առնելու պէտք չկայ: Ազգը հիմա լուսաւորիչներու կը կարօտի, թէկուզ մէկ մոմի սահմաններուն մէջ. Աղպաշեան այդ մոմը ունի՞, կրնա՞յ վառել: Լաւ կ'ընէ, եթէ մեր ցաւերէն միայն մէկ հատին՝ թէկուզ ամենահամեստին,  ծրագրեալ դարմանումը առաջարկէ: Եւ ...  կանխայայտ շնորհակալութիւն:

  • Ամանորեայ Մեր Խօսքը By Արմենակ
    29 weeks 1 hour ago

    Յարգելի՛ տնօրէնութիւն «Գեղարդ»-ի

    Ձեր կայքը կը հաւնիմ, ինչպէս նաև ձեր տեսակէտները կը յարգեմ:  Ես ուղղագրական հարցերով շատ կը զբաղիմ, առ այս շատ խորթ կը գտնենմ խորագրերու բոլոր բառերը գլխագրելու ձեր սկզբունքը, օրինակ՝  «Հայ Մամուլի Դերը, Տեղը և Առաքելութիւնը» և նմանները, ինչ որ հայերէնի ուղղագրական սկզբունքներուն բոլորովին հակառակ երևոյթ է, այլ հարց թէ համաճարակի մը պէս տարածուած է ան  մեր հրապարակագրութեան մէջ...բայց բոլորովին տգիտութեան պատճառով և հետևողութեամբ ամերիկեան կարգ մը թերթերու:

    Չէ՞ք գտներ, թէ աւելի ազնիւ է գրել՝ «Հայ մամուլի դերը, տեղը և առաքելութիւնը», ինչպէս շատ կոկիկ ու հայեցի ոճով կ'ընեն զայն արևելահայերը, որոնք Ամերիկա  հաստատուելով՝ ամերիկեան թոյնէն չեն խաթարուած: Խորագիրի հանգամանքը յարգելու  համար՝ կարելի է անոր տառերը քիչ մը խոշոր ընտրել. օրինակ՝ 12-ի փոխարէն՝ 14: Փորձեցէ՛ք և պիտի տեսնէք, թէ որքա՜ն վայելուչ է ան, մանաւանդ՝ հայեցի է: Կրնա՞մ այս մասին ձեր տեսակէտը ունենալ և ակնկալել փոփոխութիւն մը:

  • The Armenian Psyche By Vahakn
    29 weeks 4 hours ago

    Re "Armenian Psyche", "A people constantly subjected to revisions of its identity ends up by losing it or becoming schizophrenic." --Emilio Gentile, Italian historian.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Mesrob
    29 weeks 22 hours ago

    Zionists and pro-Zionists have, for decades, claimed that they converted the desert (Palestine) into garden (Israel). While this is a falsehood (long before the European Zionists showed up, Palestinian Arabs had industries and even exported fruits to Europe: the iconic Jaffa orange was an Arab export), I would like to address the desert/garden metaphor.

    To claim that Zionists turned the desert into a garden thus Zionism is a good idea is like saying that a stranger has the right to grab your house because he can decorate your house more elegantly than you can.  

    There are numerous other myths ("Palestine was promised by God to the Jews", the Israeli fight against the Arabs is a "David and Goliath" encounter, etc.) which Zionists have peddled to the world and especially to the West. Unfortunately, their propaganda has been successful, although people everywhere are finally waking up to the Zionist lies.

    One big satisfaction: Thanks to US support, Israel has been able to vanquish the Palestinians on the battlefield. However, Israel will lose the demographic battle as Palestinians become the majority soon not only in the West Bank but in all of occupied Palestine. Unlike 1948 and 1967, Palestinians will stay on the ground no matter the Israeli provocation. All the Israeli nuclear bombs will not make a difference in this silent battle. The revenge of the womb.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Sam
    29 weeks 23 hours ago
    Hey Maurice, having built extravagant so-called "Metropolis" doesn't give them the right to commit genocide and holocaust on Palestinians.

    They were able to build that metropolis due to the illegal accession of foreign aid from numerous countries by extortion, bribery and more.

    Give the same amount of aid to the Palestinians and they will build a similar metropolis, if not better, but at least they will not do harm to other nations...
  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Hagop
    29 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear George, My name is Hagop. The Hebrew word for it is Yaakov. That is, before Adonai changed the name of my forefathers to Israel. I strongly believe I have exact resemblance to the Israelites who settled in the Armenian Highlands some 2,000 years ago to spread a movement started by Yeshua Ha-Mashiach. However, most modern Ashkenazi Jews who settled in the land of our King David do not have any resemblance to my features, neither do Sephardic Jews who have been living on the land for over 3,000 years peacefully. Our father Abraham left his father's southern Iraqi home (now located in Kuwait). Is it worth exploring it further? If you read the Torah carefully, you will see that God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. Likewise God asked Moses to destroy the disobedient nations which were grudgingly following him to the Promised Land.

    If you were religious, it is worth taking the complete texts written in the Torah and not just one or the other. Interestingly, in Genesis 49:10, the rule of Judah would end when Shiloh arrives. This clearly means that the land no longer will be ruled by Judah after the arrival of Messiah. We, the new Israelites (or Christians), do not believe in physical kingdom anymore, because the promised Messiah, the son of David, the Redeemer made it clear that his kingdom is not of this earth. We, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the heirs of David, who believes in the kingdom of God, have been promised a heavenly kingdom and not on earth. I find it ironic when the Ashkenazis, who have no genetic link to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, have claims to land that was not promised to them. Respectfully, Hagop (Yaakov)

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Tim
    29 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm English, which means I'm Anglo Saxon. So there's a good chance I come from Saxony in Germany at some point in my past. This was, though, maybe 1,200 years ago. Now this is more recent than when the Jews left Israel of course. So... maybe I can go back to Germany, kick out Germans and make them refugees, imprison and torture some more and call all who resist terrorists.

  • The Myth of Turkish Secularism By Gaytzag Palandjian
    29 weeks 5 days ago

    David Boyajian's description is informative. If it did not please Bulig, that is his/her viewpoint.

    According to a highly-educated Iranian, Turkey is a ¨paper tiger¨. Unfortunately, on this side of the ocean few know of the atrocities its predecessors committed against its subjects, the Ermenis. It will be a long time before this myth of it being a secular state is exposed to the world. The minorities there are silent. A very few have been courageous enough to stand up, but then they are cut down by the harsh regime.

    Best for people like Bulig would be to try to educate their people to be like the neighboring Iran. While Iran is not a secular state, it respects all, or near all religions, except for the Bahai. The day Iran dismantles at least part of its religious/state stance and opts for a more liberal secular state, the competitiveness of  some of its neighbors will sink to the bottom of ocean.

  • The Armenian Psyche By Vahe
    29 weeks 5 days ago

    Shahe, I rephrase a comment I have made earlier.

    The Nov. 8, 2010 issue of "Newsweek" magazine carried an article titled “Sins of Grandfathers”. The crux of the article is the following: “The life experiences of grandparents and even great-great-grandparents alter their eggs and sperm so indelibly that the changes are passed on to their children, grandchildren and beyond”.

    This finding then lets me believe that the descendants of the genocide survivors carry genes that have been shaped by the common experiences. In some sense then they are brothers and sisters and hence exhibit a common personality trait.

  • Syrian Armenians By Susan
    29 weeks 5 days ago

    You are asking if the Armenian community is doing enough to the Syrian Armenians. Well, I am curious to know the reason you are asking this question. So all the Armenians organizations, church, parties and charitable communities have joined effort to help and it is the first phenomena in the Armenian history and you still have a question mark in your mind. I think this is great. It shows progress.

    I think you are right. [.....]Your subconscious got it correct and it is for that reason that you are posing the question. Good for you!!!

  • The Myth of Turkish Secularism By Vahe
    29 weeks 6 days ago

    I found David Boyajian's article very informative. For one, I never knew that a "ministry" called Diyanet with such a budget and such an outreach existed in Turkey and could possibly exist for any form of government claiming to be secular.

  • The Armenian Psyche By Gaytzag Palandjian
    30 weeks 2 hours ago

    Many have evaluated the residue of the Genocide trauma. You could have saved your breath. I suggest that you write about our genetic traits which are far more important. A few dare comment upon it. Not me: I have stressed the importance of bringing these to light and of making an effort to overcome them, ASAP. These are: jealousy and uncooperative attitude. Each of us (according to my kin) is "ishkhan-ishkhanouhi" (prince-princess)!
    Do not worry about Type A. Worry about the above  two traits.
    Best to the "hasgtsoghin".

  • The Armenian Psyche By Shahe Boghossian
    30 weeks 2 days ago

    While the Type A personality is genetic to our psyche, we have to add the fact that the trauma of the Genocide has pulled us all towards Type A as well.

    We should never forget that trauma can be trans-generational as well. We are still feeling the trauma of the Genocide as third-generation Armenians. This trauma is pulling us more toward Type A.

  • Բոլո՛րը Ուշացած Են, Բայց, Մինչեւ Ե՞րբ... By Vosgan Mekhitarian
    30 weeks 3 days ago

    Իրապաշտ վերլուծումներու պակասը մեր ազգային-հասարակական կեանքին մէջ կու գայ լեցնելու Պարոյր Աղպաշեան իր յանդուգն, արդար եւ իրաւ  յօդուածներով: 

  • Humanitarian Petition to Armenia's Authorities By Sebastian
    30 weeks 3 days ago
    I visited many web sites but the audio quality for audio songs present at this web page is really superb.
  • Humanitarian Petition to Armenia's Authorities By Dorthy
    30 weeks 3 days ago

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly loved browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I'm hoping you write once more very soon!

  • Syrian Armenians By Armen
    30 weeks 3 days ago

    When you ask "are we doing enough?", who is the "we" referred to? The community, Canadian- Armenians, Diaspora Armenians, etc.?

  • The Myth of Turkish Secularism By Bulig
    30 weeks 3 days ago

    It's a funny article: a journalist who is keen on the number of mosques [in Turkey], and secularism. But he forgot that a nation and a government are two different things. Our government can be secular but most of Turks and Kurds (on the right or left ), whether practicing or not, feel Muslim and mostly Sunni. A secular government should provide  things to its people. As in everywhere, the majority is dominant in defining things. I wonder if the number of mosques in Turkey are comparable to the number of churches in England, France or Spain. I think they have even more.

    As a non-practicing Muslim, I want a mosque around. Why does that bother you--non-Muslim or non-Sunni? If the problem is equality, the equality should not be in the number. The number should match the population size and needs. İf there are 10,000 Armenians, do you want 10,000 Orthodox [Apostolic] Armenian churches? Is it really a need to feed the superior feelings? All minorities (except the Alevis ) have sufficient number of places for the purpose.  Of course, we may need to define what is the ''purpose'' for you (especially for those from outside Turkey).

    Things are improving in Turkey. We know that we have many things to overcome but so far there is not a single country which we can say is a good example to follow. Your criticism is fine but while doing so please put your Islamophobia aside and take your Christianized shirt off. Then you may understand or criticize things with objectivity. Have a nice Xmas.

    Best regards,

  • Historian Krikorian No Longer with us By Sherita
    30 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi, My name is Kavin. This is my first occasion for commenting anywhere. When I read this article, I thought I should let you know that historian Krikorian is no longer with us and to tell you that yours is a good post.

  • The Armenian Psyche By Vahe
    30 weeks 4 days ago

    We had personality test once. Mine was A; now I know why. My boss’ was B and I knew why he was the boss. His 11th commandment hanging on the wall of his office read: “Blessed are those who are flexible for they shall not break!”

  • The Myth of Turkish Secularism By Roupen Dekmezian, Houston
    30 weeks 5 days ago

    Mr. Boyajian, superb article and quite revealing. This is how we can dismantle the myth of Turkey as seen by many Western countries.

    I figure the very recent events in Turkey involving the "moderate" cleric Gulen, who is at least partly financed by the CIA (skimpy information on this), may unravel the religious order in Turkey and upset the balance of power because of Erdogan's defiant stance toward the US and Israel.

  • The Armenian Psyche By Effie Karadjian
    30 weeks 5 days ago

    Wow, bang on! A well-written, concise and objective analysis of our collective psyche. Will share.

  • Katia Peltekian Book Launch in London By Laurice
    30 weeks 5 days ago

    Katia, some people thought differently. Thanks for the true position of the British. This book of yours surely clears all misunderstandings.

  • The Armenian Psyche By Jack Chelebian
    30 weeks 5 days ago
    Well said! A succinct & cogent stab at a complex topic. Jack Chelebian, M.D.
  • Հայց. Եկեղեցին Պատանդ է By Kenell Touryan
    30 weeks 5 days ago

    Ոսկան Մխիթարեանի յօդուածը՝ ցաւոք սրտի իրատես և տխուր պատկեր մը ներկայացնէ մեր Եկեղեցւոյ առաջնորդներուն: Մենք մեզ կը կոչենք Քրիստոնեայ միայն անունով և կուրանանք անոր էական իմաստը և բուն կորիզը, որ է Ինքը Քրիստոս, Աստծոյ Միածին որդին:

    Ինչպէս կարելի է բաղդատել մեր փառասիրութիւն փնտռող եկեղեցականները, սիրոյ, խոնարհութեան և սրբութեան ռահվիրայ Յիսուս Քրիստոսի հետ, որ ինքզինք զոհեց որ մենք ունենանք  կեանք և աւելի կեանք:

    Չի մոռնանք որ Քրիստոսը դատապարտողները՝ այդ ժամանակուայ կրօնականներն էին և ոչ հասարակութիւնը: Ցաւոք սրտի նոյն վիճակը կը ներկայացնեն շատ մը Հայ եկեղեցականներ իրենց երկբայելի կենցաղով:

    Աստուածավախ առաջնորդը ծառայող է, ոչ թէ պատիւ կամ փառք ցանկացող անհատ:


  • Together Against Genocide Denial By Astgik Ehramjian
    30 weeks 5 days ago

    There is a law which is forced by Islamic religious leaders to forbid everything that is born out of hate. But I am constantly forced to hate because of the denials of the massacres and the genocide of my family and relatives.

    The deniers of my grandparents' families' slayings, robbing, executions and all the misery and hell is already gone to those who organized it. Suspects? Read the Bible, specially the Old Testament. Every cent that is robbed from my slain families is bloody. Those who use it are bloody. The blood of the
    elders, the women, the young, the newborn is and will stay on those who organized and executed the Genocide of Armenians.

    On this day of the birth of the King of The World, I ask the Lord that His true judgment be born. Amen.
    Great is God. Our hope is only on Him. May He Win. Amen.

  • Katia Peltekian Book Launch in London By Perouz Seferian
    30 weeks 6 days ago

    There was snow mixed with rain on Oct. 27, 1920. The fields of Ardahan were covered by fog. Roupen Toytoyian's First Battalion at Yazmoudj received 50 woolen coats and ten jackets from Britain. Each of Roupen's resistance fighters received two sets of underwear, one pair of socks, and one pair of shoes. The 50 woolen coats were given to his men on the front line. My father was one of them. When they were relieved of their front line duty and sent to the rear, they  took off their wet coats and handed them to the soldiers taking their place. Although the coats were wet, the shivering men were grateful to receive them. 
    Katia Peltekian's research showing British support of Armenians is substantiated by this primary source documentation written in October, 1920.  Katia's new book sounds like a must-read.

  • Elixir in Exile By John Malool
    31 weeks 22 hours ago

    Thank you for remembering this book. It is one of several that were written by Dikran Spear, who was my grandfather.

    He wrote a total of 7 books, all about some aspect of Armenian history. Several were about his beloved Amida (Dikranagerd). His most controversial book was written about the Armenian Church

  • Russophobes, Russophiles, and Nonsense By Shahe Boghossian
    31 weeks 1 day ago

    Perfect analysis.

    Three presidents and indeed very bad presidents who have squandered the riches of the country and left it desolate.

    In fact, we were in much better cohesion during the peak of Artsakh war. Russia is playing a good game and has almost full control over the situation and in fact does not want peace anymore. As Russia is selling weapons to both sides and is instigating both sides.

    The situation is destined to get worse over time and I would like to see the pigs in Yerevan what will be their position when the population hits 1.5 million.

    However, it seems yet again that the politicians in Yerevan are passive to the events that surround them and do not want to move a muscle to shake the decisions around them.

    Two things might alter the course, War with Azebaijan and the creation of Kurdistan.

    War, unfortunately has united us more than anyone or anything else. War can possibly bring a new elite that will counteract the power of the oligarchs in yerevan and overthrow them. The next war will be bloody and will be demanding; however, it will rebalance a lot of cards on the table and might even change things for russia if we fight it wisely. The war will create new heroes who will ask for concessions from yerevan in compromise for stability.

    This will be good as the so cold opposition is nothing but another corrupt state. Having said that the risk of a military coup is not far from impossible but will be a reality in the next 5 years coming.

    Our second exit strategy will be the creation of the Kurdish state right next to us. This will open routes to the south and create more job opportunities and more room to breathe. However, yet again the armenians are sitting like idiots waiting with no initiatives to help the kurds. (yes help the kurds despite all the massacres they have committed)

    It has been a disastrous campaign by the yerevantsis in trying to attract armenian capital, expertise or any form of diaspora assistance. In recent years we are hearing that even Hayastan All Armenian Fund is not even impregnable.

    This lack of trust and lack of respect will eventually boil down to a very nasty civil war that will see so much bloodshed that we might not even exist anymore as a state if things do not change in the forthcoming three to five years. In recent years we have not been able to populate the areas that we annexed back from the turks due to corruption and lack of insight.

    Having said all that, if the Yerevantsis are relying too much on Russia, they have to think twice, as there is no appetite for war in any russian camp or brigade as the russians are relying on us as much as we are relying on them to keep the peace and keep the war zones calm and reasonably quiet.

    We as diasporans are destined at the moment to help the relocated syrians as they are the ONLY injection of hope to that God Forsaken land, maybe, only maybe, the pigs (oligarchs of yerevan) might learn a few things and start assesing the situation more pragmatically.

    May God Help The Armenians

  • Հայց. Եկեղեցին Պատանդ է By Վահէ
    31 weeks 1 day ago

    Ոսկան Մխիթարեանի յօդուածաշարքին հետեւած եմ  որոշ վերապահութիւններով: Բայց  ամբողջութեամբ կը բաժնեմ իր այս յօդուածը, հաւանաբար յօդուածաշարքին վերջինը:

    Քանի մը օր առաջ լրացուցի Արա Ակինեանի «ՀԱՅՐԻԿ ՀԱՅՐԻԿ» գիրքին ընթերցանութիւնը: Հետեւալ նախադասութիւնով պիտի եզրակացնէի իր այս յօդուածը – “Ժամանակն է որ եկեղեցականը աշխուժացնէ իր հոգեւոր առաքելութիւնը եւ զայն կենսագործէ իր ժողովուրդի ամէնօրեայ կեանքին մէջ, եթէ մտահոգ է իր ժողովուրդի ապագայով:"

  • Catholicos Karekin II Stands Accused By Darwin Jamgochian
    31 weeks 5 days ago

    Love it or leave it!

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By George
    31 weeks 5 days ago

    Omar, I suggest that instead of making absurd statements you study the history of Palestine. You will then find that for almost one thousand years--which is not a short time--generations of Jewish tribes and Jewish kingdoms lived in ancient Israel--from Judea to Samaria. These are not inventions; these are historical facts, and not even your anger or hatred can erase history. I am sure you would not want me to deny the historical rights of Palestinian Arabs to this land, would you? We must all embrace each other's right to this land. It's only after that can we begin to negotiate a just solution.

  • Meeting the Armenian MP of Iraqi Kurdistan By Dr. Nejdi Gregorian
    32 weeks 56 min ago

    I am looking for the family of Varoujan Kegham Sahagian from the Al Ghadeer district of Baghdad. If you have any idea about their whereabouts, please contact me. Thank you.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Omar
    32 weeks 2 hours ago

    What are you talking about? The Jews had no ancestral home or land. From the time of Moses, when God promised Jews the land, they sat back and told Moses: "You go fight this battle with your Lord," and that land is what you now call Israel. That is when the Jews were banished to the desert for 40 years. So what land are you talking about? Israel is an apartheid state and the Israelis commit gross crimes against the Palestinians every day. You sit in your home, in the so-called mighty USA...what do you know of the Middle East other than the propaganda that you read and watch on TV.

  • Catholicos Karekin II Stands Accused By John Hancock
    32 weeks 12 hours ago

    It is obvious that you have cowardly nature. You have discussed issues and dictate to people as if you are God. You may not have freedom over there; where I live it is a free country!

  • Catholicos Karekin II Stands Accused By John Hancock
    32 weeks 13 hours ago

    "You are either with us or against us" is obviously Satan's words. Whoever typed this article is a self-declared Protestant because protestant means protester against the Catholic Church. He or she is  protesting against their own original Fathers of the Church, without going into theological issues. Shame on them. They are supposed to kiss his hand if they are not foreign entities of the Armenian Church.

    "Let who is without sin cast the first stone."


  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Glen
    32 weeks 15 hours ago

    Reading these articles make me wonder why and how can such extreme measures be taken for an election of a community that is trying to survive. I know a little of the Armenians in Asia and have always had high regard for the community. Some people who seem to be in control are using their powers incoherently. There is a definite requirement of measures to be taken to control and safeguard the community and its people. I would like to read more of its glorious past and hope that the community incorporates appropriate measures for a better future. Let those who are eligible vote in a balanced and fresh election. It would be a suitable solution to this ugly strife. 

  • Kolkata Church Committee Elections By Glen
    32 weeks 15 hours ago

    This kind of behavior seems to be a trend when people are in absolute control. There are always a few bad apples that will rot the others. There is always some group which would jeopardize the fate of a community that has been glorious for centuries. I always have felt that the Armenians of India were a source for the birth of the Armenian Diaspora in Asia. I hope to read about a good, fair, and balanced election in the near future. There has to be a way to get the whole community together on this issue. Let the Armenians not lose what has been built by their forefathers. Good luck.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Rachely
    32 weeks 16 hours ago

    The same people who gave you your country, Mr. Jordanian, gave Israel their country. Why was it OK for Jordan and the rest of the Arab countries in the Middle East to have  artificially created borders, and not for Israel? At least Israel has historical claims to the land of Israel, aka Palestine. The Palestinian people are Syrian and Jordanian by origin, only your countries didn't want to recognize that and let them  rot in refugee camps for 65 years and on. Look at the refugee camps in the Arab countries. Their condition is way worse than the condition of the Arabs in the disputed territories. Thanks to none other but Israel.

    Indeed, 40% of Palestinians support suicide bombing. Why not? Their "peaceful" leaders (like Abbas) glorify them and call them "shahids".

    Israel was not created because of the Holocaust. Jews always prayed to come back to their homeland. If the Arabs had agreed, there would have been peace long ago. In 1967 Israel was ready to return all the land, but the "peaceful" Arab leaders said the infamous "three no"s in Khartoum: No to peace; no to negotiation; and no recognition of Israel. What was Israel to do? In the meantime, the terrorists keep harming civilians in Israel and not vice-versa.


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Rachely
    32 weeks 16 hours ago

    There is a problem right in your first sentence: "The right of return is about MILLIONS of PEACEFUL people...". Only a few hundred thousand murderous people leaving the country because they were promised by their Arab "brothers" that they can leave, and their brothers would come and slaughter the Israelis for them. Yes, there were some atrocities by the Israeli Defense Forces against some villages, but it was a war which Israel did not ask for: they accepted the partition plans, the Arabs didn't. 

    At the same time that 700,0000 Arabs left Israel, about 800,0000 Jews were expelled from the Arab countries. Israel embraced these homeless Jews, and integrated them into society. The Arabs, on the other hand, left their "brother" Arabs in camps with no rights, no land and no hope.

    The Arabs are neither peaceful nor innocent. They only have oil dollars to fund their propaganda machines to which you are a victim. Go, do your homework.


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Scientist
    32 weeks 16 hours ago

    This land belonged to the Canaanites until the Israelites invaded and ironically committed genocide, occupying this foreign land for a short period. It's even in the Torah!

    So, you're wrong. Jews are not natives of this region and never were. 

  • Russophobes, Russophiles, and Nonsense By Gaytzag Palandjian
    32 weeks 2 days ago

    The editorial raises many points. Answering all, one by one, requires space. I wrote about it in Armenian and emailed to over a hundred friends and foes. Here's my response in precis:

    1- Armenia should have the right--as we proclaim it--to be an independent state/nation to form part of with CU and EU. Even with two more like the U.S and Iran.

    2- To achieve the above (we know we are not that powerful and are sandwiched between Turkey and little brother Axerbeijan). Thence, it behooves the RoA to affect a diplomatic/politically motivated  change in structures. I have suggested that the National Assembly pass a law for the creation of a higher chamber, namely, a ¨s e n a t e¨ of people such as Baruyr Hairikian and a dozen more from the opposition camp.

    3- Change the constitution. Amend it to have a vice-president. Let the majority elect one or have the post rotate  annually among able and patriotic people.

    4- Change the structure of the government.                                                                                                

    5- Pass law so that people who have served in the army for two years return every year to military barracks for a month of new training (new arms knowledge, etc.) and carry home a rifle of the latest production (like the Swiss do). This curbs the fear among those weaklings so that even if Turkey and Axerbeijan raided us, we can fight door-to-door, causing as many Turkbeijani deaths, before being killed. Some ignore that we have military pacts with Greece and Iran. I hope we strike one with Georgia, too.

    So all is not that dark and lost. Get a move on the Diaspora to re-organize and be a "Li irav"(full-fledged) partner to the RoA/Artsakh.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Andrew
    32 weeks 2 days ago

    Does this then give my people the right, George, to return to our ancestral home in Denmark and expel the Danes?


  • Queen Melisende and Her Three Sisters By Mihran
    32 weeks 3 days ago

    A remarkable story. Thank you Jirair for writing about it.


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By George
    32 weeks 3 days ago

    I am not sure what planet some of you are living on but on earth there was an ancient Jewish homeland where Israel stands today. Zionism is not a dirty word but the Jewish "Jihad" for thousands of years to return to our ancestral home. Jewish kingdoms ruled this homeland for almost a thousand years and if you are religious you believe that God gave this land to the Jews. I do not necessarily agree with that but I cannot deny the fact that this land is where my ancestors are from. This is what makes Israel different from South Africa where a bunch of Dutch people settled and displaced the locals. Jews have returned to their ancestral home where there were no Arabs at all. Ironically, the current Palestinians may be related to these Jews of old. No person with a conscience can deny Palestinian rights but no person aware if history can deny Jewish rights to this land. We need to start the conversation by understanding Zionism and its historical evolution.

  • Kolkata Church Committee Elections By Simon
    32 weeks 3 days ago

    It's with great interest that I read the articles here and in Hetq.am. I feel awful seeing how things have changed in the Armenian community in Kolkata. The once-prosperous community is in great danger of losing its ownership of assets and funds. There has to be a realistic approach to this burning issue. Things have to be looked into and discrepancies dealt with a firm hand. I am surprised by the situation's escalation to this level, and now it seems a joint effort and outside intervention is required to see a fair resolution to this issue. I would be pleased to see fresh elections and according to the Scheme to which the community and all parties would adhere. I would like to see this issue resolved with both parties coming together for a better future of the Armenians living in India. 

    P.S. I am in agreement with 'Old Timer' that this issue is not about Mr Galstaun or Mr Khatchaturian. It is about the welfare of the  community of Kolkata and India.

  • Queen Melisende and Her Three Sisters By Sam
    32 weeks 4 days ago

    On the popular quiz show, "Jeopardy", they showed a map of Eurasia with a little blimp of Armenia. The question was: "what country ruled this area (showing the Middle East), Israel, Syria,  and Lebanon two-thousand years ago and now represents this country?" Of course, nobody guessed; what a sad scenario. Had we not been victim to the sword, we could have surpassed in size and population any of our neighbors. Sorry, Medzn Dikran, we failed you.

  • Russophobes, Russophiles, and Nonsense By Berge Minassian
    32 weeks 4 days ago

    The editorial hit the nail on the head. We must figure out a way to govern ourselves well AND be a strong Russian ally. Those who consider those two mutually exclusive are accepting the current situation, which is fatal.


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Samantha S.
    32 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm not comparing the people who died in the Holocaust to people who died in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I'm saying that Israel has no right to do any of the things they are doing to the Palestinian people, especially considering the fact that they have gone through something worse.

    What a coincidence! A Jewish newspaper published that poll.

    Why should Palestinians fully recognize the state of Israel? You make it out to be as if Israelis have done nothing to harm the Palestinians. Yes, Palestinians have harmed Israelis, but this is incomparable to what Israel has done to Palestine.


    Jordan is not where most Palestinians are from. Jordan is where many Palestinians are now. And for the record, I'm pretty sure it's every Israeli textbook that teaches children to hate Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians. It's the contrary to what you're saying. If the Palestinians did not start to resist, all Palestinian heritage would be called Israeli (How's the hummus? And the Palestinian, excuse me, Israeli embroidery?). If Israel put down its weapons and resorted to civilized conversation we wouldn't be in this mess. Israel should never have been created. Not because I'm anti-Jew, but because I don't see the point of it. Jews should be allowed to live freely and peacefully wherever they so choose, but that does not make it a good enough reason to give away land in order for there to be a strictly Jewish state.

    I want to congratulate you. You're dealing with a teenager who's angry at people like you. I'm done with people who insist they're right and their view is the only view. I've had it. Let's just say you win, because I'm done with this nonsense. I wish you all the best in life, and hope you never have to deal with "inaccurate information" again. I'm sure you're going to go back to your comfortable house or apartment and live your comfortable life. All of our fates lie in God's hands, and I can only hope He has mercy on the people who suffer.

  • Queen Melisende and Her Three Sisters By Sam
    32 weeks 4 days ago

    Reading Jirair is like living the period in living color.

    The Arabs looked at the Crusaders as invaders who were more barbarians than civilized nations. The Armenians were able to get along with both the Muslim Arabs and the Christian armies of Europe and as a result many of our womenfolk were willingly or not forced into marrying those barbarians so would it be safe to say that half of Europe has mixed Armenian blood?

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Eric
    32 weeks 4 days ago

    Palestine did belong to the "Palestinians", but the majority of those Palestinians are not the Palestinians of today. Quick history lesson for you: In the 1930s there were 750,000 Muslims in Palestine. Now there are over 15 million registered Palestinians in the world (of which 13.5 million plus are Muslim). Please explain (and document) how exactly the Muslim Arab population grew that much in 65 years? It is literally impossible, especially if you are familiar with the birth rate formula. Even if you triple the max birth rate, you come nowhere near 15 million. Which means there was mass emigration to Palestine by Arabs, as well.

    You make it out as if none of the land belonged to the Jews, whereas this is historically false. Jews owned a lot of land in Palestine.

    You also wrote: "Since Israel's creation, Palestinians have been living in hell. I know people who were separated from their families and have not seen them since 1948. I have friends who wait 15 hours at the border to go back to their homeland for just a day. So to say that the majority of Palestinians do not want peace makes absolutely no sense." What does waiting for 15 hours in line have to do with "not wanting peace and it making no sense"? You are using emotions and not facts.

    Go to: www dot jpost dot com / Middle-East/Poll-40-percent-of-Palestinians-support-suicide-bombing-311779

    And it does matter what religion they want as law. Religion should be separated from politics. Otherwise, you have countries like Iran and Syria which either severely limit or completely forbid the practice of other religions. Please tell me you are not serious. And yes, it does seem idiotic for people to support something that gives them a bad name as you suggested, but these are uneducated, socio-economically poor, and fanatical Islamists. This is nothing new.

    Also your comparing of the Palestinian situation with the Holocaust is borderline anti-Semitic (hidden by an anti Zionistic label) and downright disturbing. Let me break this down for you:

    1939-1945:  Six-million Jews were murdered because they were Jewish.
    2000-2013: According to "If Americans Knew", an extremely anti-Israel group, 6,500 Palestinians were killed, including terrorists and not including the Palestinians who were used by their own people as human shield, something Hamas openly brags about. This number could account for more than 50% of the total deaths. Since that is the case, let's get this straight: you are comparing the death of 6,000,000 innocent civilians over six years to the death of 2,000 innocent civilians over 13 years. This doesn't make right what Israel did. However, war sucks. People die. There is always collateral damage. You won't find one war without it. But don't compare 2,000 to 6,000,000.

    As a suggestion to the Palestinian people: recognize fully the state of Israel as a Jewish state, renounce violence and stop preaching hate in your text books. If Palestinians put down their weapons there would be peace tomorrow. If Israel put down its weapons there'd be no more Israel today. So don't give me this cute story that Palestinians want peace. It's a fairytale to make you feel good about some very bad people.

    And lastly, I live in Israel. I work with Palestinians. It says you are from Jordan (which is ironically where 80% of Palestinians are originally from). I see what happens on a daily basis. I'm not saying the situation in Gaza is comparable to Beverly Hills, but there certainly isn't a crisis (for now). When they stop firing rockets and building terror tunnels, their lives will get much better. But that will never happen since, you know the claim: "From the river to the sea".

  • Dispute in Sydney's Armenian Catholic Community By Xunsap'ha
    32 weeks 4 days ago

    The Armenian nation has survived through the centuries because of God's grace and that despite all the self-destructive efforts by its so-called leaders--religious and secular. The many cases of խայտառակութիւն we read about today by գող, աւազակ, աննկարագիր [people], who have usurped the ruling positions of the nation, stand as glaring testimony of miscreants who have misruled our nation through the centuries. It is a mistake to consider various այլազգ as enemies, when our so-called առաջնորդs and ղեկավարs exist for the sole purpose of feathering their nests at the expense of the nation and the country.

  • Triumphant Israel (Vahan) Pilikian By Robert KachadourianType Your Name Here
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    I've got my father's memoirs. It was a catalyst for the J. Michael Hagopian's award-winning documentary 'Voices From the Lake'. How this came about is another story. I've got it in Armenian and English. It's very similar to the Pilikian story. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Max Galstaun/Khatchaturian
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    People with fake names are calling me names. What is this world coming to when idiots are let loose by the mad clergymen of Armenia. These clergymen cannot find real or educated people to fight for them because every person in the world, besides them, knows that they are a bunch of crooks who cannot be defended.
    Let's hope some more fakes will delight us with their clergymen's nonsense.

    If  you want to know more about my name, the Armenian Church Committee has copies of my passport, and the expensive and crooked lawyers hired by the church committee still write to me as "Maxwell Patrick Galstaun". Can I force anyone to call me by any particular name when my opponents themselves use names as they wish? Even the church committee admits the name I am  known by.  One expensive lawyer sent a court document to Max Galstaun address: "Camping on the pavement", yet the crooked Khaitan company was writing to my proper address at Kalyani, West Bengal (outside Kolkata). Was I camping on the pavement?

    This is what happens when the church committee does not talk to Armenians but employs these ... crooked lawyers, Ginodia, Khaitan, and others.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Marvin
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    "Palestine belonged to the Palestinians until the unfortunate circumstances involving the Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration, as well as several other events, which suddenly gave away Palestinian territory to make way for the new state of Israel...."

    Palestine belonged to the "Palestinians"? Did you ever hear of the Ottoman Empire?
    And just who were those "Palestinians"? 
    Anyone living in Palestine was Palestinian, including many Jews. Look up any contemporary pre-1948 references and you will find that Jews living in Palestine were called Palestinians. (Palestinian Arabs, were usually referred to as "Arabs").
    And by the way, who did Jordan belong to?
    I'm sure you must know that your country was also called part of Palestine before 1922.
    The Ottomans lost WWI and their lands were divvied up by the victors.
    The League of Nations unanimously adopted the Balfour Declaration and gave the British administrative authority over Palestine with the view of establishing a Jewish homeland. The Arabs didn't' like it. Violence, rioting and pogroms against Jews ensued. So the Brits sliced off all of Palestine east of the Jordan River (the larger part of the territory) forbidding Jews to live there, and established the Kingdom of Trans-Jordan for the Hashemites from the Arabian Peninsula. This in reward for their support in fighting the Turks. Surely you must know your country's history.

    And how is that different from Jews coming from elsewhere into the western part of Palestine? Didn't the British "suddenly give away Palestinian territory" to make way for the new "kingdom" of Trans-Jordan?

  • «Հայ Սեղանաւորներ» By Mesrob
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    While it's true that there were influential and wealthy Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, one should be aware that they were a tiny minority. Most Armenians in the Ottoman Empire eked a living under unjust taxation and societal/governmental oppression as "Gavoors" and as "Rayas".

    While Armenians can be proud of the achievements of some business- savvy Ottoman Armenians, they should realize that Turkish government propaganda exploits Armenian successes as proof that Armenians were not persecuted...that Armenians planned to stab the Ottoman Empire in the back and create an independent Armenia on "Turkish" soil.

    And then, of course, there's the phrase "Court Jew". During their 2,000-plus years in Europe, some Jews gained favor with the kings or the ruling classes because of their wealth or talent. For that reason they were called "Court Jews". Their status and wealth was of little benefit to the Jewish people. In the Ottoman Empire we had our version of Court Jews.

  • «Հայ Սեղանաւորներ» By Vahe
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    A quote from  "Goodell Among Armenians" -11 October, 2013

    "The Armenians were an enterprising people, and the great wealth of the bankers, who were nearly all Armenians, made them very influential throughout the empire, even with the Turkish officials, who were largely dependent upon them for pecuniary advances and assistance. The various connections of this people with different parts of the country, and the influence which they were in a position to exert, in promoting the spread of the Gospel in Turkey, made it exceedingly desirable that they should embrace the truth.""

  • Սա Ի՞նչ Թարախ Է, Որ Չի Պայթում By Վրէժ-Արմէն Արթինեան
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    Այո, սիրելի Արծուի, միշտ այդպէս է եղած, յոյսը կտրողն ալ մենք ենք եղած, յոյսը բերողն ալ։ Եթէ կը յաղթենք՝ մեր ուժերով կը յաղթենք, եթէ կը պարտուինք՝ դարձեալ մեր ուժերով։  ՎԱԱ

  • Triumphant Israel (Vahan) Pilikian By Tsolak Abdalian, Architect-Town Planner
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    I first met Israel Vahan Pilikian as a teenage boy in Beirut, and I was struck by his warm eyes and smiling face. I saw in him the force of a man with great determination, perseverance and tenaciousness, an no sign of complaint or grievance.  

    In spite of all his sufferings and misfortune, he had impressed me as a person having immense patience, serenity, purposefulness and assiduity with which he cared for his family, and nurtured his children.  A great father, a heroic man and a courageous survivor of Armenian Genocide.

  • Dispute in Sydney's Armenian Catholic Community By Paul N.
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    Where is His Beatitude Patriarch Nerses Bedros XIX Tarmouni (Taza) of the Armenian Catholics? Why does he not a move a finger or say a word? Is this Armenian Catholic Community in Australia not under his spiritual jurisdiction? Is it only during receiving homage and great honors that our spiritual leaders show up? How about when there is trouble and danger, such as closing an Armenian school and depriving Armenian children from learning their maternal tongue?

    I am seriously starting to suspect that this nation, which against all odds survived for millennia, will only be annihilated not because of Turks and Azeris but as a result of Armenian leaders' decisions both in Armenia and abroad.

    Great job, guys; keep up the good work.

  • Mandela's Legacy is Indestructible By Serj
    32 weeks 5 days ago

    Frankly I am tired of hearing about Mandela. As a person who has lived "Mandela times" and heard about his activities before he became the president of South Africa, I would like to remind those that ;

    He was not put in prison  because of his political activism,. He was put in jail because of murder.

    How many of you do you remember when he was calling his ANC ( African National Congress) to kill all whites? Have you not seen placards saying "KILL ALL THE WHITES"  during meetings?
    Have you not read about ANC 's activities comparable to Jomo Kenyatta's MAU MAU  bands?

    Mandela was at the right place at the right time. The apartheid was coming off its seams anyway at that time.

    This is a superlative political correctness....

  • Kolkata Church Committee Elections By Robert
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    This is an absolute disgrace and the clergy to be involved is something out of this world. This should never have come to this level. The Indian government should now step in and sort out the ugly mess. 
    A complete audit of the finances should take place followed by new elections with those that have been in the driving seat "EXCLUDED". As it appears democracy in this instance does not exist. I use the word "Democracy" with certain reservation hence the exclusion zone for those who have suppressed others.

    Why has this ever happened? Why are the Armenians of Calcutta subjected to this type of "democracy" in the affairs of the CHURCH - Diabolical? an absolute disgrace. Is this the same Calcutta where I was brought up to respect the CHURCH, the members of the community? has something happened to the Armenian community?

    I beg the Indian government to step in and take positive steps to bring some sanity and accountability to our once very respectable Armenian community. Until then "AMOTH".

  • Պուրճ Համուտէն Սկսած Կեանք By keghart.com
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    We made the font larger, hopefully it is better readable now.

    Alternatively, you can always press Ctrl & [+] (Ctrl key and the '+' key together) to Zoom and make the fonts appear larger.  Ctrl & [-] will make it smaller.

    For Apple computers Command-Option-Plus [+] key combination will do the same.

    The Unicode (foreign) characters currently don't work with the font magnification option at the top of the article (A+/A- buttons).

  • Queen Melisende and Her Three Sisters By Vahakn
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    It's remarkable that the first three Crusader queens of Jerusalem were Armenian or partly Armenian: Arda, Morphia, Melisende.

    The Crusaders married Armenian royalty for three main reasons:

    1. To build an alliance with the most reliable and most powerful Middle Eastern Christian minority;
    2. To obtain ample dowry from the Armenian princely parents of the Armenian ladies;
    3. In the early Crusader years, few European noble women would consider settling in the Middle East. At the time, most European women who accompanied the Crusaders were camp followers and prostitutes.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Samantha
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    Palestine belonged to the Palestinians until the unfortunate circumstances involving the Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration, as well as several other events, which suddenly gave away Palestinian territory to make way for the new state of Israel. Studies prove that there has been a Zionist plan since the early 20th century (approximately 1917) which said that the state of Israel would be introduced through several stages, one of which was the mass migration of Jews to Palestine.

    Since Israel's creation, Palestinians have been living in hell. I know people who were separated from their families, and have not seen them since 1948. I have friends who wait 15 hours at the border to go back to their homeland for just a day. So to say that the majority of Palestinians do not want peace makes absolutely no sense.

    It shouldn't matter what kind of law they want (other than the fact that I've searched the internet and have found absolutely no evidence of such a survey) as long as they want to have their own law. I also highly doubt that 40% encourage suicide bombings. Extremists have given Arabs and Muslims a bad reputation because of their so-called suicide bombs for "Jihad" or whatever it is they do. Doesn't it seem idiotic for people to support something that gives them a bad reputation? Only 6% of terrorist acts carried out on US soil between 1980-2005 were categorized as being by extreme Islamists. A percentage from the same study you might find shocking is that 7% were carried out by Jewish extremists. I speak from experience: most Muslims abhor violent behavior. I have never ever heard of any religion condoning violent acts, and Islam clearly states that it is a religion of peace.

    The most common argument that seems to support the Israeli side is what they went through during the Holocaust. I'm not saying this to be heartless, but so many other people have experienced ethnic cleansing and mass murders or executions. To make matters worse, while Jews who have gone through the Holocaust, Israel, and to a greater extent Zionism, are subjecting the Palestinians to horrors similar to what they had gone through. This is inhumane. Not to mention the mass graves filled with children's bodies that were recently found.

    You say that Palestinians do not want to live in peace? Peace is the least of what they deserve. You say that they support forms of terrorism. They have seen and been through far more terrible situations than most people ever will. You think that they would support laws that severally limit or deny forms of freedom? Freedom is one of the things they most want.

    Don't come here and give statistics that by every logical explanation are proven to be wrong. You don't know anything. Don't speak for the Palestinians when you probably have not even spoken to one. And definitely do not tell me or anyone else that they do not want to live in peace. The last thing my friend's grandmother said was that she only wished she could have lived to see Palestine free and at peace once more. It's a shame that her grandchildren will probably not live to see her dream come true.

  • Պուրճ Համուտէն Սկսած Կեանք By Vatché P.
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    Even with the largest on-board font magnification, the type set was still far too small for a comfortable read. I have noticed this with a few Armenian articles lately. Might Keghart do something about it?

  • Russophobes, Russophiles, and Nonsense By Migo
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    If Ukraine, physically attached to Europe with borders open on all sides and with far bigger resources than Armenia had to pull out of the EU, pragmatically how can we not align with the North? Whether we like it or not.

  • Սա Ի՞նչ Թարախ Է, Որ Չի Պայթում By Իւրնէշլեան Արմէն
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    Արուեստագէտ հոգիի տէր Արծուիին բեռնէն այս ճշմարտութիւնները աւելի ճշմարիտ կը հնչեն, դառնութիւնները աւելի լեղի են, իսկ թարախը՝ (Աստուած ներէ ինծի) քաղցկեղի պիտի վերածուի։ Երբ «քաղաքագէտներ» կ՚ըսեն այս բոլորը, ինքնապաշտպանութեան թէ ինքնախաբէութեան մղումով կը հակուիս չհաւատալու։ Բայց երբ արուեստագէտը կ՚ըսէ, կը զգաս ցաւին (եւ անոր դրդապատճառին) իսկական խորքը։

  • Russophobes, Russophiles, and Nonsense By Harry Mardirossian
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    The future of Armenian history can be seen through the binoculars of its past. Nowadays we easily conclude that we have had a little surge in our path for which we were not fully prepared. The same history has its iconic figures of betrayer Vasak Siunis at every interval.  This extreme sense of waiting something bad to happen is perhaps ingrained in our character as a result of the harsh geography Armenia occupies. During every crisis, the spirit of the nation has awakened and rebutted against all odds. Just to name a few: Avarayr; Sartarabad; Gharakilise; Artsakh and other vivid examples.

    At the present, the question seems to be: "When will we press our parachute trigger?"

    We, Armenians, must come out of this futile cycle if we want to be reckoned.  


  • Ինչո՞ւ Սփիւռքը Կը մղուի...«Կենսաթոշակ»ի By Jerar
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    Every Armenian should read this article.

  • Triumphant Israel (Vahan) Pilikian By GaroK
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    Such a priceless document in Dr. Apelian's possession. An eye witness, a young boy on his walk to "via Doloroso", yet a survivor and an achiever.....

    A very  well descriptive narrative by Dr. Apelian, that brings a valuable relic to life.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Long Walk to Freedom
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    The Right of Return is about millions of peaceful indigenous people (the Palestinians) that were massacred and/or terrorized of their native lands by the world's original terrorists of Ashkenazi origin, i.e. Ben Gurion and Begin leading their murderous gangs, Irgun or the Stern Gang. It's ironic that a fascist Israeli regime justifies its genocidal apartheid system  via its collective victim consciousness. Its pathetic that Israeli shills perpetuate the Zionist false flags such as 911 aka the "war on terror" hoax to mislead or insult our intelligence with lies and deceit. Nelson Mandela's succinct and bold letter above clearly demonstrates his grasp of the long term Israeli strategy of apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian people. It's amazing that while so many countries (and their leaders) honor Mandela as a great humanitarian leader, Israel's arrogant and paranoid leader, "Bibi" can't "afford" the trip to honor him. What a symbolically arrogant statement on behalf of the Israeli apartheid government and state. The apartheid Israeli state should be sanctioned and exposed, just as apartheid South Africa was.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Cassandra Pollock
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    I have several South African friends; two of them are white South African. They agree with the statement in my subject line. It's funny that almost all whites who call Nelson Mandela terrorist are Holocaust-deniers and racists. They are not from South Africa and most have never been to South Africa. And here you are from Australia which was colonized as a prison for the undesirables of the British Empire.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Cassandra Pollock
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    It was around 15 years ago or so ago that I was at a gathering among friends here in Canada. Around that time there had been relative calm between the Palestinians and Jews and the world seemed optimistic that a resolution could be found in a reasonably short time. It had been one the longest cease fires in my lifetime. At the gathering one of our friends was a Palestinian student from Bethlehem. We had the CNN. Then suddenly we heard a wail from our friend: he was screaming: "That's my house, that's my neighbor. I know him, I know him." He had just watched his friend lethally gunned down in front of his house in Bethlehem.

    When he calmed down, we began to talk. It was surreal for all of us even though we could not fully understand what our friend had just experienced. Eventually I said to him that I did not understand why they were fighting, after all Palestinians and Jews have lived in Palestine for thousands of years and 2000 or more years ago it was as culturally and ethnically as diverse as North America is today. So why even fight about whose land it is when it was always the home of Palestinians and Jews and many others? He said that growing up he always had Palestinian and Jewish friends; they worked together, went out together, and there was no animosity between them.

    He then remembered a particular incident. He said a Palestinian was murdered by a Jew. The Jewish person, who had committed the crime, was arrested and put on trial. But the Jewish courts, run by the Jewish state, acquitted him. The angry family of the victim decided to retaliate against the Jewish family of the murderer. They murdered a member of the murderer's family and so it went back and forth as tensions grew. The governments, instead of attempting to calm the tensions, used the growing unrest to further their own agenda of greed. Now even if the Jewish and Palestinian people want peace it would not matter because their governments would continue to find ways to fuel unrest to serve their greed which benefits neither Jews nor Palestinians.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Jimmy
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    This memo is an admitted fake - stop trying to get mileage out of something that was completely contrary to Mandela's beliefs.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Cassandra Pollock
    32 weeks 6 days ago

    The unfortunate thing is that Israel was created by European Jews who had lived in Europe for generations and then suddenly decided to return to the place their ancestors had left. Then they proceeded to persecute the Palestinians who had been living peacefully among Jews who had never left in the first place.

    My grandparents left Germany and came to Canada where I was born. The European Jews would be essentially the same as me if I were to go back to Germany. I then would have told Germans, who were born in Germany, that it wasn't their country anymore. And what is worse is that some of these Israeli Jews are the ones who are descendants of Jews who fled Germany and went back to Israel and are now doing to the Palestinians, who have lived there forever, what Hitler's SS did to them. Do you see the hypocrisy here? It's outrageous. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a racist war monger. Many Jewish citizens don't even like him because he is trying to start a war and that's just plain sick.

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Max Galstaun
    33 weeks 15 min ago

    I am Max Galstaun. I legally changed my name to Khatchaturian. An elder of the Armenian community, the well-known Hrant Catchatoor, suggested that I take the name (the cross-bearer) because a few elders at the time knew that a fighter like me was needed to preserve and protect the Calcutta Armenian Community. There is nothing illegal in calling yourself whatever you want...

    I am not baptized in the Armenian Church. The 22 trusts, which are managed by the Armenian Church Committee, do not mention the words baptized or baptism. These trusts concern all Calcutta Armenians, because the legacies are for Calcutta Armenians, not baptized Calcutta Armenians.

    Have I filed cases against schools? I have. Is it illegal to go to court? Maybe in Armenia, where you go to some thugs for justice, but we live in a civilized country called India, where they have courts, barristers, and lawyers.

    Instead of ... asking whether Max has cheated someone, he should have written "Max has cheated........" 

    But what does one expect from a person who cannot give his name when he attacks Max Galstaun, who is well known for campaigns on a number of issues? The murder of Rizwanur Rahman in Calcutta is one such campaign. There are other campaigns. I am proud of my name....

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Eric
    33 weeks 4 hours ago

    Under current circumstances, the Palestinians would like to live in peace. Why? Because they are living the alternative. They do not think that they would become the majority. But it is. And this is the problem.

    Did you know that well over 80% of the Palestinian inhabitants want Sha'ariah law in the West Bank (recent survey)? Another survey said 40% of Palestinians support and encourage suicide bombings. So for you to say "most" want peace is ridiculous. What kind of peace are you referring to? The 40% that support suicide bombings or the 80% that want Sha'ariah law imposed that either severely limits or completely denies the practice of other religions?

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By HWSHY
    33 weeks 5 hours ago

    OK, so this letter is false and Mandela was not against Zionism. So lets heave things in the other direction and look at something real: the extensive and disproportionate role of people of Jewish extract towards change in South Africa. As an example: all five of the white defendants in Mandela's trial were Jewish!

    Here are some who contributed significantly towards change in South Africa: Lazar Sidelsky, Helen Suzman, Arthur Goldreich, Albie Sachs, Ruth First, Joe Slovo, Ronnie Kasrils, Harry Schwarz, James Kantor, Nadine Gordimer, Rowley Arenstein, Percy Amoils, Harold Wolpe, Ronald Segal, Denis Goldberg, Bob Hepple, Hilliard Festenstein, Isie Maisels, Wolfie Kodesh, Tony Bloom, Mendel Kaplan, Norman Bernhard, Rusty Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Ray Alexander, Ron Shapiro, Lionel Phillips, Donna Wurtzel, Arnold Beasserabie, Jock Isacowitz, Sailor Malan, Kane Berman, Abner Weiss, Bertha Beinashowitz, Bertha Egnos, Cyril Green, Alf Herbert, Fonda Dubb, Rabbi Duchinsky, Rabbi Rabinowitz, Rabbi Kossowsky, Rabbi Bernard, Ian Bernhardt, Raymond Suttner, Ady Assabi, Ray Simons, Sydney Kentridge, Phillip Tobias, Jules Browde, Selma Browde, Bernard Friedman, Harold Hanson, Richard Goldstone, Robin Cranko, Gaby Shapiro, Gill Marcus, Andrew Feinstein, Saul Solomon, Wolfie Kodish, Nat Levy, Hilda Bernstein, Dennis Gamsy, Max Gluckman, Lee Harris, Hermann Kallenbach, Felicia Geffen, Jane Alexander, Tony Leon, Helen Zille, Barney Simon, Jonathan Shapiro, Nik Rabinowitz, Harold Rubin, Manfred Mann, Joel Joffe, Arthur Chaskalson, Benjamin Pogrund, Ray Simons, Harry Bloom, Abraham Adelstein, Tikvah Alper, Max Sterne, Louis Babrow, Esther Barsel, Hymie Barsel, Ina Perlman, Harry Oppenheimer, Oxford Synagogue, Temple Israel, Dan Heymann, Bright Blue, Johnny Clegg, Pieter Dirk-Uys.

    Jews comprised 0.6% of the total population of South Africa.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Tarak Kauff
    33 weeks 6 hours ago

    It is this kind of fear and siege mentality, not based on reality--that the Israeli government uses--among other fabrications to keep people supporting injustice, apartheid and racism. I just returned from Palestine. What they want is simply to be able to live in peace and not under occupation which is terror, humiliation and economic strangulation. They don't, for the most part, even hate the Jews; they just want peace, real peace with justice for everyone - all human beings. Israel is literally, but relatively slowly, driving Palestinians off their own land by making life intolerable. 

  • Յակոբ Օշական Աննման Վարպետը By Vahe
    33 weeks 7 hours ago

    Յակոբ Օշականի կեանքին վերջին շաբթուան նկարագրութիւնը պատմութեան համար անմահացուցած է Անդրանիկ  Ծառուկեանը իր «Մեծերը եւ Միւսները» գիրքին մէջ: Հետեւաբար այս մահազդին կապակցութեամբ Ծառուկեանն է որ կը տեսնեմ:

    Կ՛առաջարկեմ Ծառուկեանի այդ գրութիւնը ներկայացնէք յաջորդ Թիւին մէջ որպէս մահազդին  հետեւողական հետազօտւթիւն:

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By HWSHY
    33 weeks 9 hours ago

    Please Google each of these names together with Mandela:

    Lazar Sidelsky, Helen Suzman, Arthur Goldreich, Albie Sachs, Ruth First, Joe Slovo, Ronnie Kasrils, Harry Schwarz, Nicky Oppenheimer, James Kantor, Nadine Gordimer, Rowley Arenstein, Percy Amoils, Harold Wolpe, Ronald Segal, Denis Goldberg, Norman Bernhard, Rusty Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Ray Alexander, Raymond Suttner, Ady Assabi, Ray Simons, Sydney Kentridge, Wolfie Kodish, Nat Levy, Hilda Bernstein, Joel Joffe, Arthur Chaskalson, Ray Simons, Ina Perlman, Harry Oppenheimer, Oxford Synagogue, Temple Israel, Dan Heymann, Bright Blue, Johnny Clegg, Nik Rabinowitz.

    All five of the white defendants in Mandela's trial were Jewish. Before your anti-s gets into full swing.

  • Let's Welcome Islamicized Armenians By Aren
    33 weeks 16 hours ago

    It's rumored that Sabiha Gokcen, as a pilot, was sent with a squadron to bombard Dersim in late 1930s. However, she returned without dropping a bomb. Dersim was known to harbor Armenians.

    It is speculated that Sabiha knew who she was, the daughter of an Armenian,  and because of it she refrained from completing the task.

    Is this a made up story following Hrant Dink's "discovery" of  Sabiha's identity? Are there any documents verifying whether she indeed was in the squadron, and she "refused" to participate in the bombardment?

    Could any reader shed some light on this matter?



  • Are Contemporary Turks Armenian? By TurcoBosnian
    33 weeks 16 hours ago

    Even though there may have been cases of forced marriages of Armenian women, I think the main cause of the similarities in the gene pool is the voluntary conversion to Islam under the Ottomans; the way it happened with other Christian subjects of the empire: Greeks, Serbs, Croats, Albanians, Bulgars, Georgians etc. We have to keep in mind that back in those times converting to Islam (becoming a Turk) was advantageous, similar to everyone coming to America with hopes of getting American passport.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Norma Dosky
    33 weeks 18 hours ago

    My comment to Maurice is short and to the point.  Catholic Spain slaughtered Jews and the Arabs. Palestine opened its door to provide them protection. They are both Semitic people and ultimately will join together and create a wonderful economic system in the Middle East that both Moses and Mohammed will be proud of.

    So--lets get started to make this happen!!!

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Mus
    33 weeks 22 hours ago

    I would rather live and die in a shit hole of a country if the alternative is living under occupation from a terrorist invader. You can shove your hospitals and schools and everything you think is a substitute for freedom on one's own land.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Cora
    33 weeks 22 hours ago

    What the "right of return" really means is the slaughter of the Jews. Mandela's comments show he does not understand the Israeli situation. Returning to the 1948 or 1967 borders means planes flying into Israeli high rises, causing thousands of deaths, and starting a huge war. What a shame when leaders make claims without really getting the situation.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Jerry N. Wesner
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    NM, perhaps you were not around when Israel was being created. Or perhaps you don't know of the actions of some of the statesmen who founded Israel. In fact, they were terrorists against Islamic people who owned land and houses which had, according to the Israelis, been given to the Jews by God. That someone else bought the land and built the houses didn't matter. Soon-to-be Israelis performed actions such as car bombing, destruction of property, and the killing of Muslims to bring about God's will--the creation of the state of Israel. In wars like these no side has totally clean hands. But Israel's stealing of the land from the owners has been little different from Nazi actions against German Jews.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Joe
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    First of all, many Jews arrived because of the Israeli initiative. It has been noted that Jews in the Arab world had much better lives than their lives in Israel, as described by an Mizharim. My parents told me about their life in Tunisia. It was much better to live even in Yemen than in Israel. My parents went to Israel because they were Zionists. They  arrived on their free will. They were not "refugees" as you describe. Palestinian refugees didn't want to leave Palestine. Some 700,000 were kicked out of their homes. Jews from Arab countries arrived on their own free will as described by them. Most of them lived comfortably under Arab rule until they became hardcore Zionists.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Brian
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    Now that's fiction. Read his trial speech to learn why.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Gary
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    Just a reminder who NM really was.. He was jailed / imprisoned, not for a stand against apartheid, but for high treason. He was directly and / or indirectly involved in acts of terrorism / bombings / murdering of innocent people in South Africa (SA), by bombing soft - very soft - targets such as eat-outs.

    The mainstream media chose and chooses to portray him as a leader, hero, etc, yet he was a terrorist (and no more), from the same "stock" as modern terrorists are. Listening to current radio and TV casts, I'm thinking "I do not know this man" who the media has given "saint-status". It seems as though the whole world knew NM a great deal better than South Africans who live or lived in SA - it is as though the informed listener and viewer is hearing a bunch of fools "talking him up".

    Since the take over of the ANC in SA in 1994, it is estimated that one hundred folks are murdered in SA EACH DAY. That - to all of the media - who think they know something - equates to 36,000 per year 360,000 per decade, 720,000 murders over two decades (i.e closing in on one million)! Start investigating ALL facts for a change / for once and for all, mainstream media!

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Avak
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Armenians of India,

    You have a legacy. Please don't let things mar what we all stand for as people.

    Armenia needs each and everyone of you to do everything you can to uphold our rich heritage and not be splintered by a few who through greed manipulate others to bring down what we have fought for years before.

    Remember our genocide, we lost lands, our people and our  artists, poets and many of scholars.

    We need all of you to put all matters as trivial as those you perceive as not your best interest and look for the big picture. If you can't do that, then you will open the gates and invite our enemies in. We need each and every Armenian to look up and be counted as one that has no personal gain, rather the best they can do for our people and homeland.

    Let not there ever be a smile on the faces of our enemies who proclaim, "Look at those poor souls, how can they stand against us when they can't even stand together?"

    Think people! Please think before you do what you are doing!


  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Thomas W. Adams
    33 weeks 1 day ago


    Israel continues to commit unlawful punishment and crimes against Humanity upon the Palestinian Peoples.

    It matters not, to me, what religion law breakers profess to follow; oppression, apartheid, occupation, theft of land, destruction of property, denial of Human Rights, murder, all of these are criminal acts deserving International sanction and punishment.

    The United States of America is obviously not using its power to resolve this decade’s long criminal occupation, instead, choosing to support Israel and this criminal enterprise.

    Thus the U.S.A. is also criminally culpable; AS ARE Nations such as my own, Australia, cravenly following the U.S.\Israeli cowardly unethical directive, for a Government that speaks for us people.

    Religion is irrelevant; these criminal acts originate in the decisions and actions of the Israeli and American Governments.

    World opinion is near unanimous on this point; Israel and the U.S.A. are criminally culpable in the occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Peoples from the land which is their birthright. The Palestinian Peoples are an integral part of the great Diaspora of “Semites”; they have a claim to the land that none of the incoming immigrants can match.

    I call upon members of the United Nations Security Council together with The General Assembly, to re-affirm the many past resolutions condemning Israel, and to institute lawful effective procedures, by force if necessary, to remove all settlers from land internationally recognised as the State of Palestine.

    Such action would help restore the U.N.’s ethical and moral reason to exist, and remind all members to read again their responsibilities to the Founding Charter. The Palestinian question is deserving of resolution, not just lip-service.

    Further, that the United Nations creates a peace keeping force to stay with Palestine until Palestine is peacefully established,


    Thomas W. Adams

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Chango
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    Israel is a "beautiful democracy"? when has a democracy been so beautiful? One should be ashamed promoting the atrocities in Palestine which is the biggest concentration camp in the world and you say Israel is a "beautiful democracy". Democracy to those Khazar Jews that came from the Caspian Sea to destroy the Palestinian people's lives thanks in large to the Rothchild Banking Empire from London. Read your history about these fake Jews.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Chango
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    Mr. Maurice you are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts. Listen do some research concerning the Khazars Empire and you will see that 90% of the so called Jews you see today were converted to Judaism some 500 years ago. Eventually they made their infamous invasion of the land of Palestine and started committing these atrocities, thanks in part to the British and the Rothschild Banking Empire.  One should be ashamed defending the biggest concentration camp in the world which is Palestine. Commerce, electricity, water sewage fishing and practically the whole infrastructure in Palestine is controlled by Israel.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Cassandra Pollock
    33 weeks 1 day ago

    Yes, because his opinion was a statement of his racism

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By SilentJoe
    33 weeks 2 days ago

    Jews being against Apartheid? Get your facts straight, bro.

    By the mid-'70s, an economic and military alliance between Israel and South Africa was on the ascendancy. In 1975 the Israel–South Africa Agreement was signed, and increasing economic co-operation between Israel and South Africa was reported, including the construction of a major new railway in Israel and the building of a desalination plant in South Africa.[18] In April 1976 South African Prime Minister John Vorster was invited to make a state visit, meeting Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.[16] [19] Later in 1976, the Fifth Conference of Non-Aligned Nations in Colombo, Sri Lanka, adopted a resolution calling for an oil embargo against France and Israel because of their arms sales to South Africa.[18] In 1977, South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha visited Israel to discuss South African issues with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan.

    The South African government's yearbook of 1976 says: "Israel and South Africa have one thing above all else in common: they are both situated in a predominantly hostile world inhabited by dark peoples." 
    From the mid 1970s, the two countries were allegedly involved in joint nuclear-weapons development and testing. According to Seymour Hersh, for example, the 1979 Vela incident, was the third joint Israeli-South African nuclear test in the Indian Ocean.[21] Richard Rhodes concludes the incident was an Israeli nuclear test, conducted in cooperation with South Africa, and that the US administration deliberately obscured this fact to avoid complicating relations with Israel.

    The Israeli interest in South Africa sprang in part from the presence of about 110,000 Jews in South Africa, a figure which included more than 15,000 Israeli citizens.

    During Operation Protea in 1981, the South African Defence Force made military history, as arguably the first user of modern drone technology, when it operated the Israeli IAI Scout drones in combat against Angola. They would only be used in combat by the Israel Defense Forces a year later during the 1982 Lebanon War and Operation Mole Cricket 19.

    In 1981, Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon visited South African forces in Namibia for 10 days, later saying that South Africa needed more weapons to fight Soviet infiltration in the region.

    In 1984, Pik Botha again visited Israel but this time only for an unofficial meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Mike Dean
    33 weeks 2 days ago

    Maurice, Israel is a sham democracy because it is for Jews only. You forget that Hamas was elected in free and fair elections so it makes a lie of what you claim. You may be interested that Israel and the US attempted a coup to overthrow Hamas which failed (read Chomsky) and this caused the savage attack on Gaza on 2008/2009 in which 1,400 people died and chemical phosphorous bombs were used on civilians which is considered a war crime.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Me
    33 weeks 2 days ago

    Wait. So by stating his opinion he becomes a racist? Isn't that his right in this country? But you don't agree so you have to be nasty? Nice.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Rosemerry
    33 weeks 3 days ago

    Maurice, have you read or seen films on the history of Palestine before Israel "made the desert bloom"? It was a cultured and prosperous region, whose hundreds of villages were razed by the invading Zionist forces.

    Even now, with the terrible occupation, education is effective and valued; restrictions on Palestinian imports and exports, especially, of course, in Gaza, make social and economic advancement impossible, but blaming the occupied ones is unfair. Read a bit of history and articles on the present situation by less biased observers than you probably select.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Chango
    33 weeks 3 days ago

    Maurice, what a racist and sad person you are. Just the same jingo that promotes hate and anger. One on one you're a coward.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Joe
    33 weeks 3 days ago

    The Jews could have made it into something better than a metropolis, but nothing beats freedom. Would you switch your freedom for a metropolis? I don't think so. And you guys are so great at changing the subject. This isn't about how the country's appearance before and after. This is about freedom and human rights.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Adam A
    33 weeks 3 days ago

    It's their land to do with what they want. If its turned into a wasteland then so be it. 

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Zack
    33 weeks 3 days ago

    He clearly states the Palestinian right of return to the Promised Land but he and the U.N. do NOT mention the right of return or compensation to Jews expelled from Arab countries--850,000. All absorbed in Israel. No Arab country accepted the integration of 'Palestinian' Arab brothers into their countries. A point of fact: there is no such people as Palestinian. They are not mentioned in the Koran or the Talmud. Arabs are unable to pronounce the word Palestine.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By Joe Beatt
    33 weeks 3 days ago

    The memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine was not written by Mandela but by a Dutch politician called Arjan El Fassed. Mandela never said anything like this. For the sake of the truth remove this hoax from your website.

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Astgik Ehramjian
    34 weeks 9 hours ago

    Այս յօդուածը հաստատ թուրքի գրած է:

    Ես իմ լուման դրել եմ Համահայկական Հիմնադրամում եւ հաւատում եմ, որ ամէն հայ քրիստոնեայ, որ հոգին սատանային չի վաճառել, նոյնը կ'անի:

    Եթէ հաշուի առնենք, թէ ինչ աշխարհագրական բարդ պայմաններում է գտնւում Հայաստանը եւ թէ որքան ներքին ու արտաքին թշնամիներ ունի, որոնք կ'ուզեն այդ հողը վերցնել, կը հասկանաք որ թուրքի գրած այս յօդուածը մի քայլ միայն հեռու է Հայաստանը կործանելու ջանքից:

    Աստուած օրհնի իր նուիրեալ ազգին եւ իր եկեղեցու շուրջ հաւաքի ու պահի նրան: Թող հալուեն թշնամու նետերը եւ չար մտքերը: Անէ՛ծք թուրքին եւ իր բոլոր պաշտպաններին:




  • Judicial Nomination Exhumes ADL Fiasco By Joseph Dagdigian
    34 weeks 1 day ago

    Mr. Berman's failure to unambiguously acknowledge the Armenian Genocide will have no effect on international Genocide recognition. Serious scholars recognize the Armenian Genocide. This is no longer a historical  issue, rather it is an issue of political will to accept the facts. Mr. Berman has demonstrated that that the Turkish lobby and the ADL's untenable position trump the objective truth. This completely disqualifies Mr. Berman from any judicial position whatsoever.

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Vatché P.
    34 weeks 1 day ago

    Dear Harry,

    Here is the result of a modest effort re those Armenian words:
    Anomaly :  զարտողութիւն
    Blackmail: սեւ բաժ,  շանթաժ
    Inertia:  թուլութիւն  անշարժութիւն
    Dynamism: ուժականութիւն
    Resource: աղբիւր  
    Boycott:  խեցեվճրել    պոյքոթել
    Ethos: բարք  ցեղի
    Legitimacy:  օրինականութիւն,  վաւերականութիւն
    Lobbyism  բանակցում

    Taken from "English-Armenian  Mesrob Kouyoumdjian Comprehensive Dictionary" (Donuigian Press), Beirut, Lebanon.

    Once again, a Western Armenian dictionary.

    Surely our linguists in Armenia can find these equivalent words in Armenian, too.

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Միհրան Չոլաքեան
    34 weeks 1 day ago


    Նախ եւ առաջ համաձայն եմ որ մեր հայրենիքն ու մեր հայրենակիցները մեծապէս կարիքն ունին օգնութեան, եւ սակայն այդ կարիքը իրականցնելու համար նախ իմ փափաքս է որ այդ սկսի մեր հայրենիքի օլիկարքներէն , որոնք անընդհատ կը փորձեն շահատակել ու կողոպտել մեր խեղճ ժողովուրդը..

    Անգործութիւնն ու աղքատութիւնը գլուխն առած կ'երթան ու կ'երթան:

    Իսկ գալով մեր լեզուին, այդ ալ է ցաւալի: Արդեօք պիտի գա՞յ այն օրը որ վերադառնանք մեր սքանչելի, կատարեալ մայր մեսրոպեան լեզուին:


  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Vahe
    34 weeks 1 day ago

    Blackmail = Խաբանել, սպառնալիք, Հակադրել
    Resource = նիւթական աղբիւր, միջոց
    Anomaly = Զարտուղի, Արտարոց, Անբնական
    Inertia = Կռաւորական, Նախաձեռնութեան պակաս, աննախանձադիր
    Dynamic = Ուժէղ, նախաձեռնող, աշխոյժ
    Boycott = Խաչաձեւել, չի մասնակգիլ, չօժանդակել
    Legitimacy = Օրինականութիւն, Վաւիրականութիւն
    Ethos = Բարք, ուրոյն, ինքնատիպ,
    Lobbyism = քաղաքական արշաւ, ի նպաստ աշխատանք

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Harry Mardirossian
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Սիրելի Նորիկ,

    Ոչ մէկ նորութիւն կը կարդամ այս տողերուն մէջ: Լուծումն եւ Մեսիան է որ ամեն մարդ կը սպասէ:   Ախտաճանաչումը առանց լուծումի նման է հոգեվարքի մէջ մարդը նկարելու առանց անոր բուժում տալու:

    Իսկ ինչ կը վերաբերի գրութեանդ լեզուին, ադկից արդէն շա՛տ մը բառեր արտագաղթած են եւ բնակեցուած օտար բառերով:

    Ի սէ՜ր Մեծասքանչին շնորհակալ կ՝ըլլամ եթէ ետ տուն վերադառցնես  հայերենէդ արտագաղթած բոլոր բառերը, որպէսզի մեր նման հայ մահկանացուներս կարենանք աւելի լաւ հասկնալ գրութիւնդ:

    Կանխիկ շնորհակալութեամբ՝

    Յարութ Մարտիրոսեան

  • Էրտողանի Վերաբերմունքը 1915-ի Նկատմամբ By Daniel Sagherian
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Our sole common denominator is the conviction that the survival of our race be our utmost goal. With an Armenia, or without; whole, or partial; all-inclusive, or a mere concentration; independent, or attached; of this religion, or of that... Above  else, if this is what will guide us, all rest will be details-and the devil will not be in the details, 'cause we collectively have only one target. And the biggest revenge of ours, the sole source of our sufferings, the capital response to all perpetrators, will be our survival... Forget not that we live concentrated in that part of the world, but we are spread all over the world; that we are Apostolic,  of several Sees, but we are Catholic, Protestant, Sunni, Alevi, Atheist too; that we are Socialists, but Capitalists, Communists, Anarchists...too! And our forefathers perished, throughout history, to survive as a race, no matter what section of the above they belonged to. LET HATRED TO EACH OTHER BE OUT OF OUR HEARTS!!!

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Harry Mardirossian
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Սիրելի Վահէ

    Այդ բառերուն համարժեք հայերէն իմաստները եթէ իրեն տաս նկատողութիւնդ կ՝ամբողջանայ: Այլապէս միշտ կը մնանք մենք եւ իրենք:


  • Էրտողանի Վերաբերմունքը 1915-ի Նկատմամբ By Diran Harmandayan
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Good analysis, these trends of thinking will relieve the pressure of responsibility from the population and bear it on the state, which regardless of the changes in the leadership remains sustained and will eventually still hinder the outright recognition of the responsibility for genocide.

  • Եղծում եւ Ազգասիրութիւն By Astgik Ehramjian
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Ի հարկե ամեն Հայ Քրսիտոնյա պիտի գիտակցի, որ միայն և միայն սատնան է ուզում պառակտել, առանձնացնել հայ ազգին Հայաստանում, Արցախում և Սփյուռքում: Ամեն գիտակից Հայ պիտի ասի կորի ստանա ինձ իմ ազգի դեմ չես լարի: Ամեն Հայ սիրով և առանձ նախանձի թող լինի իր եղբոր և քրոջ հետ, բաց և ազնիվ: Ի միջի այլոց,  ով Հայ առաքելական Եկեղեցուն կպնում է մահ է ստանում: Ամեն:

  • Էրտողանի Վերաբերմունքը 1915-ի Նկատմամբ By Astgik Ehramjian
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    This comment is edited and brought down to a reasonable size. Ed.

    Իմ կարծիքով Դուք շատ փափուկ եք վերաբերվում այն հարցին, որ իմ ողջ երկու հսկա գերդաստանը կոտորվել է 1915 թվականին: Ի մանկուց որբ տատիկիս պատմություններն իր որբ ընկերուհիների հետ լսելիս և նրանց ծածուկ  լացը և խոսելու վախը ատել եմ և վրեժխնդիր եմ եղել: եթե մեկը կա, որ կցանկանա ինձ համոզել, թե չարի գործը և չարը ատելը լավ չի, դա միայն սատանան է:

    Միլիոնավոր մարդիկ, առավել ևս ողջ իմ ընկերական շրջապատը, առավել ևս հայ ազգի մեծամասնությունը կրում է կոտորածի դաժան և քայքայիչ ազդեցությունները: Չարը և չարի գործը անիծված է: Ոչ ոք իրվաունք չունի դիտավորյալ, շահի համար, կամ հավատքի համար, մյուսին սպանի: Այդ կյանքը Աստված է տվել մեզ: Աստծո՝ մեկ ուրիշին տվածը վերցնել նշանակում է գողանալ, իսկ եթե դա կյանքն է, նշանակում է մարդասպան:

    Էրդողանը ընդունի թե չընդունի 1915 դաժան և զարհուրելի ցեղասպանության ճշմարտությունը, ասի թե չասի ներեղություն, իսկ ես սա գրեմ, թե չգրեմ, միևնույն է՝ Աստված իր ազգի և ապագա կյանքերը վերցնելու է:

    Ես չեմ հավատում էրդողանին, այլ հավատում եմ, որ ամեն հանցանք իր պատիժը ստանալու է, թեկուզ 2000 տարվա:

    Պիտի զղջա, ներում խնդրի, հատուցի, ապա նոր քավություն ստանա։

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Vatché P.
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Vahé, I totally agree with your comments about the article and the foreign words being 'armenianized' by the so-called, modern, Eastern Armenian.

    What is the matter with this nation? Why do they insist to include such foreign words, almost as though they were Armenian words themselves, and expect us in the Diaspora to keep our language alive?

    We HAVE kept the Western Armenian language at its highest level, against all odds. And, if we pronounce the two K's (գ ք) or  the two T's (թ դ) all sounding the same, it is a far cry from bastardizing a language with such foreign words! Just because Armenia is the motherland, it does not mean that the Armenian language coming from there is the purest of the pure or what comes from there is the Gospel truth.

    I used to love Eastern Armenian literature, but I am beginning to realize that the contemporary Armenian in Armenia is hardly Armenian.

  • Former Soviet States: Battleground For Global Domination By David Otto
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Aloha, just want to let you know that I an here and feel like I will always keep an ear out on Oahu. Hawaii. Sorry but I feel Turkey owes Armenians an apology for what the Ottomans did. Don't know the goals of these folks...Maybe Turkey is punished...will hear later

  • Ethiopian Armenians in their own Words By Ethiopian
    34 weeks 2 days ago

    Great to read such an uplifting article. Thank you.

    I personally know Garbis; he is a really honourable man.

    My Ethiopian grandmother always talked about a certain white man who settled in Addis Ababa a long time ago. His last name was Babich or Babicheff or Babichev. And his first name was either Moses or Mussie or Moshe. These names sound like Russian, rather than Armenian, but I am not sure.

    Does any one know this man? Was he Armenian? Apparently, he was appointed as "Fitawrari" by Emperor Haile Selassie during the Italian occupation, if I recall the story told by my grandmother.

    Please post your comments below as I am really eager to learn about this man and his family. I regret for not paying attention to my grandmother when she was talking about all the history, but unfortunately, she passed away in Addis in 2010 at the age of 105.

    We should be thankful that there is a nation called Ethiopia that accommodates Islam, Christian, Jews, Pagans and Atheists.

    May God bless Ethiopia.

  • Մտքերի Բախում Գերմանահայոց Կենդ. Խորհրդում By Astgik Ehramjian
    34 weeks 3 days ago

    Սա սատանայի գործն է:-հայը հայի դեմ լարելը, սիրտը կասկած և նախանձ մտցնելը, կիսատ ճշմարտություն ասելը:

    1. Ոչ Մի Հայ երբեք չի ցանկացել և չի ցանկանա դեմ լինել մի այլ Հայի, այլ միայն թուրքի, մինչև որ չվերադարձնի իրենից հափշտակված հողերն ու փողերը, բայց ամենից առաջ սրբացնի իր կոտորած սուրբ բալիկների, կանանց, ծերերի, երիտասարդների հիշատակը ։ 

    Սատանան ուզում է ջնջել սրբերի հիշատակը, ասել գենոցիդ չի եղել: Անգլերեն չի ուզում ասել գենոցիդ բառը, որ ողջ աշխարհը չիմանա, այլ ասում է հայերեն, այն ինչ մենք լավ գիտենք, իսկ մյուս ազգերը հայերեն գիտե՞ն:

    Դե, թող այդպէս էլ լինի։ Տէր Աստված, գալդ բարին լինի և ողջ աշխարհը թող հայերեն խոսա։ Ամեն։

    2. Սատանան գիտի ոնց խառնի Հայ ժողովրդի մոտիկ հաղթանակը, որը Հիսուսի հաղթանակն է նաև:

    3.Սատանային չի հաջողվելու հայերին հաղթել, քանզի սատանային չի հաջողվելու Հիսուսին հաղթելը, մենք հայերով ավելի ենք միավորվելու, այո, խոնարհվելու ենք Աստծո առջև, բայց ոչ թե թշնամու:

    4.Այն ինչ տեր Հիսուս ասում էր ծածուկ, հիմա ասում է ազդարարելով.
    - Գալիս եմ, ուղղվեք, պատրաստ եղեք, միացե՛ք։

    Եկ, Աստված իմ։
    Աստծո շնորհները ձեզ հետ։ Ամուր կացե՛ք։
  • United Action Leads to Victory By Vahakn
    34 weeks 4 days ago

    Readers who have been following the Toronto Turkish consul-general's designs to put a phony "Turkish" monument at the Brantford Mount Hope Cemetery to honor WWI "Turkish" internees, would be interested to know that Andrea Malysh, program manager of Canadian WWI Internment Recognition Fund, has asked the Township of Kapuskasing in the province of Ontario to remove Turkish symbols on the grave of Alex Hassan, a Muslim internee who died in the northern Ontario camp during WWI. The Turkish symbols had been placed there through the efforts of the Turkish Government. As well, Brantford history researcher William Darfler, the discoverer of the "Muslim" internees buried at the the Brantford cemetery, has  informed Ms. Malysh that he has no hard evidence regarding the identity of the people buried in the "Muslim Corner" of the Brantford cemetery.

    "Amen" to Turkish Government's failed diplomatic efforts to impose false historic Turkish presence in Canada. As one of Keghart's editorial pointed out a few months ago, Diaspora Armenians should be on guard re future Turkish Government plans to promote similar falsehoods around the globe.

  • Vasily Grossman's Memoirs of Armenia By Dikran
    34 weeks 4 days ago

    Indeed, the "mountains are being reduced to skeletons" in Armenia [by mining industry], people are abandoning the ancestral land, Armenia is becoming a poisonous desert, see the video below:

    «Հանքարդյունաբերությունը սպառնալիք է Սյունիքի համար»

    Happy Holiday Season to All,
    Anahid Shirinian

    NJ USA

  • United Action Leads to Victory By Astgik Ehramjian
    34 weeks 4 days ago

    The incident [Brantford Cemetery monument) is a great scandal. What happened is a warning to everyone to be on guard re Turkish designs, and to take the appropriate action.

    Not only Armenians but also other nationalities which were slain in Western Armenia (1915) by the  Turks. The survivors, who flew to foreign countries, have often been ignored. In Holland we have a great number of Armenians whose parents fled Turkish persecutions in Western Armenia during the Genocide in 1915. They have to be made aware of Turkish policies and act accordingly. Otherwise, tomorrow they will be considered Turks because they carry Turkish names or surnames as in Antoine de Saint Exupery's "The Little Prince" story. The astrologer in that story is a famous Armenian but because he lives on his land, which is conquered by the Turks, Exupery calls him a Turk.

    The wolf wants to wear sheep's clothing to continue to cheat the world and anyone who helps him will also be eaten.

    This is another way of Turkish cheating and saying: "We are good and innocent". Lies. The blood of my family is on their hands. Amen.

    "Thank you" to Dikran and to others associated with Keghart.com for everything you do for us and for encouraging us to get involved, to become aware and be more dedicated to building better future for our children. May Lord Jesus help us in our victory.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, to your families, and to all people waking up to fight for victory against the Turkish state. May we be good and stay good until the end. Much love and God bless.


  • Political Apathy: Myth or Reality? (Video) By Gaytzag Palandjian
    34 weeks 5 days ago

    Kudos to Keghart's  initiative  in this respect, supporting participation in activities at local, provincial and state levels. It's time Armenians entered and advocated --aside from the perennial Genocide  issue-other  international  matters, such as  now the need for curbing inappropriate siding  with great Turkey. More attention to Iran ought to be in place. An old time, if not ally, a noble people´s country that has been lenient to Armenians  and their cause; a good neighbour  of Armenia  now. Looks like the tide  is changing. Hopefully rapprochement with Iran by U.S. and in extension its immediate allies will succeed  gradually, if  not at once.

    Thanks again for inviting-encouraging Armenians world-wide to immerse themselves  in local politics  in  the countries  they live  in. 

  • Մտքերի Բախում Գերմանահայոց Կենդ. Խորհրդում By Ishkhan Babajanian MD
    34 weeks 5 days ago

    Bravo, Mr . Gaytzag  Polandjian I agree  100% with your Healthy Thoughts.
    Ishkhan  Babajanian

  • Political Apathy: Myth or Reality? (Video) By Boghos Mardirossian
    34 weeks 5 days ago

    Thank you Keghart for organizing such a wonderful and very important event.

  • United Action Leads to Victory By Lucine
    34 weeks 5 days ago

    Congratulations to our Armenian and Alevi activists and thank you for a spot-on editorial.

  • United Action Leads to Victory By Tom and Alvart Siraki
    34 weeks 5 days ago

    Congratulations and kudos to the dedicated Armenian and Alevi activists who  spared no effort to STOP the  erection of a Turkish monument in Brantford. 

  • Origin of Two Human Rights Concepts By Perouz Seferian
    34 weeks 5 days ago

    "Those who survived endured great hardships and were scattered in a global diaspora." Thank you, Alan, for this acknowledgment of the ongoing suffering of those who survived. For many, their entire lives were marked with the torment of remembering the sight of family members being butchered. They lost the generations that had come before them and the little children that followed them. Many from small rural villages found themselves living in poverty in large cities with streetcars instead of donkeys, a different language, and different customs. And, always, the terrible burden of their grief for their lost family and home and way of life followed them.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Shake Toumayan
    34 weeks 6 days ago

    Without justice there is no civil society.

  • Մտքերի Բախում Գերմանահայոց Կենդ. Խորհրդում By Gaytzag Palandjian
    34 weeks 6 days ago

    Յոյսով էի կարդալ Մտերիմ բախում Գերմանահայոց  մէջ....
    Աչքի  խաղի մասին է խօսքս: Ցաւոք,  երբ երկրորդ անգամ կարդացի դա -Մտքերի Բախում էր - համեմատաբար  Նոր Գաղութ  է  Գերմանիայինը  մեր...Ճիշդ  այդ է պատճառը որ մեր ժողովուրդը տկարանայ:

    Ի սէր  Հայութեան Ամբողջականութեան զիրար Յարգեցէք, եթէ պէտք է անպայման ոեւէ  կազմակերպութեան մաս կազմել, հիմնեցէք (Մասնագիտութեանց բնագավառներու, Կոլէկաներու) ընկերակցութիւններ, ապա քիչ քիչ դէպի Միջ-Մասնագիտ. Կէտրոնական Մարմին: Հրաւիրեցէք դուք ոչ կուսակցականներդ վերջիններին՝ մաս կազմելու  ձեզ  հետ -երբ արդէն  Ձերը...Քանակ  եւ  որակ կը ներկայացնէ կազմուելիք Կեդրոնական  մարմին-խորհուրդների  մէջ: Բաւ է  միջկուսակցական թայֆայականութիւնը հին դարուց յիշատակ մնացած՝ նրանց  գերակայութիւնը  Հայութեան  մէջ ամէնուր:


  • Judicial Nomination Exhumes ADL Fiasco By Boghos
    34 weeks 6 days ago

    In his explanations as to why he did not do more to overturn a shameful ADL policy, Joseph Berman (a high-ranking ADL official) comes across as disingenuous.

    The ADL, a purportedly anti-bias group, has a clear bias when it comes to the Armenian Genocide. Along with other Jewish lobbying groups, the ADL campaigns against Armenian Genocide recognition in the halls of the US Congress. In fact, many Massachusetts cities and towns pulled out of “No Place for Hate”—the ADL’s purported anti-bias program—after the ADL’s infamous “tantamount” statement because these municipalities believed that the ADL’s statement was dishonest.

    Who ever heard of a human rights organization which lobbies against genocide recognition? Citizens don’t need a judge who very well could arbitrate in favor of ADL biases. Why should anyone take it on good faith that Mr. Berman would make an impartial judge, given his checkered background?

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Irena Varjabedian
    35 weeks 1 day ago

    Vardan shouldn't go back to the prison hospital. He is detained unjustly.

  • Orphans of the Genocide (video-clip) By Barkef Kloian
    35 weeks 2 days ago

    I was taken to another place and time as I watched and listened. The haunting faces and the beautiful music put me to where my grandmother held onto her child, dying in her arms. To where my mother was born at the Bird's Nest orphanage. That was in 1916.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Vardan From Iran
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    To the authorities in Armenia: Please have mercy on this talented human being. He needs proper care and attention. Please be fair.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Melineh
    35 weeks 3 days ago
    Please let Vardan Petrosyan have the proper medical care.
  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Aram Adamyan
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    First of all, may the souls of the two young boys killed in the car crash rest in peace. 

    This is not only about Vardan Petrosyan. This is much more than that. It could be anyone of us. Vardan, just caught in this horrible accident, serves as an example to reveal the true value of human dignity and human beings in general to our police and justice system. There is no threat that Vardan will escape from justice, yet he is still refused to be set free until the court's decision on his level of responsibility of what happened, despite much needed medical help. Let us hope that Vardan's celebrity will help to revisit the value of human dignity in the justice system of a country that presents itself as the first Christian nation. 

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Janet Galoustian
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    Provide proper care to Vardan and be fair in your investigation. Enough corruption!

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Berge Panossian
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    I am adding my signature to the petition to demand that Vardan be not returned to the prison hospital.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By J. Frendian
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    Stop discrimination and treat Vardan humanely.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Gerard Paraghamian
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    Why are things so rough in Armenia?  We need to get in line with all the democracies of the world. How can we help him?

    We need to treat people fairly starting with Vardan.

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Herosoohi
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    I will be coming to Calcutta in January to pay homage to my father's Armenian College era .I am the daughter of Minas Daniel Samel (also Minas Samuel David) who moved to Calcutta at the age of nine with my grandmother and remained there till 1927 when he returned to Iran. We migrated to Australia in 1968 and have lived here since.

    My father passed away 20 years ago. I have always wished to pay pilgrimage to his only college which is also proudly Armenian. I am hoping that I will be able to collect manuscripts and archives regarding my father and get to know the present Armenian community well. I was looking forward to this but when I read the problems within the community and church, I became very upset and disappointed.

    I know David Alexander, his mother (Arpenik) and other Indian-Armenians who live in Australia and elsewhere. I appreciate your actions as to a fair share of Armenian life and rights for the community in India. I wish you well and hope to meet you there on or about January 18. I will be staying three nights at the Kenilworth Hotel. It is owned by an Armenian and very close to the Armenian church and college, I believe. Many regards and cheers for your efforts.

    Mrs. Herosoohi Vesmadian

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Sebouh Boyajian
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    Treat Vartan Bedrosyan humanely.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Armineh Johannes
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    To the authorities in Armenia: Please have mercy on this talented human being. He needs proper care and attention. Please be fair.

  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Sona Mardanyan
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    I am adding my signature to the petition to demand that Vardan should not return to prison hospital.


  • Vardan Pedrosyan Petition Continues By Herosoohi
    35 weeks 3 days ago
    Be fair to our fellow Armenians - For once try to do the right thing.
  • Our Best Option…For Now By C.K. Garabed
    35 weeks 3 days ago

    There is a concept lurking out in space waiting for someone to latch on to it.
    It is one that involves today’s dispersed Western Armenians (who have fading hopes for future ties to the Republic of Armenia), and the Kurds of Turkey.
    What do they have in common?
    For one thing, they both lay claim to the same territory in the Yergir, today called Eastern Anatolia. For another, they belong to the same language group, Indo-European. Also, they share (in retrospect, at least) a similar cultural background. Finally, they harbor the same aspirations for a future state.
    Thus, in making common cause against the Turkish government, they can team up, and even contemplate the unthinkable, a country called Hai-Kurdistan.
    If they can, by joining together, secede from Turkey, they can always settle their differences later.
    A shocking idea?
    Of course!
    C.K. Garabed


  • Let's Welcome Islamicized Armenians By Vahe
    35 weeks 4 days ago

    I raise this issue to better understand the plight of Islamized Armenians in Turkey and I invite the knowledgeable to comment.

    For all I know the "Millet" (community) system that prevailed in the Ottoman Empire, and may still be a basis for community representation in Turkey, was based on religious affiliation, not ethnic grouping.

    Up the to the schisms that came about in the Armenian Apostolic Church that gave birth to the Armenian Catholic and Evangelical communities, the Apostolic Church represented all the Armenians for until then one was not an Armenian if she or he was not baptized in the Armenian Apostolic Church and anointed with Holy Muron. Let us be mindful that by the order of the King Trdat all his subjects were baptized Christians without exception. Since then, being Armenian and being Christian (albeit Apostolic for most of the time) became one and the same. In Kessabtsi dialect that may be the last remnant of naturally evolved Armenian dialect, Armenian Apostolic adherents are referred to “Armana’ for Armenian, while Armenian Catholics are called Catoula, and Armenian Evangelicals are called Pourtoustan meaning Protestants.

    The Patriarchate in Istanbul, for centuries, overshadowed the twin Catholicosates for it represented the Armenians at the Sultan’s Sublime Porte and the majority of the Armenians fell under its jurisdiction. It is there that our National Constitution came about. It may still be that it represents only the Armenian Apostolic adherents by law or by deep-rooted customs. I am not sure which.  In the United States, out of Church rules certainly, the Armenian Apostolic Church would not marry until the odar (non-Armenian) groom is anointed with Holy Muron before hand.

    I am not sure whether Sunni Muslims, irrespective whether they are Kurds or Turks or Islamized Armenians, constitute a separate "Millet", so to speak; or whether in their case there is more than religious affiliation. It behooves us to know so as to have a better understanding of the plight of the Islamized Armenians and, of course, I am not referring to their social stigmatization that no laws can correct.

  • Let's Welcome Islamicized Armenians By Serj
    35 weeks 5 days ago

    That is a possibility but only if they renounce Islam. Just saying that they are Armenians is not enough. We all know the fanaticism of the average Muslim. Do we need among us people who believe Islam's anti-Christian tenets?

    I do not see any advantages in accepting Muslim Armenians among us. Is it to increase our numbers? Old adage says: "Quality, not quantity".

    For many years we have discussed who is an Armenian. Well...basically those who say they are Armenian and follow Armenian traditions. To do this is to renounce Islam. How many of them are willing to give up Islam and follow our traditions?

    I am reminded of California painter Kero Antoyan. When he found out that his brother's children lived in Anatolia he went there to find them. He was welcomed as a long-lost hero. He took them to Istanbul to the "Badriarkaran". When they saw the cross on the door, they turned back and run away saying: "We do not want to become Gavurs." But you may send us money. WOW. This might be the attitude of most Islamized Armenians.

    How about the Hemshen Armenians? They are Muslim. How many have accepted that they were Armenians before, despite the fact that they speak an Armenian patois?

  • Fragmented, Fractious, Suicidal Islets By Gaytzag Palandjian
    35 weeks 5 days ago

    Dr. Berge Minassian,

    I trust you remember me from the old days on USC.EDU when we debated  many an issue. A few times I have quoted here Ara Baliozian´s BBB´s (bishops, benefactors and bosses) on the Diaspora scene. These will go on for quite a while in that same fashion. But we can aspire and work toward a new statute for the Armenian Diaspora (s) alongside these, until they retire.

    On to the other issues;  The point I wish to make is a bit delicate, as I know there are Turks following Armenian websites.

    1. We need St. Etchmiadzin and the Great House of Cilicia to keep those Armenian-dense communities well organized around them or at least be there. Why? Because those communities are the remnants/heirs of the Armenian Genocide, evicted from millennia-old habitat and waiting to return to their  homes: a political card that Turkey knows very well. Pity the Syrian is undergoing a drastic change. Hopefully, it will change for better, once the civil war stops. But Armenians are still there in Lebanon, Jordan and in other Arab countries.

    2. Not only you but others incorrectly ascribe that the Churches are not unified. When Catholicos Vazgen I and Catholicos Karekin I met in Brussels long ago, they declared "we are together." Thence be it known that the differences also occurred because of the Cold War and prior to that World War I when Armenians were on both sides and had to cope with both...I hope you understand. We had to show our loyalty to both. Take care.

  • Dubious Mettle of the Medals By Mihran
    35 weeks 6 days ago

    It's now time for Mr. Azadian to give his state medal/s back, if his editorial is to mean something.

    It's during the rule of Serzh Sarkissian that 10 innocent Armenians were gunned down during the election in the streets of Yerevan to help him stay in power, not to mention the rigged elections and rampant corruption to date.

  • Անկախ Մամուլի Խօսք՝ Թերե՜ւս... By Վահէ
    36 weeks 7 hours ago

    Ազատ խօսքի եւ միտքի մամուլը անգլուխ չի կրնար ըլլալ քանի որ ան արդէն գլուխ չունի:

    Ազատ խօսքի եւ միտքի մամուլը հաւաքական արտահայտութիւն է: Հոն կ՛իշխէ  «խաւարամտութեան, կարճատեսութեան, կրաւորականութեան ու պատեհապաշտութեան անյարիրութեան ոգի մը» երբ անոբ շուրջ համախմբուած հաւաքականութիւնը ինքն իսկ խաւարամիտ, կարճատես, կրաւորական ու պատեհապաշտ եւ անյարիր ոգի մը ունի:

    Ազատ խօսքի եւ միտքի մամուլը չի դաստիարակէր եթէ նոյնիսկ իր տեսութիւնները ունի: Անկասկած որ նման մամուլ մը ունենալը եւ հրատարակելը եւ զայն պահելը ու հրապարակելը չափանիշներն են իր շուրջ համախմբուած հաւաքանութեան կենսունակութեան: Անշուշտ որ կը դադրին  չափանիշներ ըլլալէ երբ այդ հրատարակութիւնը խօսնակն է միայն իր տեսութիւնները արտայայտող հաւաքականութեան մը եւ հետեւսբար դադրած է մամուլ ըլլալէ եւ դարձած է պաշտօնախօս:

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Hamo Moskofian
    36 weeks 11 hours ago

    Dear Karen,

    I was shocked about the news concerning the Culcutta Armenian Church election. The Holy Nazaret, where Joseph Emin, the famous Armenian, who fought for the independence of Armenia, is buried.

    You mentioned the passionate words of the daughter of Charles Sarkies (Chacha) whom I met 10 years ago while visiting India upon the invitation of the Foreign Ministry of India and through its marvelous former Ambassador Bal Anand. Mr. Sarkies was a true defender of the Armenian churches, the elders' sanctuary, the Armenian Philanthropic College, and the Armenian cemetery built by the famous Sir Khachig Paul Chater. The community's hundreds of millions worth of assets helped the reconstruction of Nor Nakhichevan in southern Russia through the efforts of the famous Armenian revolutionary Mikael Nalbandyan at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries and through the British Imperial Court in India.

    I send my warmest greetings to the unforgettable Sonia John, an Armenian who went to India as a child and was the director of the famous Women's College in Culcutta, a brave defender of  Armenian rights and the billions of dollars of the community's assets some of which were returned by Indira Gandhi during her historic visit to Moscow and to Armenia in 1976.

    Unfortunately, the mafioso-minded "independent" Armenia statesmen and clergy aim at robbing the riches of the Armenians of India, accumulated since the days of Mogul Emperor Akbar the Great whose beloved wife was Mariam Zamani Begum, an Armenian beauty from Meghri. We must thank the Indian government which had blocked many of these treacherous efforts and announce our solidarity with our brave brothers and sisters of the Armenians of India.

    Hamo Moskofian

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Vahe Apelian
    36 weeks 18 hours ago

    I second the proposal raised in this article and call the Diaspora to boycott this upcoming Thanksgiving Telethon that will be the 16th. Instead, it is fair and right that we allocate our hard-earned pennies this time around towards the needs of the Middle Eastern Armenian communities, especially that of Syria. For the past almost 100 years these Armenian communities laid the foundation of the Armenian Diaspora we know today.

    The very existence of the proud and generous Armenian community in Syria is being tested. The demise of our Middle Eastern communities is hastening the inevitable and eventual demise of the Western Armenian Diaspora. Helping our brethren in Syria is helping us in the Western Hemisphere to continue to have a vibrant Diaspora to help Armenia and Artsakh.

    This year’s telethon call in view of what is happening to our communities in Middle East and especially in Syria was a misplaced call.

  • Հայրենիքը Ձեր Օգնության Կարիքն Ունի By Vahe
    36 weeks 18 hours ago

    Կ՛ուզեմ անդրադառնալ այս յօդուածի լեզուին: Փառք Աստուծոյ որ իմ ուսուցիչներուս ջամբած հայերէնով չի մնացի, այլ անգլերէն եւ Ֆրանսերէն ալ սորվեցայ. այլապէս հետեւեալ բառերուն իմաստը պիտի չի կարենայի հասկնալ: Հաւանաբար ինծի նման այլ  ընթերցողներ եւս կան: Հետեւաբար իրենց նկատողութեան կը յանձնեմ հետեւեալ «հայերէն» բառերը:- շանտաժով (chantage, i.e. blackmail) – ռեսուրսները (resources)– անոմալ (anomaly) – իներցիոն (inertia) – դինամիկայով (dynamism) – բոյկոտ (boycott)– լեգիտիմության (legitimacy)– էթնոսի (ethos) – լոբբիստական (Lobbyism):

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By GM
    36 weeks 22 hours ago

    Maybe you don't read much. Columnists do stuff like that ALL THE TIME. The author made that clear when he published it. Do your research.

  • Mandela's Memo to Thomas Friedman About Israel & Palestine By GM
    36 weeks 22 hours ago

    Nope. Wrong. 100%

  • Անկախ Մամուլի Խօսք՝ Թերե՜ւս... By Ոսկան Մխիթարեան
    36 weeks 1 day ago

    Ներկայիս, մամուլ ունենալը եւ հրատարակելը բնաւ ալ չափանիշ չէ, ոչ ալ զայն պահելը ու հրապարակելը, եթէ ան պիտի մնայ անտէր, անգլուխ, անղեկ, անառաջնորդ, ուր կ'իշխէ խաւարամտութեան, կարճատեսութեան, կրաւորականութեան ու պատեհապաշտութեան անյարիրութեան ոգի մը, հետեւաբար, անյետաձգելիօրէն պայման է որ ան վերանորոգուի, բարեկարգուի, արհեստավարժուի եւ արդիականանայ՝ իր ԲՈՎԱՆԴԱԿ առումներով, այլապէս ամլութեան ու չորացումի սպառնալիքները անխուսափելի են։

    Ասկէ աւելի լուրջ յօդուած կարելի չէր գտնել հայ մամուլին ողբերգական վիճակը նկարագրող:


  • Remembrance Day and the Armenians By Unus Ali
    36 weeks 1 day ago

    Remembrance Day, as we know it, has come and gone for another year. Were the Armenians recognized sufficiently for the sacrifices they made for the worthy cause and in proportion to the population size of Armenia, as noted in the above article? I would say "not so."

    It is not too late to rightfully honor and pay tribute to those Armenians who fought for the cause of freedom which we all enjoy today. I do not know the true extent of the sacrifices those persons made. More, much more could be done by western societies to give due regard to those Armenians whose sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice. Keghart's voice is not a "voice in the wilderness" but one which pleads for equality, fairness and acknowledgment of the Armenians ongoing struggle to find "an equal place in a just society." This time has come.

  • Catholicos Karekin II Stands Accused By Chekijian
    36 weeks 2 days ago

    Just read on CivilNet.am that there might be as many Islamized Armenians in Turkey as the total population of Armenia.

    Since there may be as twice as many Armenians in the Diaspora, tells me that the focus of the Church should be in an outreach to the potential five million or so of people of recent Armenian ancestry who have apparently assimilated, rather than the continued bickering and distractions by our esteemed church "leaders" to a diminishing constituency of the disheartened.

    Time for the church leaders to rise to the occasion.

  • Fragmented, Fractious, Suicidal Islets By Mesrob
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for this editorial. But you forgot another annual event where there's division and rivalry... two seeks ago the Toronto Armenian Centre (Antilias See) held it's annual bazaar. In a week or so, the AGBU will hold its bazaar.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Katia
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you, Lilit. Yes, I will keep one set aside for you.
    Hope to meet you in person.

  • Fragmented, Fractious, Suicidal Islets By Thomas G.
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    I loved this editorial. I thank you very much for your sincerity.
    Lately, Armenians are waking up and recognizing this tragic vice of theirs called division. This is the oldest story pertaining to Armenian history. One need only open a Hayots Batmutyun (History of the  Armenians) textbook to realize that Armenians were always divided: King Pap against the Armenian catholicos; the nakharars against the king...the role of a few traitors during the Battle of Avarayr. In fact, the nakharars were always divided among themselves, with some supporting the Persian king, so on and so forth.
    Even though it is a positive thing that Armenians are realizing the perils of division, I doubt that we will ever be united. Division seems to be in our very genes. Sorry if this offends anyone, but it seems to me that this is fact.

  • Apostolic Church Held Hostage - III By Vahe
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    I respectfully differ with Vosgan Mekhitarian while agreeing that reporters should safeguard the confidentiality of their sources. By reporters I do not mean anyone who verbalizes on issues. When Mekhitarian labels the Catholicos of Cilician See, Aram I, a megalomaniacal psychopath, Mekhitarian compromises his credibility. While I defer to his privilege to use such language, I cannot accept his allegations made within that context without substantiation. 

    Those who witnessed Catholicos Aram I verbally abuse young seminarians, the sons of families we may know, should have the courage to come forth, much like Archbishop Norvan Zakarian and Patriarch Nourhan Manougian who made their grievances publicly known.

    In the least, Mekhitarian, if not naming his sources, should detail the circumstances under which the abuse took place. We simply cannot afford to be passive readers when allegations are made pertaining to an adult verbally abusing the young placed in trust of an institution.

  • Turner - Aivazovsky: An Auspicious Encounter By Rip Bulkeley
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    I agree with much of these comments about Aivazovsky's ethnicity. However, the tour guide was also right, because there are two words for "Russian" in Russian and English does not translate the distinction which they make between ethnicity (Russkii) and citizenship (Rossiiskii). There is more than one kind of ignorance here, in other words. Aivazovsky was born in Ukraine, which made him a subject of the Russian Empire. (I don't like to use the word "citizen" because subjects of the Empire had so few civil rights.) But, of course, he was also ethnically Armenian and a Ukrainian provincial. Lastly, we should not forget that he voluntarily chose to identify himself with and to work very closely with one of the major institutions of Russian state power, to wit the Imperial Navy.

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Margaret S-K
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    Tahnks David. All I ask is for your prayers and that of others. This sick, low-life and corrupt Armenian church committee has now exceeded its boundary. I will prevail. I will flush out all the dirt on this committee, particularly its two wardens, Susan Reuben and Sunil Sobti who have siphoned crores upon crores of rupees.

    They have amended the Church Scheme (Constitution) without the knowledge, consultation or approval of the Armenian community of Kolkata. Two clauses that they have deleted enables these two wardens stay in this capacity forever. That is why they are blocking, barring, intimidating, and threatening persons such as myself, so that they and their cronies can keep getting re-elected and reign supreme, continuing to bribe, and steal from the Armenian church funds.

    These are the same two people who take communion so as to show to the school children how good and holy they are. I will be relentless. Please share this and all links you come across with all Armenians, everywhere. It is time all Armenians knew what this lot is about. Send me an email privately.


  • Apostolic Church Held Hostage - III By Vosgan Mekhitarian
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    Mr. Vahe,
    The accounts I have  made in my article are verified. I have recorded and documented the statements made by clergymen who were subjected to insults, threats and humiliation. 


  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Dr. debNAT
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    Max Khachaturian is Max Galstaun. He is not baptized in the Armenian Church. Who is he trying to fool? He is well-known for filing cases against religious institutions to make a living.

    Max, stop making a fool of yourself.

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By DR Arathoon
    36 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear cousin Margaret , if you are reading this please take care of your self and Sonia Johns...keep out of harms way.  Please write me on your return home. I have forwarded this article to cousins Armen and Lydia.
    Yours, David

  • Քաղաքացիութիւն՝ Շնորհողի ու Շնորհուողի Կարգով By Artemis
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    Պարույր ջան մեծ հաճույքով կը կարդամ հոդվածներդ, որոնց մեջ միշտ կա ուսանելի և լուրջ հայրենասիրական զգացմունքների ամբողջական մի հույլ որը իսկապես հոգեվիճակ է ոչ միայն Սփիւռքահայի այլ ավելի շատ Հայաստանում ապրող հայի համար: Ողջունում և ջերմագին բարեվներս. միշտ թող գրիչդ հատու լինի, ինչպես նշդարը հիվանդի համար;

  • Apostolic Church Held Hostage - III By Berge Minassian
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    Would such behavior by K2 go with impunity in a TRULY democratic Armenia? Not for a fraction of a second. K2 is part of the oligarchic mafia ruling the country and protected by its rackets. Why are we surprised? It is time to stop being surprised and do something about this. THE OLIGARCHIC SYSTEM MUST BE REPLACED BY THE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. Otherwise, "bye-bye Armenia" through bursts and spouts of agony such as described in this article. Our duty is to organize in the Diaspora and support the civic movements (Nakhakhorhrdaran movement) organizing to replace the oligarchic regime with proper democratic governance. All else is just talk, talk, talk.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Lilit
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Katia,
    The work you've done is amazing! I will certainly attend your book's presentation in London on Nov. 22. Can I please ask you to keep one set aside for me?
    Many thanks,


  • Fragmented, Fractious, Suicidal Islets By Berge Minassian
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    The reason these problems exist is because there is no democracy in the Diaspora. There cannot be a real democracy in the Diaspora because the Diaspora is not a geographic country where a constitution can guarantee democracy. Therefore, the Diaspora will continue this road of suicide. The only hope is that Armenia itself survives. THEN, with proper democracy in Armenia, much can be imposed on the Diasporan leadership (e.g. church unification, to name only one) that will unify the Diaspora. Ironically, Armenia's survival and thriving needs help and support from the Diaspora for the civic movements that are working to establish democracy in Armenia.

    So, Armenians in the Diaspora who care about the Diaspora's survival should focus on finding each other, coming together, helping the civic movements in Armenia transform Armenia, for it in turn to save the Diaspora.

  • Diaspora Media By Sevan
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    The media could do better, of course. But I think that we should recognize the good part in all of this: I don't think any other ethnic group of our size has as much good media as we do.

  • Diaspora Media By Telo
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    I voted "I don't know" because I am torn. Some outlets are doing an excellent job, but a partisan orientation can prevent many from reporting on topics that may displease or harm the organizations/political groups who fund them and/or with whom they have relationships.  Few Diaspora media outlets are independent. Keghart, thankfully, is one.  For the most part, we take the Armenian press for granted. Editors are underpaid or unpaid, as are most of the writers. This does not bode well for professionalism or longevity in a very important sector. 

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Ano
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    Max Khachadourian???

    How did he change his name? He is Max Galstaun. He is not baptised in the Armenian Church. Who is he trying to cheat? He is well known in filing cases against churches/schools in Calcutta...He does this for a living.

    Leave the Armenian Church alone Mr. Max Galstaun.

    Wonder how many he cheated in UK.

  • Apostolic Church Held Hostage - III By Vahe
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    All views expressed are those of the respective authors, rightfully state the editors of keghart.com. They also understandably edit spelling and grammatical errors and for libelous and offensive languages. I believe the editors at times should challenge authors as well as to the source of the allegation they cite in their articles.

    I make the recommendation in reference to Vosgan Mekhitarian’s article posted above. It is his prerogative to label Catholicos Aram I as a megalomaniacal psychopath. However when he asserts that the Catholicos verbally abuses young seminarians it becomes imperative, I believe, for the editors to demand substantiating his claim to present to the readership worldwide. It is too serious an allegation to accept at face value or be content with ‘unnamed sources’ cited in tabloids.

  • Apostolic Church Held Hostage - III By LG
    36 weeks 4 days ago

    The use of the words 'democracy' and 'democratic' to describe an Apostolic church leads one to believe that the author of the article isn't very knowledgeable about the organizational structure of Apostolic churches.  Moreover, the author dismisses out of hand the damage 70 years of official state sponsored atheism have wrought upon Christians and other believers in the former USSR.

  • Remembrance Day and the Armenians By Perouz Seferian
    36 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, Canadian-Armenians served in Afghanistan with great valour and distinction. My grandson, Misak Maguire, served in two missions in Afghanistan.

    In 1915, Misak Sarkisian, a relative of my grandmother, joined the Canadian Army in Guelph, Ontario. He trained in Canada and was sent for officer training in Tiflis (Tbilisi), passed his exams, and became a sergeant-major. His cousin, Aram Manougian (not the Pasha Aram Manougian), also joined the Canadian Army in 1915 and was sent for officer training in Tiflis. Their Canadian regiment numbers indicate that both these men enlisted in Guelph, Ontario. They were in the 34th Battalion.

    Misak was my father’s hero. My father was with him when he died on the battlefield on February 19, 1918, the tenth day of Garin’s defense. He was commander of the Kugvir forces. My father was inconsolable. General Torkom stood at attention and saluted as Misak’s body was brought in for the highest honours. General Torkom made the eulogy and sang:

    "Death is once everywhere,
    Man will die but once,
    Envy to him who dies
    For the freedom of his people."

    Torkom said: "All those who die for the love of their fatherland and its people are immortal. You will light the dark roads of the coming generations.”

    Soghomon Tehlirian was sent to replace Misak on the battlefield.

  • Թուղթ Առ Բարձրեալն Աստուած By Hovig Nersessian
    36 weeks 5 days ago

    My very dearest cousin Khachadour,
    When I received Keghart's latest edition and read your great and impressive article about my dearest uncle Vahan/Israel, it made me recall the great and happy days we lived together in Lebanon with our parents. Days that we can never forget.
    Dear Khachadour, please extend my love to all your family, and let me hear your news which would help me return to my unforgettable past so as to revive my present. I miss you all dear Khachadour. I will plan visiting you soon.
    My great love and regards to Keghart, too, for being the best link to my great past.
    All the best, dears,

  • Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections By Arav
    36 weeks 6 days ago

    It is a shameful event in the history of the Armenians of India. The Armenian Indian community should come together to solve such big issues of concern. How shameful to bring and involve thugs and police in the grounds of the church. It is a sacred place and should be kept like that. I would like to hear about a fair election where every Armenian Indian can have a say. It is a community affair. The clergy and the teachers (from elsewhere) what are they doing in the affairs of the Armenian-Indians? They should not be involved in this matter in all ways of the word.



  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Katia
    36 weeks 6 days ago

    I will be in London on Nov 22nd to present my book.
    Place: Armenian House (Hye Doon)
              25 Cheniston Gardens
              London W8 6TG
    Date:  Friday, Nov 22, 2013
    Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    I am bringing a very limited number of books with me, so please let me know if I should keep one set aside for you. It is 75 British pounds for both volumes.

    Thank you.

  • Unbearable Bear Hug By Shahe Boghossian
    37 weeks 2 days ago

    I agree with your analysis but I fear for the elitism of the Armenians in Armenia. Let us remind ourselves that Armenians in the Middle East know three languages and use them effectively. We speak Armenian. We speak Arabic in public (equate that to Russian, if you want), plus English or French as taught in school.

    So the education ministry in RoA has to find the balance and the diplomacy to make sure that Russian or any other language do NOT breach our language. If executed skillfully, there is no fear for our language. But as said, if the Armenians of Armenia feel that Russian is the posh/elite language then our language will be in jeopardy. Controversially, we should fund free Armenian courses to foreigners.

  • «Երբ Չի Մնում Ելք Ու Ճար» By Նուարդ Պարսամեան Ադամեան
    37 weeks 3 days ago

    Ի՞նչպէս զարգացնել հայուն մէջ այն միասնական ոգին, որ այլեւս  քիչ մտածէ ՛՛ելք ու ճար՛՛ի մասին եւ ունենայ տեսադաշտը «ճար»ի:

    Ճիշդ էք. Հայուն՝  լինել-չլինելու գրաւականը միշտ իր հաւաքական ուժին մէջ եղած է: Պատմութիւնը յաճախ վկայած է այս:

    Ունեցած ենք, նաեւ ռազմավարութիւն ունեցող ղեկավարներ, որոնք ստեղծագործ աշխատանք տարած են երկար ժամանակ: Սակայն,  տկարի հոգեբանութիւնը բոյն գտած  հայուն տեսլականին մէջ, քաջալերած է օտար պետութիւնները  իրենց գերակայութիւնը զգացնել. աշխատած են պառակտել, ջլատել հայուն միասնակամ մտածելակերպը, գործելակերպը: Այս ալ միշտ տեսած ենք մեր պատմութեան էջերուն մէջ:

    Ելքը ի՞նչն է:

  • Sex Traffic in Armenia By Vinod
    37 weeks 4 days ago

    Hello guys ... this is happening a lot, specially in middle east, the places you mentioned. The girls are taken and told that they would be given jobs; instead they are forced into prostitution, do all the dirty things and each girl's life is wasted.

    Every mom in this world, when she gives birth to a baby no matter it is a boy or a girl.... she only thinks that her son or daughter should get a good spouse for life-time. Today, because of job problems everywhere and families having inadequate incomes, women are forced against their will. I think they should work decent jobs, wear no matter how poor the clothes look and not think much about money....

    Thank you.

  • Unbearable Bear Hug By Elias Katudjian
    37 weeks 5 days ago

    The "eternal return", as said Nietzsche. Nothing new under the sun.  


  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Hayorti
    37 weeks 5 days ago

    Excuse me, but I must be missing something here.

    Even Armenians, who have not been to Armenia, know that the country's depopulation is caused by lack of opportunities, by corruption, by the absence of the rule of law, by the oligarchs, by the lack of credible opposition, by the blockade. We have heard these accurate reports countless times in the past decade.

    Yet a well-meaning organization (Kololian Foundation) went and hired FOUR academic groups which spent a WHOLE YEAR and, I assume, considerable amount of money, to tell us that these well-known shortcomings of Armenia have to be looked into and RESEARCHED EVEN MORE... while everyday more and more Armenians are forced to leave their homeland. The word "redundant" comes to mind to describe the "research".

    So I am scratching my head... what was the point of the Kololian-sponsored year-long research? Aren't the eggheads in their ivory towers unaware of the problems, although they live in Armenia? Was this some sort of job-creation for the academic set?

    What Armenia needs is not recommendations for further study. We know the problems. What we need is a way and means to solve these existential challenges.

    The research reminds me of the last scene of the first Indiana Jones movie where important papers were stored in vast government archives never to see the light of day.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Gaytzag Palandjian
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    For the record, 25 years ago Canadian-Armenian writer-philosopher Ara Baliozian wrote his (now) famous BBBs, referring to contemporary Diaspora Armenian bishops, benefactors and bosses. It's high time we adopted a NEW STATUTE and shed the 160-year-old ¨Sahmantrutyun¨. The latter is not compatible with the dynamic Diaspora of today. If we continue to carry on as is, the new generation will eventually abandon their "Armenity" and assimilate into other cultures.

  • Meeting the Armenian MP of Iraqi Kurdistan By Hamo Moskofian
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging comments! We can find your "lost" relatives in Zakho, Dhok and Erbil if you provide some details or come for a real "pilgrimage" to Kurdistan, Iraq. It's a completely safe state. We have hundreds of powerful friends to help us, thanks to Keghart.com, Tidag, RAG Mamoul, and AZG which have printed my articles, thus shedding a bright light on the reality of life today and not dwelling on the past suffering because of the memories of the dark history. With journalists like me, or friends like Jirair Tutunjian, Dr. Dikran Abrahamian, Dr. Sam Racoubian, and Dr. Minas Kojayian supporting my every move to the "unknown" to illuminate the unknown era, we can realise miracles together with mass support.
    Hamo Moskofian

  • Meeting the Armenian MP of Iraqi Kurdistan By Vahe
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    This report was another enlightening news from Hamo Moskofian, our Diaspora-wide roaming reporter.  It also refreshed memories in me of bygone days having known Levon Pasha while he stayed in Beirut at Hotel Lux.

  • Meeting the Armenian MP of Iraqi Kurdistan By Valeria Olunina
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear Hamo,

    It's very important mission to publish articles about optimism and the beauty of Iraq. I am proud to study the Armenian culture.

  • Unsustainable European Policy Towards S. Caucasus By Vahagn Avedian
    37 weeks 6 days ago
    Dear Mr. Chorbajian,

    Thank you for the kind words regarding the article. Where in the Madrid Principles did you read  any remark privileging Azerbaijan's territorial integrity? The basic principles are the following:

    - Evacuation and demilitarization of the territories surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh;
    - an interim status for Nagorno-Karabakh providing guarantees for security and self-governance;
    - a corridor linking Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh;
    - future determination of the final legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh through a legally binding expression of will;
    - the right of all internally displaced persons and refugees to return to their former places of residence; and
    - international security guarantees that would include a peacekeeping operation.

    In its official statement the OSCE Minsk Group has stated: "The Basic Principles reflect a reasonable compromise based on the Helsinki Final Act principles of Non-Use of Force, Territorial Integrity, and the Equal Rights and Self-Determination of Peoples." The key word of the diplomatic language here is the "compromise", explicitly proposing "the expression of will" while no reference is made to the "territorial integrity", even though one could say that "returning the territories surrounding NK" would constitute a partial restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity" after all.

    Although, the Madrid Principles are far from being perfect or concrete when it comes to some vagueness left for their interpretation, they do, in my opinion, present the only viable solution. Azerbaijan gets back control over the territories surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh (with the exception for Lachin and Kelbajar, i.e. "a corridor linking Armenia to NK", where the exact delimitation of that "corridor" is still to be decided) while a referendum (the "binding expression of will") is going to determine the future status of Karabakh. All former residents should, of course, be allowed to return to their homes and those Azeris on the territory of Karabakh allowed participation in the referendum.

    Since around 80% Armenian majority of the NK population (provided that the pre-war population ratio is considered as the basis for the referendum) is unlikely to vote for anything but the same result as in the referendum of December 10, 1991, the consequence of this "expression of will" is hardly any secret to anyone. Therein lies the rub: while refusing to set a definite date for the "future expression of will", Azerbaijan insists on inserting the amendment "within the borders of Azerbaijan" just after "...final legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh" (to uphold the territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan), while Armenia, referring to the existing wording of the terms, refuses to include "half a dozen changes" (to use Nalbandian's own words) into the existing document and insists on an explicitly mentioned deadline to avoid a "Cypernification" of the conflict when Azerbaijan would force the postponing of the referendum indefinitely, e.g. in the pretext that not every former NK Azeri resident is in place to cast his/her vote.

    However, as I have stated in the article, a return of Karabakh to Azerbaijan control (i.e. maintaining Azeri territorial integrity), especially in the light of the prevailing politics and the sentiments in Baku towards their own Azeri citizens, but especially towards Armenians, would be senseless, since it would be doomed to fail as it would not only reset the whole question to the 1988 mode, but put it in a much worse atmosphere due to the events of the past 20 years. The "expression of will" (unless it's not the same kind of "free will" which Armenia had to express when choosing the Customs Union over the EU) can not be other than the reiteration of the same goal the Karabakh population have had during the last 20 years and as stated in their December 10, 1991 referendum. And, unless there are no changes or amendments to the existing Madrid Principles, there is no mention of curbing the implementation of "Equal Rights and Self-Determination of Peoples" for the sake of "Territorial Integrity" when it comes to the existing proposal for a peaceful solution to the Karabakh Conflict.


  • «Հալէպ Կը Ծնին, Պէյրութ Կ'ապրին Եւ Ամերիկա Կը Մեռնին» By Նուարդ Պարսամեան Ադամեան
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    Մինչեւ ե՞րբ պիտի ապրինք ՛՛Հայուն գոյապայքարի մէկ մեծ մարտահրաւէրն է այս՛՛ դրոյթը: Անշուշտ անյայտ է այնքան ատեն, որ զօրաւոր, համապարփակող երազուած հայրենիքը չունինք:

    Շատ սահուն, յստակ եւ հայու ճշմարիտ կեանքը ցոլացնող հայելի, հաղորդագրութիւն եւ հաղորդակցութիւն մըն է այս գրութիւնը:

    Կը մաղթեմ անսպառ գրիչ եւ ՛՛կանաչ ճանապարհ՛՛, ինչպէս կ'ըսէ hայաստանցին:

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Mihran
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    Our so-called organizations, institutions or benefactors are sadly interested only in good returns for their money or in receiving state medals.

  • Unbearable Bear Hug By Shahe Kaloustian
    37 weeks 6 days ago

    For seventy five years Armenians in the West, seeing a regime not to their liking, day in day out, relentlessly criticized the situation in which Soviet Armenia found itself. And despite its centuries of suffering and non-existence as a sovereign state, Armenians failed to learn that the Soviet regime was an intensive course in governance for Armenia.

    Having a wider and more mature vision of the future, based on Armenian historical records should be encouraged. Following the short period of independence, after the collapse of the Soviet regime, Serge Sarkissian's diplomatic genius should be considered high on the agenda.

    Anybody who speaks one negative word about our present republic should not dare talk about preserving our Armenian heritage, simply because it is destructive. Constructive attitude and means to improve the situation, plus a positive way of expressing their vision should be the motto of all Armenians in the world who are truly concerned with our culture. Deserters are those who emigrate for good, renounce their Armenian citizenship and are dependent on others for their comfort. They do not represent the true spirit of the Armenians. To build a  strong political framework requires, vision, perseverance, sacrifice and suffering over time. It cannot be created within one generation and with negative criticism or through bloodshed.

    After decades of a tough journey, Yerevan is now the third Caucasus Silicon Valley in the world with over thousand young Armenians preparing the grounds for many generations to come. It has taken vision and sacrifice to reach this level of respect.

  • Meeting the Armenian MP of Iraqi Kurdistan By Joseph M. Hovsepian
    38 weeks 1 hour ago

    My father, an orphan at the Araratian Orphanage, found his aunt (Horakuyr) at the Kurdish-Iraqi village of Zakho. The orphanage then moved to Mosul, later to Baghdad and finally to Palestine. In the 1940s, my father's cousin--Khanemeh--went to Zakho and met many former Sghertsis, among them my father's cousins Gro Krikorian and Shahinian. Unfortunately, they only knew Kurdish and some Arabic. Their children went to Armenian schools and were named Vartan, Andranik, Serop, etc. After Israel occupied Palestine, and we ended up in the United States, we lost our contact with them. 

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Dikran Salbashian
    38 weeks 4 hours ago

    It is a pity to read that Katia Peltekian has singularly undertook such a monumental task for no reason other than her love of our nation and its leading cause. But the question remains unanswered: where are the Armenian benefactors, organizations or even institutions of higher learning? Surely, there is someone out there who can fund such an effort to document the Turkish atrocities? Or are we just content to gather once a year on April 24, shed a few tears and go on with our lives? It is no secret that  our opponents are sparing no effort to deceive the world opinion.

  • Unbearable Bear Hug By Kenell Touryan
    38 weeks 4 hours ago

    Under the Soviet system, Armenians had a nice anecdote: A Russian and an Armenian are marooned on a desolate island. They find a single loaf of bread. The Russian says to his  Armenian friend, 'let's divide it as brothers'. No says the Armenian, 'we will divide 50/50!"
    This anecdote says a lot of what happened to Armenia under the Soviet System, and could happen again if the RoA is not careful! 

    1-However, Russia is a huge, rich country and many Armenians go to Russia in search of work; Armenia needs Russia's favor.

    2-In addition, Russia is fearful of Turkey's not- so- subtle effort of creating a new Pan Turkic Empire with the Turkic countries of the former USSR.

    3-The USA has a solid presence in Armenia but as an ally of Turkey, will not move a finger to help us when the chips are down and we are attacked by enemies (e.g.Azerbaijan). One positive side, the US is afraid of Iran. With Armenia in good terms with Iran, we can be politically useful to the US!

    The RoA must be astute and infinitely wise to play on this 'delicate thin wire' of accommodation, between these two countries, to gain the best for itself.

    Good luck RoA!

  • Depopulation Crisis in Armenia By Berge Jololian
    38 weeks 4 hours ago

    As an individual and a small contributor, who is concerned with "educational systems", I visit southern Armenia three times every year to equip selected village schools with technology for education. Classrooms are equipped with new computers, WiFi-internet, screen projectors, printer/copier - in brief, technology for education in remote village schools - to students who previously had little, if any, experience with technology. 

    The program has increased computer literacy among the students, enrich their educational opportunity, providing them with better skills for a brighter future, advanced studies, and future employment with economic viability.

    Technology for education is a vehicle to learn skills and concepts beyond the technology itself, it is a way of allowing students to immensely expand their skills that they need to be successful, and to take control of their education early in life.

    I would like to encourage every Armenian living outside the country, to re-connect with people in  Armenia - for each person within their field of expertise and profession. For example, if I was a medical doctor, I would connect with doctors and hospitals in villages - understand their needs and discover where and how to make a difference. However, I happen to be a computer science professional with interest in education, so I connect village schools with technology and teach the students/teachers how to use and include technology in education.

    There needs to be direct people-to-people assistance; no overhead expenses, no delays, no bureaucracies, no politics - only immediate results.Take ownership and make a difference.

  • Meeting the Armenian MP of Iraqi Kurdistan By Gaytzag Palandjian
    38 weeks 5 hours ago

    Encouraging,inspiring and mind-provoking reporting. Thanks. It is apparent that there is goodwill on the part of the Kurds towards us, Armenians, and that there will be more rapprochement between the two of our peoples from now on.

    Next, I trust same will be established with the Hemshentsi and Dersim´s Alevi Islams. The latter two segments of our brethren/sisters are also by and by emerging from under a fascist regime, having been  long silenced. This, after Hrant Dink´s murder.

    We need  journalists without frontiers, such as Mr. Moskofian.

    Kudos to him and company.

  • Armenians & Kurds By Kenell Touryan
    38 weeks 5 hours ago

    I would like to say a few words about Armenian/Kurdish relations.

    1-Kurds are Indo-European (descendants of the ancient Medes).
    2-The Arabs have a saying:" Your enemy's enemy is my friend."
    3-Better yet, a good friend of mine, a Yezidi-Kurd leader who lives in the Kurdish village of Amri Taza, Armenia, visited the Kurdish community in Van two years ago. Over 150 Kurdish leaders from the greater Van region came to see him and apologized for what their grand parents had done to the Eastern Turkey Armenians during the Genocide in 1915. They claimed the Turks forced them to do it. Some even asked for forgiveness!
    4-The manner in which present-day Turkey has treated the Kurds (destroying entire villages in Eastern Turkey), amounts to a mini-genocide itself!

    It is time we, Armenians, take Kurds seriously and see if we can enlist them as allies against Turkey's denial of the Armenian Genocide.

  • Armenians & Kurds By Sevan
    38 weeks 6 hours ago

    Some notes of caution about the Kurds: They have sided with their co-religionists, the Turks, against Armenians in the past. That's a lesson. 

    Kurds were brought into the north by the sultans to dilute the Armenian population in the latter's historic lands. I think the Turks would rather see the Kurds continue to occupy that land rather than the Armenians. 

    My understanding is also that Kurds have not treated Christian Syriacs well in norther Iraq. That's another lesson. 

    Armenians must learn more about Kurdish history and culture, and the past interactions, positive and negative, between Kurds and Armenians.

  • Unsustainable European Policy Towards S. Caucasus By Levon Chorbajian
    38 weeks 8 hours ago

    Can Vahagn Avedian explain how he can write in his otherwise excellent article: "...there is no peaceful and viable solution to the conflict other than the implementation of the Madrid Principles" when those principles privilege the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan?

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Katia
    38 weeks 10 hours ago

    Dear Viken,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am sure there are many young Armenian "Gems" out there, but they need a lot of encouragement and, at least, moral support. My parents have been supporting all my "crazy" projects and advising me all my life not to wait for others if I want something to be done! My only heartache is that my Dad did not see the final product after 12 years of encouraging me; our daily discussions regarding interesting finds were highlights of my days. He passed away the beginning of this year. He was our role model!

    Thank you again.


  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Katia
    38 weeks 11 hours ago

    Dear Vatche:

    Since I am neither a company, nor have salesmen working for me or a distributor, I am trying to find the best way (i.e. cheapest way) to ship these books from Lebanon where they were printed. I am sure no one would be willing to pay $80 for shipping just one book. Until now, that is the best price I've got after checking with 8-10 courier companies + Liban Post. I apologize that I am taking my time in doing this. 
    However, I will be in London between Nov. 21-23 to present the book. I'll keep you posted if you're interested.

    Again, my apologies.

  • Unbearable Bear Hug By Vahe
    38 weeks 1 day ago

    There is a lot of doom and gloom and the lack of healthy dose of realism in this editorial. It presents a misguided view of a relationship between two states as if it was a love affair between two friends. Let us be reminded of Hawaii and more recently of Tibet to portray what a powerful partner can do with impunity to a country.

    Thanks to our resilience, our culture thrived even at the height of communist reign. There is no reason why it should not continue provided Armenians, as citizens of the country, chose to do so in spite of or maybe because of all the cultural, touristic, educational ties with Russia. After all, the average Russian is not interested in hearing and attending a Russian cultural event rendered by a non-Russian! As far as knowing Russian is concerned, of course it will give an Armenian an economic competitive advantage, as it always has and will always do.

    The Russian lyceums in Armenia are no reason for Armenians there not uphold their centuries-old rich cultural heritage and enrich it further and cleanse the Armenian language of foreign words that have rendered sentences incomprehensible at times for many of us who still can read with our God-sent alphabet.

  • Unbearable Bear Hug By Gaytzag Palandjian
    38 weeks 2 days ago

    Picking  up where you left off in the above editorial, which I approve, one would imagine Russification had somehow stopped in the RoA after the Soviet Union plunged into the abyss. But no, it looks like there is tremendous effort (as described above) to place it back on the ¨to do list¨of President Putin. One thing that has been disturbing my mind is the recent paying back of a loan  to ex-Soviet Russia of some 500-million Euros, and that with 700-million Euros borrowed from the EU.

    The fact is, as you have well defined, The ASSR (Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic), the smallest in USSR, had nearly 250,000 soldiers and officers fighting in the ¨Hairenagan Baderazm¨ of World War II. Only 50,000 of whom survived.

    And some people, like me, dare to insist on the following: the Soviets left factories that now stand idle in the RoA. They (the Russians) should have restarted these as compensation for the blood shed by us, Armenians, for the said Fatherland War. Then again--you have omitted--Armenia after the war, owed some $120- million to Mother Russia (ex-Soviet), instead of having it written off as a very small token of appreciation to the Armenians who VOLUNTARILY gave their lives (200,000). Actually, it is All's Quiet on the Western Front: the factory loan of the said factory (I believe it's the Nairit) could have issued shares to the few veterans living or to the heirs of those martyred.

    I wonder, why these important matters are not seriously considered by the authorities in the RoA. Is it  because of fear that the demagogue Aliyev threatens war? The Western oil companies, pumping the precious stuff out via Turkey (paying $1.6 billion transit duty), would never wish war. Secondly, if war did break out, can the RoA rely on the premise that Russia (which in the Karapagh War helped the Omon Azeri forces, against our freedom fighters) would this time side with us? The threats by Aliyev should not be taken seriously. Armenia now has smaller but stout and sincere allies and neighbors: the Kurds (most of them), the Greeks and Iran plus Georgia.

    Our tiny republic (s) ought to rely on their own devices and their, so far, not organized Diaspora(s). It's time to organize the latter.


  • Fall Livened by Four Social and Cultural Events By Adom K.
    38 weeks 2 days ago

    I am taking this opportunity to acknowledge and compliment Dr. Dikran Abrahamian, Mr. Jirair Tutunjian and the AGBU for the very interesting book launch by Dr. Minas Kojayan last Monday.

    Mr. Tutunjian's detailed introduction to "Along the Paths of an Anguished Past" was naturally very interesting, eloquent and well presented. However, I look forward to the English edition of this fascinating book once it goes into publication in the near future.

    Dr. Kojayan has taken a very novel and unique approach to write about Armenia's past by visiting historic Armenia and expressing his feelings, thoughts, poetry and dreams about its history and all the towns and cities that we have heard of, from our grandparents.

    The turnout at this event was good. However, as usual the youth were not well represented, which is a great pity.

    I have the impression that Keghart.com is fast becoming a successful organization in this new millennium. To present such 'cultural weekends' at the AGBU, Keghart.com is combining modern technology with actual gatherings as a vibrant, active, academic and cultural forum.

    All the best,

    Adom K

  • “I Plead Guilty” By Gaytzag Palandjian
    38 weeks 2 days ago

    Unedited except for spelling.

    I simply stopped reading above  long post. Funny. When I advocate  my scheme  of  IT IS TIME TO RE ORGANIZE THE DIASPORA and set forth  the necessary (suggested) steps FWD, the editors  of this prestigious site do not publish  it. Mind you, mine is  modest ¨suggestions¨, whereas these are self-promoting, downgrading others' viewpoints, posts. Nada  mas (nothing  more)..

    Armenians first  of all, we  have to say goodbye to ages old two traits. 1- Envy, 2-non-cooperativeness. Voila!!!!

    Now, Dr. Abrahamian, Can I explain my Scheme-Projections ...in a space half the size of  the above post  please??

    For  that  is  what (so far left aside)  many would like in order to be able to join, have a say and muster clout as a well organized Diaspora.

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Garabed
    38 weeks 5 days ago

    I live in Bible Belt U.S.A. Within a radius of 3 miles from our house, there are five churches. They do not attract much attention. Their structures are not as imposing as the structures of the Armenian Apostolic churches, which may be more of a reason for us to consider them waste of resources instead of assessing whether they are adequate to shepherd the people on the principles of Christian faith their ancestors adopted as their national religion.

    I am hesitant to second the popular sentiments that we place undue emphasis on building churches when there are nascent Armenian communities in the Midwest that do not have a church because they do not have the critical mass to afford a sanctuary and a priest, let alone a choir. Even in Armenia and Karabagh, outside noted cities, many villages do not have a church, I am told.

    The Armenian Apostolic churches tend to cluster in areas where there are large Armenian communities and the Church, as an institution, lacks Christian outreach or is unable to do so because of its elaborate liturgy.

  • Armenian Schools in U.S.A By Կարապետ
    38 weeks 5 days ago

     Սովորեք հայերեն գրել, չհուդներին հացկատակ չլինել, Հայի համար սրտախառնոց չլինել:

  • Our Best Option…For Now By Shahe Boghossian
    38 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear GT,

    I like your explanation of political voyeurism. I also would like to laugh at the watch-and-wait attitude we, Armenians, have. In the last decade we had the opportunity to change our fate and control a few more meters in the Caucasus, but then again there is a reason why fortune favors the brave and that is why sitting on the fence will end nowhere. It's a shame that there are no more gutsy people like you.


  • Argentine-Armenian Artist Juan Yelanguezian By Beatriz Borgeaud
    38 weeks 6 days ago

    Gracias Juan me transporta a ese mundo de tus ancestros y me emociona tu modo de transmitir


  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Vatché P.
    39 weeks 1 hour ago
    There is no trace of this book at Amazon UK......
    Any ideas?
  • Our Best Option…For Now By Gaytzag Palandjian
    39 weeks 4 hours ago

    Dear GT,

    For God´s sake, I did not write that sitting pretty is the option. Far from it. I suggested--like Dr. Astarjian has initiated--establish rapport, etc.

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Gaytzag Palandjian
    39 weeks 4 hours ago

    Dear Adom,

    How correct you are. It's true that we do not need consecrate more churches in the Diaspora, except, if I may say so, in newly-burgeoning areas which are (unfortunately) beginning to pop up in the Russian Federation.

    As to those in the RoA, I recently read that an Arab Emirate sheik has pledged $5 million for the restoration and repairs  of  St. Haghartzin Monastery in Armenia. For half-a-dozen years I have advocated the organization on the saint's days kermess ("donavajar") fairs and invite neighboring villagers to bring their food and other products to sell there, paying a fee to place their stalls. From the ensuing revenues the monastery or church would be repaired while these fairs would draw tourists-- spiritual tourism, if you will.

    Gaydzag Palandjian

  • Our Best Option…For Now By Hayorti
    39 weeks 5 hours ago

    I hope Dr. Henry Astarjian reads your comment and offers advice as to how we can approach the Kurds of Western Armenia without Ankara's interference.

  • Famous Armenians…Insufficiently Verified By Mesrob
    39 weeks 5 hours ago

    Thank you for the article. It's an antidote to the tendency of some Armenians who like to appropriate the great personalities of others and christen them Armenian. The article also provides data which researchers can use to establish--one way or another--the identity of these greats. I would love to know that Casanova, Duse, etc. were Armenian. We can then look into the roots of Don Juan de Marana.

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Vahakn
    39 weeks 5 hours ago

    Church/Yegeghetsi originally meant a gathering of people. The buildings came later... and then there were/are the costly and ornate buildings. It seems bigger the church and more ridiculously decorated, wealthier is the community and more powerful is its priest.

    Our churches have become like theatres. The star of the theatre is the priest who performs the drama (Holy Mass) on the stage/altar, dressed in jewels, silks, ornate vests, the "chataltag" on his head, carrying mace and other symbols of power. Years ago I tried to count the number of the crucifixes (in painting, in carvings, woven, as objects, on vestments, on the altar curtain, etc.) as I faced the altar. After reaching number 44 I stopped counting. How many crosses do we need to face to realize we are in a church?

    Who pays for this glitzy theatrical production? Wasn't Christ a symbol of meekness and simplicity? Why does the man, who dramatizes His life on the altar, dress up like some fantasy figure with expensive cape and all?

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Ted
    39 weeks 20 hours ago


    You are right, excessive church building is a monumental waste of resources.

    Just as an aside, Armenia historically built churches one bell apart as a defensive mechanism (one bell distance to warn of oncoming danger). However, pragmatism turned into tradition, which turned into cultural necessity.

    How many more Armenian traditions were initially born of pragmatism, but remain entrenched within our psyche, despite their usefulness being long gone?

  • Alan Whitehorn Interviewed by "Aysor" By Lazut
    39 weeks 1 day ago

    I too am a Hemşin (Hemshin) like Bulig is.
    I agree completely with her on everything she says.
    I am a 100% Turk by  blood/culture.
    I do not see any similarity between us and Armenians.

    The speculations on Hemşinli people done by some Armenians such as Simonyan can not be considered seriously since can't go beyond claims without scientific academic proofs.

  • Orphans of the Genocide (video-clip) By Seta Ghougasian
    39 weeks 1 day ago

    Is this video available for purchase? If so, where? Thank you.

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Adom K.
    39 weeks 1 day ago

    Raffi Bedrosyan is not only to be applauded for his analytical penmanship, but also for his dedicated and unrelenting fundraising for Armenia, Karabagh as well as for Church restoration in historic Armenia.

    Armenians should focus on schools, youth programmes, senior's homes and cultural centers and not on Churches whether in Armenia, Karabagh or in the Diaspora.

    The existing Churches around the world will serve local communities adequately for generations, without the need to build and consecrate yet another one!

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Vahakn Aznavour
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    Good point, well written and well said Raffi.  I am sure the reason is the location on the globe the Armenians have called homeland for thousands of years and their unfortunate history.  Now that they are concentrated in several countries outside of their motherland (some with still unfortunate histories and developments), and economically are becoming successful, lets hope that they will allocate their energy and resources to build bigger and more successful enterprises. As a result schools, community centers and churches will not be places of improvised nurturing activities, but the necessary byproduct of contributors to a strong flourishing culture, the way they were prior to 1900's.

  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Kenell Touryan
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    Thank you Raffi for a timely essay on the manner Armenians waste their  precious dollars building one church after another. I am  a committed Christian and proud of our Christian heritage and proud of our unique church architecture.
    But enough is enough!
    1-Scripture (Աստուածաշունչ) repeatedly states that God who created the heavens and the earth DOES NOT LIVE in temples built by hands!
    2-The true church is the LIVING church made up of all those who call on His name and are children of God, from every nation, including Armenia.
    3-We are saved by GRACE through faith and not by works. Building a church may be a pious thing to do , but it does not take the place of true faith in Christ and is no guarantee of entrance into 'heavens door"
    4-Other than famous churches, like Echmiadzin, and during the big holidays, such as Easter, most Armenian Apostolic churches are empty, most Sundays!
    5- Raffi is absolutely right. God expects us to feed the hungry, give a cold cup of water to the thirsty, visit the downtrodden...Mathew 25: 34
    6-Unfortunately, we have seen recently that some of the money given to the Apostolic Church ends up in the pockets of corrupt clergy.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Haroutune Iakahadian
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    The work carried out by Katia Peltekian is valuable. It testifies or reminds those poor minded stubborn politicians of THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.

    Both works are monuments of testimony presented by foreigners about the Genocide.

    I wish Miss Peltekian further successful achievements which at the end serve The Armenian Question.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Vatché Papazian
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    'Commendable' is not enough to describe Peltekian's work.

    And to think that no external funding has been offered to this remarkable author... This brings me to the other article in this same issue.... about benefactors offering their money to church-building.

    Food for thought.

    If one of those benefactors is reading this, may be he/she can fund Ms Peltekian's next project.

  • Our Best Option…For Now By GT
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    Dear Mr. Palandjian,

    if I understand correctly you suggest we sit and wait to see what will Kurdish do and what they will achieve.  Kind of political voyeurism. Do you think if they are victorious they are going to come and ask you to join them in the victory?  And share a piece of the victim?  I don't think so. We are not significant regional player. If we do nothing but watch, we reduce our insignificance to zero. 

    By having a few individuals working for them or even occupying a leading positions in their ranks does not change anything. It is like having an Armenian individual as the emperor of Eastern Roman Empire or the Russian foreign minister. These individuals work for themselves and the state they represent, not for the benefit of Armenia. What Armenia needs to do is to work with Kurdish political structures on the government level or the official Diaspora representation level (even if it is done clandestine). Then Armenia as a country may anticipate a reward from geopolitical changes in the region. And it is not early, it is actually getting late. 


  • How Many Churches Are One Too Many? By Vatché Papazian
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    I couldn't agree more!

    Donations by these benefactors to build more churches is probably benefiting them towards their income tax relief.  That is fine, but they can still get that 'relief' if the same money was spent on building schools, hospitals, cultural centres and, why not, feeding the poor and the destitute (Armenians).

    What is this obsession with us in building churches?

    Look at "Kohar" and the contribution it has made towards Armenian culture. Are the benefactors making any commercial gains? If they are, GOOD for them as they truly deserve it!

    Are there some concealed 'forces' that those benefactors are being cajoled to donate their money towards one purpose and one purpose only?

    ......yet to be seen.

  • Our Best Option…For Now By Varouj
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Viken L. Attarian
    39 weeks 2 days ago

    The truth is that there is one and only one Katia Peltekian whose personal efforts sometime equal and largely surpass the contributions of whole organizations.

    It is also a sad truth that there is only one Katia Peltekian.  Why can't our institutions inspire and create more people like her?

    One can only bow in awe of her pure professionalism and sheer relentless personal dedication to an idea.

    She doesn't need to be a motivational speaker.  She is motivating by her actions.

    Like any true leader, she leads by example.

    No comment necessary.  Really.


    Viken L. Attarian
    Mount Royal, Quebec

  • Our Best Option…For Now By Vahakn
    39 weeks 3 days ago

    I agree with your suggestion that Armenians should get close to the Kurds, especially those who live in Western Armenia. My fear is that when Armenians begin to develop serious ties to the Kurds, Ankara would ban Armenian organizations and activists from visiting Western Armenia.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Editor
    39 weeks 3 days ago

    I concur with Mihran. The Katia Peltekian book is a work of amazing dedication to Armenians. I hope Armenians buy it in large numbers and distribute it to Armenians, odars, and to odar organizations. I wish Armenians in other countries--France, Hollands, Denmark, Germany, Austria...--would publish similar books.

  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Mihran
    39 weeks 3 days ago

    This valuable research carried out by Katia should be fully utilised by our scholars and diplomats alike for our just cause.

    Katia should be congratulated for her pain staking hours of work not to mention the enormous expense incurred by her during this process.

    Bravo Katia.

  • Our Best Option…For Now By Shahe Boghossian
    39 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Mr Palandjian, point taken. We cannot achieve anything by haste, and the Kurds were at our throats during the pogroms. I agree that it is way too premature to run to Dikranagerd and feel safe in its streets just because the mayor has recognized the Genocide. I agree: nothing has changed.

    But let me ask you, for how long are we going to sit on the fence and allow time to pass by? There are doubts being raised about NKR--raised by no one but our "allies". There is a reason why they say "fortune favors the brave". We were fortunate, for once, in our long history to secure NKR, but are  threatened to lose it if we do not comply with the rules of "the game".

    My friend, we have been simple bricks in "the game" for the last 150 years, not even pawns. So I ask: Why don't we play the same game they play and why don't we create the initiative and create close allies around us?

    Not to confuse the matter, why cannot we group the Assyrians, the Hamshens, the Syriacs, the Chaldeans, even the Kurds and a lot of other groups under our auspices? Sounds funny? I don't see it that way. We have the finances and the resources to jockey and bring them close to us, but yet again it is the leadership that is quite confused and disoriented.

    This problem has become more acute in the last few years as promises were made to us to join the EU, Schengen, etc. It is nice to have Baroness Ashton (EU Commissioner) at your side and give you advice and direction. However, this comes at a cost: abandon NKR. Alternatively, if the EU is so keen on allowing Armenians into Europe, a solid answer would be to dismantle the Turkish blockade, allow the export of Armenian products through Turkey, and ultimately through Trabizond. Now the question is: are there any guarantees? Definitely not.

    On a final note, our diplomats: no offence if you know anyone of them, they even do not know our history. (They know soviet history real well-thumbs up!!!)


  • Our Best Option…For Now By Gaytzag Palandjian
    39 weeks 5 days ago

    Mr. Boghossian, we cannot afford to anticipate the Kurds and "extend our hand¨. Nay, you talk of recognition of Northern Kurdistan by the RoA and you denigrate the RoA diplomats as ¨novices¨. You seem to forget that the Republic of Armenia has been officially admitted to the EU parliament. In fact, it's the president for this term, and you wish to teach them diplomacy?

    Dr. Astarjian has the right approach...just feel their [Kurdish] pulse, initiate dialogue, etc. but not outright, as you write.

    First and foremost they have to show real friendship. They have to offer to make amends to us. Then they have to negotiate with the likes of Dr. Astarjian as to what our side is asking to accredit them as our future good neighbors. Never live among  them, as some Dikranagert fans are being cajoled into doing. I am referring to that city's invitation to us to go  and live with them.

    We can be good neighbors if they wish us to help them with science, general knowledge, etc. They can hire Armenian experts in any profession to help them on the path to progress. Other than that it would be "paremid" (kindly-minded), not to say "barzamid" (simple-minded). Thence, please read history and find out what  transpired between them and us when the Ottoman and Young Turk governments incited them to massacre us and promised the loot to them.

    Easy, Mr. Boghossian, we cannot achieve anything by haste.

  • Our Best Option…For Now By Shahe Boghossian
    39 weeks 6 days ago

    For the past two years we have seen a hefty collection of Yerevan-based novices polishing cutlery and sending appeasement gestures to Europe. When the solution is right in front of your eyes, you do not look for distant lands to give you some kind of recognition. What is Europe but a bankrupt group of bureaucrats? When did Europe ever assist us?

    What Dr. Astarjian mentioned is the exact solution. A president with reason or with guts would ideally start by throwing sand in the eyes of the enemy so that the political game play is at least balanced. Thus the first step would be the recognition of the state of Northern Kurdish Iraq rather than jockey around Strasbourg with Yerevantsi novices. That is the ideal platform, but who is listening? After our face-to- face meeting with the Armenian diplomats in Europe.....may God almighty help us! They still need a millennium of breastfeeding.

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By GT
    39 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear Gaytzag,

    I do not know what you mean by "our hand". There is no such thing as our hand. We are a complex and diverse nation separated by our place of residence, political leanings and personal identities. Neither are Kurds a homogeneous crowd; after all, the problems of Kurds for long time was that they fought one another and as a result missed good opportunities to establish their own country. So forget about a nice hand-shaking ceremony.

    I am not politician or political scientist. All I am saying is that a lot of people, who assume leadership in Diaspora and demand reparations from Turkey, do not recognize that Western Armenia is in the hands of the Kurds. These same Armenians like to write letters and make appeals to the presidents of USA or France for justice, but totally ignore the reality on the ground. Even if Turkey accepts the fact of the Genocide and decides to return "Armenian lands", she would not be able to do it. Or even if we theorize further and assume that it is done diplomatically, you would get a land populated by Kurds who exceeds in numbers the total population of Armenians around the world. None of these scenarios is going to take place but it is necessary to consider the realities when planning. I am not saying we should not ask Turkey to accept the Genocide or not seek reparations, but I would like to see a little bit more intelligent and pragmatic approach.

    Here is why we should establish friendly political and socio-economic relations with Kurds: The Republic of Armenia is totally dominated by Russia. While Russia is the master, Armenia will never become a normal and thriving state. The best hope is having a friendly country to the West with access to the sea and direct link to Europe and the Middle East. So far Turkey has proven that it will not be such a country. As I mentioned in my previous post, the probability of Kurdish uprising and establishing an independent state is quite high. It is a long, probably bloody process as a result of which a young, unprepared, undereducated country with a great economic potential MAY surface as a neighbor. It will be to our best benefit to have a partner than an enemy there. This is a totally hypothetical scenario but in my opinion one of the best possibilities existing  in the region.


  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By Elias Katudjian
    40 weeks 1 hour ago

    There is something wrong in the Kingdom of Denmark...


  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Editor
    40 weeks 1 day ago

    Katia Peltekian has informed us that her book will be available in North America early next year.--Editor

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By Gaytzag Palandjian
    40 weeks 1 day ago

    Senor GT of Mexico,

    I agree with Dr. Henry Astarjian. Your assumption as to what we should anticipate in making friends with the Kurds is a bit over-charged... so to say "No deberiamos adelantarnos". We should first feel their pulse. We ought not sit idle but neither should we run ahead of them extending our hand for friendship, the word you use.

    However, to establish rapport with them is essential. It will be beneficial to us in the long run. I´m certain Dr. Astarjian knows how to approach and handle them. I wish, though, that others would join  him, especially those who beat their breasts as our BBBs (Bishops, Benefactors, and Bosses).

    It's time to change this old (170- years-old) "Sahmanatrutyun" of ours which was created in Constantinople by our clergy and the amiras. We need a new statute for the Armenian Diaspora, in tandem with contemporary needs and attitudes. In the new "Sahmanatrutyun" we should elect people for their merits, and from all professional groups, rather than by lobbyists, read power-brokers.
    Then only can we obtain real leadership from all walks of life. These elected representatives would delegate the appropriate people not only to establish rapport with the Kurds but also negotiate with them re our preconditions/demands in reference to the ¨wrongs¨ they've committed against us.

    The re-organization of the whole Armenian Diaspora is therefore more urgent than taking steps individually or by this or that faction.

  • Blunders All Around By Vahe Apelian
    40 weeks 1 day ago


    Armenag’s criticism is directed, I believe, to people like me. I am a former student of his at St. Nshan Armenian School in Lebanon, where he taught us science. He later quit teaching and studied dentistry. He is known for his love of the Armenian language and is adamant of its use among Armenians.

    Not a single day passes that I do not read in Armenian, yet I have difficulty typing in Armenian. I have downloaded virtual Armenian keyboards, but typing them takes inordinately long time. They also do not have spell check. The most I have posted in Armenian is a short paragraph, after much effort.

    Then there is the issue of communicating with you--Vahakn--our much beloved sons and daughters who do not read and write in Armenian for reasons you articulate so well.

    As to Armenag and others likes him, who safeguard and have always safeguarded our language pure and unadulterated, we will always remain grateful for they give us a sense of security by doing what we cannot. But վայ մեզի: damned we are if you give up on communicating in this medium in English, because we have difficulty doing so in Armenian.

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By Mesrob
    40 weeks 1 day ago

    Dr. Astarjian is an original thinker. His knowledge and commitment should be utilized by our organizations--especially political parties--in their efforts to build strong links with Kurdish political parties and liberation groups--in Western Armenia and Europe where there are strong Kurdish groups, especially in Germany. 

  • Blunders All Around By Vahakn
    40 weeks 1 day ago

    Parev Armenag,

    You are wrong and unfair when you accuse people who comment in English as being less Armenians. Some of us, living far away from Armenia, and without the benefit of your Armenian education in an Armenian school in Lebanon, can't write in Armenian or don't have adequate command of it. Despite living in foreign lands, and very far from Armenia, we maintain our commitment to Armenia and the Armenian nation.

    Saroyan, Yousuf Karsh, Nubar Gulbenkian and many other couldn't write in Armenian, but they were Armenians who contributed to our nation. Consider yourself privileged that you can read/write in Armenian, and please don't make unfriendly and unreasonable accusations.   

  • Blunders All Around By Արմենակ
    40 weeks 2 days ago

    Չեմ հասկնար, թէ ինչո՞ւ այստեղ արտայայտուողները միայն անգլերէն կը գրեն: Անգլիացիները հայերէն կը գրե՞ն. անշուշտ՝ ո՛չ. ուրեմն, ինչպէ՞ս հաւատամ ձեր անկեղծութեան, երբ ձեր մայրենի լեզուն յարգել չէք ուզեր:


  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Igor Bakhtamian
    40 weeks 2 days ago

    Dear Katia, as a regular reader of your articles in Groong.  I am very much impressed and amazed by your monumental decades of efforts in compiling and publishing all the news regarding the Ottoman massacres of the Armenians in the 19th and 20th centuries in the British newspapers and publications. 

    Your efforts are indeed commendable.

    I need to know how can I acquire one ?                                                    


  • Reporting the Genocide in the UK Press By Hayorti
    40 weeks 2 days ago

    This is a remarkable research project. Congratulations to Katia Peltekian. I hope her findings are utilized as we commemorate, in less than two years, the centennial of the Genocide and the theft of our lands by Turkey. Please let us know how/where we can purchase the book.

  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By Onjig Dicranakertsi
    40 weeks 3 days ago

    Such vocal enemies of our Church and our Vehapar are enemies of the Armenian people! If they are disappointed in us or in themselves, let them pray, if they know our God. If they have no faith in our God, the Armenian people or our Church, let them examine themselves. Do they love our God? Do they love our Church? Do they love us? They give us ugly looks. What would they be satisfied with?

    Do they want the crucifixion of Vehapar? The disbanding of our Church or that the Armenian people become more like them? Have these and those like them ever done anything for the Armenian people?

  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By Gaytzag Palandjian
    40 weeks 3 days ago

    I personally believe  that  Antelias  should exist  until such time when our CASE/Cause becomes  clearly resolved--the Armenian genocide universally accepted and great Turkey brought to justice. Only then  can Etchmiadzin and Antelias join. Antelias  would probably move all its  power to St. Etchmiadzin.

    Definitely  not yet.

  • Blunders All Around By Gaytzag Palandjian
    40 weeks 4 days ago

    ... վստահ եղիր,  շատ  շատեր, ես ներառեալ,  օգնած ենք եւ կ'օգնենք Հայրենիքին:

    Հայերէն լեզուն, ցաւօք, որոշ չափով քիչ  կը գործածուի, սակայն մեր առաւելութիւններէն մին՝ մի քանի լեզուներ  գրել-կարդալ գիտնալն  է: Դուն քանի՞սը  գիտես ...

    Տարիներ  առաջ Փարիզի Յառաջ օրաթերթը կը գրէր  թէ  հարիւր քսան Թուրք  սպաներ Անգարայի  Հայագիտական ամբիօնին մէջ Հայերէն  կը սորվէին ......հասկնալի է անշուշտ ուր  պիտի  ղրկէին եւ կը ղրկեն  նման հայալեզու գործակալներ  եւ  ինչ առաքելութեամբ...

    ... ամօթ  քեզ եթէ Հայ ես: կը կասկածիմ մեկնելով արտայայտութիւններէդ: Միայն հայախօս թուրք-թաթարը այդպիսի  լեզու կը գործածէ  մեր  մէջ անհանգստութիւն-ահհամաձայնութիւն  ստեղծելու համար:

    Կայծակ  Փալանճեան

  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By Raffi
    40 weeks 5 days ago

    Finally, good questions are asked in an article talking about the Armenian Apostolic Church.

    Going back to the questions, can someone answer the questions mentioned in the article? Or can the editorial answer its own questions?

    One of the convincing analysis about the Etchmiadzin and Antelias division is that when the ARF was ousted from Armenia, it was allowed to be the main governor of the Diaspora and the Antelias (Cilicia) Church to become the Diaspora Church.

  • Հայաստանեաց Եկեղեցին Պատանդ Է - 1 By Garabed
    40 weeks 5 days ago

    I am a lay Armenian and therefore I may not have the broad vision to understand what the unity of the Armenian Apostolic Church means. That may be why I have, thus far, not understood what that unity means. Should Catholicos Aram I abdicate and the Cilician Catholicosate close its doors and come under the jurisdiction of Etchmiadzin and this “one Nation, one People, one Church” ceases to be a puzzle it was once because there are no two heads anymore, just one. Will that time or day we shout “Oh mighty God, one Nation, one People, one Church at last”?

    I do not know how the readers feel about that possible, if not yet probable, scenario. I, for one, would be lamenting the loss of the institution that was born out of necessity and served the Armenian Nation for hundreds of years. You guessed it, I will lament the loss of the Catholicosate of Cilicia and as far as my spirituality is concerned, the ONE CHURCH will not make any more dent.

  • Վահէ-Վահեանի Աւանդը By Երուանդ
    40 weeks 5 days ago

    Հետաքրքրական և լուսաբանիչ (ու զուարճախառն) ներկայացում մըն է Վ. Ադդարեանի ելոյթը: Արժէ որ աւելի լայն ունկնդիրներ ունենայ:

  • Ardak and Miro By Gaytzag Palandjian
    40 weeks 5 days ago

    I know Berge Minassian from back 15 years ago when we used to discuss Armenian issues on a site that was owned and directed by a strong and good young  man named Asbed Bedrossian.

    I do admire  this nice  piece  of essay by Berge. But please, give me a chance to opine. If Berge has been to RoA a couple  times and describes the situation in a very moving fashion, I have been there over a dozens times as of the 1980s. During those trips I came to know leading political and cultural personalities.

    Armenia  is going through a negative transitional period. Not only the RoA, but the rest of the 14  ex-Soviet  republics. Also most of the 14 have similar scenarios of corruption, etc. To immediately hang on or follow this of that movement, without closely scrutinizing them, is illogical and dangerous. In Yerevan, a few months ago, I dropped by at the newly-organized Nakhakhorhrdaran Berge speaks of. The only person I came across whom I knew was Sefilyan, an ex-freedom fighter. We exchanged a few words. I left when I found out they were to have a meeting to elect a board. I found out that the gentleman who started the idea--in addition to Ms. Kharatian, Sefilyan and Garegin Chukazsyan--is Marashlyan who only a couple of years ago was deputy to Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakopian. My question is this: how come he left at his free will such a good senior position? Was he directed by the authorities to resign and to concoct up Nakhakhorhdaran with the above people? I do not trust people who, all of a sudden, make a U-turn.

    God bless those who wish to bring about change in Armenia, but through evolution, not revolution.

  • Ardak and Miro By Viken L. Attarian
    40 weeks 6 days ago

    Dr. Minassian's piece should be compulsory reading in every single Armenian school, church, community center or any other place of gathering in the Diasporas.

    We are in the process of self-effacement.  No sultans required.

    Զարթի՛ր Լաօ՛:

  • Lessons For Armenia From "The Art of War" By Viken L. Attarian
    40 weeks 6 days ago

    This is not the first piece by this young thinker. Ted Tourian is certainly emerging as someone who thinks things through, analyzes, but most importantly, possesses the knowledge and the ability to skillfully synthesize from a very high to a very detailed level. Impressive indeed. 

    I would not be surprised if, within a year or two, we would be looking at a published set of his series of articles. I certainly look forward to it. But mostly, I look forward to the time when his ideas will be put into practice by anyone in a position of power who cares enough to do the right thing. Tomorrow may be too late.


    Viken L. Attarian

  • Are the Kurds Our Allies? By GT
    40 weeks 6 days ago

    Dear Dr.  Astarjian, 

    I was glad to read this article. I have spoken about cooperating with the Kurds with many people who seem to be very concerned about the future of Armenia, and particularly of Western Armenia. Most people fail to recognize the reality. They keep repeating that the Kurds participated in the murder of Armenians therefore they are our enemies. This is true, but because ordinary Germans participated in atrocities masterminded by the Nazis, does not mean the whole world should turn its back to the German nation. 

    The fact is that there are many more Kurds than Armenians. The Kurds live on the territories which some of our compatriots still naively consider ours. Kurds are armed and they are on the rise. They have already gained independence in Iraq; Syria is next. What will happen after that? Everyone knows...Turkey.

    The Kurds are on the rise, but they are not very strong; they need all types of support, international lobbying, education, and military training. We must think of ways of providing help and cooperation if we want to share a bit of the victory when they achieve it. Even if it is not in the form of territory, it would be very beneficial to have a friendly neighbor than an artificially-created enemy. They are not only numerous, and therefore powerful, they also possess gas and oil. The cooperation may need discretion in some issues and normal human friendship in others. But it should be done. Now.

  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By N. Romashuk
    41 weeks 3 days ago

    Do you know that no one is allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Etchmiadzin?
    Do you know that the critical writings about Catholicos Karekin II are baseless and have no proof?
    Do you know that Karekin II, the spiritual leader of all the Armenians, is a human being?
    Do you know that the author of the above article has never donated a penny to the Holy Etchmiadzin?
    Do you know that the only sources and organizations throwing mud at Karekin II are the Armenian political parties?

    This has been going on for many decades. Their only goal is to destroy the Armenian Nation. They succeeded in dividing the Armenian Nation a long time ago, although they did nothing useful in Armenian history. They caused damage and bloodshed to the Armenian people but are still not satisfied. For years they cried for a free Armenia but still live in the Diaspora. They have achieved nothing other than destroy our nation.

    Do you know now who are the enemies of our Church and our Nation?

    Nicolai Romashuk

    Last month Mr. Romashuk successfully lobbied the Amsterdam municipality to name a bridge in that city "Armenian Bridge". His mother was Armenian--Editor. 

  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By Ominac
    41 weeks 3 days ago

    How many more articles do we need before figuring out what we should do to throw this guy out?

  • Blunders All Around By Արմենակ
    41 weeks 4 days ago

    Դուք պարզապէս զզուելի էք ձեր ստոր վերլուծումներուն մէջ. ոչ մէկդ Հայաստան կ'ապրիք և օգտկար էք ձեր հայրենիքին և ոչ մէկդ ձանձրոյթը ստանձպած էք ՀԱՅԵՐԷՆ գրելու: Այս պայմաններուն մէջ անշուշտ ամէն բան ՍԵՒ պիտի տեսնէք, որպէսզի արդարացնէք ձեր ստոր դիրքերը:

  • “Birthplace of My Soul…” By Hagop
    41 weeks 5 days ago

    There is one essential point with regard to sanctification of the victims of the Genocide. Martyrdom is a Christian duty; the first Christian martyr was St. Stefan/Stepanos. However, the massacres of Armenians--instigated by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and later the Genocide by Young Turks--were purely against non-Turkic or non-Islamic minorities, including the Kurds and the Alevis. It was a political decision, even though Turkish masses were mobilized in the name of Islam. Calling the victims of Genocide martyrs is a cardinal mistake and can serve no one but harm the Armenian Cause. Unlike Islam, Christian martyrs are not politically motivated. Martyrdom in Christianity is self-sacrifice for the sake of Christ, with no expectation in return.

    It is pointless and useless to call those who perished during the Genocide saints, when the majority of Armenians are starving from lack of spirituality within the Church. We have enough relics (gold-plated bones of various saints), kissed by all, although it is idolatry. Are we going to add another 1.5 million gold-plated Genocide relics to be sold for profit?

  • Blunders All Around By Gaytzag Palandjian
    42 weeks 22 hours ago

    If President Serge Sarkissian got lower gas prices and special customs duties for Armenian goods  exported to Russia, then he is smart. Otherwise, if as  many opine here, he was coerced into the deal. Armenia and its huge, slumbering Diaspora should be alerted if the latter has occurred. If he has, we have to find  new way out. In November, in Vilnius, Lithuania, Armenia may still have a chance to sort things out with the EU, bringing as many excuses as possible for having made that sudden U-turn...and then wheel and deal.

    The latest fiasco of Sarkissian occurred at the European Parliament right after he delivered his speech and Q and A began. The Azeri delegate shot at him his venomous question about occupying 20% of Axerbaijan and then whether Armenia had territorial demands from Turkey. To which, nonchalantly, and perhaps not prepared, he answered ¨NO, ARMENIA DOES NOT HAVE ANY TERRITORIAL CLAIMS FROM TURKEY." I thought what an error! He could have countered with "Are you here as an Axeri delegate or as that of Turkey?¨ or ¨Do you have territorial claims from Iran Aderpatakan province?"

    Gaydzag Palandjian

  • Blunders All Around By Shahe Boghossian
    42 weeks 22 hours ago

    With all due respect, Mr. President, now that we have a new ambassador in the UK, I can perfectly understand your position. In retrospect, I would like to ask you which group of idiots gave you that stupid advice? Was it the physicist-ambassador of ours?

    There is nobody to blame but yourself for this fiasco. You have alienated yourself and have driven us to shame. We DO NOT like the Russians a lot, but we tried and tested other alternatives. To refresh your memory: the Franks in the Siege of Urfa; the French in Cappadocia and in Cilicia, and other promises, and the lip service you have just received from a delightful bundle of Sarkozites and Masonites.

    There is nobody to blame Mr. President but you and your corrupt circles. You have driven the population to madness, and have no sense of direction. Indeed, Putin is the president of Armenia and not you. So for goodness sake, explain to us what are trying to sell in the EU? Apricots of Armenian corruption?

    Levon was a novice. We can understand that. But at least he put forward the All Armenian Fund.
    Robert Kocharian was a murderer and pure Putin Puppy, but at least he provided stability. You, my friend, are not very smart. You are a "hayvan". You have driven the country to such extremes that the damage that you are inflicting is irreparable.

    Mr, President, please, for the love of God and our country, stop experimenting.

    May God help us from our leaders.

  • Նամակ` Հ. Ա. Ս. Եկեղեցւոյ Եպիսկոպոսաց Ժողովին By Hagop
    42 weeks 3 days ago

    Dear Mr. Sahagian,

    First, our Bishop Bagrad did not lose the election, since it was fraud and unchristian. We lost him, he did not lose us, and now with his new appointment to a much needed position that no other clergy could have accomplished but him.

    The issues of the church are much deeper and it is not as simplistic as just appointing two vartabeds. The church is overdue with a much needed reform and I do not see it coming. The latest speech by Aram I in Etchmiadzin emphasizes that with his rejection to any compromise on any level. If you watch the footage, he says “reform is needed” but then he is not willing to give up on traditions.

    Celibacy for instance is not biblical and it is just 10th century tradition, when St. Paul assumes that a “bishop should be a husband of one wife”. Likewise church hierarchy is categorically against the teachings of Jesus Christ as instructed at the Sermon on the Mount. These are the tips of the iceberg. If fundamental issues are untouched, why would anyone waste their time? Our demographic is changing; the compliant older generation has already passed away, the new generation has no patience with brick walls that resist change, likes of Aram I.

    There is also a factor of greed. The compensation of priests is significantly unfair, when parish priests in Canada have complete different level of compensation.

    What can be done… I think the church needs the people not the other way round. People, especially the youth, are hungry for Christian teachings, but most get very disappointed when they get involved with the church. But there is hope; there are priests like Der Hamparsoum Tanielian with his website and Der Myron Sarkissian. These priests do not necessarily need brick walled churches, nor can they be manipulated by the Diocese councils. Low key priests like the above will reach out to our people even if our youth do not step in to the traditional church premises.


  • Blunders All Around By Ominac
    42 weeks 3 days ago

    Five fraudulent elections later, you are still blaming Serge Sarkissian? If you do something five times, I say you are enjoying it. Although the country faces many issues, following several fraudulent elections, only a handful of people protest the most recent fraudulent elections? The rest all go their way as if nothing had happened.

    When will Armenians take responsibility for their fate? We are blaming Sarkissian, Putin, the EU. When will we assume responsibility and state that we made a mistake when we didn't protest and close down everything to stop the fraudulent elections from being considered as legitimate.

    With our behavioral patterns, I'll bet there is a long queue of oligarchs, waiting in line to cheat us. I do agree with Sarkissian's decision to join the Customs Union. Obviously, he thinks and acts like a dictator, but wasn't it also media's responsibility to bring to fore the Customs Union issue and inform the nation about its pluses and minuses?

    If this president is the bad guy, where were all the good guys? I suspect they were all waiting on the sidelines to make noise after a decision was made. In the coming years Sarkissian will make a lot of other decisions which we will protest. This is what happens when we let fraudulent elections pass us by. Now we are suffering the consequences.

  • Նամակ` Հ. Ա. Ս. Եկեղեցւոյ Եպիսկոպոսաց Ժողովին By Sarkis H Sahagian
    42 weeks 4 days ago

    Five months after Bishop Bagrat Galstanian's departure, it’s high time to ask ourselves whether our Church in Canada is in a better state now than when he led the diocese. Who benefited from his departure? What did we accomplish? Did we learn anything from the sorry experience?

    The fact is that five months after Bishop Galstanian returned to Echmiadzin we are in a limbo-- waiting to hear what happened and why. We still don’t know why he was not re-elected. Was it because he didn’t know how to lobby? Is it because he didn’t visit the Saturday school? Was it because he submitted his name to the Jerusalem patriarchal elections? Were there personal reasons?

    We need answers before his successor is elected. We cannot wait until mid-2014 to elect a new primate. What’s the logic in leaving everything on hold while waiting for new elections? If the new candidate requires the green light from the establishment, let Echmiazin find the right candidate who has the same qualifications as Bishop Galstanian.

    It’s important that a new primate is appointed as soon as possible for the Canadian Diocese of the Echmiadzin See. Our Church faces too many challenges to wait another eight months for a new election. Besides, the approaching 100th anniversary of the Genocide requires a great deal of work within the community and society in general, including local and provincial governments.

    Rather than dawdle further, we should hold an open debate under the supervision of His Eminence Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisian and the Diocese Council. This would provide closure to what happened and provide a blueprint for the future.

    To start with, the Dioceses Council should appoint two clergymen—(Vartabeds) from Echmiadzin--to be sent to Ontario and to Quebec. They would report directly to the Primate. The clergymen would engage the young generation (ages 16 to 30) and bring them into the Church and the community fold. Their mandate would also include increasing paying parish members and to attract all who have stayed away—for whatever reasons--from church and community life.

    A budget must be allocated to launch a TV program, a publication or a website to disseminate news about church and community activities. These media activities would be funded by advertising. Our community leaders must get closer to community members. The existing committees should be evaluated and validated so as to ensure they are productive. This would be done by the newly-appointed clergymen (Vartabeds) and the parish priest.

    I believe this vision will enable us to recover, and to engage the younger generation in church and community life. Otherwise, we will not be able to maintain the Echmiadzin See Diocese in Canada beyond the next 10 years. In the past ten years the Armenian community has doubled but this is not reflected in our churches or in the community. A strong vision and action is required to make us stronger.

    Echmiazin was the beginning. It is our present and should be our bright future.

    Sarkis H Sahagian
    (Mr. Sahagian was a member of the HTAC parish council from 2005 to 2009.)

  • Free Journalist Nikol Pashinyan By Sylva Portoian
    43 weeks 1 day ago

    We don't carry the Seljuk's genes
    They call us honest, dedicated Armenians.
    We don't jail tongues,
    Nor their pens
    Freedom was born with our faith.

    If we jail them
    We belong to another devil race
    Many of them around.
    Let us be different...remain honest.
    If we believe in God
    God never sent medals 
    To chain our honest humanitarian hands 
    It is not enough
    That we suffered so many genocides...

    Sylva, MD


  • A Monument to My Darling Vahram By Sylva Portoian
    43 weeks 1 day ago

    Tragedies can never end.
    Part of our life.
    We see it every moment.
    For us and for others.
    They are named tragedies.
    How can we avoid them?
    How can we close our eyes?
    Close our ears.
    How can we shut our beating hearts?
    How can we fly away from daily tragedies?
    Can anyone give some advice?

    Sylva, MD

  • Blunders All Around By Michael Tcholakian
    43 weeks 1 day ago

    Guys, I don`t think so. It's politics that everyone is playing. Serge can`t do anything without his oligarchs' approval. As you've said, we have no choice. As we all know, everyone looks after his needs. Who cares about Armenia? We have nothing to give back. Why don`t we learn anything from history? We should think in smarter ways.

    Most of the comments are very useful and true. Good luck.

  • Քերրի՛՝Քեռի՞ ես Թէ՞… Գերի By Միհրան Չոլաքեան